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Improve Your Margin or Futures Trading by Taking Advantage of Ready-Made Market Maker Strategies

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Learn about 7 Amazing Gunbot Market Maker Strategies.

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You can configure any of these Market Maker Strategies directly on the GUI, create a New Strategy with BUY and SELL methods “Market-Maker,” then check the “Strategy variants” tab.

gunbot GUI market maker variants

Market Maker Strategies “GRID-BOTS”

Gunthar developed this strategy for our first Binance Futures Tournament, and the config file with the default set values is offered for FREE to Gunbot Owners in the Gunthy Marketplace.

Download the Grid Bots Market Maker Strategy for Free to Gunbot Owners

The Grid Bots Strategy is designed to place different buy and sell orders following the price lines during their swing, it will not stop trading, and you will profit from the difference in the price ranging from the buy and sell positions.

Here are the basic setup parameters you need to add in “pairs” “override” for the grid-bots strategy to work.

  • “GRID”: true, -or false for enabling or disabling the bot.
  • “GRID_SIDE”: “LONG”, – or SHORT, depending on the side you entered.
  • “GRID_SPREAD”: 0.4, -percentage level (up and down) that the buy and sell orders are placed.
  • “GRID_MAX”: 0.1, -the maximum contracts in quote coin you want your position size.
  • “BUY_METHOD”: “Market_Maker”, -default market maker value leave as it is.
  • “BUY_ENABLED”: true,
  • “SELL_METHOD”: “Market_Maker” -default market maker value leave as it is.
  • “SELL_ENABLED”: true,
  • “STOP_LIMIT”: 3, -default value with leverage x1.
  • “TRADING_LIMIT”: 10,
  • “GRID_TIMER”:300,
  • “ROE”: 1,
  • “ROE_TRAILING”: -add a value of your choice if you want to trail your ROE.

Set “CANCEL_ORDERS_ENABLED”: false, in the “bot” section of your config file or the GUI.

Market Maker Strategies “SUPPORT and RESISTANCE”

Gunthar created the Gunbot Support and Resistance Strategy to capitalize on the SMA Period and the Period based on your chosen pair’s time frame.

The strategy will place long and short orders within the support and resistance lines in ranging markets.

It will trail to the subsequent support and resistance levels in a bear or bull market and placing Dolar-Cost Average orders properly as needed.

The bot will buy at support and sell at the resistance level.

The support and resistance lines are used as pivot points, and trend change is expected at those points based on prior history.

As you know, the market is always changing, so the crypto trading bot will average your entry point.

Support and Resistance Strategy configuration

  • “SupportResistance”: Set to True or False to Enable or Disable the strategy.
  • “SupRes_ALLOW_DCA”: Set to True or False It will allow averaging our entry price if S1 R1 are breakout and price moves to a new pivot S2 R2.
  • “SupRes_SPREAD”: Set a numeric value; this setting will allow you to enter before reach Resistance or Support, is a % value that tells the bot at what distance from S1 R1 you should enter or close.
  • “SupRes_LVL_SPREAD”: Set a numeric value to tell the bot to DCA only if the spread between the previous S1 R1 is higher than the given one.
  • “SupRes_MAX“: Set a numeric value, expressed in quote coin, the bot will stop posting orders instead of DCA or post-normal orders if the position plus open orders reached the threshold. For Kraken Futures and BitMex, this value is expressed on the Base coin; in that case, it will be the number of contracts.
  • “SupRes_TIMER”: Set a numeric value in seconds; if you run the bot with 0 delays, it will prevent duplicated Longs or Shorts.
  • “SupResMinROE”: Set a numeric value, so when the set value is reached, the bot will close the position immediately, and it will not wait for the price to go against you.

Market Maker Strategies “FIBONACCI RETRACEMENT”

Fibonacci Retracement Levels are horizontal lines that signal where support and resistance can probably happen.

They are based on Fibonacci numbers. Each level is connected with a percentage. The percentage is how much of a prior move the price has retraced.

This is the basic Fibonacci Retracement Levels Investopedia definition and probably all you need to know about it because Gunbot will take care of all those calculations for you.

Of course, you can dive into the world of Fibonacci numbers at any time and read all about it, but for the sake of this market maker strategies article, I will leave it at that.

When you’re using the Fibonacci Retracement Strategy, you’re able to see the path painted on the Gunbot GUI chart, and you can use any time frame supported by the exchange scalp or swing trade if you like.

When you draw a Fibonacci retracement manually in a chart, there is a lot of room for a mistake, but Gunbot will use SMA Period to calculate the higher high and the higher low.

Therefore the value you add to your SMAPERIOD is crucial for this strategy.

Our Market maker strategy uses 2 types of entry points: Normal Swinging and Breakout.

Entry Examples are as follows.

1- Normal Swinging entry points:

  • Enter Long when the price line goes below Fib 1 (.236) and then goes back above.
  • Enter Short when the price line goes above Fib 5 (.768) and then goes back below.

2- Breakout entry points:

  • Enter Long when the price line goes above Fib 1 is a breakout.
  • Enter Short when the price line goes below Fib 0 is a breakout.

