Gunbot vs TradeSanta Crypto Trading Bots Comparison

gunbot vs tradesanta comparison

Gunbot vs TradeSanta Compared Which Crypto Trading Bot is Right For You

Gunbot vs TradeSanta Review. Learn how the two crypto trading bot platforms compare and find out. Which is better for your crypto trading strategy? Which one should you invest in, and why?

Investors in the cryptocurrency market face many challenges. Some of them include slow reaction time to price changes and the inability to react fast enough to make the perfect trade.

Because cryptocurrency markets have become so intensely competitive, traders can’t devote as much time to trading as they would like. Even if you could, doing so would involve monitoring global cryptocurrency exchanges around the clock.

In this prevailing crypto time, you are almost numb from sitting at your computer for hours on end, only to find that your tedious crypto trading is in the red. There are great traders; however, no matter how smart or sophisticated they are, they are bound to make mistakes.

Whether you enter the wrong size on a trade or place a buy order where a sell order should have been, you can automatically assume that there will be errors when a human is tasked with executing a trading strategy.

This is a significant hindrance in making steady profits in the crypto markets.

Cryptocurrency trading is proven profitable and easy to use so that the average person can make a constant income. Opening your trading account, funding it, and completing your trades is considered easy by most. Crypto trading does not require a significant capital investment, so this is not a limiting factor.

The challenge arises when you start trading and expect to see unchanged profits. So, why is it getting precarious?

The answer lies in the limitations of manual trading. The limitations inherent in manual systems make the average enthusiastic trader frustrated with crypto trading – that is until they find bots.

When you talk about a human trader, you should automatically take human error into account. With the human feel, traders can walk “into the zone” and get a feel for the market. In these times, you can enter and exit the market with more inaccurate prices than a robot because you’re trading based on your emotions.

Emotions often set in while trading, and factors like Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), inaccurate stop loss, or take profit, add up to reducing your overall profits.

Crypto bots monitor the market 24/7 and perform automatic trades based on strategies and authenticated controls set by you, which means that crypto trading bots can help eliminate human emotions, at least to a certain degree.

Crypto trading bots are clear of human emotions, and they usually come in different types depending on the one you’re buying. There are many automated bots out there, and their features range from executing orders, social trading, copy trading, etc.

It’s essential to know the nooks and crannies of a bot before going for it. This article will explain the differences between two automated trading platforms (Gunbot and TradeSanta) to help you in the process of scouting for the best suited for your crypto needs.

In this Gunbot vs TradeSanta comparison, their features will be explicitly stated to help you choose the ideal platform for your trading plan, so you can save time from research and use it to refine your bot instead.

Gunbot vs TradeSanta – Overview

gunbot vs tradesanta overview


TradeSanta is a cloud-based crypto trading software that allows you to benefit from the crypto market’s price movements and take advantage of the cryptocurrency market fluctuations. Like other cryptos automated software, Tradesanta removes human emotions and the need to trade manually and automates them instead.

The British Virgin Islands-based company was launched in the last quarter of 2018 and has been reliable since then. The platform aims to make automated crypto trading accessible to everyone and provide the gateway for novice and experienced traders to make steady profits in the booming crypto market.

TradeSanta has introduced the concept of automated trading to thousands of digital currency owners.

TradeSanta offers many features, which are going to be discussed below. Aside from its 24/7 access to the crypto market, it provides trading varieties, such as executing basic order types and an automated bot that can implement more advanced strategies.

In addition, this platform allows its users to create as several distinct trading bots as they want to scale their trading.

The platform has a smooth user interface providing a dashboard with a balance chart that enables you to track your trading details, exchange rates, and other relevant information.

As stated on its website, TradeSanta currently has more than 124,000 active users, with around 26,700 active bot users.

The platform presently supports eight exchanges. TradeSanta supported exchanges are Binance, Binance.US, Binance Futures, Upbit, Huobi, OKEX, HitBTC, and Coinbase Pro.


Gunbot is a fully programmed day trading bot that gives you access to trade the crypto markets automatedly. With its extensive compatibility with several cryptocurrency exchanges, Gunbot is regarded as one of the best crypto trading bots in the industry. The platform was designed with the average trader in mind to benefit from using the software.

Distinctively, Gunbot is a software-based platform—you have to install and set up, rather than a cloud service that you can connect to through your browser, standard with other bots. Gunbot runs on your local computer or your server exceptionally well, and it is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and ARM.

Furthermore, Gunbot offers you premade strategies included with your lifetime trading software. There’s a vast community of traders that constantly give (wholehearted) tech support and crypto information.

From the Gunthy team, you’ll get daily updates, access to private chats, and you can benefit from direct contact with the creators of the bot, as well as sharing trading strategies and experiences with your fellow Gunbot users.

Gunbot comes very handily, and it is easy to use. The platform offers 24/7 trading time and enables you to trade unlimited currency pairs. With its customizable features, you get to select and edit your trading strategies with ease, then relax and enjoy your bot trades.

Gunbot vs TradeSanta – Features

gunbot vs tradesanta features

Both Gunbot and TradeSanta are cryptocurrency bots that are creating a buzz in the crypto trading space. Like most other crypto bots on the market, these software programs have distinct features along with plus and minus points.

It would be wise for you to know what you want in a bot and compare the various components of both products before deciding to make your purchase.

Security is a must! The first thing you want to look at for any crypto trader software is how safe a platform is. You don’t want to invest in a bot that collects your credentials and cannot keep them safe.

