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Gunbot Technical Indicators Explained

gunbot technical indicators trading overview

Discover 9 of the Most Used Gunbot Technical Indicators

How to Apply Trading Indicators to Your Gunbot Strategies. Learn the Fundamentals of Crypto Technical Analysis. A simple guide to help your TA understanding.

Gunbot uses many of the technical indicators that professional traders widely implement in Forex and the Stock Market; you can define your trading strategies with them.

Therefore is important that you understand what those indicators do so that you can use them properly to your advantage, and that’s the main focus of this article because…

One of the critical factors for a successful crypto trading career is the proper knowledge about the different components involved in this business, specifically the effective use and understanding of Technical Analysis, including various technical indicators to identify potential entry and exit points trading chart.

It is difficult to predict which way the value of cryptocurrencies will move, so indicators exist. These indicators are technical-analysis-based instruments that help traders better forecast the fluctuation in the cryptocurrency price.

By now, you should know that Gunbot can only do what you tell it to do; it will place the orders when your strategy-settings meet the market situation.

That’s why you need to read this crypto trading technical indicators guide! So let’s dive in…

Gunbot Technical Indicators – Average Directional Index (ADX)

gunbot adx technical indicator strategy

The ADX is a regular spot trading strategy that takes advantage of the ADX indicator; the ADX strategy is included and preconfigured in Gunbot. You can make your Buy and Sell methods dependant on this indicator or use it as a confirming indicator for any other strategy, but more on that later…

adx confirming indicator

As you may know, trading in towards a strong trend lowers risk and boosts profits. That’s why when determining whether a price is strongly trending, the Average Directional Index (ADX) is used by many traders.

The ADX indicator determines the intensity of a pattern. It is calculated by analyzing the price range expansion during a specific time.

The standard period is 14 bars, but it is adjustable according to your preference. ADX may be applied to any trading vehicle, including securities, mutual funds, ETFs, and futures.

The ADX is represented as a single line with an initial value of zero to at least one hundred.

Also, it is a non-directional indicator that measures trend intensity regardless of whether prices trend stretches or deflates. It is often plotted alongside the two-directional movement indicators (DMI) that lie in the same frame.

ADX principles aid you in identifying the most powerful and efficient trading patterns. The values are also crucial in determining whether an asset is trending or not.

Traders often use ADX readings above 25 to show that the trend is high enough for trend-trading strategies. However, when the ADX is below 25, you should avoid trend-trading techniques.

Trading the most extensive patterns and avoiding range conditions yields the best results.

ADX not only detects trending situations but also assists traders in identifying the most profitable patterns to trade. The ability to measure trend strength gives traders a significant advantage.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t get caught trying to trend trade in sideways market action if you’re using the ADX indicator to identify range conditions.

Learn More about the Gunbot Average Directional Index Indicator Strategy

Gunbot Technical Indicators – Money Flow Index (MFI)

gunbot mfi indicator

Gunbot calculates the money flow index (MFI) by looking at the money flow status, taking both price and volume details into account.

It is expected to function similarly to the RSI (Relative Strength Index) in detecting overbought and oversold situations. However, the RSI indicator is price-only, while the MFI is a volume-weighted one.

Thus, the MFI number decreases as some cryptocurrencies such as BTC become oversold. Relative to these ideas, some theories suggest that an oversold BTC/USD indicates that the ASK book’s volume is increasing, implying that a cryptocurrency pump is imminent.

Overall, traders and investors can predict pump and dump using this volume.

Why is MFI important for you?

Anyone who has been around this business for a while knows that several cryptocurrencies’ price-hike will decrease others’ value.

The Money Flow Index indicator is part of a feature in Gunbot that allows you to stop trading if it detects a cryptocurrency pump temporarily. Bear in mind that the MFI is not always easy or accurate to measure on certain exchanges.

Enter Gunbot BTC PND Protection; activating this feature will disable the buy orders when there’s too much price and volume push on Bitcoin.

btc pnd protection feature in gunbot

There is always a tendency that some of these cryptocurrencies will rapidly increase in value, causing others to bleed down the street for a long time.

For instance, as BTC mooned, altcoins tend to lie low. It causes insufficient opportunity to purchase alt-coins with something other than BTC. However, as the market expanded and more ETH, BCH, XMR, and USDT/USDC/USD pairs became available, more options were for buying altcoins than just BTC.

That’s why it is highly recommended that you only activate this feature if the Bitcoin price changes have a critical effect on your trading pairs.

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Gunbot Technical Indicators – Relative Strength Index (RSI)

rsi confirming indicator

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) metric, founded by technical analyst Welles Wilder over four decades ago, enables traders to identify whether a cryptocurrency’s price has deviated from its original trend, allowing you to benefit before the market recovers itself.

Traders may use the RSI to locate major trade entry points, especially that this crypto metric has proven to be an effective tool for trading the unpredictable crypto markets over time.

The RSI uses an algorithm to determine whether an asset is overbought or oversold, which is Bitcoin in this context. The technique creates a value between 0 and 100, painted on the trading chart in a wavelike pattern known as an oscillator.

RSI = 100 – 100 / (1 + RS)
RS = Average of X periods closes up / Average of X periods closes down X = The number 14 is preferred, but it is adjustable according to your preference.

When the RSI falls below 30, an asset is deemed oversold or undervalued. On the other hand, if it rises above 70, it is considered overbought.

The RSI often returns an oversold value whenever an investment has reached a depletion level after sustained bleeding. This value falls under 30, indicating that perhaps the traders are likely to take control and drive the price higher.

You can use the RSI indicator as a “confirming indicator” for any strategy to “corroborate” your entry or exit signal.

Since technical indicators are not perfect predictors of future price movements, sometimes traders feel more secure deciding to signal if more than one indicator sends the same signal. This is also known as “confluence.”

The RSI as a stand-alone is pretty weak, but it is handy to improve the odds of success by filtering out some of the fake signals provided by other indicators.

You can use the RSI indicator in Gunbot and set your crypto bot to execute when the price oscillates or crosses the value defined by you in the strategy variables.

Gunbot Technical Indicators – Stochastic Oscillator

stochastic indicator strategy

The etymology of the term “stochastic” derives from the Greek word “guess,” which, in the sense of crypto trading, refers to forecasting the future based on historical actions. Thus, this crypto trading indicator assesses the changes in the equilibrium state of cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, the stochastic predictor, also known as the stochastic oscillator, is among the commonly employed specialized research techniques in crypto trading. Despite this, the vast majority of traders are still unaware of how to do it.

In reality, this indicator has more than what most people perceive when learning and using it practically. Generally, a stochastic oscillator indicates the trade’s stir, relating it to a crypto asset’s closing value in a specific period and price range.

Relatively, this metric includes information on the strength and momentum of patterns. It analyzes prices and shows you how quickly and strongly they are evolving.

It is essential to know that you should not rely on the stochastic indicator alone like any other trading tool. Therefore, to receive meaningful signals and improve your trades’ quality, you must combine the stochastic indicator with, Moving Averages, Price formation, and lastly, the Trendlines.

The Stoch indicator is another example of a confirming indicator that you can use in Gunbot.

You can use it in addition to your main strategy and can be used to buy or sell; keep in mind that Gunbot will trade when your strategy conditions and the STOCH_BUY_LEVEL, STOCH_SELL_LEVEL happen.

Alternatively, you can also use the Stochastic RSI (StochRSI) Indicator in Gunbot, and choose which signal you want to use to execute (cross or oscillator) and similar to the Stochastic indicator, you can choose to use this indicator for buying or selling, but if you don’t want to do both, set the side you don’t want to use to -1001…

stochrsi trading indicator strategy

Learn more about the Stochastic RSI Indicator

Gunbot Technical Indicators – Bollinger Bands (BB)

Bollinger Bands represent market-structure curves made up of a price movement characterized as a middle band, an upper band, or a lower band. It helps the traders determine if the price of an asset is relatively high or low.

Investors perceive a price near the upper band to be comparatively high, whereas a lower band price is considered relatively low.

Crypto-traders can use Bollinger Bands on any timeline. Still, depending on whether you are trading on higher or lower timeframes, the moving average length and standard deviation should be decreased or increased.

A 20-period moving average and a standard deviation of 2 are the default set-up. However, it gives you an option to reduce these to a shorter (15 and 1.5) or a longer (25 and 2.5) timeframe.

When you’re using Bollinger Bands, it is necessary to note these concepts:

  • You should use the bottoms to set up a long position (buy), and you should enter once the asset shows signs of strength.
  • Tops are used to establish a short post, but they need more confirmation than a bottom.
  • Once there is a sign of weakness, enter the short (sell).

Hence, these imply that the traders and investors can use Bollinger Bands and the BandWidth measure to spot the Bollinger Squeeze and trade the breakout at the start of a trend.

The Bollinger Bounce, on the other hand, is a turnaround strategy that is based on market behavior. Technically, it is better to try a trading chance anytime the price activity reaches the lower band and the oscillator is positive. Otherwise, it is easier to look for a sales opportunity.

When you use the Gunbot Bolinger Bands Strategy, you will configure what percentage from the lower Band the bot should buy and what percentage from the upper Bollinger Band; it should sell.

gunbot bollinger bands indicator strategy

Gunbot Technical Indicators – Average True Range (ATR)

The ATR indicator is a highly efficient way of measuring market volatility in crypto trading so that you can make an educated trading decision. When entering or leaving a market, knowing the business turbulence in specific trading sessions decreases volatility danger.

As a result, the ATR predictor will display the average deviation from high to low over the previous 14 days on a daily table. On the contrary, the ATR indicator varies based on the map timeline.

On a 1-hour map, for example, the ATR indicator will show the average variance over the previous 14 hours. The value of the ATR indicator is generally delivered within the top-right corner of the ATR indicator window.

In conclusion, the ATR measure is designed to calculate price shift volatility. This indicator can be used in any market, including forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, since it is a universal indicator.

The Gunbot Average True Range Strategy is called ATRTS because it takes advantage of “Trailing Stops,” The algorithm will calculate trailing stops to give you the buy and sell signals when the volatility increases or decreases crosses the trailing stop.

gunbot atr indicator strategy

Note: The ATR indicator is a good example of an indicator you should use together with a momentum indicator because it doesn’t give you data about the price direction.

Gunbot Technical Indicators – Ichimoku Cloud

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo means equilibrium map at a glance. Goichi Hosoda, a Japanese writer, created the indicator and published it in his book in 1969. As the translation implies, its best feature is that it instantly reveals what sort of trade you should be in and possible targets when you look at the table.

The price is drawn to Senkou lines, which are extensive support/resistance areas. Traders plan their entrances, exits, and stops around them, often using data from other indicators as well.

The TK lines and TK Cross

The balance lines, also known as Tenkan-Sen and Kijun-Sen, are quick and slow-moving averages. Since they are shifting norms, traders can look for across while searching for a pattern reversal. This cross is known as the TK cross.

On the other hand, when there is no cross in sight, TK lines are also significant. If the price remains close to them, it implies that the commodity is neither overbought nor oversold.

Moreover, suppose the market action deviates significantly from the TK lines. In that case, it indicates that the price is out of control and that a pullback is possible, but it is not a signal to open a spot for the withdrawal on its own.

In ranging markets, however, you will not get much information from the Ichimoku Cloud.

The cloud will frequently switch between red and green in market ranges, providing very little actionable information. On short timeframes, the same thing happens, and there are far better indicators and strategies to use if you want to scalp cryptocurrency.

To sum it all up, these measures will usually allow you to classify your support and resistance levels based on volume. Since the cloud is only rendered from price action cycles and ignores volume entirely, it makes sense to use a volume-based indicator with Ichimoku.

The Gunbot Ichimoku Strategy can Buy when a full candle gets totally below Kumo, Tenkan, or Kijun, and it will Sell, when it gets above any of the 3, it is up to you to decide which one you want to use.

gunbot ichimoku indicator strategy

gunbot ichimoku strategy

Gunbot Technical Indicators – Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

When it comes to trading and technical analysis, many cryptocurrency traders use moving average methods for various reasons, depending on their stated objectives.

However, it is essential to remember that EMAs are variable resources used in conjunction with other instruments when making investment decisions.

EMA is a moving average that shifts in response to price changes that gathers data from the previous session while discarding the oldest data in the time series. As a result, the EMA reacts to recent price changes faster than the Simple Moving Average (SMA).

On the other hand, the Exponential Moving Average belongs to the existing technical research indicators list, which is a guaranteed handy tool when properly used.

Although it is necessary to note that the EMA does not forecast or foresee any change but rather confirms a pattern at a predetermined time rather than following the price curve.

One of the most common applications is as a breakout strategy indicator. These bands capacitate you to generate trading signals if you have a breakdown system with trend tracking using the Bollinger Bands and the EMA because these will draw lines above and below the price on the graph.

If the price crosses above the upper line, you can take it as a trading signal in that direction.

Furthermore, Exponential Moving Averages Crossing is another very effective trading strategy. You are combining two exponential moving averages, one for the short term and the other for the long term. When the shortest moving average crosses the longest moving average from the bottom up, a signal is generated.

The Gunbot Gain Strategy is the prime example of using the EMA indicator for entering a trade; you can use EMA as an alternative for any strategy.

Example of Gunbot Technical Indicators in the GUI Trading Chart

gunbot trading indicators in the trading chart on GUI

Gunbot Technical Indicators – Time Series Analysis (TSA)

The Time Series indicator uses a statistical framework in determining the trajectory of the closing average value trend over a given period.

However, this indicator relies not only on the common linear regression; rather, it charts the last position of the said trends, making a clear image of the actual trajectory.

This predictor is also known as a progressive linear regression indicator or a regression oscillator, which gathers the variation’s trading points before matching its trend.

The concept of a Time Series Indicator is the same as that of a running average. In contrast to standard moving averages, this indicator has two advantages; when it comes to adapting to market fluctuations, a Time Series is better than a rolling average.

Since it matches the figures instead of combining them, this particular indicator is more prone to price shifts.

The least-squares fit procedure, which involves computing a linear regression trendline, is used to measure the Time Series Prediction. The least-squares fit methodology matches the chart’s data by decreasing the variations between the actual statistical trendline and its data point components.

As its name suggests, the Time Series Analysis can forecast the price for the subsequent cycles. This calculation is dependent on the security’s price pattern over the given timeframe.

Time Series Projection’s value estimates the cost for the following process if the present trend persists.

The Gunbot TSA Strategy will place a buy order when the ask price crosses down the projected price and a sell order when the bid price crosses up the projected price; the bot makes this projection based on the trend smacross values as strong indicators of the expected price move.

gunbot tsa indicator strategy

Gunbot Technical Indicators – Final Words

I hope this article helped you better understand the logic behind some of the basic technical indicators used in Gunbot.

You can apply what you’ve learned to your “Gunbot strategy settings,” thus reducing the risk of making mistakes that might cause you to lose money.

So, now that you know how to use the main Gunbot Technical Indicators, you’re probably eager to start. If you’re like most doers, you’re going to want to take the first step right away.

That’s great. I’m glad you’re excited. And I’m glad you’re going to take action, which puts you quite a bit in front of so many other passive readers who never quite take their first step towards success…

However, before you jump in, let me quickly share with you 5 Trading Mistakes you need to avoid so you can profit.

