How to Get Gunbot Help and Stay Away From Scammers

how to get gunbot help

Gunbot Help, Understanding Gunthy Telegram Groups Organization, a Guide to make the most out of your Gunbot License, and benefit from our Customer Support Structure.

How to get Real Gunbot Help

I have to confess, to gain insight on how Gunthy operates, you need to stay up to date, you leave those telegram rooms and come back only a month later, and I tell you, you will be lost again, is just nature and the speed of how Gunbot evolves.

In this article, you will learn about the most important steps you need to take in case you get lost and need some guidance.

Here is how the Gunthy Organization Works and all the value it offers to you as a lifetime customer

Let’s assume you bought your Gunbot License here from CryptoDROI; well, you can always come back and Contact-Me at any time, plus you will also be automatically included in the Gunbot School System.

But not only that, did you know that you can reply to the Zendesk email, and it will automatically create a support ticket?

Yes, that’s all you will need to do to open a support ticket and be assigned to one of our top team members to provide you with the support you need.

After you finish your Gunbot School Course, you will be given the links to the Gunthy Announcement Channel, The Gunthy Elite Group, and a special private group where the Gunbot School teachers will help you directly with any questions you may have.

But, What if you buy from another Gunbot Reseller that doesn’t offer the Gunbot School?

Well, in that case, your reseller will be your support; you will have to contact your reseller to help you with anything you need.

I would strongly suggest you ask your reseller to add you to the Gunthy Elite Room; even though it is not supposed to be a support group but you still can search for your question, or if you ask, I’m pretty sure any of our members would be willing to help, most of the times.

Now, the most extreme case. What if your reseller was Gunthar or even worst, what if is gone?

In that case, we have 2 of the Official Gunthy Staff members that will be happy to help you if you contact them directly on telegram; they are @NarKotix and @exquitas.

And to be sure, use the link provided in the Gunthy Official Reseller List; you can even verify if your reseller is real and authorized to sell Gunbot Licenses.

Never Ever give money to anybody asking you in exchange for Help, scammers are lurking in the chats and can target you if you asked for help.

And if you are contacted by any member claiming to be staff or looking like a staff member, please treat it as a scammer.

Staff members or admins will Never contact you first; you can even see it written in the about section of their profile.

Please be smart about this; if my profile says “Won’t PM You First,” why would I PM you? Does that make sense to you?

There’s no excuse; that should be the first red flag you see and treat that member as an impersonator, even if the name and avatar look like GuntharDeNiro.

Real Gunthar Profile on Telegram and How you should contact him by clicking on his user name and Read!

gunthar de niro official telegram profile

Gunbot Help – Official Gunthy Telegram Groups

You already know about the Gunthy Elite Group and the Announcement Channel, where you can download the latest beta releases if you choose so, but what are other community groups that you can be part of it?

1- The Gunthy VIP room, here is where our “bug busters” gather together and pick on every new build looking for some possible issue. Needless to say, this room is not for Learn how to use Gunbot; the members here are mostly checking for bugs or asking for a new feature to be added.

In case you are up for the challenge, you can ask your reseller to add you there; make sure to read the pinned message and use the required format to report your findings. This is to ensure that our developers see and understand your report.

2- The Gunthy Marketplace Group, to be part of this group, all you have to do is become a member of our Official Gunthy Marketplace site. This is our config market, where you can get mostly Free and some paid fine-tuned strategies, and these strategies are reviewed and tested by our top members before approval.

In your email from the marketplace, you can find the link to join the group; we can talk about any specific strategy shared.

Just keep in mind that Free strategies won’t get full-time support, so please be grateful to those developers providing you with a Money-Making Strategy for Free.

To use these pre-made strategies, there’s not much you will have to do as most are basically “plug-and-play,” just set your details, and you’re ready to go. Some you can just upload thru the Gunbot GUI.

The paid strategies have their own dedicated support system by the 3rd party developer on each case.

My word of advice:

Do Not Buy or Use any Strategy if is not Offered on the Gunthy Marketplace Official Website

3- The Gunthy Autoconfig Group is a group dedicated to our auto-config (AC) add-on here; you can read and ask about a specific filter you would like to customize to manage your config files dynamically.

To be part of any of the 3 groups mentioned above, all you have to do is, be a Gunbot Owner and ask your reseller to add you to it.

Now, let me explain to you when you can be part of these other gunthy groups if you need Gunbot Help, and you are qualified to join one of them.

Gunbot Help bitRage and Market Maker Groups

1- bitRage Official Group, as you may know, we have an arbitrage bot that you can unlock by just adding a gunthy token to your registered wallet. Once you reach the Top20 rank, your bitRage bot becomes available. Then you can ask your reseller to invite you to this group, where you will find the necessary information to run your bot.

2- Gunbot Special Group, this is also known as the bitRage beta room, similar to the Gunbot VIP, but dedicated to test and report bugs or features you would like to see added to bitRage, once you’re in the bitRage Official room to join the special is just your choice.

3- The Gunthy Market Makers Group, similar to bitRage, your Market Maker Bot will be enabled by rank as soon as you reach the Top10 on the ranking system, which is also accessible to you by just holding more Gunthy Tokens in your registered wallet.

In the Gunthy Market Makers group, you can learn all about the bot and how to use it, there is a lot of information about margin and futures trading strategies that will be available to you by just using the search feature on the room, and you can obviously ask any questions about the market maker bot there.

As alternative methods to get Gunbot Help, you could write in the BitcoinTalk thread, on the Gunbot Forum, or any of the Gunthy-Official Social Media sites, keep in mind that your questions there may take some time to be answered.

Consider that it would be harder for you to provide further info on any given error, as those platforms’ functionality for support is very limited.

Finally, don’t forget to read the Gunbot Wiki, as most of Gunbot’s features are very well explained there, and sometimes all it takes is to read the same subject a couple of times to understand fully.

The Gunthy Telegram groups are our main source of information and provide you with almost instant Gunbot Help in most cases, but don’t forget that your reseller or the new Gunbot School system is your first line of support always.

Gunbot Help How the Scammer Works

You must understand how the scammer works, so I will unmask the main method to know what to expect if you ever get contacted.

  1. First, He/She sees you asking for Gunbot Help, which makes you an easy target.
  2. Second He/She impersonates a respected member of our community and copy their telegram profile.
  3. Third You get contacted and offered help for a “small fee” or a “refundable deposit.”

cryptodroi impersonator on telegram

If you fall for it and send your hard-earned money to the scammer BTC address, you know it is gone, so please don’t ever send money to anybody asking for it. Gunbot resellers make money by selling licenses, not by robbing you for support.

Gunbot admins or resellers won’t charge you for help, no matter what.

The way to do it is “YOU” contact the admin or reseller first; if you’re not sure, go to the Official Gunbot Resellers page and click on their Telegram user name, that page is always up-to-date.

Besides, now you can type: /admins in the Gunthy Elite Room, and you will get the list of the Official Admins.

You can click on any admin user name there and contact him/her directly; in the message, you can read these quoted words exactly:

We will NEVER contact you first. In case of doubt: please forward any suspicious private message to this group and wait for public confirmation from a real group admin. We will never ask you for any amount of money in PM.

I do all in my power to Help any Gunbot user, so please, when in doubt, do not hesitate to contact me at any time, or just PM me directly on telegram @CryptoDROI

Finally, please, if you know any Gunbot Member who is looking for help or don’t understand how our system works, please send them to this article, or teach them what you have learned here, so they can also benefit from it.

Thanks in Advance, and I hope this Helps You too!

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