How Much Money Can You Make Trading with Gunbot

trading with gunbot

Trading with Gunbot, the Truth, Forget What You’ve Been Told, or Sold.

Do you want to know how much Bitcoin can you make trading with Gunbot?

Has someone ever tried to convince you to buy their trading strategy or bot that promises 10%, 20%, or even 30% profit every month?

Bitcoin is pumping, and you hear of traders with trading bots making millions in the crypto markets.

I’m sure you want to be one of them. And you’re looking for a way to escalate your trading game and multiply your gains faster.

Therefore you want to get your piece of the pie and start trading with Gunbot.

Gunbot is an Oustanding Automated Crypto Trading System, Easy, Efficient, Innovative, and Profitable.

But, the question arises…

How Much Money Can You Realy Make Trading with Gunbot?

And it is excellent because you want to make sure you get a return on your trading bot investment, so you’re willing to invest in Gunbot as long as you can make good money off of it.

Perfect! Let’s get down to it.

Trading with Gunbot Realistic Return

What is a realistic and achievable trading return?

The crypto trading industry wants you to believe that you can easily double your money every day, and even with a small account, you can generate substantial profits easily.

Is that doable? Well, it could be, but I would like you to look deeper and set what is real or possible for you specifically.

By being aware of this, you will plan your financial future in the crypto trading business.

It would help if you didn’t look at trading with Gunbot with a gambler’s mindset or a high-risk taker.

If you believe that your next whole Bitcoin is just a click away, you’re heading for a rude awakening.

There’s not, and never will be, a “One-click, Surefire, Lambo Maker” that is not true; whoever is selling you that is filling your brain with lies.

I want you to look at trading with Gunbot as your career and not with a “get rich quick mindset” any decent trader will recommend you that.

gunbot chart in a laptop

But, don’t get discouraged either; that’s what I’m here for, to guide you in the right direction and give you some key points so you can check where you are standing at this very moment in your trading journey.

It would be best if you didn’t compare yourself with others because many factors affect that, like your account size, risk appetite, risk management method, trading strategy, and so on, but more on that later, keep reading…

As a Gunbot Promoter and Reseller, this is a question I get asked often.

How Much are You Making with Gunbot?

Understandably, anybody would ask that question, especially looking for proof, but think about it…

If I or anybody wanted to lie to you, don’t you think we would also have a fake answer for that?

I mean, I’m in the trading business, and yet I get contacted every day (by pro’s) and asked to: Invest $500 and make $3000 a week. Realy? I mean, c’mon “Professional Trader” 🙂

And yes, they have proof with screenshots and paid video reviews; I feel sorry for them, but anyway…

It is ok to ask, but be aware of the unrealistic profits answer.

I will give you the formula you can use to calculate that and how “trading with Gunbot” will help you achieve a greater return.

No more second guesses, no more ridiculous projections, and no more illusions.

Trading with Gunbot Profit and Loss

What is more important, your risk to reward ratio or your winning rate?

Ok, let me elaborate on that. To keep it simple, I will use dollar amounts and use a basic trading strategy based on Stop Loss as your risk management choice.

Let’s look a reality here for a moment; a 100% winning rate on trading is unrealistic, so…

Even with a winning rate of 90% (that’s pushing it hard), if you lose $0.95 on every dollar, you will be losing.

Suppose your winning rate by itself is not accurate enough. What else can we calculate?

Your risk vs. reward approach, right?

As a rule of thumb, you want to risk 1 to make 2, which is awesome, but if you only win 20% of the time with that strategy, it won’t do you any good either.

Got the idea? You need both to calculate your expectancy, and that’s how you will determine your overall trading profitability.

Here’s the Formula for that if you want to do it manually


  • E= Your Expectancy
  • W= Your Average Winning Trades
  • L= Your Average Losing Trades
  • P= Your Win Percentage Ratio

But you don’t have to worry about that math problem because Gunbot does that for you too, all you have to do is check your Profits and Loss tab in the GUI.

