I strongly recommend CryptoDROI!

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I started Gunbot in 2017 and purchased my license from a reseller who walked me thru the basic steps and got me running. But that was it. I was then left alone and in need of learning by myself.

Gunbot can be a money-printing machine, but you really need to understand how to tame the beast as there are literally hundreds of settings and combinations possible.

It was not easy to understand all of it by myself, and I spent hours on telegram groups to expand my knowledge and get help from other users & admins.

That’s where CryptoDROI entered my world.

Even though I didn’t purchase my license from him, he really helped me set up one of the most complex tools: bitRage, and tune it to my liking to produce profits.

We spend hours chatting one on one, and as I’m not yet well versed in trading, CryptoDROI also explained the mechanics behind the scene.

This was very generous of him to spend so much time with me, and I really felt the help was genuine and obviously not just for the money.

This is the kind of behavior one should expect from an excellent reseller.

I strongly recommend CryptoDROI!

Here is the actual screenshot from Cyril’s testimonial on Telegram.

I strongly recommend CryptoDROI cyril testimonial screenshot

I strongly recommend CryptoDROI!

This was the first testimonial I received, and those words really impress me. I didn’t really expect a strong recommendation like that, and I’m very grateful for this suggestion.

Thank You, Cyril, for Real!

You can contact me at any time for Gunbot pre-sale Questions @CryptoDROI

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