For closing, you can use ROE and ROE_TRAILING as you do for any other Gunbot Trading Strategy, but if you decide to set a highly speculative Return On Equity, the bot will close based on these 3 rules:

1- You are SHORT, and the price line goes below Fib 1 (.236); the bot will close the position at the lower fib 0.

2- You are LONG, and the price line goes above Fib 5 (.768); the bot will close the position at higher fib 1.

3- If any of the 2 conditions above fail to close orders because the price goes back, the bot will cancel those orders and close at .236 and .768.

Dollar-Cost Average mitigates your risk, so the bot will Average Down your entry price, looking for a lower average price, thus allowing you to get out earlier in case the price goes suddenly the other way.

Fibonacci Retracement Strategy configuration:

  • “Fibonacci”: Set true or false to enable or disable the strategy.
  • “FIB_DCA_PERC”: Set the % value you want the bot to start to DCA when the price goes below or above your entry
  • “PERIOD”: Your Time frame value in minutes will affect your entry choice, either scalping or swing trading.
  • “SMAPERIOD”: This is a numeric value that defines the number of candles used to calculate your Fibonacci retracement.

Market Maker Strategies “MOTION Of The OCEAN”

Gunthar developed this Gunbot Market Maker Strategy to mimic what whales do, but you can take advantage of it even with a small wallet.

If you have a small capital, you will have to DCA when things move against you.

Basically, you want to follow the market waves and Buy when it is time to accumulate to Sell later when the distribution time comes, following the market trend arguably led by the whales.

Needless to say, heavy DCA could make a dent in your wallet, so keep a tight money management strategy and calculate your risk based on your wallet size and leverage used.

Leverage is a good thing cause you “play with their money,” but a wrong move can reckt you in a heartbeat. Take advantage of the Binance Futures Leverage Risk Calculator.

As long as you preset everything right, Gunbot will execute based on the market conditions and your risk configuration; just let it do its job.

If your emotions got in the way and you interfere manually could cause you to lose money; our motto is “Keep Calm and Gunbot.

The motion of the Ocean Strategy Configuration:

  • “MOTION_OF_THE_OCEAN”: Set to True or False to Enable or Disable the strategy.
  • “MOTO_DCA_PERC”: Set a % value; if the price goes below or above your entry, the bot will automatically DCA based on the percentage value.
  • “MOTO_SIDE”: You can use “LONG,” “SHORT,” or “BOTH” to select what side to open your position, helpful in trending markets.
  • “MOTO_DCA_MULTIPLIER”: Se a number, the default value is 1, it will divide the TRADING_LIMIT for the MOTO_DCA_MULTIPLIER. 1 will be the same amount 2 will be the half and so on.
  • “PERIOD”: Time frame in minutes, set according to your trading style, could be used for scalping to swing trading.
  • “SMAPERIOD”: Set a number here as it defines the number of candles used to calculate your entry.
  • “MOTO_TIMER”: Set a number here to allow Gunbot to stop trading and disable double buys.
  • “PULLBACK_ENABLED”: Set true or false If “MOTION_OF_THE_OCEAN” fails to enter pullback strategy will be the entry trigger.

Market Maker Strategies “ONESCALPER”

Gunthar just implemented a simple scalper strategy to use on any exchange, based on a simple SMA(99) cross; the SMA 99 indicates a clear separator between up and downtrends.

The 1Scalper Market Maker Strategy’s idea is to open long when the price line cross-up SMA99 and open short when the price line cross-down SMA99.

ROE trailing is already embedded in the 1 Scalper strategy, so you don’t need to enable this if you are using the 1Scalper, but you can use it in any of your margin or futures included Market Makers Strategies.

As an alternative to ROE Trailing, basically follow the logic of a STOP order and places a limit below the actual ROE, following it up if it escalates.

You can set these values with ROE and ROE_LIMIT the same as ROE trailing.


  • “ROE_SCALPER”: true
  • “ROE”: 20
  • “ROE_LIMIT”: 5

When ROE reaches 20%, it places a stop at 15%; if ROE moves up to 40%, it places a stop at 35%, and so on, until it hits the stop.

Since the Bitget exchange is open for Market Maker strategies to all users, you should try the 1SCALPER with the new ROE_SCALPER on Bitget swap.

1scalper + roe_scalper trading chart example

one scalper trading chart example

Latest Parameters Implemented as follow.

“oneSCALPER_DCA”: Set true or false if you set it to true will allow you to DCA using 1scalper based on DCA_PERC from Average Entry Price.

Here in this image, you can see the GUI and config.js Examples of Setting up the 1Scalper Market Maker Strategy.

one scalper strategy settings


Market Maker Strategies “ELLIOT WAVE OSCILLATOR”

Gunthar has implemented a brand new Gunbot Market Maker Strategy.

The Elliot Wave Oscillator (EWO) TradingView indicator has been integrated with Gunbot charts and is a key component of this new strategy.

The Elliot Wave Oscillator is a multi-purpose indicator that can signal the following:

  1. Entry points when crossing zero
  2. Swing trading when reversion happens

This new Market Maker Strategy utilizes the Elliot Wave Oscillator signals and is coupled with Gunthar’s favorite closing strategies: TENKAN (Conversion line) from Ichimoku.