Example of Gunbot PNL Analysis Feature

gunbot profit and loss example

As you can see, your average expectancy Percentage is your Profit/Loss Ratio value.

You got one key point down; keep reading…

Trading with Gunbot Big Risk Higher Return

What’s wrong with that statement? Well, obviously, the big risk is losing your whole wallet in one shot.

While there’s virtually no risk on Spot Trading, meaning you won’t lose until you sell, the same can not be said for Margin or Futures Trading.

Also, keep in mind that you could be hodling for years if the coin dips and you didn’t sell it out.

That’s why I want to make sure you understand how to edit the balance settings for your strategy and do it wisely.

Gunbot Strategy Balance Settings (Trading Limit)

  • Trading Limit: How much you want to risk per trade. Here you set your desired trading amount. Note that this setting will apply to each pair using that strategy (Not Your Total Balance)
  • Trading Limit Percentage: Use this if you want to trade a percentage of your total Base coin balance. This setting will override your Trading Limit value if you have any.
  • Trading Limit All-In: Flipping this switch will trade your whole wallet at one and will override the Trading Limit and The trading Limit Values.

My recommendation is that you Trade with less than 10% of your capital and risk less than 1% per trade.

Because this will help you keep the fluctuations in your trading account at a minimum, therefore it will allow you to endure losing streaks without losing your whole account in one shot.

Although I understand you may be tempted, especially when you see your average expectancy showing you a high percentage, your question will be.

What if I go All-In with my trading limit?

Don’t do it, and you really won’t have to, because now I will tell you how to trade more to win more with Gunbot

Trading with Gunbot High Frequency

gunbot trading frequency in gui

Yes, the frequency of your trades matter, and big time. Because even if your expectancy and your win rate are high, it won’t do you much good if you trade once a week.

Still not bad, but remember, you want that “Make Money Trading with Gunbot Experience,” and you will get it by making several winning trades a day.

Gunbot is the perfect tool for that; it doesn’t’ matter if you’re sleeping or in the grocery store. If the bot is on, and your conditions are present in the market, you don’t have to worry cause you know Gunbot is firing those trades.

Now you can see why it is not so easy to answer the question. How much money can you make trading with Gunbot? Because there are so many factors that can give you different outcomes.

And I even left your account size and compounding choice out of the equation, which is definitely the other 2 major players.

So the real question should be: Is Gunbot Profitable? To that, I say Hell, Yeah! It is. Get your Copy so you can profit too.

But let me summarize and finish this article. With all the variables, you can check if you got Gunbot already and want to have a good idea of your personal profits.

Trading with Gunbot Potential Earnings

Use this information to tackle any weak point you may see in your trading performance or celebrate my congrats’ truthfully, if all is good.

  • Trading expectancy: What Gunbot shows you as your Profit and Loss average percentage.
  • Trading Limit: The amount you’re willing to risk per trade.
  • Trading frequency: Check how many trades Gunbot does for you per day/week/month…
  • Withdrawals: Are you taking some money out, or you keep compounding? Both answers are fine; it all depends on your goals or needs.
  • Your Total Capital: This is the main thing you want to see growing every day!

Take your Trading expectancy, multiply it by your Trading Limit and your Trading Frequency.

For example, let’s say your average expectancy per trade is 0.01, your trading limit is $100, and you’re making 300 trades a day, then you can expect to make $300 on average for that day.

Now you have an objective and real measure of how much money you can make trading with Gunbot.

A real trading tool to help you maximize your profits and minimize your risks on any market condition throughout different crypto exchanges.

Please understand, this is not trading advice, and there are no guarantees in the crypto trading business, only possibilities, and probabilities.

Trading and profiting with Gunbot is an incremental process that requires discipline and consistency to succeed.

But, if you really want to become a consistently profitable trader, trading with Gunbot will help you achieve your Goal.

gunthy exchange and gunbot mobile app

And soon, you will be able to trade with Gunbot in Forex, so stay tuned…