Gunbot vs Trality Tools to Boost Your Crypto Gains

gunbot vs trality

Gunbot vs Trality Get the Right Tools for Your Automated Crypto Trading

Automated crypto trading software means you can learn to trade professionally without years of manual analysis. Check out Gunbot vs Trality review.

Crypto trading bots are all the rage right now, and I’m not surprised. With thousands of people trading every day and new investors joining every second, many crypto traders struggle to find the time and energy to keep up with the markets.

Investing in a trading bot can be a great way to help you relax, focus on other projects, or provide some passive income, but which one should you go for?

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly one of the leading solutions in the fintech space. Its trading system is an investment vehicle that allows you to trade crypto assets and make money by taking advantage of the market’s price fluctuations.

The crypto market brought several solutions — crypto trading bots. The crypto market often requires that trades be conducted at odd hours, over long distances, and in large volumes.

A crypto trading bot comfortably solves issues like these to ensure traders are always on the profitable side.

Crypto Bots

crypto bots profitability

Crypto automated trading software— bots use algorithms to dictate the timing, pricing, and order types to be initiated automatically.

An automated crypto bot ensures that you do not miss out on profitable trades and that these trades are closed on profits.

In addition, working with a preferred custom strategy, crypto bots pro-actively seek out the best trades. These features remove much of the hassle that comes with manual trading.

These trading bots oppose the need for human traders to be actively sitting on their computers 24/7. Instead, using the right bot, you get to modify the technical parameters and adjust lot sizes, risk parameters, stop losses and take profits.

It also allows you to buy and sell across many markets and time frames. Entirely unaffected by psychological elements, these bots perform more trades per market than you would be capable of.

A crypto bot is the best way to make money in the market; you can earn daily trades with steady growth at minimal risk.

Now, with the mainstream adoption of these bots, how do you know which one to employ?

Factors such as automated stop-loss functions, backtests or historical data, flexibility to the existing exchange market, and optimized pre-made setting, so you don’t have to spend time customizing —should at least be present in your bots.

Trality and Gunbot are two popular bots with distinct features; they are both practical, safe, and make steady profits. This piece will fill you in on the characteristics of these popular bots and also state their differences.

This blog compares the features, benefits, and drawbacks of Gunbot vs Trality to give you a better idea of which bot is more suitable for your needs.

Are you confused about which automated trading software you should use to buy and sell cryptocurrencies?

Which one is the best for your particular needs? Each bot has its strengths, and I will help you decide which one may be best for you.

Gunbot vs Trality — Overview

gunbot vs trality overview


As stated on their official website, Trality is a platform basically for anyone who wants to profit from the detailed algorithmic trading having access to their community-driven ecosystem that promotes learning and development as a trader —without giving up their day job.

Founded in 2019 by Moritz Putzhammer and Christopher Helf in response to the fluctuating crypto market— the bot has become one of the best bots for bringing algorithmic trading to beginner and advanced crypto traders.

Trality is a cloud built crypto that allows bots to be created from scratch, backtested, and utilized in one interface. The platform doesn’t require any additional local installation.

You can comfortably set it to 24/7 mode without managing the server yourself, leaving no space missing trade.

The Vienna-based platform balances its features for both casual and advanced traders. In addition, it essentially makes the venue easily accessible to python gurus and other traders with coding experience.

Let’s look into its features.

Trality Features

Trality is the first cloud-based Python Bot Code Editor, which features a state-of-the-art Python API, a debugger, and end-to-end encryption.

Taking a broader look at its key features

Rule Builder

The rule builder was designed for those who don’t know how to code. This easy-to-use and straightforward user interface let you customize your trading strategies by dragging and dropping indicators and your system.

Here, you can tailor your trading ideas into profitable strategies and hone them to your taste.

Rule Builder helps create resilient bots and arrange them using boolean logic. Likewise, it allows you to build upon predetermined trading strategies and choose from over 100 technical indicators.

This section has creator tools and video tutorials on algorithmic trading to help you step up your rule-building game. Also, you can transform your rule-based bots into Python code automatically.

Code editor

Advanced traders with coding experience are provided with Trality Code Editor to bring their most advanced trading ideas to life using many tools and features like in-browser debugging and in-browser backtesting.

With this feature, you get to code your algorithmic trading strategies using Python, access financial data with available PI, and access a complete set of technical analysis indicators.

