Gunthy Gunbot Token and Crypto Exchange Bonus


Gunthy GmbH is the Company behind Gunbot, bitRage, Market Makers, Gunthy-Token, and Gunthy-Exchange.

Gunthy, as a whole system, represents the total value of our community, starting with Gunbot’s customer-based rapid development approach, followed by bitRage with its arbitrage operations capability and Market Maker as liquidation provider.

Next, our utility token system’s birth is pegged to our crypto trading bot license and our own Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Gunthy LTD was first Registered and Incorporated as a Private Limited Company on May 21, 2018.

As of 19.05.2021 GUNTHY GmbH is registered in Switzerland as a Limited Liability Company. You can check the company info here.

Introducing the Gunthy-Token

Gunthy-coin is an ERC-20 Token, the technical standard used basically like a smart contract that uses the Ethereum blockchain. Our tokens can be bought, sold, or traded.

‘ERC20’, ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comments, and 20 stands for a unique ID number to distinguish this standard from others.

GUNTHY-TOKEN Monetizes Gunbot Licenses.

As a Gunbot user, you will receive “GUNTHY” for your licensed Gunbot copy.

Your wallet address, combined with the needed airdropped amount of tokens, becomes your Gunbot license key.

After you’ve registered your wallet address, you will receive the required amount of tokens according to your license type. Holding these tokens in your wallet is mandatory for Gunbot to run.

The Famous Andreas Antonopoulos slogan: “Your keys, your Bitcoin. Not your keys, not your Bitcoin.” definitely applies to gunthy-token hodlers.

These are the required amounts per license: Starter: 400, Standard: 1000, Pro: 1500, Ultimate: 2500. These are the default amounts based on the regular product price.

These amounts will be different if a product sale or special offer like the one we’re promoting now in my Official Gunbot Reseller Shop.

You can also Unlock bitRage and the Market Makers bot by adding more Gunthies to Your Wallet.

The Upgrade System is Automatic, and you can run either bot as long as you keep the required amount of Gunthies in your wallet.

There is a spreadsheet where you can estimate the required amount. At this moment, around 12k is needed to run bitRage and about 25K for Market Maker.

You can also see your rank in the Gunbot core console once you run the bot.

The Revolutionary Gunthy-Token

gunthy token

Download the Gunthy-Token White Paper

GUNTHY-TOKEN is not a security. Holders do not receive shares from our products. You can buy and sell Gunbot using GUNTHY-TOKEN, then perform one-time API key activation through an authorized reseller.

GUNTHY-TOKEN is currently tradeable on all ERC-20 DEXs and at least one high-volume exchange and submitted as an ERC-20 token to all Gunbot-supported as well as 136 other crypto-exchanges.

Gunbot already has value as software, but with the new token system addition, we now have an extra monetary value that grows with market demands.

As the software expands to more platforms, algorithms, strategies, and exchanges, its value will continuously grow.

Gunthies are simple, straightforward, and market-ready!

You can use your Gunbot License to trade in 136+ Crypto Exchanges, and if at any moment you decide to stop your trading activities or you need money fast due to an emergency, you can sell your tokens at the market price.

You can still buy more Tokens later on, and your license will always be valid.

In case you want to take advantage of bitRage, the Market makers bot, or any other added feature, buy more Gunthies, and you’re ready to go.

What are the Benefits of the Gunthy Token?

Our utility token is used to validate and unlock features of the Gunbot software applying decentralized blockchain technology. Look at it this way: Your Gunthy Wallet Address is your License Serial number.

You can install and run the program on different devices simultaneously, but only you, in this case, are the single authorized user who owns that specific license.

What Can You Do With the Gunthy Token?

Here are the 5 Main Benefits of the Gunthy Token

  1. Decentralized Licensing System: The main purpose of the token is to be used as our Gunbot License validator. Instead of relying on a “server validation system,” we can use our Gunthy Wallet address as our license authenticator.
  2. Easy API Key Management: This system makes it possible to “swap” our registered API keys from one exchange to another. This was impossible for a user to do before the new Gunbot license editing system. Now you can “swap” or “edit” your license on the fly in the Gunbot GUI.
  3. Added Monetary Value: As the token price grows, your Gunbot license with be worth more than when you bought it. You could also sell your Gunthies on the exchanges in case of an emergency, and you need cash fast.
  4. License Upgrades: You can upgrade from the Gunbot Standard to Pro or Gunbot Ultimate by just increasing your token holdings. The software will check automatically for the current token balance that you hold in your registered wallet and unlock different features and license tiers based on the amount of Gunthy tokens you hold in that wallet. (This is Not Possible to do with a Gunbot Starter License)
  5. Fine-Tuned Strategies: You can buy 3rd party Gunbot add-on strategies like (ARS) Anti Reckt Strategy and many others, developed by Gunbot advanced users and offered on the Gunbot Config Marketplace. (Note that most Gunbot Strategies on the Marketplace are Free)

There is a 399,973,905.49253 total tokens supply. You can check the address 0x3684b581db1f94b721ee0022624329feb16ab653 on Etherscan.

Remember: There was no Initial Coin Offer (ICO) nor claims to be a security or a high volume speculative asset; Gunthy-Token is simply a utility token with a real use for the Gunbot community.

