He has shown his work ethics

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Droi asked me to say something about my experience with him, even though he is not my reseller (also, I am no reseller).

I am willing to write this text, and he is NOT my reseller should prove that these are honest words.

I used GB since 2015/16 and had been out of the game for a long time and started my comeback 2018/19.

My experience with him is that he is a few, if not the only reseller who actually knows how bitRage works.

He is the only one actively helping others for many years now to get their bots started.

It does not matter if it is his customer or a random new guy in those bitRage rooms; he always shares needed manuals and answers questions.

Over and over again, he is helping people, never losing his temper, and always being friendly.

When those rooms for bitrage became quiet, he was the last man standing to help any newcomer out – I think it is safe to say that he is a good guy and has shown his work ethics, I would always recommend him.

I cannot say anything about his GB, Autoconfig, or MarketMaker knowledge, since I didn’t work with him in those parts. But I am sure he knows what he is doing.

Especially since bitRage is going hand in hand with Gunbot and many shared marketplace strategies are made by him.

This is a testimonial by our member Mo, and I really appreciate his time to write about his experience with me. Here is the screenshot of his testimonial on Telegram.

he has shown his work ethics words from Mo testimonial

He has shown his work ethics.

Those words really mean a lot to me.

Thank You, Mo!

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