Top 5 New Crypto Trader Mistakes

  1. Not setting a solid risk management strategy.
  2. Overtrading: It may sound crazy, but sometimes you make money by sitting and not trading.
  3. Revenge Trading: Yeah, I know its easier to say than do, but after a loss, stay calm and don’t try to fight the market
  4. Being too Stubborn to Change your Mind: This doesn’t mean you have to change your strategy every day, but when something is not working, changing your procedure will help.
  5. Ignoring Extreme Market Conditions: Honestly, we’re all happy when Bitcoin moons, but please be wary of parabolic movements.

Got it? Nice, now get to it! But keep coming back for more Gunbot and Crypto Trading Tips…

cryptodroi gunbot tips

Crypto Trading for Beginners Ultimate Guide 2021

crypto trading guide guy explaining to a couple

Learn how you can start making real money online by taking advantage of crypto trading.

The fundamental information any new crypto trader should know about.

There’s no doubt you’ve probably heard about cryptocurrencies a couple of times over. So, at this point, you are probably thinking about how to make a buck or two with it…

What is this cost-effective way to make money called crypto trading?

Cryptocurrency trading used to be taboo and, sadly, has been used as a way to scam people into putting their money into something they don’t understand. The common misconception about crypto trading is that it is overly complicated and that only a few “gifted” traders are the only ones who make a living.

Although it really is complicated, this does not mean it is impossible to understand.

Generally, when people put their minds to something and follow a process, they will still get to their destination no matter how fast or slow it might take. Crypto trading has been romanticized as of late as some young millionaires make loads of money working “when they want to.” However, this isn’t really the case.

When it comes to trading, knowledge should trump emotion. Many things could get in the way of your trading strategies, like excitement, fear, and general anxiety, and that’s ok, but know this…

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, the one making the decisions should have a winner’s mindset.

You need to understand that not everyone makes money in cryptocurrency trading. In fact, there have been thousands of people who sold their assets for capital to try crypto trading and lost big time.

But you should also understand this simple concept:

When someone loses, someone else wins. When someone sells, someone buys.

I know it may sound cheesy, but the point here is to set your positive mindset and use it to gain understanding to join the winner’s circle.

With a fine-tuned trading strategy and a good knowledge of cryptocurrency trading, you will be able to increase wins and minimize the effect of your losses.

And that’s what I’m trying to help you with, keep reading…

What is Trading in General

Trading basically involves buying and selling assets. It is a fundamental economic concept that relies deeply on the trader’s understanding of supply and demand.

While trading is much easier to understand when done with tangible assets, intangible assets like cryptocurrency share the same concept.

Everything in business is about supply and demand, just like in crypto trading. When demand for something is high, the price usually goes up, and when a demand for something is low, the price usually goes down.

The key is to know when the price should go up and when it is expected to go down. This is done by reading and understanding trends.

Trading basically involves playing along the lines of supply and demand.

Let’s say in 2020; there was a regular demand for smartphones. When the pandemic happened, everyone got stuck at home, and when this happened, people started buying new devices.

This then resulted in the stock prices of technology companies going up.

There are several different markets, and cryptocurrency is just one of them. These markets include bonds, stocks, and currency in general. Delving deeper into the trading world would unlock more complicated markets like Forex, margin products, futures, options, and a lot of others.

For the sake of this article, and to help you absorb more info fast, I will keep it simple with the most basic terms I believe beginner crypto traders should learn first…

While trading is generally buying and selling, there are two different trading approaches: Short-Term trading and Long-Term trading.

Here’s the first concept you’ll have to understand to learn about crypto trading.

Crypto Trading Short-term

As the name itself reveals, short-term trading deals in shorter time periods. Short-term traders usually enter and exit riding trends instead of looking towards the long-term growth of their assets. Like everything, there are pros and cons to short-term trading, and the trader really has to decide for themselves if they are capable of doing so.

  • Short Term Trading Pros

Quicker turnaround. Since short-term traders are not thinking about their assets’ long-term value, they could generally buy low and sell high depending on their assets’ volatility.

When we say volatility, this means how much the price of the asset fluctuates. The more an asset fluctuates, the more beneficial for short-term traders since they can buy low and sell high despite the stock’s general performance.

  • Short Term Trading Cons

More research is required to see when the price is meager and when the price is really high. Short-term trading can also be dangerous in cryptocurrency trading, especially for those with insufficient capital to sustain the loss itself.

It would be hard for those trading on the minimum to go into short-term trading, especially in extreme volatility.

Short-term trading styles include different preferences like day trading, swing trading, scalping, and of course, automated trading; the common denominator here is that your trading decisions will be based purely on Technical Analysis.

Crypto Trading Long-term

Long-term trading is usually fit for the classic investor. Whether a cryptocurrency will go up or not, long-term trading usually puts a significant sum of money in the cryptocurrency with the trust and belief that it will go up one day.

Last March 15, 2020, Bitcoin was around $5K, but on the 13th of March this 2021, Bitcoin went up to over $60K. For those that were long-term traders, owning a single Bitcoin would make them extremely profitable.

  • Long Term Trading Pros

Long-term traders aren’t affected by market volatility and generally won’t need to panic when it goes up or down in a week. Long-term traders, depending on how long they trade, can reap a hefty profit, especially if the price does go up.

Of course, it is also important to note that the price does not always go up 100% of the time, and depending on the timeline of the long-term trader, there is still risk involved.

  • Long Term Trading Cons

The disadvantage of long-term trading is that the investor has to put in a large amount of capital for the whole investment to be worth it.

Putting a small capital might not be worth the time and could also be risky since their investment could be eaten up when the price goes lower than what was initially bought.

A long-term trader is basically an investor, or in crypto, you may be hearing the term HODLER :); the most valuable piece of information an investor need is the asset’s fundamental analysis case would include research information about the chosen coin.

Crypto Trading Technical Analysis

crypto trading ta guy reading charts

The technical analysis revolves around the idea that historical data could predict how the stock would perform in the future. The interesting thing about technical analysis is that it does not look at the asset’s intrinsic value but rather how its price will perform.

When it comes to crypto trading, this is very important since no tangible object or company is attached to the asset. While the term might seem extremely complicated, learning the different theories, charts, and other patterns one by one could be a potent tool in cryptocurrency trading.

Your main focus here is to analyze how the market is moving, mostly based on the price and volume information you can read from the charts; that’s how you will identify a trading opportunity.

Unlike an investor, as a crypto trader, you will be focused on the price of the crypto asset and assume it already reflects all the information accessible to the public.

Here are the 3 main assumptions of a Technical Analyst:

  1. The market discounts everything.
  2. Price moves in trends.
  3. History tends to repeat itself.

You can learn more later if you want to, but don’t get “information-overloaded,” anyways, here’s a good article on Technical Analysis, in case you want to learn more.

Technical Analysis is not perfect. It definitely can not tell you the future, but you don’t need that to make money; all you need is a strategy with a high probability of winning and consistency.

More on that later. Let me show you 2 key components you should learn how to identify in a chart…

Crypto Trading Support and Resistance

This is a fundamental concept that deals with whether the asset is going up or going down. The support refers to the minimum price that the asset drops to in a certain time period.

The trading charts show patterns, and you can see the “support” when you look at how low the price generally goes for a period of time.

On the other hand, resistance refers to how high the price usually goes to before it goes down again.

Basically, identifying the patterns and when the patterns are changing is an example of technical analysis in play. When the asset goes above the resistance, it could either go up or down depending on the data.

Here’s an example of the Support and Resistance levels calculated by Gunbot and applied to the trading chart.

gunbot support and resistance lines in a chart

Notice that in Gunbot, support and resistance are not fixed targets.

Support and resistance are just an example of a technical analysis concept. This could also be considered one of the simplest concepts, and as a new crypto trader, you should slowly move up the ladder to the more complicated ones as you learn.

Crypto Trading Market Trends

This is generally the way that an asset is going, whether up or down. In technical analysis, it is important to understand how the trend is going and where it leads.

The trend will guide your buying and selling decisions.

Secondary trends give you insights into the market trend and leading, but the important thing to understand is the dominant trends.

  • Bull Market: This means that the asset price is going up.
  • Bear Market: This means that the asset price is going down.
  • Sideways Market: AKA Horizontal Trend. There isn’t a clear direction for the trend.

The best way for you to check the primary trend of a particular pair is by looking at higher time frames in a chart.

Example of BTC-USD up-trending based on a 1 Day Time Frame chart on Tradingview.

btc uptrending on a crypto trading chart

So, regardless of what time frame you choose to trade BTC, you got confirmation that Bitcoin is trending up based on the above pic.

Now you need to check on what market you will be trading…

Crypto Trading on the Spot Market

A spot market basically means a market that makes exchanges on the spot. While this is something most people might think of as common sense, it is important to specify what market is being traded since other markets are also in play.

A future, for example, delivers the assets later on when the contract would expire. Since the trade is being made in real-time, the trades’ price is also valued in real-time.

When we’re talking about the spot price, this means the real-time market price.

There two main kinds of spot markets, the Over-the-Counter (OTC) and organized market exchange; these are usually centralized crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Beaxy, etc.

For the most part, especially if you live in the USA, you should only focus on the spot market; most crypto traders started their trading career anyway.

I’m not saying you could not learn about margin or futures, and certainly, you could make more money because you would be using leverage and be aware that you can get liquidated in a split second if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Learn more about Gunbot Margin and Futures Trading

The only drawback of trading on the spot market is that you can only trade with your capital, but it is better this way, especially when you’re learning.

The good news is, you can start with low capital and trade on most crypto exchanges.

So, let’s create a trading plan now…

Making a Crypto Trading Strategy.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. A trading strategy is basically a plan based on data regarding when to buy, when to sell, and when to hold, and possibly for how long before making a decision.

There are numerous trading strategies you can use, and they revolve around trading indicators.

An indicator represents data showing you what the data means in terms of a particular theory used.

An example of this is the Moving Average. This indicator basically follows where the general average moves either up or down despite the dips or spikes in prices.

In crypto trading, you do not have to learn all of the strategies or the indicators, but rather which strategy works better for you.

So, whether you’re a day trader, doing swing trading, or scalping, you need a solid plan with an edge that will help you win most of the times, that plan is your strategy, and you will base your decisions on the data you see printed on a chart.

Since we already talked about Support and Resistance, let me use that as an example strategy.

buy at support sell at resistance strategy example

This is a simple example; you will enter the trade (BUY) at the support level and exit (SELL) at the resistance level.

If you’re using a crypto trading bot, all you have to do is define those values on your strategy, and the bot will execute those commands for you.

That is just an example of one out of many different strategies you could be using; keep in mind “there’s not the best strategy” is what works better for you based on your trading preferences and your risk tolerance.

And obviously, a sound money management approach is critical, so here we go…

Why is Risk Management Important for Crypto Trading?

Risk management, from the name itself, is the process of managing risk. Risk management differs from trader to trader as different types of traders have different appetites for risk.

While bearish prices don’t easily shake some traders, others are more easily swayed and sometimes tempted to sell at a loss.

Of course, depending on whether or not the technical analysis or trading strategies were correct, there is also a time when a cut loss should be executed.

Some people ride the risks, and when they lose, they lose everything; that’s why making a trading strategy on when to cut losses and when to sell is very important.

Think of it this way, let’s say you bought an asset at a certain price and let it ride. It performed extremely well, and you didn’t sell despite the technical analysis pointing towards selling.

After you decided not to sell, the price drastically dropped, plummeting into the ground, leaving you with a bag of coins and a meager price value.

This often happens in crypto trading, so you got to be ready before you even BUY.

Learning when to take profits and cut your losses is very important because, in cryptocurrency trading, the prices are very volatile.

Stay away from Pumps and Dumps, and do not allow the Fear Of Missing Out to cloud your decisions because it will cost you.

fomo meme with dark lord

Crypto Trading – Scalping

You can do scalping with the smallest timeframes as these short-term traders aim to gain small profits with every movement.

Although the profits might not even amount to 1% at times, these trades’ repetitiveness still amounts to a significant profit.

While it seems simple, scalping is never a beginner’s strategy and requires an intense understanding of how crypto trading works.

Technical analysis is critical to scalpers’ success, and they usually function within a very calculated timeframe.

The easiest way for a new crypto trader to experience scalping is through automated crypto trading; yes, I recommend Gunbot for scalping if you don’t have the skills yet.

A human is no match for a bot when it comes to repetitive tasks and timely execution.

Besides, you will be learning and using strategies developed specifically to get in and get out fast for a profit.

But let me explain to you a few more basic trading concepts…

The Cryptocurrency Trading Process

When you place an order, and it doesn’t get filled, an “order book” is then used to store the orders organized by “price” until it is fulfilled.

Let’s say you put an order at a certain price and there is no one wanting to buy at that price; the exchange’s trading engine will then place that order in the order book until it matches another order or gets canceled by you.

When it comes to crypto exchanges, a matching engine system is used to match the order book’s orders. The system is responsible for making sure that the trades are carried out.

Here are a few other crypto trading terms you need to understand:

Market Order

This is what the buying or selling process is called. Basically, putting a market order means putting an action to buy or to sell instantly.

Limit Order

As the word suggests, limits refer to a limit or a price point that the order won’t go beyond.

Limit buy orders will be executed when the price reaches the limit price or lower, and a limit sell order will be executed when the price reaches the limit price or higher.

Stop-Loss Order

This is a decision about risk management. Putting a stop-loss means selling when the price reaches a certain level to avoid further losses.

While the dreams of bullish prices are enough to entice most traders, the thought of handling losses might be something that you should avoid by all means.

A stop-loss puts a limit on how much you can lose in one order.

Maker and taker: What’s the Difference?

A trader will become a maker when they place an order that does not get fulfilled immediately and instead added to the order book. Since the order contributes to the order book’s liquidity, the person putting the order will then be called a “maker” of liquidity.

A trader will become a taker when they place an order that does get fulfilled immediately and takes off an existing order from the order book. Since the trader is taking out order book liquidity, the trader is considered a “taker.”

Bid-Ask Spread

This refers to the difference between the highest bid or buy order and the lowest bid or sell order.

Basically, a trader would want to trade within the spaces in between. Setting the boundaries depends on how high a buyer is willing to buy and how low a seller is willing to sell.

Orders within this spread indicate the supply and demand of the cryptocurrency and attest to the market’s liquidity. In general, the smaller the market liquidity is, the more liquid the cryptocurrency is.

How to Make Money Crypto Trading

Making money through crypto trading in general means buying low and selling high.

The gap between your buying price and your selling price is basically what you’ll earn.

Since there are many players in the cryptocurrency trading space, their buying prices and prices could differ.

What’s low for one might be high for others, which is essential to know when understanding market psychology.

While cryptocurrency trading can be dangerous, it is also very profitable due to the massive differences in the highs and lows or, rather, great volatility.

When traders become more familiar with cryptocurrency trading, they will assess when the price is most likely to go up and when the price is most likely to go down.

Trading is oftentimes mistaken for gambling. However, successful traders show that it is not gambling at all and that it takes a massive amount of research and strategy building to make a profit out of crypto trading.