Here are the instructions to activate the EWO indicator on the Gunbot GUI and or in your config.js file; you can use either choice you like.

Toggle EWO to “true” in your Market Maker Trading Strategy variants.

activate the ewo indicator on gunbot gui

Or set “EWO“: true in your strategy or pair override on your config.js file

Here is an example of the EWO indicator from the Gunbot GUI chart

elliot wave oscillator in chart

The Strategy will go LONG when EWO crosses up zero, and SHORT when EWO crosses down zero.

If entry points are triggered by EWO crossing, it will wait for TENKAN to go above the candle body (if LONG) or below the candle’s body (if SHORT) and then start the ROE scalper in the attempt to catch the max possible profit.

After an initial pump or dump that your bot closed at a profit with TENKAN/ROE SCALPER, it is likely to happen a sideway swinging for some time for the price to retrace and adjust.

EWO will be useful again; during that time, the bot will try to catch the swing by observing the oscillator and use these top or bottom to enter the trades.

LONG on the bottom and then close at simple ROE SCALPER (because during sideways movements TENKAN is not reliable) or SHORT on top and then close again at simple ROE SCALPER.

If another breakout happens, EWO will help you again, it would lead toward the zero, and it will start the initial entry points again with TENKAN+ROE SCALPER.

The Gunbot EWO Strategy benefit from Dollar-Cost Average (DCA) functions too.

EWO accepts DCA_SPREAD, the logic behind this kind of DCA is similar to TENKAN close.

If the price reverses against your entry point, it will wait for TENKAN going below candles body (if LONG), and then we DCA (assuming DCA_SPREAD is met)

In the case of SHORTs, if the price goes up against our entry point, it will wait for TENKAN to go above candles body, and then we DCA (assuming DCA_SPREAD is met)

Resuming the EWO Strategy key points

  • The Gunbot EWO Strategy can catch breakouts and enter trades on them.
  • After a pump or dump, a sideways market is expected so that you will scalp on those swings until the next breakout.
  • The EWO Strategy uses the power of TENKAN to start ROE scalper or catch the lowest DCA point.

Check out the Gunbot EWO Strategy Demo so you can see how it behaves.

gunbot ewo strategy on the chart

Market Maker Strategies “FUTURES GRID”

This strategy is based on Pim’s Spot Grid trading method but made to work on margin and futures trading.

Note: You can use this strategy if you own a Standard, Pro, or Ultimate Gunbot License. You don’t need the Market Maker addon to use it.

The Gunbot Starter License can not run this strategy.

You will need the Gunbot Release Candidate v21.4.3 or newer to run this strategy if you want to take advantage of it before the stable release.

Here are the pair override settings to configure the Gunbot FuturesGrid Strategy in your config.js file.

futuresGrid“: true,
PERIOD“: “15”,
AUTO_GAIN“: true,

DIRECTION“: “LONG”, “SHORT”, “AUTO”. The first 2 are self-explanatory, the AUTO mode is based on the EMA, OBV, and ATR indicators on the 15minutes and 4hour time frames and will open LONG or SHORT after trend confirmation.

TL_MULTIPLIER“: You add a numeric value that can be used to raise or lower your invested amount on each sequential buy order.

The TL_MULTIPLIER on the FuturesGrid Strategy works exactly as it does for the Gunbot Spot-Grid-Advanced Strategy.

Here are 3 examples using 100 USDT as Trading Limit and with MAX_BUY_COUNT: 3

1: Each buy order (3 total) is placed for 100 USDT

1.5: First buy order is placed for 100 USDT, the second buy order is placed for 150 USDT, and the third buy order is placed for 225 USDT

2: First buy order is placed for 100 USDT, the second buy order is placed for 200 USDT, and the third buy order is placed for 400 USDT

Note: If you’re using the Futures Grid Strategy on the Bybit Exchange, be aware that the correct parameter is “CLOSE” instead of “OPPOSITE ORDER.”

Adjust the values according to your total capital and trading style.

Gunbot Futures-Grid Strategy Warning Notes:

  1. The FuturesGrid strategy will only trade “LONG“; it will not enter a “SHORT” trade.
  2. Do Not Start using the “Futures Grid Strategy” if you’re already in a “SHORT” position.
  3. Tweak your Max Open Contracts value based on your risk tolerance.
  4. When you use “coin marginated,” set the MOC values in contracts, not in quote coins.

gunbot futures grid strategy GUI settings

There you have it, 7 Gunbot Exclusive Market Maker Strategies that Only Gunbot users with Top10 Ranks can use.

Remember that you can always tweak these marker maker strategies even more if you combine them with Autoconfig.

Just come along and join the Top Gunbot Traders and Benefit from these 6 Gunbot Market Maker Strategies so you too can Profit from the Market Maker Bot! Get your Gunbot License

gunbot futures grid strategy

As always, this is NOT Financial Advice.

Learn How to Trade, Ask Questions, Do Your Own Research and Never Ever Invest what you can Not Afford to Loose.