How to Setup Your Gunthy Wallet and Exchange Easy

setup your gunthy wallet

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Here’s How to Setup Your Gunthy Wallet and Exchange the Easy Way

The license validation system of Gunbot is supported by blockchain technology and is tied-up to our very own utility, Token GUNTHY.

You will need to set up your ERC-20 compatible Wallet to be used as your license validator.

This Gunthy License System gives you the power to control and change your API keys whenever you want or feel necessary.

Your Gunthy Wallet with the number of tokens given to you based on your license type will get bonded with your API keys, thus becoming your Gunbot License.

Needless to say, from that moment on, it is your sole responsibility to keep and protect that information. You need to understand that a lost Gunthy wallet or API keys will invalidate your license.

How to Setup Your Gunthy Wallet and Exchange Step 1

Setup Your Gunthy Wallet

First, you need an Ethereum Wallet if you don’t have one already; in that case, you can use MyEtherWallet or Metamask and any other of your choice as long as it is compatible.

Add a custom token with this Contract address: 0x3684b581db1f94b721ee0022624329feb16ab653

Depending on the wallet software you use, it may ask you about the number of decimals to use for GUNTHY; if that’s your case, add “18” decimals of precision.

gunthy token contract address in metamask

That’s it! Now you got your wallet ready.

How to Setup Your Gunthy Wallet and Exchange Step 2

Exchange API

Your Next Step is to create an API key at the Exchange.

It would help if you had an API key so that Gunbot can connect to your account’s exchange and trade.

You can find the option to create your API keys on your account settings on your chosen exchange.

You will create 2 API keys; one is the Master Key with the Master Secret. This one is needed to run Gunbot, and you can use it only for your license if you chose to do so.

In that case, give it “Read Access.

The other one is your trading key with it’s secret, this one is the one you will use to trade, and you can give it access to trade and even withdrawal if you wish so, but I wouldn’t recommend playing a bit safer.

For some exchanges, you may need to create an additional passphrase; if that is your case, you will see the option in Gunbot to add your passphrase and your 2 API keys.

Note: As another safety layer, I will recommend using the IP whitelist option and making sure you block any other IP that’s not yours.

exchange API key created example

After that, add the API keys to Gunbot in the Exchange Section.

gunbot API key in exchanges section

How to Setup Your Gunthy Wallet and Exchange Step 3

Edit License or Swap Exchange

Depending on the type of license you got, you will be able to run 1,3, or 5 exchanges simultaneously, but you can “swap” or edit them for a new exchange you want to give a try.

For example, let’s say you bought a Gunbot Standard Edition and registered Binance, but now you see a coin you like on Kucoin, and you want to trade there.

In that case, you create a Kucoin API swap Binance for Kucoin, and now you are trading on Kucoin, you can do that as many times as you want and with any supported exchange.

Here are the guidelines to swap one exchange for another one:

Make sure the Gunbot core is running, without errors, on a registered API key.

Go to the Edit Exchange tab in the GUI, select the exchange, enter your new key, and save the changes.

In case you don’t see the form to update your keys, just hit F5 or click refresh the page in your browser.

After registering the new API key, you can use it as Master Key in your exchange settings.

You can also use the Edit Exchange (Swap Exchange) page on the GUI to update an already registered key for one of your exchanges.

You can Swap or Edit up to 5 exchanges based on your license type.

edit gunbot license in gui

If you want to generate a new key for an already registered exchange, follow the steps described above and overwrite the old key.

This is something you could do from time to time as an extra security measure.

Gunbot Licence Types and Gunthy Tokens Provided

There are 4 Basic Gunbot license types, everyone with a different price, feature, and gunthy token amount requirement are:

Starter: 200 Gunthy Tokens – You can run 1 exchange at a time and use 3 strategies

Standard: 500 Gunthy Tokens – You can run 1 exchange at a time and use any trading strategy

Pro: 750 Gunthy Tokens – You can run 3 exchanges at a time and use any trading strategy plus backtesting

Ultimate: 1250 Gunthy Tokens – You can run 5 exchanges at a time and use any trading strategy plus backtesting and Tradingview add-on

Note: These are the current Official amount of Gunthy tokens required and Included in the Promo Discount Prices.

Any change in token requirements is at the discretion of Gunthy LTD, and it will be updated accordingly on this page.

These Gunthy amounts are required to run the bot; if you sell those tokens, the bot will not run.

Lastly, I want to remind you that you can buy more tokens anytime and unlock new features like bitRage or Market Maker automatically.

I hope you got a better idea of How to Setup Your Gunthy Wallet and Exchange by now, and you enjoyed my basic explanation.

If you want a more detailed step by step guide and detailed information, please visit the Gunbot Wiki.

Needless to say, If you do not own Gunbot yet, you’re missing out; Get Gunbot Now! 🙂