Read How Much Money Can You Make Trading with GUNBOT for more details.

It is also important to understand yourself, be sure of your goals, whether you are a long-term trader or a short-term trader, take crypto trading seriously, dedicate enough time to learn this new trade, and I promise you, it will be worth it.

Rooky traders think about making money. Professional traders think about managing risks.

Capitalize on Gunbot Now, so you can cut your learning curve, gain access to an immense wealth of information, and start trading crypto like a pro.

gunbot trading screenshot in laptop and mobile phone

Start thinking like a professional, make your decisions based on data, not on your emotions, and most importantly, keep coming back for more Crypto Trading Articles

Crypto Trading Bots Ultimate Guide 2021

crypto trading bots revealed female robot

How You Can Become a Successful Trader with Automated Crypto Trading Bots.

Are You Still Doing Manual Trading? You Might Regret It, keep reading…

Cryptocurrency is still in great demand now, mainly because people suddenly pick up on its importance and see it shaping the online currency system.

Trading, in general, has also become a significant trend that a lot of investors are partaking in because of the strong returns that many cryptocurrencies have been displaying.

Although they provide many potentials, almost all cryptocurrencies are considered volatile. They provide significant risk, hence why many investors depend on others as well when making decisions.

Since not everyone is sure of what to do next, many investors have turned their attention to crypto trading bots.

These robots are automated crypto trading programs that do all the trading jobs for an individual, an ideal setup for investors to rest or sleep.

Crypto Trading Bots monitor everything from the market movements to the prices of current cryptocurrencies worthy of investing.

Depending on the circumstances, bots also buy and order for the investor, making it a lot easier than asking other people’s advice.

Advantages of Using Crypto Trading Bots

crypto trading bots advantages

There are more benefits for you to consider adding a bot to your investment arsenal, so here are some that could help you make a decision.

Crypto Trading bots offer you a Safer Trading Experience.

As aforementioned, there is a very high risk in cryptocurrency trading. It is not easy to predict the market movements because of how quickly things can make some changes and turns.

This risk has long been acknowledged by many; that’s why bots are here to compensate for that and to make people better traders.

However, there’s still no certainty on their results when it comes to bots, and they only make decisions depending on what data is presented to them.

Still, it is undeniable how much safer it is to go with a crypto bot’s decision rather than to go for a pure hunch that is often wrong more than a success.

Crypto bots also give investors much more freedom and options, especially those who are just starting up a cryptocurrency investment career.

For instance, some crypto trading bots offer demo accounts that let anyone practice investment without natural resources involved.

Check out Gunbot Demo Here: https://demo.gunthy.org/

While they don’t necessarily emulate real crypto trading experiences with all the risks being added, it is still a great platform to gain knowledge, which is quite hard to acquire without assistance.

Your Trading Preferences Are Easily Met when you use a Crypto Trading Bot.

Trading preferences are significant to consider as they can dictate an investor’s success in the market.

Nearly all well-made cryptocurrency bots can make anyone a better trader for their customizable trading options and settings that you can easily change to your will.

However, crypto bots like this are rare, and often, those existing in the market are still limited. Nevertheless, some are quite promising, which will be further discussed later on in this guide.

Trading signals are quite important data that most investors value. With a crypto bot, you can easily set the probabilities of getting this signal that will later feed the bot with data that can easily influence its decisions.

Your trading preferences and settings are also revertable, and most crypto trading bots provide a default setting that you can easily edit.

Crypto Trading bots use Complex Trade Algorithms.

Cryptocurrency is a volatile market, and price fluctuations are also widespread in popular crypto trading assets like Bitcoin.

When these fluctuations come, traders can easily take advantage and gain a considerable profit margin; however, predicting when and how these fluctuations will come is almost impossible.

Even enthusiasts and cryptocurrency experts have a hard time when it comes to predicting events like this.

With advanced coding and usage of complex algorithms, a crypto trading bot can use the past fluctuations and apply them to the next ones.

One thing that separates crypto trading bots from humans is that they don’t have emotions to be influenced by it in any way.

Most traders are easily getting carried away by many circumstances, to which we see this as a considerable disadvantage.

Crypto Trading Bots Don’t Need Breaks.

Crypto trading bots are software, and they don’t require any maintenance, which means that they can be run 24/7, even without breaks.

The thing about the cryptocurrency market is that it is always open, and even when you sleep or even when you take a lunch break, mini changes are happening consistently, and there’s a very high chance that you’ll miss it.

A crypto trading bot can quickly solve this problem with just the fact that it can run all the time. The flexibility it offers is also phenomenal. For instance, you can assume the bot’s position on your active trading hours and have it retire in the meantime.

If you need to take a break or hit the hay, you can easily activate the crypto trading bot and have it operate everything required.

Most traders quickly lose momentum just because they’re not always on their screen, so they can easily miss many trading cues and price fluctuations that can be massive. With a crypto trading bot, this won’t be a problem anymore, and traders can take more control of their investments even while resting.

Crypto Trading Bots are Fast and Efficient

Trading in general, even if it is not about cryptocurrency, will always require speed because of how the market changes.

However, speed and efficiency both scale with expertise, and considering this concept, beginner traders will always have a hard time keeping up with those that are considered veterans already.

Cryptocurrency, in particular, is even more demanding than traditional trading since the market is volatile and can be easily manipulated by external changes.

That said, more speed is required to be better in this platform, and beginners would have a hard time catching up because of the skill ceiling it provides.

Crypto trading bots differ from humans, and they act depending on their code and the algorithm they are delivered.

That said, they are much faster and more efficient than an average person, which means that they can offer more things.

Crypto Trading Bots Provide You an Entryway to the Market

Let’s be real; cryptocurrency is not for everyone. Many things can easily hinder a beginner’s entry and progress, requiring much more resources than expected.

It’s not an easy process, yet research and learning from many sources can speed up everything else.

Still, even with all the research and preparations, long-term success in cryptocurrency is not a guaranteed thing, and often, people are only getting lucky with their results.

A crypto trading bot provides an easy entryway to the market, with just a program and a little research. Although the learning curve for using a bot is not that easy to comprehend, it is still doable.

Anyone with enough determination can use a trading bot to gain profits and seize advantages in the cryptocurrency market.

Bot technology isn’t new, but more significant strides are often coming, making the cryptocurrency industry bloom with a potential that has never been seen before.

Crypto Trading Bot Examples

To get started with automated crypto trading, you need to have software. There are many options in the market currently, and each offers different things from one another, which makes them unique in their own way.

Development teams worldwide are working hard to provide software that the masses can use; some are free, and most are paid.

Keep in mind that I’m a Gunbot user and reseller; the only crypto trading bot I personally use is Gunbot; nevertheless, I did my research. The bots I choose in this article are legit automated trading solutions.

The links are direct to their main websites (not an affiliate), so you can check for yourself if you choose to.

Here are some examples of crypto trading bots to get you started.


  • Provides a Lifetime License.
  • Flexible 17+ Built-In Trading Strategies.
  • Free and Reliable Support.
  • TradingView Integration.
  • Unique and Supportive Community.

gunbot the crypto trading bot in laptop and mobile phone

Created by GuntharDeNiro, Gunbot is an automated crypto trading bot that operates in many markets, including Poloniex, Bitmex, Bittrex CEX, Binance, Coinbase Pro (GDAX), Kraken, Kucoin, Huobi, Bitfinex, FTX, Bybit, Beaxy, and more…

Aside from these markets, the developers are also still adding many more trading exchanges to the software, making it more accessible to many other crypto traders looking for specific needs that they can trade into.

Gunbot is suitable for margin, futures, and spot trading, and the software provides more than 19 pre-made strategies dedicated to buy or sell.

Gunbot can run 24/7 without breaks, and it highly considers the settings that the user inputs and its interface provides an easy way of tweaking things thoroughly.

It is also worth noting that Gunbot works well with TradingView, which makes trading a lot better, and easy to Backtest Trading strategies.

Gunbot is also unique by providing a licensing system that incentivizes users with utility tokens; these are Gunthy Tokens. By owning these tokens, users will be considered Gunbot license owners, providing more value for their license.

It is easy to understand how Gunbot is built for every type of trader, from beginner to expert; even the most novice trader can learn really fast.

With all the resources available on the Gunbot School Program and the Official Gunthy Telegram channels, a beginner can easily catch up with the pros in just a matter of time, as long as there’s a strong sense of determination and willingness to learn.

Gunbot can be up and running right away through an intuitive and painless installation procedure and can take care of your cryptocurrency market decisions without any hassle.


  • Cheaper pricing options (recurring monthly payments).
  • Built-in Smart Trade.
  • Flexible trading bots.
  • TradingView support.
  • Portfolio tracking and copy trading.

3commas crypto trading bot

Although not certainly recommended for newer users, 3Commas still needs to be added because of its popularity and excellent functionality.

To put it merely, 3Commas is catered towards professional traders. The development team behind it is continuously doing their best to make the UI and the processes more centered on this demographic.

An attractive feature that most professionals would also approve of is the ability to track your portfolio. Smart Trade is another feature worth your attention, which is borrowed from the forex trading platform.

This feature allows any trader to sell or buy pairs that can easily be manipulated using the software’s risk management tools.

Users will have all the control and freedom for setting up everything, and we think that this is very helpful when it comes to long-term success in the cryptocurrency platform.


  • It comes with 50 technical indicators.
  • Compatible with 20 exchanges.
  • 15 pre-built bot types.
  • Interactive and helpful customer support.
  • Downloadable Software and Cloud Service.

haasonline crypto trading bot

HaasOnline is a multifaceted cryptocurrency platform that is comprehensive and straightforward with its intentions.

They are the proprietors of the HaasBot, a crypto trading bot popular for its many features and how successful it can be in the current trading climate.

HaasOnline is also a well-known platform for botting, mainly because of how it supports customization and full-customization of bots, to the point that the settings can be coded in C# language.

For those that aren’t that much well-versed when it comes to bot customization, HaasOnline has provided a wide range of pre-built bots, amounting to 15 types with different uses individually perfect for individual circumstances.

These exchanges are only some of the 20 exchanges available on the platform: Binance, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, Huobi, Kraken, Kucoin, and Poloniex.

HaasOnline supports its traders as much as it can. They can show this through their variety of tools that amounts to more than 50 indicators used to provide a more desirable outcome for each trading session.

HaasOnline also provides testing tools in their platforms essential for users who want to do some backtesting to learn what they have done before.

HaasOnline isn’t risk-free in any way, but they provide insurance and tools that their clients can use to prevent bankruptcy from happening.

Overall, HaasOnline is a user-friendly interface that requires expertise to have its features fully utilized. It’s still useful for beginners, but we recommend studying the basics of crypto trading first to gain full control over HaasOnline’s reputable bot, the HaasBot.


  • Using algorithmic and social trading.
  • High-level analysis tools.
  • Useful mobile application.
  • Paper trading account.
  • Copy-trading functionality.

cryptohopper crypto trading bot

Cryptohopper acts as an all-in-one platform in which it can be used by different types of traders, even those that are using it manually.

Manual investors don’t have to pay for the service; however, if they wish to gain access to automated crypto trading investing, they can easily do so with just a click of a button and some payment processing.

Cryptohopper also offers various ranges of indicators, 9 exchanges available to trade in, 24/7 customer support, and free from additional commission fees.

A fair warning first, Cryptohopper isn’t an exchange, but it is a trading terminal that holds many markets to which clients can easily access.

Many platforms similar to Cryptohopper boast their open-source capability, meaning that anyone can code and make a bot for themselves. However, Cryptohopper removes the requirement of coding to make high-level tools.

This is a massive deal for experts in trading but is completely clueless when it comes to coding. Learning how to code requires a ton of time, and no one can easily pull it off within just days or weeks by only using tutorials.

That said, Cryptohopper attracts different kinds of traders, making it a fantastic community that is open to everyone.

Cryptohopper promotes the use of cryptocurrency in trading; that’s why they are doing their best to attract many kinds of clients, even those that don’t have prior knowledge of cryptocurrency.

For instance, in this scenario, you can open a paper trading account and get a hold of the trading experience without having real risks and spending valuable resources.

Cryptohopper is overloaded with features but in a positive way. Although it is overloaded, it is not overwhelming, especially for beginners or those who don’t know about cryptocurrency.


  • Crypto Trading Exchange and Trading Bot.
  • Provides a wide array of bots.
  • Provides a liquidity engine.
  • Legal regulation.
  • No monthly fees.

pionex crypto trading bot

Pionex is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency platform home to many versatile bots that each has its specialties. In total, Pionex 12 bots are already pre-configured to suit the taste of many clients.

Although the company that created Pionex is located in Singapore, they could still apply for a U.S. license, a first for cryptocurrency bot platforms.

It just means that they aren’t only trusted in Asia, but even American clients can rest easy with their funds.

Unlike many automated crypto trading platforms, Pionext doesn’t charge recurring monthly fees and only depends on trading fees with a flat rate of 0.05%.

This is considered a healthy amount of charge that helps both parties utilize funds even better. It also means that Pionex thrives better the more clients they have, to which they see success considering how many people visit their platform every day.

Some of the famous and influential bots they host include; Grid, Spot-Futures Arbitrage, and Smart Trade.

The only criticism we have for Pionex is the absence of custom strategies, which is an essential feature for an automated crypto trading bot to have.

Either way, they already host many bots, so the need for custom strategies has been decreased.

Crypto Trading Bots Conclusion

The path to a flourishing cryptocurrency trading career is challenging, yet with the internet on our side and plenty of time nowadays, there are a ton of tools that you can easily use to snowball your advantage.

Automated Crypto Trading Bots are an excellent example of tools that you can utilize even when you’re asleep and can bring in tons of profits if used correctly.

The cryptocurrency trading market is a growing industry with plenty of choices, and trading bots do work.

As long as they’re not a scam, and you set it properly, you should be able to make money trading with all of them.

Do your Due Diligence, Read about all bots, and when you decide to Buy Gunbot come back here to Cryptodroi.com. I’ll be waiting! 🙂

about me cryptodroi here to help

Final Note and Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice, and it is not recommended to buy or sell any cryptocurrency, trading, or other activities. Acquiring, trading, and otherwise transacting with cryptocurrency involves significant risks.

I strongly recommend you do your due diligence before start trading or using crypto trading bots.

8 Gunbot Crypto Trading Tips for New Traders

gunbot crypto trading tips

Gunbot Crypto Trading Tips Ultimate Guide.

Starting as a crypto trader is not an easy task; with hundreds of indicators, thousands of cryptocurrencies, and hundreds of crypto trading exchanges is really overwhelming to make a decision, to say the least…

That’s why developers create crypto trading tools like Gunbot; to help you survive the crypto trading game.

Gunbot is the ultimate automation tool for many crypto traders, and you can fully automate your trades with fine-tuned strategies or boost your manual trading skills.

If you’re a successful trader already, you can escalate your gains and move up to the next level. Automated Crypto Trading!

Have you gotten your Gunbot License already? If you did, you’re in the right place; because now is your time to invest in learning exactly what this trading bot does before you allow it to handle your hard-earned crypto.

Understand How to use Gunbot, so you can earn more as a crypto trader.