You can earn Tokens by participating in the monthly Gunbot trading tournaments, and if you’re an avid user, you can gain bug hunting rewards testing beta builds. Other “paid tasks” may become available soon, so stay tuned…

GUNTHY-EXCHANGE, Our Cryptocurrency Exchange

gunthy exchange trading chart screenshot

Visit Gunthy-Exchange and Register Your New Account

The Exchange is just getting started, mostly used by the Gunbot community at this moment, and based on the idea of offering special conditions for holders and Gunbot license owners.

Gunthar’s vision is to make it the first community-owned crypto exchange.

The New Exchange now has our Token listed as Base Coin, allowing us to trade our coin against the best currencies and a liquidity market with over 300 new alt-coins pairs.

Featuring Perpetuals, Margin, and Futures Trading with the cooperation and investment of one of the best liquidity providers in the crypto industry, the well-known and trusted Binance Exchange.

We Now have a proprietary platform secured, with insured capital without depending anymore on third parties.

How You Benefit from Trading at Gunthy-Exchange

7 Reasons Why You Should Trade at Our Exchange Now

  1. You can Trade using Innovative Features and Order Types.
  2. You can Study Coin Prices and Market Trends with more than 60 Technical Analysis (TA) indicators.
  3. You can Watch your Trades and the Crypto Markets on fully responsive charts.
  4. You can check the price of your favorite crypto pairs by setting up alerts.
  5. You can Create unlimited Watchlists with your preferred pairs.
  6. You can Examine your account history with complete transparency.
  7. You can Securely withdraw your crypto.

The Exchange is Now Open, accepting New Registrations and Trading GUNTHY-BTC with our Token as Base Coin vs. Bitcoin.

As a BONUS for GUNBOT Owners, all Licenses Include Beaxy, Txbit, and GUNTHY-EXCHANGE as Extra Exchanges for You to Trade without consuming an additional API slot.

Your bot can trade on the 3 Exchanges mentioned above at NO Extra cost. No upgrade or API slot swap is needed.

Gunthy Mex Gunbot Binance Broker Exchange

gunthy mex exchange USDT BTC chart

What is, and how can you take advantage of it?

Gunbot is a proud partner of the Binance Broker Program, the most powerful crypto trading service solution that gives the Gunbot community the ability to leverage all the liquidity and market depth from Binance Products.

What is the Binance Broker Partner Program?

The Binance broker partners program provides digital asset trading services for global users via API.

As brokers Gunbot Exchange ( can provide matching services, account management, and settlement systems to all our users and be covered by Binances’ SAFU policy.

So we can fully focus on other aspects of business development while receiving profit-sharing on trading fees by leveraging Binance’s liquidity and market depth.

What’s in it for you as a Gunbot user?

We share these profits with the winners of the Gunbot Trading Competitions. Cool Right? So not only your profit from trading itself but you are also rewarded for being the best trader.

The Binance Broker Partner program has open the doors of opportunity for new crypto entrepreneurs and further expose the public to crypto.

What Gunthy Mex Have to Offer You?

  • You can trade on Spot and Margin on more than 800 spot trading pairs, take advantage of Binance’s premium trading experience, listing quality, top liquidity, and market depth at the lowest cost in the industry.
  • The ability to use 10x Margin Leverage and up to 125x on Futures helping you to leverage bigger profits and reducing risks. So you can create a complete futures trading system.
  • Earn more with the Binance Liquid Swap (BSwap). Enjoy low fees, become a Market Maker by adding tokens to the pool you can earn interest, and share the transaction fees.
  • Binance Savings: Are you a Hodler? Not a problem. You can receive substantial benefits from your idle assets. Choose from 3 different passive earning styles, Flexible, Fixed, and High Risk.

All these benefits and more are extended to all Gunthy Mex users thanks to our Binance Broker Exchange Partnership.

Gunthy Exchange Guidelines

These guidelines apply to Gunthy Exchange, Mex.Gunthy, and Futures.Gunthy

KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure at Gunthy exchanges is now effective (KYC is mandatory), so all users that need to deposit or withdraw funds must complete their Gunthy KYC.

Gunthy KYC Requirements: A complete KYC to allow you trading, deposit, and withdrawals from the exchanges includes email verification, phone verification, and valid document id verification with clear images from its front and back.

Gunthy Exchange Support: For all your support requests, you need to open a support ticket at You can also click on the link from the exchanges navigation menu.

Would you please allow a minimum of 6hrs for your solution? After that, you can contact Gunthar directly on telegram, provide him your exchange UID, and he will look into your case personally.

Note: You’re doing KYC directly with Gunthy (not Binance), and there are no limitations about countries allowed at Gunthy exchanges. Binance limits are not applied to Gunthy brokerage.

Binance has a huge influence on the crypto market, a unique advantage for all Binance Broker program participants.

It is important for our customers that their funds will work and profit in a new trading platform. Therefore, liquidity is one of the key benefits of the Binance broker program, and Gunbot users can capitalize on it.

Grab your license. Get Gunbot Now, and Enjoy the Crypto Trading bot!

thank you for your business from cryptodroi