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Learn Exactly what Liquidity Mining is and How to Participate in the program, Plus a Brand New Gunbot Strategy, so You can Earn Profits from Trading and Win Prizes.

Join Nash Liquidity Crypto Trading Competition with Gunbot and Trade Gunthy Token vs. BTC and USDC

Gunbot Permanent Tournaments are Old News for the Gunthy community, just because we’ve been enjoying these events for a while now.

Still, this time, there is a new market player, our newly Integrated Partner Exchange Nash, who will be hosting the liquidity trading competition.

Nash Exchange is already added as a Bonus Exchange for all Gunbot owners, meaning you can benefit from trading there regardless of your license type, so even if you got “Gunbot Starter” or “Gunbot Standard” (which only allows you to one API slot)

Now you can trade on Nash Crypto Exchange in addition to the 1 slot you already have.

This groundbreaking technology-driven exchange and Gunbot represent the embodiment of 2 community-powered products.

Not only we got our own Gunthy Token listed on Nash, but we can also participate in the Liquidity Crypto Trading Competition and win prizes!

2020 has been hard for many companies online, and offline alike; the COVID-19 has hit us hard, but Gunthy LTD keeps looking for new ideas.

In my opinion, I believe we have found a very similar partner that also loves to motivate and give back to the community!

Keep reading so you can capitalize on the Gunbot Liquidity Strategy and Learn How to Use it.

Announcing the Gunbot Nash Liquidity Crypto Trading Competition.

gunbot trading logo Nash Exchange has created a liquidity mining program to incentivize crypto traders. Offering a share of their token NEX proportional to the volume each trader creates on the exchange.

The program started on October 1rst and will last for the next 5 weeks, offering a reward pool of 20K NEX each week, dividing it between 10k for Makers and 10k for Takers.

Nash is looking to incentivize liquidity, and what’s better than Gunbot to provide volume and liquidity to the exchanges?

Let’s show ’em what we got and make an extra profit!

You can also Earn Dividends in BTC and ETH by staking NEX… Read more about How Staking NEX Works.

Liquidity Mining Program How to Participate

Registration or Locking is Not Required, and Every Trader is Invited to participate and eligible for the bonus regardless of been Maker or Taker.

The minimum volume needed to Qualify is 10K USD on average per day every week, with a minimum of four days above 10K USD.

Here are the approved markets for the liquidity mining crypto trading competition


Any Nash team member or partners using the paid market-making program are excluded from receiving rewards on this competition.

Liquidity Mining Crypto Trading Competition How Rewards are Calculated

There are 2 different leader boards, 1 for the Makers and 1 for the Takers, and the program will calculate based on each volume generated and the end of every week, then give the rewards accordingly.

Since the program started on October 1rst, you can expect the first leader board and rewards by October 8, 2020

Nash is also Giving Back to the Community and rewarding NEX hodlers, so if you’ve staked NEX for 24 months, you will be rewarded.

Nash StakeReward Bonus Structure:

≥ 500 NEX: 50% volume bonus

≥ 1000 NEX: 100% volume bonus

The total NEX staked is accounted for, so these amounts can be spread across multiple 24-month stakes.

What is liquidity mining or token farming?

You are probably familiar with the idea of mining, from platforms in the Ethereum Defi ecosystem, there, Automated Market Maker Exchanges (AMMs)

Like Uniswap allow users to generate interest on dormant assets, often called mining or farming, these platforms have the ability to use your assets to generate profits.

When you use Defi products to farm, the rewards represent a different user experience than the Nash liquidity mining program.

On these platforms, you do not seem to be placing trades actively, though, in the background, something quite similar is happening; your funds are being used to generate interest.

When you mine with Nash exchange, you become a liquidity provider, which means your coins are being used for trading.

Nash aims to offer high-performance non-custodial markets with real order books.

Don’t forget that, thanks to the decentralized API keys, Nash is the only non-custodial exchange that provides a safer way to utilize crypto trading bots.

Gunbot Crypto Trading Competition Spot Strategy

And to pump this competition to the next level Gunthar Came up with a Brand New Gunbot Strategy for you to have an edge on this crypto trading competition.