You know Gunbot is a Slick Money-Making-Machine, and you’re excited to put it to generate money for you, but take your time and learn how to handle it first.

I didn’t know much about trading or crypto trading bots when I first got my Gunbot License; therefore, I’ve written this Gunbot Crypto Trading Guide, so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

There are other small details I’ve left out for future articles, but here are the 8 Gunbot Crypto Trading Tips I recommend you now as a new Gunbot user.

Gunbot Crypto Trading Tips – Manual vs. Automatic

First, you need to understand the main differences between manual and automated crypto trading.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that because you’re a successful manual trader, you will turn into an expert bot trader overnight.

Nevertheless, that’s a big part of the learning curve you got already covered, so now let’s help you excel at trading on automatic.

Get ready to adjust your trading style and modify it to match Gunbot’s logic.

Please don’t get frustrated when you notice that things are different than you are used to; embrace the new options you have now, and make the most out of them.

Gunbot keeps going through tests and changes, and almost all features are the way they are because this is what most of our users expect from a trading bot.

gunbot development always working ilustration

Here are some of the main differences you may encounter when comparing it with what you’re used to doing manually.

  • The trading indicators in Gunbot are calculated every few seconds instead of every period close.
  • In automated trading, hitting a stop-limit order is not always equal to stop trading after that, so you’ll have to tell your bot what to do after hitting a stop-limit order in your strategy settings.
  • The crypto exchange won’t give you much historic candle data through their API as you’d expect; this affects the indicators you’re working with. For example, using a 200 period, MA might not always be possible.

Bot trading offers you tremendous opportunities, the main one being “perfectly disciplined” and doesn’t make mistakes (if programmed correctly, of course), but you should be aware of the limitations that may also exist.

We like to say that Gunbot is emotionless, and it is. However, in reality, it can only remove some of the psychological pressures of trading, you as a user still need to know when to intervene and when not to, and your emotions can get in the way of those decisions.

On the other hand, Gunbot won’t hesitate when a trade signal appears (to enter or exit); its quick reaction time will help you in fast-moving market conditions where precision and reliability are critical for executing your strategy.

Gunbot Crypto Trading Tips – Keep it Simple

Always trade with a plan, but start with low risk and a simple strategy so that you can manage it easily.

A “best trading strategy” doesn’t exist, but a good one is the one you fully understand. This allows you to make quick or important adjustments if you see the results are not what you expected.

When you set up a trading strategy in Gunbot, things could get out of hand pretty quickly, if you don’t know what it is supposed to do, it may buy more times than you’ve wanted to, but you didn’t know, and the set parameters told it to do that.

That is not ideal for Learning How Gunbot Works; adding multiple confirming indicators in a strategy could be really effective, but the bot won’t trade often.

You’ll end up shaking your head, asking yourself. Why my Gunbot is not Trading?

But you forgot to keep your method simple.

keep your strategy simple

I would recommend the “Gain Strategy” as you begin. Without any additional confirming indicators or the trail-me option, this will help your bot to fire trades quickly and exactly where you expect them.

After you get the hang of it, you can start fine-tuning your strategy by adding confirming indicators like RSI, ADX, or even do some trailing…

But while you learn, keep the amount you let Gunbot trade with to a minimum, set your Trading Limit as low as the exchange allows; the learning curve may be steep, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. 🙂

Please don’t mix up your Gunbot strategy too much; there are several options to choose from, but you don’t have to use them all in the same strategy.

Gunbot offers plenty of choices to adjust your trading strategies. Having many options is great, but making a super complex strategy may not be a good idea for a Gunbot beginner.

Never forget that every option you enable and every indicator you add makes it harder for the bot to trade.

The more you restrict the conditions by which Gunbot is allowed to trade, the fewer chances it will have to place trades.

Gunbot Crypto Trading Tips – Choose Wisely

Analyze your trading pairs, and choose them wisely.

Gunbot is capable of deal with every different market condition, but you have to keep in mind that not every market condition is easy to deal with, so try not to make it too hard on yourself.

Selecting good trading pairs is a tricky topic, and I could write a mile-long article for that, but let’s keep it simple this time and check the basics.

Keep in mind that the general market sentiment highly influences most cryptocurrency value; most crypto assets have little to non-intrinsic value…

This is good; in my opinion, as a trader, you should be looking mostly at the price action; then, if you think you have some edge, you should be willing to trade that pair even if it has no real intrinsic value.

Here is an example of a pair you should not even try when you first start trading.

do not trade pair example

Definitely not a whole lot of action there; check how the distance between lows and highs is minimal if you add the trading fees; this pair won’t leave you much room to buy, sell and make a profit from it.

3 Key Points to Keep in Mind when Selecting your First Pair to Trade with Gunbot

  1. Check for decent volatility; if the market moves up and down at a percentage lower than the percentage of the trading fees per trade, don’t use that pair.
  2. Check for good trading volume on your chosen pair so you can get your orders filled.
  3. Choose pairs that are moving slowly up but stay away from big pumps.

Here is an example of a pair that you should pick to start trading with.

good trading pair example

The image above shows a good pair that you can easily choose to trade with Gunbot. Notice the price difference between highs and lows and the repeated ups and downs you can capitalize on.

Tip: As a beginner, I do not recommend you going against the trend.

You can analyze your chosen pair’s main trend on a Tradingview chart by adding a Moving Average indicator (or any other trend indicator) in the daily time frame to get a basic market movement idea before you start trading that pair.

Gunbot Crypto Trading Tips – Set your limits

Always set stop losses if you trade any coin that you don’t plan to hold or consider a true “SHITCOIN”.

One of the great things about our crypto trading bot is that you can set it to keep trading continuously. First, buy when your set buying conditions appear, then sell when set profit is hit.

This is also a simple way to buy before the market goes down while you sleep, and then out of nowhere, after a good run, you’re stuck with a bag of coins that are hard to sell at gain fast.

Push yourself to decide on the point of acceptable loss, and use it as a reference point that will help you to measure your strategy effectiveness and determine if you can keep those settings or adjust them for future trades.

Since you’re still finding Gunbot options, setting limits that prevent you from getting into a bad situation is a smart idea.

Set a value on the “Count Sell” parameter in Gunbot to limit the number of your sell orders; this will help you limit the risk and stop trading after you’ve reached your set target.

Set a value on the “Never Buy Above” parameter to check that the “buy orders” are placed at lower rates than the last “sell order.” This will prevent your trading strategy from buying when prices are moving up before later drop down again.

If you use a stop limit, consider the option to stop trading that pair after it hits automatically; you can do so by setting “SL_DISABLE_BUY“: true in your config.js file.

Alternatively, you can set the Stop Loss Disable Buy option on the GUI in the strategies miscellaneous tab.

sl diable buy option in gunbot GUI

Gunbot Crypto Trading Tips – Trailing

Take your time to learn how trailing works.

Trailing various types of orders is one of the most effective features in Gunbot, but the mechanics are also difficult to understand new users.

Don’t worry; once you get your head around the concept, you’ll see how easy it is.

The first thing you have to understand before activating the trailing feature is this:

Gunbot trading methods follow the “AND” rule, not the “IF,” “THEN” order; therefore, every strategy condition has to happen at the same time for Gunbot to execute.

This means that trailing can only successfully finish once other confirming indicators still allow for a sell order (using a sell as an example).

Let’s suppose you configured your strategy to allow a sell order only when RSI is between 60 and 100; for this case, trailing must finish while the RSI indicator is between this range.

Gunbot Crypto Trading Tips – Trailing Fundamentals

  • Trailing is based on prices, not on indicators.
  • If confirming indicators are used in the strategy, trailing will finish when the conditions meet.
  • For buying, it will use the “ask” price and the “bid” price for selling.
  • The trailing ranges are determined as a percentage of the best bid or ask price.
  • The ranges are set around bid and ask at every round when the price moves in your target direction.
  • The trailing limits stop when the price moves in the opposite direction of your target.
  • When the price moves outside of your target, the ranges are reset.

Why is the Gunbot Trailing Feature Awesome?

Because after it hits your sell target, it will set a new trailing range below the price instead of selling, and as long as the price keeps going up and doesn’t cross that range, Gunbot will wait.

Still, as soon as the price goes down and crosses the trailing stop, Gunbot will place a sell order at a better rate than the initial target.

gunbot trading experience the difference

Gunbot Crypto Trading Tips – Indicators

Understand the function of the trading indicators you use.

Gunbot makes it easy to use the most well-known trading indicators in your trading strategy, learn about them, and don’t waste your time setting up indicators you have no understanding of what it does.

For example, we all love to use “Momentum Indicators.” Still, those indicators are also known as “lagging indicators,” meaning that they will print what happened “after the fact” and definitely can not predict the future nor guarantee that it will be equal to the past.

10 Trading Indicators you can use with Gunbot

  1. Moving Average (MA)
  2. Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
  3. Stochastic Oscillator
  4. Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
  5. Bollinger Bands
  6. Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  7. Fibonacci Retracement
  8. Ichimoku Cloud
  9. Money Flow Index (MFI)
  10. Average Directional Index (ADX)

Read More about Gunbot Strategies using some of the above indicators.

Gunbot ADX Strategy | Gunbot MACD Strategy | Gunbot SMA Cross Strategy

It will be beneficial to you to learn exactly what each one of them does, so you can decide which of these trading indicators best suit your strategy.

There are many free resources available, and it really just takes a couple of minutes to get the basic concepts of an indicator. Check out this Investopedia article so you can get an idea of Top Technical Indicators for New Traders.

Gunbot Crypto Trading Tips – Bid and Ask

Recognize the importance of the bid and ask because Gunbot is a “Taker,” not a “Maker

I mean that Gunbot will only place an order when there is a bid or an ask in the order book, and there is a chance to fill the order once placed.

When Gunbot is looking to sell, it will execute an order when the highest bid price matches the target; when it is looking to buy, it will look at the lowest ask price before placing the order.

This is more important as it may seem, when you’re looking at a chart, you could think that it is possible to place an order at the last price that is showing, but this does not have to be true, because the current lowest ask price can be far above the last traded price.

Gunbot Crypto Trading Tips – Grid and Logs

Learn to read the Gunbot Logs and the Grid

The Gunbot Grid is the Table You See when you look at the Core Console, the Logs is the same information (per pair) in a text document; you can find it in your Gunbot Logs folder.

If you’re serious about making the most out of your bot, you are going to experience situations where you will be questioning why your bot did not trade in a particular scenario.

You should know that detailed logs are kept for each trading pair in your “Gunbot-Logs folder”; your understanding of it is crucial if you want to figure out your bot’s behavior.

The 2 Most Important Pieces of Information on the Gunbot Logs

  1. Buying: The Ask price has to be equal to or lower than your “Entry Point” for the bot to buy.
  2. Selling: The Bid price has to be equal to or higher than your “Exit Point” for the bot to sell.

Sometimes you could see what looks like a trading opportunity in the charts, but if you check the logs, you may find that the bid and ask prices just weren’t at the price the chart showed you.

The logs and the grid show you the information exactly as Gunbot sees it; use it to adjust your trading strategy accordingly.

Gunbot Crypto Trading Tips – Console Grid Example

gunbot grid logs example

Gunbot Crypto Trading Tips – Final Words

Keep learning, focus on understanding Technical Analysis which will help you improve your performance and gains.

3 Mistakes Every New Gunbot Crypto Trader Should Avoid

  1. Don’t get emotionally attached; trade what you see happening in the market, not what you believe should happen.
  2. Follow your plan, stay consistent don’t start changing your initial strategy every day. Don’t over-think it.
  3. Look for high probability setups, but always have an exit plan that includes a risk management method.

Discipline is the toughest yet the strongest tool in trading. Take Advantage of Crypto Trading Automation Tools like Gunbot to help you develop a disciplined approach so you can profit from your daily trading.

gunbot trading experience the difference

There you have it. I hope you benefit from these 8 Gunbot Crypto Trading Tips for New Traders; if you apply these simple rules, you will become a successful Gunbot Trader in no time.

Market Maker Strategies Only Available with Gunbot

gunbot market maker strategies

Improve Your Margin or Futures Trading by Taking Advantage of Ready-Made Market Maker Strategies

Discover the Secrets of this Extraordinary tool that crypto exchanges desire for its cashflow capability, and you will love for delivering your profits.

Learn about 7 Amazing Gunbot Market Maker Strategies.

The Gunbot Market Maker Bot is Not for Sale; you can not find it on any Official Reseller Store.

The only way to get your hands on this bot is by automatically upgrading your License and become a Top10 Gunthy Holder; fear not, top ten is not a number, and it is not only 10 members that hold that status.

On average, around 25K Gunthy Tokens are needed to lock you in the Top10 spot and unlock the market maker bot.

You will remain there and be able to use the bot for as long as you want, don’t sell the tokens, in which case you will lose the ability to run the add-on, but you can even gain it back by just rebuying more coins.

Remember, you need Gunbot first, then upgrade, so Get Your Gunbot Now in case you haven’t done so already!

Get Gunbot Now and Become an Insider.

You can configure any of these Market Maker Strategies directly on the GUI, create a New Strategy with BUY and SELL methods “Market-Maker,” then check the “Strategy variants” tab.

gunbot GUI market maker variants

Market Maker Strategies “GRID-BOTS”

Gunthar developed this strategy for our first Binance Futures Tournament, and the config file with the default set values is offered for FREE to Gunbot Owners in the Gunthy Marketplace.

Download the Grid Bots Market Maker Strategy for Free to Gunbot Owners

The Grid Bots Strategy is designed to place different buy and sell orders following the price lines during their swing, it will not stop trading, and you will profit from the difference in the price ranging from the buy and sell positions.

Here are the basic setup parameters you need to add in “pairs” “override” for the grid-bots strategy to work.

  • “GRID”: true, -or false for enabling or disabling the bot.
  • “GRID_SIDE”: “LONG”, – or SHORT, depending on the side you entered.
  • “GRID_SPREAD”: 0.4, -percentage level (up and down) that the buy and sell orders are placed.
  • “GRID_MAX”: 0.1, -the maximum contracts in quote coin you want your position size.
  • “BUY_METHOD”: “Market_Maker”, -default market maker value leave as it is.
  • “BUY_ENABLED”: true,
  • “SELL_METHOD”: “Market_Maker” -default market maker value leave as it is.
  • “SELL_ENABLED”: true,
  • “STOP_LIMIT”: 3, -default value with leverage x1.
  • “TRADING_LIMIT”: 10,
  • “GRID_TIMER”:300,
  • “ROE”: 1,
  • “ROE_TRAILING”: -add a value of your choice if you want to trail your ROE.

Set “CANCEL_ORDERS_ENABLED”: false, in the “bot” section of your config file or the GUI.

Market Maker Strategies “SUPPORT and RESISTANCE”

Gunthar created the Gunbot Support and Resistance Strategy to capitalize on the SMA Period and the Period based on your chosen pair’s time frame.

The strategy will place long and short orders within the support and resistance lines in ranging markets.

It will trail to the subsequent support and resistance levels in a bear or bull market and placing Dolar-Cost Average orders properly as needed.

The bot will buy at support and sell at the resistance level.

The support and resistance lines are used as pivot points, and trend change is expected at those points based on prior history.

As you know, the market is always changing, so the crypto trading bot will average your entry point.