Backtesting and paper trading

The backtesting and paper trading features allow users to Backtest their strategy with historical data. Backtesting enables you to test your algorithms before using them in a live market.

Paper trading allows you to check how it performs without using real money.

This tool is quite flexible as it allows you to choose from many data and time frames to simulate against the algorithm.

Furthermore, the backtested strategy can also be recorded, allowing users to return to the most profitable settings.

Gunbot Overview and Features

gunbot features overview

GunBot is a popularly known cryptocurrency trading bot utilizing individual strategies that are wholly customizable to fit your trading style.

Gunbot is a locally hosted platform; you have to install the software on your computer. It supports macOS, Windows, Linux, and ARM if you want to use it in your Raspberry Pi.

Launched in late 2016 by Gunthy, Gunbot is one of the oldest and reliable crypto trading bots. Raking thousands daily active traders using the bot with increasing exponential growth.

Gunbot is often a highly flexible and efficient trading bot, offering good automated features worth the money. For example, it has no restriction on the number of coin pairs to be traded.

Also, it offers more than 15 pre-made strategies, including Bollinger Bands, TSSL, Gain, Stepgain, Ping Pong, Ichimoku, Emotionless, etc. These strategies can also be modified into the user’s trading preferences and create your system.

Gunbot Addons

Powerful Addons is another unique feature of Gunbot — TradingView Addon is a powerful Addon that steps up your algorithmic trading game.

With this powerful feature, you can set your bot to execute buy and sell orders from You only need to select a tested script, and the bot will check for buy/sell signals in your email at 2secs intervals.

With this method, the trading signals will be executed 24/7 on autopilot at a much quicker rate than any human trader, regardless of whether you’re working, traveling, sleeping, or simply away from your computer.

Backtesting addon

The backtesting addon is another extra feature that embodies all the available options on Gunbot. It allows you to feel what live trading is without risking your real money. The backtesting tool can be installed from the trading view as a script.

Among several unique features of Gunbot is the Telegram bot offering comprehensive trading records made via Gunbot.

Rebalancing and Trailing

Gunbot can be customized to ignore small holdings below the required trade size. Its fund’s reserve features allow users traders to keep an exact amount of base coin reserved, which you can automatically withdraw profits.

Trailing prevents a too-soon buy/sell order by optimizing entry- or exit points. You can use the Gunbot trailing feature with several trading orders, and trading methods.

Gunbot vs Trality — Review

This review will give you broad strokes on several essential features to traders. These features include reputation—reliability, ease of use, pricing, and supported exchanges.

Crypto Bot Reputation

The reliability of a platform is usually the first thing traders ask before venturing into a crypto bot. “Do they have any reputation?” “Are they reliable?”

This feature is absolutely a critical aspect to consider and begin with when you’re looking out for a bot to use.

Trality security and reputation

Founded in 2018, Trality has not recorded any security breach, nor has users’ data been recorded lost.

Trality appears to have a reputation amid cryptocurrency traders from reviews littered online by its users. The reviews from users are all positive —as they often speak well of the platform.

This Austrian bot has proven trustworthy for managing crypto assets as seen online by its users. A lot of innovations like rebalancing seem to be coming soon.

Security-wise, Trality doesn’t seem to have access to user assets; only bots send trading signals to exchanges are permitted to.

Automatically, API critical connections won’t work if withdrawal rights are enabled. Trality also employs end-to-end encryption with user algorithms and strategies, so you can rest assured you’re safe.

Gunbot Security and Reputation

Gunbot was created in December 2016 by trader Gunthar De Niro to build an easy-to-use bot yet featuring advanced features in mind; Gunbot has attracted thousands of users.

Since the platform is locally hosted, it limits exposing users’ data. Also, it has a limited number of API permissions, preventing malicious withdrawals.

Gunbot has proven its reliability over the years. It has successfully retained its security, sustainability, and user in mind.

Gunbot vs Trality — Pricing

Sometimes, the pricing of a platform determines whether or not traders will go for it. If the price doesn’t match the features it offers, many traders exit asap. Let’s examine the pricing model of these two platforms.

Trality Subscription Prices

trality prices

Trality has many pricing plans suitable for all levels of traders. They offer a free trial to test and check out the platform before going for a paid package.

Annual plans help you save 20%, and the subscriptions come in three tiers using Chess pieces as plan titles.

