I only wished CryptoDROI was a reseller then

wished cryptodroi was a reseller then anon avatar

I only wished CryptoDROI was a reseller then. A reseller one can trust and who will give you support when you need it.

I’m not sure where to begin. If you’re new to Gunbot, I can understand if new users would be confused at how the whole resellers or licensing or ownership system of Gunbot.

I only wished CryptoDROI was a reseller year’s back. I didn’t want to turn this into a “criticize other resellers” review.

My current reseller only gave help to a certain point and never mentioned other Gunbot projects that I essentially would have needed to know.

Left in the dark, I remember posting a somewhat angry forum post on the Gunthy forums before deleted.

CryptoDROI PM’ed me and literally gave me ALL the essential information on what’s been going on with Gunbot, etc.

I’ve asked him various sorts of complicated questions and never held back, and he answered them all. And if he doesn’t know something, he’ll tell you also. Nothing wrong with that.

The fact that he promptly will answer at the right time and not deliberately try to brush you aside, especially back when I was STILL clueless on other advanced features of Gunbot.

This includes features one MUST know before operating the bot; some can be WAY too overwhelming for users who aren’t really familiar with this kind of software. OR users new to trading.

I do my best not to overwhelm CryptoDROI; however, when I needed to ask about something, big or small, he’s there. And when I ask questions, they’re the kind of questions that would drive MOST people insane.

Most of the time, I feel very uncomfortable asking these essential complicated questions to anyone else.

But I feel totally comfortable asking them with CryptoDROI. You will know what I mean if you choose to have any form of support from him.

I have nothing but praise for him, and anyone who wishes to find a TRULY trustworthy reseller, CryptoDROI is the one.

By the time I post this, I know he’s still new to the reseller business. I wish to post this as a testimonial for anyone who still contemplates Gunbot; you can trust CryptoDROI.

I recommend you read his “About Me” page, and I’ve never seen such personal transparency.

After messaging with him and asking all sorts of complicated questions, you will intuitively know he will not leave you in the dark and can be trusted.

I really don’t know what else to say. Just read all the other reviews. They sum up other things that I couldn’t really get into words.

WOW! Really Nice. Thank you very, very much for this testimonial.

I only wished CryptoDROI was a reseller then.

I really wished too… 🙂 But my commitment to the Gunbot community is real, so even if I’m not your direct reseller, I will help no matter what!

These are his own words. Since he posted directly through the Testimonial Form, I just shortened the URL and the title a bit and added the anonymous avatar to keep his privacy.

Thanks Again for those kind words!

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