Support and Resistance Strategy configuration

  • “SupportResistance”: Set to True or False to Enable or Disable the strategy.
  • “SupRes_ALLOW_DCA”: Set to True or False It will allow averaging our entry price if S1 R1 are breakout and price moves to a new pivot S2 R2.
  • “SupRes_SPREAD”: Set a numeric value; this setting will allow you to enter before reach Resistance or Support, is a % value that tells the bot at what distance from S1 R1 you should enter or close.
  • “SupRes_LVL_SPREAD”: Set a numeric value to tell the bot to DCA only if the spread between the previous S1 R1 is higher than the given one.
  • “SupRes_MAX“: Set a numeric value, expressed in quote coin, the bot will stop posting orders instead of DCA or post-normal orders if the position plus open orders reached the threshold. For Kraken Futures and BitMex, this value is expressed on the Base coin; in that case, it will be the number of contracts.
  • “SupRes_TIMER”: Set a numeric value in seconds; if you run the bot with 0 delays, it will prevent duplicated Longs or Shorts.
  • “SupResMinROE”: Set a numeric value, so when the set value is reached, the bot will close the position immediately, and it will not wait for the price to go against you.

Market Maker Strategies “FIBONACCI RETRACEMENT”

Fibonacci Retracement Levels are horizontal lines that signal where support and resistance can probably happen.

They are based on Fibonacci numbers. Each level is connected with a percentage. The percentage is how much of a prior move the price has retraced.

This is the basic Fibonacci Retracement Levels Investopedia definition and probably all you need to know about it because Gunbot will take care of all those calculations for you.

Of course, you can dive into the world of Fibonacci numbers at any time and read all about it, but for the sake of this market maker strategies article, I will leave it at that.

When you’re using the Fibonacci Retracement Strategy, you’re able to see the path painted on the Gunbot GUI chart, and you can use any time frame supported by the exchange scalp or swing trade if you like.

When you draw a Fibonacci retracement manually in a chart, there is a lot of room for a mistake, but Gunbot will use SMA Period to calculate the higher high and the higher low.

Therefore the value you add to your SMAPERIOD is crucial for this strategy.

Our Market maker strategy uses 2 types of entry points: Normal Swinging and Breakout.

Entry Examples are as follows.

1- Normal Swinging entry points:

  • Enter Long when the price line goes below Fib 1 (.236) and then goes back above.
  • Enter Short when the price line goes above Fib 5 (.768) and then goes back below.

2- Breakout entry points:

  • Enter Long when the price line goes above Fib 1 is a breakout.
  • Enter Short when the price line goes below Fib 0 is a breakout.

For closing, you can use ROE and ROE_TRAILING as you do for any other Gunbot Trading Strategy, but if you decide to set a highly speculative Return On Equity, the bot will close based on these 3 rules:

1- You are SHORT, and the price line goes below Fib 1 (.236); the bot will close the position at the lower fib 0.

2- You are LONG, and the price line goes above Fib 5 (.768); the bot will close the position at higher fib 1.

3- If any of the 2 conditions above fail to close orders because the price goes back, the bot will cancel those orders and close at .236 and .768.

Dollar-Cost Average mitigates your risk, so the bot will Average Down your entry price, looking for a lower average price, thus allowing you to get out earlier in case the price goes suddenly the other way.

Fibonacci Retracement Strategy configuration:

  • “Fibonacci”: Set true or false to enable or disable the strategy.
  • “FIB_DCA_PERC”: Set the % value you want the bot to start to DCA when the price goes below or above your entry
  • “PERIOD”: Your Time frame value in minutes will affect your entry choice, either scalping or swing trading.
  • “SMAPERIOD”: This is a numeric value that defines the number of candles used to calculate your Fibonacci retracement.

Market Maker Strategies “MOTION Of The OCEAN”

Gunthar developed this Gunbot Market Maker Strategy to mimic what whales do, but you can take advantage of it even with a small wallet.

If you have a small capital, you will have to DCA when things move against you.

Basically, you want to follow the market waves and Buy when it is time to accumulate to Sell later when the distribution time comes, following the market trend arguably led by the whales.

Needless to say, heavy DCA could make a dent in your wallet, so keep a tight money management strategy and calculate your risk based on your wallet size and leverage used.

Leverage is a good thing cause you “play with their money,” but a wrong move can reckt you in a heartbeat. Take advantage of the Binance Futures Leverage Risk Calculator.

As long as you preset everything right, Gunbot will execute based on the market conditions and your risk configuration; just let it do its job.

If your emotions got in the way and you interfere manually could cause you to lose money; our motto is “Keep Calm and Gunbot.

The motion of the Ocean Strategy Configuration:

  • “MOTION_OF_THE_OCEAN”: Set to True or False to Enable or Disable the strategy.
  • “MOTO_DCA_PERC”: Set a % value; if the price goes below or above your entry, the bot will automatically DCA based on the percentage value.
  • “MOTO_SIDE”: You can use “LONG,” “SHORT,” or “BOTH” to select what side to open your position, helpful in trending markets.
  • “MOTO_DCA_MULTIPLIER”: Se a number, the default value is 1, it will divide the TRADING_LIMIT for the MOTO_DCA_MULTIPLIER. 1 will be the same amount 2 will be the half and so on.
  • “PERIOD”: Time frame in minutes, set according to your trading style, could be used for scalping to swing trading.
  • “SMAPERIOD”: Set a number here as it defines the number of candles used to calculate your entry.
  • “MOTO_TIMER”: Set a number here to allow Gunbot to stop trading and disable double buys.
  • “PULLBACK_ENABLED”: Set true or false If “MOTION_OF_THE_OCEAN” fails to enter pullback strategy will be the entry trigger.

Market Maker Strategies “ONESCALPER”

Gunthar just implemented a simple scalper strategy to use on any exchange, based on a simple SMA(99) cross; the SMA 99 indicates a clear separator between up and downtrends.

The 1Scalper Market Maker Strategy’s idea is to open long when the price line cross-up SMA99 and open short when the price line cross-down SMA99.

ROE trailing is already embedded in the 1 Scalper strategy, so you don’t need to enable this if you are using the 1Scalper, but you can use it in any of your margin or futures included Market Makers Strategies.

As an alternative to ROE Trailing, basically follow the logic of a STOP order and places a limit below the actual ROE, following it up if it escalates.

You can set these values with ROE and ROE_LIMIT the same as ROE trailing.


  • “ROE_SCALPER”: true
  • “ROE”: 20
  • “ROE_LIMIT”: 5

When ROE reaches 20%, it places a stop at 15%; if ROE moves up to 40%, it places a stop at 35%, and so on, until it hits the stop.

Since the Bitget exchange is open for Market Maker strategies to all users, you should try the 1SCALPER with the new ROE_SCALPER on Bitget swap.

1scalper + roe_scalper trading chart example

one scalper trading chart example

Latest Parameters Implemented as follow.

“oneSCALPER_DCA”: Set true or false if you set it to true will allow you to DCA using 1scalper based on DCA_PERC from Average Entry Price.

Here in this image, you can see the GUI and config.js Examples of Setting up the 1Scalper Market Maker Strategy.

one scalper strategy settings


Market Maker Strategies “ELLIOT WAVE OSCILLATOR”

Gunthar has implemented a brand new Gunbot Market Maker Strategy.

The Elliot Wave Oscillator (EWO) TradingView indicator has been integrated with Gunbot charts and is a key component of this new strategy.

The Elliot Wave Oscillator is a multi-purpose indicator that can signal the following:

  1. Entry points when crossing zero
  2. Swing trading when reversion happens

This new Market Maker Strategy utilizes the Elliot Wave Oscillator signals and is coupled with Gunthar’s favorite closing strategies: TENKAN (Conversion line) from Ichimoku.

Here are the instructions to activate the EWO indicator on the Gunbot GUI and or in your config.js file; you can use either choice you like.

Toggle EWO to “true” in your Market Maker Trading Strategy variants.

activate the ewo indicator on gunbot gui

Or set “EWO“: true in your strategy or pair override on your config.js file

Here is an example of the EWO indicator from the Gunbot GUI chart

elliot wave oscillator in chart

The Strategy will go LONG when EWO crosses up zero, and SHORT when EWO crosses down zero.

If entry points are triggered by EWO crossing, it will wait for TENKAN to go above the candle body (if LONG) or below the candle’s body (if SHORT) and then start the ROE scalper in the attempt to catch the max possible profit.

After an initial pump or dump that your bot closed at a profit with TENKAN/ROE SCALPER, it is likely to happen a sideway swinging for some time for the price to retrace and adjust.

EWO will be useful again; during that time, the bot will try to catch the swing by observing the oscillator and use these top or bottom to enter the trades.

LONG on the bottom and then close at simple ROE SCALPER (because during sideways movements TENKAN is not reliable) or SHORT on top and then close again at simple ROE SCALPER.

If another breakout happens, EWO will help you again, it would lead toward the zero, and it will start the initial entry points again with TENKAN+ROE SCALPER.

The Gunbot EWO Strategy benefit from Dollar-Cost Average (DCA) functions too.

EWO accepts DCA_SPREAD, the logic behind this kind of DCA is similar to TENKAN close.

If the price reverses against your entry point, it will wait for TENKAN going below candles body (if LONG), and then we DCA (assuming DCA_SPREAD is met)

In the case of SHORTs, if the price goes up against our entry point, it will wait for TENKAN to go above candles body, and then we DCA (assuming DCA_SPREAD is met)

Resuming the EWO Strategy key points

  • The Gunbot EWO Strategy can catch breakouts and enter trades on them.
  • After a pump or dump, a sideways market is expected so that you will scalp on those swings until the next breakout.
  • The EWO Strategy uses the power of TENKAN to start ROE scalper or catch the lowest DCA point.

Check out the Gunbot EWO Strategy Demo so you can see how it behaves.

gunbot ewo strategy on the chart

Market Maker Strategies “FUTURES GRID”

This strategy is based on Pim’s Spot Grid trading method but made to work on margin and futures trading.

Note: You can use this strategy if you own a Standard, Pro, or Ultimate Gunbot License. You don’t need the Market Maker addon to use it.

The Gunbot Starter License can not run this strategy.

You will need the Gunbot Release Candidate v21.4.3 or newer to run this strategy if you want to take advantage of it before the stable release.

Here are the pair override settings to configure the Gunbot FuturesGrid Strategy in your config.js file.

futuresGrid“: true,
PERIOD“: “15”,
AUTO_GAIN“: true,

DIRECTION“: “LONG”, “SHORT”, “AUTO”. The first 2 are self-explanatory, the AUTO mode is based on the EMA, OBV, and ATR indicators on the 15minutes and 4hour time frames and will open LONG or SHORT after trend confirmation.

TL_MULTIPLIER“: You add a numeric value that can be used to raise or lower your invested amount on each sequential buy order.

The TL_MULTIPLIER on the FuturesGrid Strategy works exactly as it does for the Gunbot Spot-Grid-Advanced Strategy.

Here are 3 examples using 100 USDT as Trading Limit and with MAX_BUY_COUNT: 3

1: Each buy order (3 total) is placed for 100 USDT

1.5: First buy order is placed for 100 USDT, the second buy order is placed for 150 USDT, and the third buy order is placed for 225 USDT

2: First buy order is placed for 100 USDT, the second buy order is placed for 200 USDT, and the third buy order is placed for 400 USDT

Note: If you’re using the Futures Grid Strategy on the Bybit Exchange, be aware that the correct parameter is “CLOSE” instead of “OPPOSITE ORDER.”

Adjust the values according to your total capital and trading style.

Gunbot Futures-Grid Strategy Warning Notes:

  1. The FuturesGrid strategy will only trade “LONG“; it will not enter a “SHORT” trade.
  2. Do Not Start using the “Futures Grid Strategy” if you’re already in a “SHORT” position.
  3. Tweak your Max Open Contracts value based on your risk tolerance.
  4. When you use “coin marginated,” set the MOC values in contracts, not in quote coins.

gunbot futures grid strategy GUI settings

There you have it, 7 Gunbot Exclusive Market Maker Strategies that Only Gunbot users with Top10 Ranks can use.

Remember that you can always tweak these marker maker strategies even more if you combine them with Autoconfig.

Just come along and join the Top Gunbot Traders and Benefit from these 6 Gunbot Market Maker Strategies so you too can Profit from the Market Maker Bot! Get your Gunbot License

gunbot futures grid strategy

As always, this is NOT Financial Advice.

Learn How to Trade, Ask Questions, Do Your Own Research and Never Ever Invest what you can Not Afford to Loose.

Gunbot SMA Cross Trading Strategy Ultimate Guide

gunbot sma cross strategy

How to Take Advantage of the Gunbot SMA Cross Trading Strategy and Profit in this Volatile Crypto Market.

Learn how to develop a strategic crypto trading process with technical analysis indicators and profit by executing the set action when your rule is present on the market.

If you stick to it, you will Make Money with Gunbot on your Crypto Trading journey.

Introducing the Gunbot SMA Cross Trading Strategy

The moving averages are one of the most frequently used technical indicators in any technical analysis. They have become an essential part of countless trading strategies due to their simplicity, ease of use, and application.

The moving average’s ability to be easily measured, tested, and applied makes them an ideal basis for many automated crypto trading strategies.

Note: A moving average is known as a “trend following” or lagging indicator based on past prices.

You should be aware of the overall trend by using long-term timeframes (AKA Zoom Out). If the market is trending in either direction, then you should be aware of any possible retracements in the opposite direction.

Remember. You see on the chart not the actual coins but the traders’ behavior in cycles that change and/or repeat overtime.

What Is the SMA (Simple Moving Average) Indicator?

The SMA “Simple Moving Average” indicator calculates the average of a selected range of closing prices by the number of periods in that range. The SMA will help you define if a coin price will continue or if the trend will reverse.

The classic SMA Cross Example of a Basic Setup:

The “Cross” indicates the two simple moving averages crossing over or under each other.

A golden cross is considered a bullish sign; it occurs when the 50-day moving average rises above the 200-day moving average.

A death cross is considered a bearish signal; it occurs when the 50-day moving average drops below the 200-day moving average.

sma cross chart death cross and golden cross

A short-term moving average is considered “Fast” because it calculates prices over a short period of time and is thus more reactive to daily price changes.

A long-term moving average is deemed “Slow” as it encapsulates prices over a more extended period and is more sluggish. It will smooth out price noises, which you often see in the short term moving averages.

The Gunbot SMA Cross strategy will buy when the prices start moving up, indicated by fast SMA crossing over slow SMA and Selling when fast SMA crosses down slow SMA.

Note: This strategy will buy and sell every time the conditions are real, so make sure you add the proper protection like (Double Check Gain) or another confirming indicator like RSI to make sure it won’t place sell orders below your break-even point.

The simple moving average crossover strategy is a simple but effective trading method used by beginners and experienced traders to capitalize on prices’ daily swing.

Even if you’re a manual trader, you can benefit from its simplicity. Still, if you put it to work on automatic, your results will grow exponentially, so if you don’t have it already, grab your Gunbot License Now.