Pawn (Free)

  • The trading volume of €5,000
  • 60minutes —this is the lowest tick interval for this plan
  • One live bot and one virtual bot
  • Unlimited backtests
  • 1-week log retained

Knight (€9.99)

  • The trading volume of €25,000
  • 60minutes tick interval
  • Two live and two virtual bots
  • Unlimited backtests
  • One month of logs retained

Rook (€39.99)

  • The trading volume of €250,000
  • 5minutes tick interval
  • Five live and five virtual bots
  • Unlimited backtests
  • Six months of logs retained

Queen (€59.99)

  • Unlimited trading volume
  • 1minute tick interval
  • Ten live and ten virtual bots
  • Unlimited backtests
  • Unlimited logs retention

Gunbot One Time Prices

A unique thing about Gunbot licenses is that you only purchase them once — with subsequent free updates.

The plans vary in prices and features; the higher the price, the more access you’ll get to professional trading features.

You can make Gunbot’s payments in Bitcoin, PayPal, over 300 altcoins, and it has a few different plans ranging from $99 for Gunbot ONE to 0.0175BTC for the Ultimate package.

Other plans are the Standard plan which goes for 0.0075BTC, and the Pro plan for 0.01052BTC.

The Gunbot ONE standalone plan has valuable features for the price.

Included in the ONE Edition is a one-time payment, and you can trade on one exchange with one pair and includes one strategy ready for you to start buying and selling.

Suppose you choose one of the three other available plans. In that case, you will experience a fully-fledged bot with loads of functionality, including the Pro plan adding backtesting capabilities and the Ultimate with its Tradingview addon and your choice to create custom strategies.

Gunbot vs Trality — Ease of use

Trality Usability

The Trality bot is pretty simple to get by; all you need is to sign up on the site and verify your identity via their standard verification email.

The platform introduces new users to build custom bots with several video tutorials, with tools on the Code Editor and Rule Builder.

The settings menu allows users to connect exchange accounts with relevant API keys necessary for live trading.

Trading accounts, market conditions, and configuration determine a bot’s performance — meaning custom strategies are needed to be created with educated research.

Trality is designed to accommodate diverse traders, from those with coding experience in Python to casual traders who have limited knowledge of the working principles of a bot.

The Help pages and documentation are available for smooth guidance upon registration.

Gunbot Usability

Once you have selected your preferred plan and exchange, it is very straightforward.

Download the software, install and launch, input your login details and set up your API keys for the crypto exchanges you want GunBot to work on.

Create your trading strategy by either choosing a predetermined method or you can tweak the parameters to your taste and selecting your preferred trading pairs to trade.

Then GunBot starts trading based on your settings 24/7. GunBot has several soothing trading features to take advantage of.

Note: The Gunbot school will guide you on every step you need to take with your new bot (minus Gunbot ONE)

Gunbot vs Trality Supported exchanges

Trality Crypto Exchanges

After the Trality bot has been successfully tested and deployed for live trading, the bot is only compatible with four exchanges. Their trade-ability is limited compared to Gunbot.

Their major cryptocurrency exchanges are:

  1. Binance
  2. Bitpanda
  3. Coinbase Pro
  4. Kraken

Gunbot Supported Exchanges

Gunbot has the highest number of supported exchanges, with over 100 crypto exchanges for both spot and margin trading.

Some of the major exchanges supported by Gunbot are, Huobi, Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, Bitfinex, KuCoin, CEX.IO, Poloniex, Coinbase Pro, Bitmex, FTX, and many more.

There is an unlimited number of trading pairs you can use in Gunbot.

Gunbot vs Trality — Conclusion

With the invention of automated trading software, anyone can make money from the rise and fall of cryptocurrency prices without needing an expert.

Automating your trades can reduce the risk and stress involved in crypto trading.

While it is possible to conduct trades without automated crypto bots, essentially, all investors trading in the crypto market rely on some quality trading/analysis software.

Crypto bots open the doors to diverse traders and enable them to do profitable 24/7 trading.

Trality seems to be an excellent automated trading bot with affordable pricing, excellent customer support, and many upcoming features.

However, Gunbot has built its reputation over the years —a plethora of critical features at affordable prices— Gunbot seems to be the go-to platform.

When it comes to trading, the market is a cruel place and can quickly get the better of you. Having a tool that can make the process easy and hassle-free separates the pro traders from the rookies.

If you’re looking for the best trading tools, look no further. Get Gunbot ONE Right Now for just $99, so you can start profiting from the crypto market in automatic.

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