This Gunbot Strategy is optimized for the following pairs:


After choosing your pairs, enable the strategy by setting “LIQUIDITY”: “true” in your config.js or the GUI following this path, go-to strategies / your strategy / MISC.

liquidity strategy enabled in gunbot GUI

In case you want to use the taker side too, enable “LIQUIDITY_TAKER”: “true” in your config.js or the GUI following this path again, strategies / your strategy / MISC.

liquidity taker enabled in Gunbot GUI

The bot will place a limit, post only orders on both buy and sell sides of the book, make sure you hold both, base, and quote coins.

For small wallets is recommended that you set a limit to your BUY orders; otherwise, it can use all your capital, so set the desired amount in your liquidity strat in “MAX_INVESTMENT.

When the order is filled, you profit from the difference of your buy and sell orders.

If you have the taker side enabled and the Ask goes above break-even + GAIN setting, it sells the amount based on “TRADING_LIMIT” at the market price.

If you have the taker side enabled and the Bid goes below break-even, it posts a DCA order at the market price.

You can set the maximum capital you want to invest in base coin for each pair by using “MAX_INVESTMENT”: 200 (the amount is in base coin, for example, for USDC) in your config.js or the GUI by following this path, strategies / your strategy / MISC.

All the strategy settings are available as pairs override.

Gunthar suggested to set buy/sell disabled in config.js and only use the above settings to run a pure market maker.

This strategy applies to any Crypto Trading Spot Exchange supported by Gunbot.

You can also download the ready-made config with the Included Autoconfig setup file, provided for FREE on our Gunthy Marketplace by @boekenbox (PIM)

Joining the Gunbot Nash Liquidity Crypto Trading Competition is the greatest opportunity we have got so far.

Not just because of the prizes and the obvious trading gains but also because we have the opportunity to be part of and support 2 awesome crypto trading communities.

Nash “The Only Compliant Exchange with a Token” and Gunbot the Ultimate Crypto Trading bot.

Nash League Competition

Fast Forward to 2021, and the Nash League Crypto Trading Competition is on Season 2 already.

The Nash League Competition is all about Generating Volume, and the best way to win prizes is by joining a trading squad.

Needless to say, our Gunbot Squad Leader GuntharDeNiro will give back his earnings to the team, but not only that, he created and shared his own volume strategy.

Take a look at the new improvements made to the Nash League Season 2

  • Distribution of prizes inside the teams and in the solo competition will change to a proportional distribution, with each user’s volume raised to an exponent of 1.2
  • There will be a new level for every $10 million of volume generated.
  • Team players will now be counted in the solo competition and can win 2 prizes.
  • Each week, 1,000 NEX will be distributed proportionally to the top 100 new users.
  • The minimum team size is now 5 members.

How to Set the Gunbot Nash League Strategy in the GUI?

Here’s a shot showing the Nash League Tab and basic values.

gunbot GUI nash league settings

Alternatively, you can set the following parameters in your strategy section of the config.js file in Gunbot.

GAIN“: -1000

Nash League Competition Tips

Reminder: The Nash League Tournament is a “VOLUME” competition, not PNL only; be aware of that.

This means, the higher the volume you provide, the higher our team ranks.

You may lose money, so you should calculate how much you can afford to lose compared to the final reward you will get from them.

The Nash League strategy is a “taker” strategy.

  1. It is up to you to make a profit or not; set GAIN accordingly to your needs, if you set a negative GAIN, you provide volume only, and profit is not guaranteed.
  2. It is up to you to decide at what interval (in seconds) you want to provide volume: Set NASH_TIMER accordingly (120 seconds means your bot will perform a buy and a sell every 120 seconds, being a taker, you are going to pay fees on both)
  3. It is up to you to decide how much of your balance can be thrown at the competition. If you set $500 USDC, the bot will use a max of $500 USDC in buy orders.

With a TRADING_LIMIT of 200 dollars and without looking for GAIN, it will take you about 1 dollar for each buy/sell cycle, so do your maths and calculate how much you want to invest in this kind of competition.

This last point is not true anymore as with this latest build, we pay zero fees, but use it like you were paying trading fees to be on the safe side.

gunbot nash league season 2 competition

GuntharDeNiro Nash League Strategy

Set these parameters and values in your “Pair Override” section of your GUI or your config.js file if you want to use Gunthar’s strategy.

BUY_METHOD“: “gain”,
SELL_METHOD“: “gain”,
BUY_ENABLED“: false,
GAIN“: -1000,
TAKER_FEES“: true,
MAKER_FEES“: false

You can use 0 as the Exchange Delay value.

Remember: This is Not Trading Advice; trading is a Risky Business, Don’t trade with your food money.