Gunbot SMA Cross Trading Strategy Settings

This strategy is included in Gunbot, head over the “strategies” tab in the GUI, and take it from there; otherwise, you can create a new one, name it as you like, and use SMACROSS as buy and sell method, as you see in the image below.

how to create the sma cross strategy in gunbot

After that, hit the create button and click on your newly created strategy to edit the main settings.

If you’re trading manually, your entry point will be when the fast SMA (lower number) crosses over the slow SMA (higher number)

In this example, the default settings on Gunbot are 15 minutes period, Slow EMA 16, and Fast EMA 8, notice in the GUI wording Medium EMA refers to the slow EMA.

Tip: If you’re trading manually, you can wait until the current candle closes, in case you need more certainty before entering into the trade.

Gunbot SMA Cross Trading Strategy Buy Settings

The “buy settings” in any Gunbot strategy are the primary trigger for buy orders. These parameters control the execution of buy orders, and in this case, when using SMACROSS as a buy method.

BUY_ENABLED“: true, in your config.js file or toggle the switch to on in the GUI as you see in the picture below

sma cross buy settings

Gunbot SMA Cross Trading Strategy Sell Settings

The “sell settings” in any Gunbot strategy are the primary trigger for sell orders.

These parameters control the execution of sell orders, and in this case, when using SMACROSS as the selling method.

SELL_ENABLED“: true, in your config.js file or toggle the switch to on in the GUI as you see in the picture below

sma cross strategy sell settings

Tip: Flip the switch on for the Double Check Gain parameter in your Gunbot GUI, or set “DOUBLE_CHECK_GAIN”: true in your config.js file.

Gunbot SMA Cross Trading Strategy Balance Settings

Set your Trading Limit respecting your chosen exchange trading rules, based on your trading style and total capital; remember, this is the amount you’re willing to risk on each trade, not your total balance.

Your Minimum Volume to Buy/to Sell, this setting will prevent orders to be made below the exchange minimum trading size; check your exchange and add the values accordingly.

Funds Reserve: Here, you can set the amount of your total balance (in Base currency) that you would want to keep.

Please note, If you trade USDT-BTC pairs, your “funds reserve” will be in USDT, not BTC. Bitcoin is Quote when you sell or buy it against USDT; if you want to keep Bitcoin in this case, use the following setting.

Keep Quote: This is the amount of “Quote Currency” that you want to keep.

Gunbot SMA Cross Trading Strategy Indicator Settings

Here you will find the basic strategy parameters and many other indicators you can add to use as confirmation but bear in mind that every new indicator added will tell Gunbot to act (buy or sell) until all parameters are met.

So, for simplicity, I would suggest you use the basic strategy parameters.

You can use the default settings as you see in the picture below to get going and experience how the strategy performs out of the box, then you can fine-tune those values to your liking.

sma cross strategy indicators

Gunbot SMA Cross Trading Strategy Money Management

I’ve chosen to explain how the Moving Average Crossover Strategy works for its simplicity, but remember always to obey the basic rules of capital control.

Never forget that not all indicator signals will give you a positive result all the time. I strongly advise you to invest only a small part of your total capital for each transaction to reduce risks.

That percentage should not exceed 5% of your total.

Here are 4 Money Management Principles I want to share with you:

  1. Always be prepared to be wrong.
  2. Always have a plan before entering a trade.
  3. Always choose discipline over conviction.
  4. Always sell when you can and not when you have to.

I firmly believe, if you apply those rules in your daily trading, no matter if you trade manually or with Gunbot, you will be successful!

Finally, I would like to remind you; this is not trading advice but the basic settings you need to use to benefit from the Gunbot SMA Cross Trading Strategy built-in in the bot.

Enjoy it!

Gunbot Backtesting Addon FAQ Ultimate Guide

gunbot backtesting addon

Find out how your trading strategy would have performed with real market data.

Would you like to test your Gunbot strategy without risking your money?

Introducing the Gunbot Backtesting Addon

The Gunbot Backtesting Addon allows you to check your strategy on Tradingview, so you can fine-tune the different parameters and make sure it will be profitable before you go live on the exchange.

In this article, you will learn how to use this add-on to adjust your strategy so you can Maximize your Profits with Gunbot.

But first, you need to know that the Gunbot Backtesting Addon is a paid feature that you can get included with the Gunbot Pro and Ultimate Licenses, or buy it separately here in the Gunbot Store.

You also have to be aware that Backtesting is the general method for seeing how well a strategy would have done in the past, and while we like to believe that history repeats itself…

You should understand that past performance does not guarantee future gains.

That been said, should you choose to use the Gunbot backtesting addon, here are some of its main advantages.

Gunbot Backtesting Addon Benefits

How can you benefit from the Gunbot backtesting add-on? Top 3 Backtesting Advantages

  1. You will learn fast and understand how Gunbot sees your strategies and how it will execute them.
  2. You will be able to fine-tune the settings in your Gunbot strategy without the risk of losing your money.
  3. You will receive the Gunbot Deluxe Tuners Black Edition, a set of pine scripts with the buy and sell strategies along with extra conditions and trail options.

Alternatively, if you own the Gunbot Tradingview addon, you will be able to trade on alerts sent from your custom strategies on Tradingview.

allanster backtesting addon creator avatar All the credit to this add-on and the answers to the main questions explained in this article goes to @allanster, “the creator of the Gunbot backtesting add-on,” and one of our 3rd party developers.

If you wish to receive instant notification in TradingView whenever an update to backtesting addon scripts is released, please visit the Allanster Tradingview Profile and click the Follow button.

Thank You, Allanster, for this wonderful tool!

How to Update the Gunbot Backtesting Addon

Here are the 3 steps you have to take; if you own the Gunbot backtesting addon, Deluxe BE, or the original backtesting script Deluxe and wish to update to the latest version.

  1. Remove existing Deluxe BE or Deluxe indicator(s) from the chart.
  2. Refresh browser page
  3. Load Deluxe BE or Deluxe indicator(s) onto the chart.

The newly loaded indicator(s) will recompile from the latest published update.

Updates are pushed to overwrite existing indicator(s), but the updates do not take effect on indicator(s) that were already active on the chart(s) before the update.

TradingView sometimes pushes system updates that can cause compatibility errors with Pine scripts.

TradingView’s system updates also do not seem to affect indicator(s) loaded before their updates.

For this reason, leave your indicator(s) loaded on your chart even when not in use (it is okay to hide them), as it may take some time to refactor code for indicator(s) when one of their system updates causes an issue.

Keeping indicator(s) loaded on the chart may help avoid not accessing them when something breaks.

Gunbot Backtesting Addon FAQ

Over the years, our users have asked many questions about this add-on, and all of them have been answered mostly by Allanster. You can find them by searching our Gunthy Elite Telegram Group.

First, let me tell you about these known issues:

The TradingView indicators are a centralized library that runs over historical data collected over years of trading. Some value of some indicators might get different value compared to your Gunbot PERIOD selection and CANDLES_LENGHT settings.

Other indicators (for example, ADX or STOCH_RSI) are using a different legacy formula, so those values will never match TradingView.

For references about the indicator’s formula Gunbot uses, you can read the Tulip Indicators Index.

Here are the Answers to Backtesting Frequently Asked Questions

  • Indicator Discrepancy: Why I see Differences in the indicator Values between Gunbot and TradingView Charts?
  • Matching Gunbot Trades: Why Gunbot doesn’t trade exactly as I see on TradingView with Backtesting
  • Leverage: How to setup leverage on Margin trading backtesting?
  • Prices A and Prices B: Baktesting the PingPong strategy
  • Pyramid: Why is the calculation wrong when Pyramiding?
  • Stop Limit: Why can’t I use decimals on Stop Limit when backtesting?
  • TrailMe logic: What is the Logic used on the trail-me strategy?

This guide will answer all those questions below; keep reading…

Indicator Discrepancy

There is a slight difference in RSI calculations between Exchange, TradingView, and Gunbot, where one used the last 14 CLOSE prices and the other used the last 13 CLOSE prices and the current in-candle price.

Also, sometimes (rare) Tulip library uses different formulas than TradingView.

You have to look at the previous candle on TradingView, and they will only match if the pair cycled exactly on the close of that candle.

Gunbot and TradingView Indicator Discrepancy Example

gunbot tradingview indicator discrepancy example

Notice in this example Gunbot 08:23:00 and TradingView 08:22:00

Gunbot buys in the middle of a candle. Is there an indicator that waits for the end of it?

Gunbot does what it is told to do. It is important to understand that a key difference between Gunbot and traditional charting is how Gunbot handles indicators.

Normal calculation of indicators is done after the close, but Gunbot uses the current price as the last “close” when the pair cycles and samples that instrument’s price.

As an example, if LTC-USD prices were:

A = $94 now
B = $92 last close
C = $90 previous close before that
D = $88 previous close before that

SMA 3 = (D + C + B) / 3
SMA 3 = (88 + 90 + 92) / 3 = $90

But Gunbot is more reactive, it sees:

SMA 3 = (C + B + A) / 3
SMA 3 = (90 + 92 + 94) / 3 = $92

So you must consider this when adjusting the settings in the Gunbot backtesting addon.

Gunbot Backtesting Addon Matching Trades

gunbot backtesting addon matching trades

The logic is the same in the script as it is in Gunbot.

This screenshot shows a default SMACROSS setting with disabled DOUBLE_CHECK_GAIN and enabled BTC_PND_PROTECTION, so you can see where buying ceased each time MFI dipped below 35 in the script.

To determine if there was a discrepancy in the BTC_PND_PROTECTION MFI value between Gunbot and the scripts.

You would need to compare at that time the Gunbot log entry with the BTC_PND_PROTECTION MFI value of the Gunbot Backtesting Addon (uses same code) in TradingView’s Data Window.

You would also need to ensure that you have set the “BTC_PND Exchange =” setting in the scripts to the correct exchange for the pair you are using in Gunbot.

It is also unlikely that the Gunbot backtesting addon window would have entries and exits in sync with Gunbot.

Gunbot is reading the ticker prices which are all up and down the length of the candle.

TradingView pine scripts read the candle’s single price at the (high+low) / 2 price (known as HL2).

The Deluxe versions of the script give users the ability to sweep a range of candle prices instead of using just that single HL2 price.

This is why you see the Prices A and Prices B fields at the bottom in the tuner settings because they represent percentages up and down the candle’s length.

Setting them at 50/50 = HL2/HL2, which is the default.

Setting them at Prices A = 100 and Prices B = 0 represents Prices A = High and Prices B = Low sources.

Setting Prices A equal to Prices B allows you to use it as a single source or range point.

High= 100
Prices A = 0-100
Prices B = 0-100
Low = 0

You have the choice of using this percentage range OR using conventional source choices like “close.”

Is important to take all of these concepts into consideration.

You are just opening the “window” of the range of prices to simulate Gunbot pair cycling and sampling various points along with the candle.

Gunbot itself isn’t truly watching the candle’s entire price range, though; it is “sampling” a point each time the pair cycles.

The reality is that depending on which strategy, period, settings you are using, some tuner strats may more closely mimic Gunbot than others.

Many users get hung up that they don’t always exactly match, but firing up 2 Gunbot instances and comparing them to each other won’t match.

The 2 Gunbot instances will cycle pairs at different times and sample at different points of the candle. As soon as one of the Gunbot instances buys, then the disparity will compound between the 2 Gunbot instances.

Remember that Gunbot may pair cycle and sample at the extreme bottom of the candle, or the middle, or the top.

So you are still never going to match exactly. Neither would 2 Gunbot instances.

Imagine a 15min candle… that candle is 15 minutes worth of ticker prices; say Gunbot is running 50 pairs, might be 5 minutes in between each time that pair cycles, and reads one of those 15 minutes of ticker prices.

Another Gunbot would be cycling randomly, reading 3 different samples of that 15min candle, and they will NOT match.

With the Gunbot Backtesting Addon, You have to focus on optimizing levels.

fine tune gunbot

If you are using GAIN to buy at x% below lowest ema and you have your buy_level set at 3%, but the pair never dips below 2%, then you will never buy.

You should NOT be concerned about “matching” exact buys and sells; you SHOULD be concerned that your Buy-Level is not set so low that it never buys, etc.

What you want to do with the tuner is focus on dialing in your levels and ranges to achieve optimal stats.

You are tuning for “potential,” not trying and matching every buy and sell in a single unique instance of Gunbot running.

Here’s Another Scenario…

You have a good setup from backtesting and run it, but a week later, you see only 1 complete trade out of 12 that should have happened, so Gunbot shows only 1 complete trade.

Gunbot uses real-time ask/bid ticker prices which Pine scripts are not capable of using in an accurate manner during backtesting.

Pine allows reading them useful with live testing, but scripts should only use candle prices for backtests.

But even if Pine could perfectly match Gunbot’s ask/bid prices, they wouldn’t sync.

If you didn’t start Gunbot at exactly 00:01:00 on the same date with only that pair running, Gunbot or the script might buy at different times.

Without using the tuner script, you could set to buy at a dip of 3% and never realize that particular pair’s candles never dip 3%; maybe they only dip 2% below the lowest EMA.

But by using a tuner, you can visually see that “okay, these levels are realistic” or “okay, these levels are way off.”

The idea is that it allows you to visually set your levels to optimize “potential” for returns.

But it is never going to synchronize 100% with Gunbot exactly.

Gunbot Backtesting Addon Leverage

How to setup ROI percent in margin trading with the Gunbot backtesting addon?

Tip: If you ask how to approximate leverage, you will set Order Size equal to leverage multiple Initial Capital.

Check the picture with an example of Leverage at 5X.

backtesting leverage example 5x

The percentage fees are based on the type of order and how much leverage you use, plus the funding rate percentage, which isn’t static.

Gunbot has the luxury of reading the real-time ROE from the exchange API. So Gunbot doesn’t have to calculate it or liquidation levels etc.

Since Pine scripts lack the ability to communicate through API, there is no way for the tuner to poll the funding rate, real-time ROE, or liquidation levels.

Neither Gunbot nor the tuner scripts take leverage into account for the ROE setting. The percent settings for ROE in the script and Gunbot are based on no leverage.

The Leverage setting in Gunbot tells the exchange what leverage you want to use. I did not include Leverage setting in the script because there is no point; it does not talk to the exchange.

With the backtest script, when using leverage, all you can really do is a tune for optimal performance based on no leverage or take the time to calculate manually what that factor would be multiplied by the percent returns shown.

If you used to leverage and won the trade, you would have more profit, and if you lost, you would have more loss.

You can manually calculate the fees to enter the script based on what leverage you are using and adding a “guesstimate” of the funding rate by looking up and averaging the funding rate over the backtest window.

You could also calculate the liquidation level and place your stop_limit there to see how often wrong leverage would liquidate you.

For more explanation of the formulas for calculating leverage read this article:

A Quick Starter Guide to Leveraged Trading

Gunbot Backtesting Addon PingPong Strategy

The PingPong strategy doesn’t backtest correctly because of the candle open/close?

It works the same. Gunbot cycles through pairs, and if at that moment in time when you have cycled onto that pair…

Price ATM <= PP_BUY it buys
Price ATM >= PP_SELL it sells

The back-tester looks at as narrow or as wide a range of candle prices as you tell it to through Prices A and Prices B…

Price in Candle Range <= PP_BUY it buys
Price in Candle Range >= PP_SELL it sells

Gunbot PingPong strategy buys and sells examples.

gunbot pingpong strategy buy and sell examples


You could set…

Prices A: 100
Prices B: 0

And then the back-tester would sweep the entire range of candle prices. But even Gunbot does not do that.

