Cryptodroi thank you very much for the support

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Cryptodroi, thank you very much for the support; it has really helped me understand a few things.

I tried manual trading and can say that it was never a great success. But Gunbot, though a little difficult to understand at first, has become an excellent investment. It has reliably given me an average profit of 0.3% p/day on Spot.

Then I decided to try Futures and upgraded to Market Maker along with ARS. I keep my wallet at $10k by moving the profits out each day. Now I make between $150 – $250 a day (1-2.5% p/day).

Thanks again for your support!

GG wrote his testimonial on Telegram. Here is the screenshot:

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Thank You, GG,  for your Nice words, and Congrats on your Gains. I see an outstanding return in your daily trading with Gunbot!

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