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Gunbot Market Maker Crypto bots for Spot Futures and Margin Trading

The Market Maker bot is Gunbot’s most precious jewel.

The only way to obtain it is thru an upgrade with our Gunthy Token Ranking System; only members of the Top 10 on the list ranks have access to it unless Gunthar decides to grant you access on an extraordinary occasion.

All the information about the Market Maker Bot is kept in a private Telegram room, and all members are asked not to share any of the info discussed there.

There is no guide or book to read about it, and you have to learn by searching the channel, so keep in mind that I will share very generic info about it to give you an idea of what you can do with it.

What is a Market Maker?

Market makers provide liquidity to the markets and profit from the difference in the bid-ask spread by simultaneously creating buy and sell orders for an asset in a market.

As a market maker, you act as a liquidity provider, facilitating other market participants to trade by giving them the ability to fill the market orders.

A robust order book well-known to bring more traders to the exchange since an active trading market with a tight spread is always perceived as a positive sign by traders and hodlers.

What is the liquidity of a cryptocurrency?

In simple terms, liquidity reflects how easily an asset can be bought or sold.

Market Makers Help Maintain Healthy Markets

To understand the health of a market, you need to look at how easy it is to buy and sell assets.

There are numerous ways to measure how strong a market is. But, liquidity is the most important.

It can be hard to buy or sell an asset in a highly illiquid market. But, it’s easy to convert an asset into cash or another asset in a healthy market.

A market with low liquidity is difficult to trade because it can lead to significant price fluctuations, harming traders.

What exactly is market liquidity, and why is it important?

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Market liquidity is the capacity that a market allows for assets to be traded at fair prices. Fair prices mean the price is close to the value of the asset.

In this case, buying and selling at fair prices means that you can buy assets at the lowest price you are willing to pay (bid) and sell at the highest price you are willing to accept (ask).

Liquidity is so important that it is the main challenge facing most cryptocurrencies. As digital products, crypto should be incredibly liquid.

But not all crypto assets are created equal. Like Bitcoin and Ether, some have vastly more liquidity than others, with only a few hundred dollars of trading volume per day.

Investing in an illiquid coin can be risky. A sudden spike in price may be followed by a sharp drop, leaving you holding a bag.

This is why it’s important to invest in easily liquidated assets and why the market makers play such a crucial role in providing liquidity to the markets.

Market makers are helpful for investors because they help you get a good price and tight bid-ask spread on an exchange’s order book.

A market maker’s main objective is to provide the best possible price so you can get in and out of trades faster.

In addition to this, market making is recognized as a very Profitable Crypto Trading Strategy.

Gunbot Market Maker Logic

The main idea of the market maker bot is to keep trading continuously, taking advantage of every profit opportunity.

In other words, you will produce cash flow for the exchange and benefit from it with the assistance of a Staggered Orders Strategy.

The bot will place high-frequency trading orders, recalculating open orders, capital risk, and even ROE trailing are just some of the many things it can do.

Here are some examples of how a staggered orders strategy works

The bot will place a significant amount of orders at specific distances, covering the order book from low prices to high prices; the range’s midpoint is the spread.

From there the buy and sell orders are placed at increments until it hits the edge of your range.

The range is supposed to cover all possible prices for as long as you run the strategy, and the profits will be made from price action.

As the price moves up, the starting order will fill your sell orders, and the bot will follow the price and replace them with lower buy orders, then…

As the price falls, your buying orders will get filled.

Then again, the market maker bot will follow the price and replace it with higher sell orders so that you can take advantage of the price ups and downs.

Gunbot also Has a Market Maker for Spot Trading, bitRage, and Grid bots Strategy to trade on Margin and Futures Exchanges.

This same strategy can be used for Spot Trading; hence we got Market Maker for Spot Trading Exchanges, with the same basic principles, for the spot exchange.

It will work like a hedging strategy, accumulating quote coins on the way down and base coins on the way up.

Grid bots are yet another similar strategy that can be used with the market makers bot

Gunbot Grid-bots Trading Strategy involves placing buy and sell orders at regular intervals between a specified high and low price of a particular coin pair.

GRID BOTS” is meant never to stop trading, and it can do so by following the price lines oscillation and posting buys/sells at different levels.

The ranges between the high and the low price are the trading channel; as the moves up and down within the channel, it will cross various grid lines and trigger buy and sell orders.

As long as the price stays within the upper and lower price limits you have defined, you will be able to profit from the market’s swings.

The grid bots strategy also accepts the “ROE trailingGunbot Feature; you can add it to Pair “override” with a Value of Your choice.

This is optional if you want to trail Your (ROE) Return On Equity.

As I said initially, this is just some generic information about the market maker’s bot.

Still, if you want to learn more about it, all you have to do is buy Gunthy Token to rank top 10 or better, provided you already own our Crypto Trading Bot.

There’s also a FREE config on the Gunthy Marketplace, the Bitmex Testnet Market Maker Config plus AutoConfig Bundle Package with Risk Management incorporated.

This config was made by TrashDog, an experienced member and supporter of our community.

So, there you have it. All you need to do now is Get Gunbot Now and Start Making Money in Crypto Trading!

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