Backtesting is extremely useful for setting levels and ranges, you are flying blind without it.

But will it buy and sell at the same time as Gunbot and the same price?

The answer is more complex than just saying “no.” The answer to that question would be, “Which Gunbot?”

The Gunbot you started at 12:00 with 13 pairs or the Gunbot you started at 12:07 with 9 pairs?

Because neither of these matches precisely either, they will pair cycle at different times and read different prices when in sync that pair was cycled.

Gubot Backtesting Addon Pyramid Trading

Here’s an example using MACD-TSSL strategy in backtesting; it shows high % returns but due to lots of consecutive buys without sell using the minimum amount for trade-limit.

Is the percentage in the script in sync with my trade-limit?

TradingView calculates Net Profit against total fund (Initial Capital) like this:

(Order Size Sell – Order Size Buy) / Initial Capital

This is not the same as Net Profit against trading limit (Order Size) like this:

(Order Size Sell – Order Size Buy) / Order Size buy

Pyramid in Gunbot terms is the ability to buy more than once.

Pyramiding should be checked (true).

The script will automatically Pyramid when needed.

TradingView will allow you to use 100% of your total fund on each buy for multiple buys, but this is impossible in reality.

When you have Properties properly set, you will only see Pyramid take place on the strats that allow it.

But on those strategies, you will see profits that are wildly exaggerated due to the way that TradingView calculates Net Profit against Total Fund instead of against pair.

For non Pyramid strategies, Initial Capital needs to be set equal to Order Size to calculate Net Profit per pair properly.

But when using Pyramid starts, something like this happens…

BTC price is $4k
Script has an Initial Capital of $8k
Script has an Order Size of $8k
Script buys 2 BTC for $8k
Script buys another 2 BTC for $8k
BTC price rises from $4k to $5k
Script sells 4 BTC for $20k

Net Profit = ($20k – $16k) / $8k = 50% (this is wrong)

In reality, you couldn’t have bought $16k worth if your Initial Capital (total fund) was only $8k.

But TradingView will let you do it anyway. So when using Pyramid strategies, you need to manually lower the Order Size to a fraction of the Initial Capital to avoid seeing this inflated Net Profit percentage.

This Net Profit will no longer be showing the same thing as non Pyramid strats because you are now comparing trading limit increase against total fund instead of trading limit increase against the trading limit for that pair.

In the Pyramid strat example above, if you knew the strat was only going to buy twice before sell, you would halve the Order Size (in reality, you don’t know how many buys will occur)

BTC price is $4k
Script has an Initial Capital of $8k
Script has an Order Size of $4k
Script buys 1 BTC for $4k
Script buys another 1 BTC for $4k
BTC price rises from $4k to $5k
Script sells 2 BTC for $10k

NetProfit = ($10k – $8k) / $8k = 25% (this is right)

All you can do is set a small fraction that you think will allow the strat to buy as many times as it might buy, and then take into account when viewing Net Profit for Pyramid strats it is not the same thing as viewing Net Profit for non Pyramid strats.

But in both instances, Pyramiding should be left on; when you start using Pyramid,  Gunbot should reduce your Order Size.

gunbot the ultimate trading tool

Gunbot Backtesting Addon Stop Limit

Gunbot does take the decimals, but backtesting and TV Alerts won’t take the decimals in the STOP-LIMIT?

From Allanster: A couple of users have asked about this, and it is an oversight on my part. I have made a note to change from integer to float.

Please note that this will make little difference in the behavior because Pine scripts trade on the next candle’s open after the trigger.

So whether you trigger a stop at 1% or 0.9%, it will not change the instrument’s price.

In the real Gunbot setting a stop-limit at 0.9% doesn’t necessarily mean you will always exit at that exact price either.

Gunbot Backtesting Addon TrailMe Logic

When using Trail Me Sell, it works after the conditions are met. What’s the experience?

At the moment the parent strategy conditions are met, instead of executing a position, trailing begins.

Once the price reverses direction and crosses your TrailMe stop, then TrailMe checks with the “parent strat” at that moment to see if its conditions are still met. If not, then TrailMe does not trade.

So one aspect to consider when using TrailMe is you may want to “relax” your parent strat settings to allow TrailMe some “breathing room”.

For example, you are running BB; then this is your “parent strat.”

If you normally ran BB conservatively at 5/5 levels, this may not give TrailMe much further room to travel or hit stop while still within that range.

In this instance, you might want to make BB levels less strict, like 15/15, to allow there to be some room for trailing.

Gunbot TrailMe Strategy Logic example

gunbot trail me strategy logic

This illustration first shows how TrailMe Buy would work without checking the parent (which is not an option), then it shows where it would have actually bought.

The settings in this picture were with BB levels 45/45, which is extremely aggressive but illustrates the “breathing room” concept mentioned above.

I hope you got most of your Questions about the Gunbot Backtesting Addon Answered in this article.

For a comprehensive user guide, check out our Gunbot Wiki Backetesting Getting Started Guide. 

Remember to bookmark this page for future reference, and do not hesitate to contact @allanster on Telegram if your question has not been answered.

How Much Money Can You Make Trading with Gunbot

trading with gunbot

Trading with Gunbot, the Truth, Forget What You’ve Been Told, or Sold.

Do you want to know how much Bitcoin can you make trading with Gunbot?

Has someone ever tried to convince you to buy their trading strategy or bot that promises 10%, 20%, or even 30% profit every month?

Bitcoin is pumping, and you hear of traders with trading bots making millions in the crypto markets.

I’m sure you want to be one of them. And you’re looking for a way to escalate your trading game and multiply your gains faster.

Therefore you want to get your piece of the pie and start trading with Gunbot.

Gunbot is an Oustanding Automated Crypto Trading System, Easy, Efficient, Innovative, and Profitable.

But, the question arises…

How Much Money Can You Realy Make Trading with Gunbot?

And it is excellent because you want to make sure you get a return on your trading bot investment, so you’re willing to invest in Gunbot as long as you can make good money off of it.

Perfect! Let’s get down to it.

Trading with Gunbot Realistic Return

What is a realistic and achievable trading return?

The crypto trading industry wants you to believe that you can easily double your money every day, and even with a small account, you can generate substantial profits easily.

Is that doable? Well, it could be, but I would like you to look deeper and set what is real or possible for you specifically.

By being aware of this, you will plan your financial future in the crypto trading business.

It would help if you didn’t look at trading with Gunbot with a gambler’s mindset or a high-risk taker.

If you believe that your next whole Bitcoin is just a click away, you’re heading for a rude awakening.

There’s not, and never will be, a “One-click, Surefire, Lambo Maker” that is not true; whoever is selling you that is filling your brain with lies.

I want you to look at trading with Gunbot as your career and not with a “get rich quick mindset” any decent trader will recommend you that.

gunbot chart in a laptop

But, don’t get discouraged either; that’s what I’m here for, to guide you in the right direction and give you some key points so you can check where you are standing at this very moment in your trading journey.

It would be best if you didn’t compare yourself with others because many factors affect that, like your account size, risk appetite, risk management method, trading strategy, and so on, but more on that later, keep reading…

As a Gunbot Promoter and Reseller, this is a question I get asked often.

How Much are You Making with Gunbot?

Understandably, anybody would ask that question, especially looking for proof, but think about it…

If I or anybody wanted to lie to you, don’t you think we would also have a fake answer for that?

I mean, I’m in the trading business, and yet I get contacted every day (by pro’s) and asked to: Invest $500 and make $3000 a week. Realy? I mean, c’mon “Professional Trader” 🙂

And yes, they have proof with screenshots and paid video reviews; I feel sorry for them, but anyway…

It is ok to ask, but be aware of the unrealistic profits answer.

I will give you the formula you can use to calculate that and how “trading with Gunbot” will help you achieve a greater return.

No more second guesses, no more ridiculous projections, and no more illusions.

Trading with Gunbot Profit and Loss

What is more important, your risk to reward ratio or your winning rate?

Ok, let me elaborate on that. To keep it simple, I will use dollar amounts and use a basic trading strategy based on Stop Loss as your risk management choice.

Let’s look a reality here for a moment; a 100% winning rate on trading is unrealistic, so…

Even with a winning rate of 90% (that’s pushing it hard), if you lose $0.95 on every dollar, you will be losing.

Suppose your winning rate by itself is not accurate enough. What else can we calculate?

Your risk vs. reward approach, right?

As a rule of thumb, you want to risk 1 to make 2, which is awesome, but if you only win 20% of the time with that strategy, it won’t do you any good either.

Got the idea? You need both to calculate your expectancy, and that’s how you will determine your overall trading profitability.

Here’s the Formula for that if you want to do it manually


  • E= Your Expectancy
  • W= Your Average Winning Trades
  • L= Your Average Losing Trades
  • P= Your Win Percentage Ratio

But you don’t have to worry about that math problem because Gunbot does that for you too, all you have to do is check your Profits and Loss tab in the GUI.

Example of Gunbot PNL Analysis Feature

gunbot profit and loss example

As you can see, your average expectancy Percentage is your Profit/Loss Ratio value.

You got one key point down; keep reading…

Trading with Gunbot Big Risk Higher Return

What’s wrong with that statement? Well, obviously, the big risk is losing your whole wallet in one shot.

While there’s virtually no risk on Spot Trading, meaning you won’t lose until you sell, the same can not be said for Margin or Futures Trading.

Also, keep in mind that you could be hodling for years if the coin dips and you didn’t sell it out.

That’s why I want to make sure you understand how to edit the balance settings for your strategy and do it wisely.

Gunbot Strategy Balance Settings (Trading Limit)

  • Trading Limit: How much you want to risk per trade. Here you set your desired trading amount. Note that this setting will apply to each pair using that strategy (Not Your Total Balance)
  • Trading Limit Percentage: Use this if you want to trade a percentage of your total Base coin balance. This setting will override your Trading Limit value if you have any.
  • Trading Limit All-In: Flipping this switch will trade your whole wallet at one and will override the Trading Limit and The trading Limit Values.

My recommendation is that you Trade with less than 10% of your capital and risk less than 1% per trade.

Because this will help you keep the fluctuations in your trading account at a minimum, therefore it will allow you to endure losing streaks without losing your whole account in one shot.

Although I understand you may be tempted, especially when you see your average expectancy showing you a high percentage, your question will be.

What if I go All-In with my trading limit?

Don’t do it, and you really won’t have to, because now I will tell you how to trade more to win more with Gunbot

Trading with Gunbot High Frequency

gunbot trading frequency in gui

Yes, the frequency of your trades matter, and big time. Because even if your expectancy and your win rate are high, it won’t do you much good if you trade once a week.

Still not bad, but remember, you want that “Make Money Trading with Gunbot Experience,” and you will get it by making several winning trades a day.

Gunbot is the perfect tool for that; it doesn’t’ matter if you’re sleeping or in the grocery store. If the bot is on, and your conditions are present in the market, you don’t have to worry cause you know Gunbot is firing those trades.

Now you can see why it is not so easy to answer the question. How much money can you make trading with Gunbot? Because there are so many factors that can give you different outcomes.

And I even left your account size and compounding choice out of the equation, which is definitely the other 2 major players.

So the real question should be: Is Gunbot Profitable? To that, I say Hell, Yeah! It is. Get your Copy so you can profit too.

But let me summarize and finish this article. With all the variables, you can check if you got Gunbot already and want to have a good idea of your personal profits.

Trading with Gunbot Potential Earnings

Use this information to tackle any weak point you may see in your trading performance or celebrate my congrats’ truthfully, if all is good.

  • Trading expectancy: What Gunbot shows you as your Profit and Loss average percentage.
  • Trading Limit: The amount you’re willing to risk per trade.
  • Trading frequency: Check how many trades Gunbot does for you per day/week/month…
  • Withdrawals: Are you taking some money out, or you keep compounding? Both answers are fine; it all depends on your goals or needs.
  • Your Total Capital: This is the main thing you want to see growing every day!

Take your Trading expectancy, multiply it by your Trading Limit and your Trading Frequency.

For example, let’s say your average expectancy per trade is 0.01, your trading limit is $100, and you’re making 300 trades a day, then you can expect to make $300 on average for that day.

Now you have an objective and real measure of how much money you can make trading with Gunbot.

A real trading tool to help you maximize your profits and minimize your risks on any market condition throughout different crypto exchanges.

Please understand, this is not trading advice, and there are no guarantees in the crypto trading business, only possibilities, and probabilities.

Trading and profiting with Gunbot is an incremental process that requires discipline and consistency to succeed.

But, if you really want to become a consistently profitable trader, trading with Gunbot will help you achieve your Goal.

gunthy exchange and gunbot mobile app

And soon, you will be able to trade with Gunbot in Forex, so stay tuned…

Gunbot Review the True Value of a Crypto Trading Bot

cryptodroi gunbot review

Gunbot Review, Discover the Real Value of a Community Oriented Product.

Check Out why you can be sure you’ll get what you paid for when you buy Gunbot.

This will not be your typical product review with highlights on what the product actually does; I know by now you know all that already.

In this article, you will gain some insight into what you’re getting when you buy Gunbot, and no, it is not just the software.

It is a lifetime of commitment and dedication to you from the Gunbot Team.

But for you to get a better understanding, let me show you what the Gunbot Team has done so far in 2020, which will blow your mind, so keep reading…

Gunbot Review – The Team

First, I want you to meet some of the Gunbot Team Players if you haven’t done so already.

Gunthar De Niro, oh well, he doesn’t need presentation; he is the creator, the bot father, the mastermind behind this project 🙂

But needless to say, he can’t do everything by himself, so he assembled a team of Gunbot hardcore users and supporters to help him with the daily tasks, so here are some of them in no particular order:

Angie: Our Chief Operating Officer (COO), AKA Gunthar’s time-manager, basically does magic with Gunthar’s tight schedule and then some, so she also manages our Strategic Partnership with the exchanges.

Pim: Yet another mastermind, coder, the guy who writes the wiki, the Autoconfig creator, Gunbot GUI, I mean, this guy does everything, is unbelievable.

Exquitas and Nark: they are basically Gunthar’s hands; these guys support Gunbot since the very beginning.

Uri, Anon, Bestnaf: Wow, how much knowledge together, and a nice mix of tech, IT, networking, development, trading… really too much to put together.

Magc: Every time you see a nice image or video presentation on our articles or Social Media, it is this guy’s magic.

Mr. Papaya: He browses thru those telegram rooms helping anybody with his vast Gunbot knowledge.

Yooper and the Resellers Team: Amazing teammates there, you will be able to benefit from each of them, and hopefully, they will start strong in 2021.

I cant wait to see so much talent putting ideas and creating more value for you, from trading instructions to Gunbot podcasts…

I’m sure they’ll add more value to your experience no matter who you buy from…

And there are more, plus yours truly, but I won’t mention all of them or what they do all day cause one post won’t be enough.

Meet some members of the Gunbot Team!

gunbot team members telegram profiles

Gunbot Review – ViralTrading

Besides 3 major releases and hundreds of beta builds throughout the year, fixing, creating, and most importantly, adding requested new features.

The Gunbot team has been busy working to strengthen our community and business structure for you.

So what’s Gunbot been doing to add value to our community constantly?

In February 2020, we deployed a website to keep you informed of the latest developments and make announcements of all that’s been going on and invite you to take part in it by adding your comments or questions.

ViralTrading is the Official Gunbot Blog, where you can read or even subscribe and receive the articles mailed to you as they go live.

This site’s main objective is to give you official information and is intended to see it as the authorized entity that won’t lie to you.

And while there can be a typo or unformal written article, we strive to check everything before it is posted, and we invite you to please let us know if you see something wrong, and we will fix it right away.

Gunbot Review – Gunthy Marketplace

What about our Strategies Marketplace?

Check out Some of what you can get for Free as a Gunbot Owner!

gunthy marketplace gunbot strategies

While the idea was discussed earlier, we launched the Gunthy Marketplace Group in March 2020 and the Gunthy Marketplace Website.

This was created with the main purpose and with the idea of protecting you from buying unreliable Gunbot configurations or magic bs strategies.

Now you can rest assured that when you buy or download any strategy for free from the marketplace, it will work, and it won’t be advertised with false claims.

Those strategies are tested and analyzed by Gunthy staff before being uploaded on the marketplace.

Please understand, there are no size fits and no push button make money strategy out there.

If you still don’t believe me, think about it, is there a magic diet, a super-secret pill to lose weight? Can you see is the same in every niche?

But what I can tell you is consistency, preparation, understanding, work, and help you reach your goals, regardless of losing weight, becoming a successful trader, or being profitable with Gunbot.

Gunbot Review – Partner Exchanges

What about Gunbot Strategic Partnerships with Crypto Exchanges?

Oh Yeah, this year we had a blast!

It starts with Kraken Futures, followed by Okex, HitBTC, Kucoin, Binance, Bitget, and FTX, to name the ones with fine-tuned performance Gunbot and the ones giving us rebates.

The ones that are fully integrated and you can use “For Free,” meaning they won’t cost you an API slot no matter what Gunbot license you use.

Beaxy, Txbit, and Gunthy Exchange, you can use those 4 exchanges simultaneously on top of what your license allows you to run.

Plus, you can buy Gunthy tokens on any of the 4 and participate in our permanent volume tournament, so you can even win prizes by just providing volume.

So, Gunthy Token Listing was a success too in 2020. Can we make it to Binance in 2021? Let’s see 🙂

Gunbot Review – Market Maker

Our Market maker bot also received plenty of love and dedicated strategies; since Gunbot is fully loaded already, this is more extra value.

We started with the “Grid-Bots,” which was a success in the Binance Futures competition.

Then, Support/Resistance, Fibbornaci Retracements, Motion of the Ocean, the Pullback strategy, 1Scalper, the Liquidity Strategy… wow, hopefully, I don’t forget any.

Read more About Market Maker Strategies to use with Gunbot.

Remember, you can use any of those built-in strategies to access the market maker add-on.

Check out the Performance on this Market Maker Strategy Screen-shot

gunbot market maker strategy

And you can also combine with Autoconfig, which, of course, you can use with regular Gunbot on spot markets too.

Gunbot Review – Resellers

  1. Are you already a successful Gunbot trader?
  2. Do you want to make extra money selling Gunbot licenses?
  3. Want to sell it to your loved ones or even create your own Gunbot Reseller site to sell it?

If you say yes to all of that, this is another Gunbot perk and added value since it can become another source of income for you.

You can do it! As of now, all you have to do is be a Gunbot owner and fill out the application form below.

Gunbot reseller program application form

But what if you don’t know to support your client after the sale?

Nothing to worry about, the Gunbot School got you covered!

All you have to do is sell the license, and your customer will be taken care of by the Gunthy Team comprised of veteran and experienced Gunbot users.

He or She will have access to the school material, the Zendesk ticket support system, and the special Gunbot School Telegram group.

Make Money Selling Gunbot

Can You See the Value of Gunbot?

Gunbot is not only the most badass crypto trading bot in the industry but also a top of the line community-oriented project where you are always put first.

And you get all of that and more for a Time Only Fee, No subscriptions or hidden fees.

Do you still believe Gunbot is expensive?

Really? Ok, compare our prices with an average of one year of usage of any other competitor bot package offering the recurring payments model…

Anyway, sorry, I just felt that was needed, but As I said, this is not your regular review or comparison with other crypto trading bots.

I just want to show you what you’ll get for your money.

To finish the year, we just rolled out the craziest longest sale you have probably ever seen. We started on 12/16, and it will end the Bitcoin drops again, but don’t get comfortable.

Get Gunbot Now before it’s too late!

last chance to buy gunbot now

Your Trading Success with Gunbot can be as easy as these 3 Steps.

  1. Define Your Trading Strategy and Choose your Pairs.
  2. Set-up Your Risk Management Rules and Stick to Your Plan.
  3. Relax, Keep Calm, and Gunbot.

Gunbot Review – What is Comming

Finally, what can you Expect from Gunbot in 2021?

I can tell you (no promises) to look for the bitRage stable release and Inter-Exchange arbitrage.

GUNBOT HFT, You probably heard about it already, but Websockets are coming to Gunbot. Are we close to High-Frequency Trading?

Get ready cause we ain’t slowing down.

Stay Tuned for Gunbot HFT and Gunbot Forex News, Soon!

Spoiler Alert!

What is Gunbot (HFT) High-Frequency Trading?

Gunbot HFT is Gunbot on steroids! 🙂

It will unleash the power of WebSockets, and the speed you will experience will be really close (if not the same) to institutional-grade trading software.

To put it in perspective, let’s say you are trading 10 pairs with Gunbot, and your exchange delay is set to 10; this means you will have to wait 100 seconds to cycle your first pair again.

With Gunbot HFT, you cycle the 10 pairs Instantly!

If some pairs did not receive the WebSockets updates (for example, because ask/bid didn’t change at all), they would not be cycled until the next update…

gunbot high frequency trading hft

Did that blow your mind?… Be ready because it is coming!

We resolve to keep working hard to bring even more value to you, so when you buy Gunbot, you’ll get what you paid for, and then some.

I hope this Gunbot Review showed you the actual benefits you get once you own Gunbot, and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Gunbot License System Ultimate Guide

gunbot license system ultimate guide

Learn How the Gunbot License System works

With the New Official Gunbot Reseller opportunity and so many Gunbot Prices around, I’ve seen some confusion and questions about How the Gunbot License System works.

My intention with this article is to Explain the Gunbot Price Structure the best I can, so you can make an educated decision before you buy. Enjoy it!

Nevertheless, if this or any Gunbot Official Reseller website is Not showing the latest Prices…

Hit the Buy Now button and check the Official Price from the Gunthy OTC link.

Here are my Official Gunthy OTC URLs so you can Verify:

Gunbot License System Explained

Gunbot have 4 License Types Starter, Standard, Pro, and Ultimate; the regular prices are:

Gunbot Starter: ₿ 0.04

Gunbot Standard: ₿ 0.10

Gunbot Pro: ₿ 0.15

Gunbot Ultimate: ₿ 0.25

Each of these licenses comes with a Required Minimum Amount of “GUNTHY TOKEN” that serves as License Validator and is necessary to run the bot.

Starter: 400 Gunthies

Standard: 1000 Gunthies

Pro: 1500 Gunthies

Ultimate: 2500 Gunthies

Is Double the Price and Double the Gunthies airdropped, but there is one Bonus: You can AUTO UPGRADE your License by just adding more Gunthy Tokens to your wallet.

So, except for the “Starter” Edition, you can automatically upgrade from Standard to Pro and Pro to Ultimate, thanks to our utility token.

Example: If you have a Standard with 1000 Gunthies and add 500 more Gunthy Tokens now, you will have a Pro License, 1K more, and become a Gunbot Ultimate Owner.

Auto-upGRADE is Not possible with the “Gunbot Starter” Edition, you will have to upgrade via Upgrade Package

Note: Remember that Gunbot Prices are based on BTC; those “Original Gunbot Prices” were introduced when Bitcoin cost was around 6K or less.

Gunbot License System Backtesting and Tradingview Addons

The Backtesting and Tradingview add-ons are NOT included with auto upgrades.

  • You will Not Have Access to the Backtesting add-on when you Auto-Upgrade with Gunthy Tokens to the Gunbot Pro License.
  • You will Not Have Access to the Backtesting and Tradingview Add-ons when you Auto-Upgrade with Gunthy Tokens to the Gunbot Ultimate License.

These add-ons come with their respective License Rank ONLY when you buy the License Type from the beginning.

Otherwise, you can Buy the License Upgrade Package or the Stand Alone add-on itself.

Gunbot License System Promo Choices

The Promotion Prices you see offered by Authorized Gunbot Resellers come with a Huge Discount from Regular Prices.

Note: Promo Prices can change due to a significant spike in BTC price or a Gunthy LTD Sales event.

The Gunbot Official Reseller Promo Prices are as follow:

Gunbot Promo Starter: SALE ₿ 0.0055 (Replaced by Gunbot ONE)

Gunbot Promo Standard: SALE ₿ 0.01375

Gunbot Promo Pro: SALE ₿ 0.020625

Gunbot Promo Ultimate: SALE ₿ 0.034375

Gunbot License System Required Gunthy Ammount for Promo Licenses:

Promo Starter: 200 Gunthies

Promo Standard: 500 Gunthies

Promo Pro: 750 Gunthies

Promo Ultimate: 1250 Gunthies

Again, to Upgrade, you will need a Gunbot License Upgrade Pack or meet the required amount of Gunthy Tokens in your Registered Wallet (minus the Starter) for your desired license type.

But here is the Better News! Any Gunbot Owner can access bitRage, our Crypto Arbitrage Bot, Market Maker, Crypto Spot, Margin, and Futures Trading bot.

Gunbot License System bitRage and Market Maker

bitRage and Market Maker are Not For Sale directly thru Bitcoin or Paypal, as you can do with other add-ons or Gunbot.

bitRage and the Market Maker bot can only be obtained through automatic upgrades, by adding more Gunthy Tokens to your Wallet.

What Do You Need to Unlock bitRage on Gunbot?

All you need is to be on the Top 20 Rank or better, meaning Top20 qualifies you, but if you are Top11, you’re really close to unlocking the Market Maker.

What Do You Need to Unlock Market Maker on Gunbot?

All you need is to be on the Top 10 Rank or better, meaning Top10 qualifies you, but anything lower than 10, and you’re a step closer to any future add-on.

Spoiler alert: “GUNBOT FLASH” in on the making! Stay Tuned for details on how this new player will enter the Gunbot License system. For now, just a teaser…

Gunbot Flash is a Soon (TM) project, so please don’t hold me accountable for it 🙂

gunbot flash sneak preview

A Top Ten Gunbot Rank gives you access to bitRage and Market Maker.

For the Gunthy Users Rank System, only Gunthar knows the exact math he used for it, but it is a ratio between your license type and the amount of Gunthy you Hodl.

You need to know that the Gunthy users rank system is NOT a competition on Top10 or Top20.

Once you secure your position, the only way you can get kicked out is if you sell your tokens.

And even then, you can get back to your Rank once you restore the amount you sold. Ain’t that a Gunbot License System unique Feature?

Top Ten is NOT just ten members or Top Twenty just 20; it is a Rank you share with many other Gunbot owners.

What is the Exact Amount of Gunthies Needed to Unlock bitRage on Gunbot?

There is no exact amount, but if you check the Gunthy Ranks list, you can see the Top20 members hold around 12.5K Gunthy Tokens.

Note that some Licenses were “Grandfathered,” and they have granted access to bitRage

What is the Exact Amount of Gunthies Needed to Unlock the Market Maker on Gunbot?

Again, you can estimate around 24K Gunthy Tokens by checking the list.

Grandfathered licenses have not granted access to the Market Maker Bot, but Gunthar has granted bitRage access to early adopters who bought it with BTC and some Gunbot supporters.

The Gunthy Token Rank System list is usually updated monthly, and the link is shared in our Telegram groups if a member asks for it, but you can see your Rank clearly on your Gunbot console once you start the bot.

gunbot user rank console example

Please do not panic if you’re Top10 and you see, Market Maker Plugin Access: false; as you see in the screenshot above, your access is by Rank, not granted directly like in the case of some bitRage users as I explained before if that’s your case, you will see, Market Maker Plugin Access: true.

Both cases can use the Market Maker bot, load your MM config, and fire it up!

To gain access to any particular Telegram Groups dedicated to a specific add-on, don’t hesitate to contact your reseller and ask him to invite you to the Official Gunthy telegram Groups to discuss bitRage and MarketMaker.

These groups are private and for Gunbot Verified Members Only. To learn more about our telegram groups, read this article, Understanding Gunthy Telegram Groups.

And make sure you also protect yourself against scammers.

I wrote an article about How can you protect yourself and how scammers operate; make sure you give it a good read:

How to Get Gunbot Help and Stay Away From Scammers

Gunbot License System Serverless

The main Gunthy Token use case and our most significant project are to move the “Old” Gunbot Server System of verification to the “New” Gunbot Serverless License Verification System.

Having our License Registered Fully in the blockchain will run our bot even if the license server goes down.

This process has already started, and soon the entire community will enjoy the benefits.

When we migrate entirely, the bad news is that old members who still don’t have a Gunthy Wallet tied up to their License won’t get Free Tokens Airdropped to their wallet for the amount necessary to run their specific license type.

In that case, the only way to get the Gunthy Tokens will be buying on the exchanges where Gunthy Token is listed (Gunthy Exchange, Txbit, and Beaxy, for now…)

The other choice will be to use any old version of Gunbot up to V16.

I hope if there is any old Gunbot user out there reading this, and you haven’t got your Gunthy Tokens yet, please do it now! Contact Gunbot Support

Gunbot License System Recap

  1. Four main Gunbot License Types can be purchased at a Discount Off the Regular price for a limited time through a Gunbot Official Reseller.
  2. Any Gunbot License can be upgraded later, via upgrade package or by adding Gunthy Tokens to your registered wallet, minus the Gunbot Starter (this one will have to be purchased via upgrade pack).
  3. Backtesting and Tradingview add-ons can be purchased separately and are not included with an auto-upgrade.
  4. You can Unlock bitRage and the Market Maker bot by adding more Gunthy Tokens to your Gunbot registered wallet.
  5. The New Gunbot Serverless License Verification System has already started.

As a final note, I would like to add that if you decide that automated trading is not for you in case of a personal emergency, you still have two choices to recuperate some of your investment.

How Can I Sell My Gunbot License?

1. You can sell your Gunthy Tokens on any of the listed exchanges, Gunthy Exchange, Beaxy, Txbit…

In this case, you keep your License, but it will be inactive until you add the required Gunthies to run it.

2. You can sell it as “USED” in our second-hand market; you can ask about it in our groups or directly to your reseller.

There you have it; I truly hope you use this Gunbot License System Article as your Ultimate Guide, come back any time, and do not hesitate to ask me any questions if you need more help.

gunbot official reseller promo

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