Let’s look at Gunbot vs TradeSanta in regards to security features.

TradeSanta Features

With over 12,000 active trading bots, TradeSanta provides Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) security and offers API support without any withdrawal permissions. TradeSanta has direct access and rights to users’ account credentials with crypto exchanges as a cloud-based bot.

However, connecting to APIs, the anonymous-root platform states that they do not access users’ funds. To keep your security up, you should not enable withdrawal through the API key.

Gunbot Features

With over 15,000 users doing well. The software-based platform is locally hosted on the users’ computer eliminating the risk of credentials theft. With this, you can be sure that your data is safe and secure.

In addition, Gunbot has reduced API permissions, which eliminates malicious theft and ensures the security of withdrawals.

Again, you should never withdraw funds thru any bot, and “whitelist” your IP on the exchange, so your bot is the only one allowed to access the exchange’s API.

Gunbot vs TradeSanta – Pricing

TradeSanta Subscripton Prices

tradesanta subscription prices

At this moment, Tradesanta offers three (3) subscription plans, including a Basic plan, Advanced plan, and Maximum plan—allowing all new users to enjoy a 3-day FREE trial of their Maximum trading package.

The subscription plans have a fixed annual or monthly payment price, and you can make payments in BTC, ETH (ERC20), USDT (OMNI), USDT20 (ERC20), USDT (TRC20), BUSD (ERC20), USDC (ERC20). Now we will be looking at each tier and what they offer.


The basic plan is the cheapest, and it is often purchased by beginners that want to give the platform a try. It costs $14 per month (when purchased annually), and it offers:

  • Up to 49 bots
  • Unlimited number of pairs
  • All the available strategies
  • Telegram-notifications


This plan costs $20/month (when purchased annually) and has everything the Basic plan has plus upgraded features like:

  • Up to 99 bots
  • Unlimited number of pairs
  • All strategies
  • Telegram-notifications
  • Trailing Take Profit feature
  • TradingView signals for Binance, Coinbase Pro, Huobi and HitBT


The Maximum plan is their supreme package, which costs $30 per month (when purchased annually), and it includes:

  • Unlimited number of bots
  • Unlimited number of pairs
  • All strategies
  • Telegram-notifications
  • Unlimited trading volume
  • Trailing Take Profit TradingView signals for Binance, Coinbase Pro, Huobi and HitBTC
  • Custom TradingView signals
  • Binance Futures

Gunbot Lifetime Prices

Unlike Tradesanta and other major crypto bots in the market, Gunbot’s packages only go for a one-off payment to access the platform and the tier’s features. The platform offers four (4) license versions: Starter, Standard, Pro, and Ultimate.

Gunbot is made available to its users via resellers; there are many authorized resellers out there, including me 🙂 so, make sure you verify who you are buying from here and go for one that offers lifetime support through the Gunbot School –a Gunthy Official program.

Payments are majorly made by cryptocurrencies (BTC and over 300 altcoins), but you also have the choice to use PayPal.

  1. Gunbot Starter Edition (Ƀ 0.0055): This is a simpler version of Gunbot, with fewer configuration options due to a limited set of features. It includes four strategies: spot grid, emotionless, gain, and BBTA. You can use it on spot trading exchanges and includes free software updates plus lifetime support.
  2. Gunbot Standard Edition (Ƀ 0.01375): This is the usual go-to plan for a feature-complete bot. It has everything the starter package has. It differs with more available trading strategies, access to all spot and futures trading strategies that Gunbot has to offer, autoconfig—adjust settings on the fly. This license type sets Gunbot apart from other bots.
  3. Gunbot Pro Edition (Ƀ 0.020625): This is the most popular plan and has everything Gunbot Standard has. Plus, the backtesting strategies add-on for TradingView and the ability to run the bot on more than three exchanges simultaneously. You can change between supported trading exchanges at any time.
  4. Gunbot Ultimate Edition (Ƀ 0.034375): This is the highest level license, and it includes unlimited access to all Gunbot features and strategies. Here, you can trade on more than five exchanges at the same time. You can change between supported crypto exchanges anytime. Use TradingView alerts add-on and create custom strategies with Javascript.

Gunbot vs TradeSanta – Trading Experience

Trading at Tradesanta

TradeSanta offers seamless trading opportunities for its users as you can do almost anything with its indicators. Purchasing one of the paid subscription packages, you get to set and use two types of bots (Gird and DCA) and other technical indicators simultaneously.

These bots will offer you an exact market entry point, enter the market at a specific price, and buy coins for commission.

These bots are very easy to use as their working principles look similar. The grid bot places the first buy order and extra orders if the price moves in the opposite direction.

The only difference is that the take-profit order is placed for every buy order differently, unlike the Dollar-cost average. Take Profit order for all the executed buy orders.

One significant technical indicator standard with Tradesanta is the Bollinger Bands, which measures market volatility. The BB helps you open a trade based on the band shown by the indicator.

You can execute a trade order based on the band value established by the Bollinger Bands indicator.

TradeSanta’s bots include the most popular technical indicators used by crypto traders: The moving average convergence/divergence (MACD), relative strength index (RSI), and Bollinger bands (BB).

Traders can choose to set up a bot with no indicators, one of them or all three simultaneously.

Another cool feature of Tradesanta is “a smart order.” This feature helps you to sell a large number of crypto assets without any effect on the market. It is designed to sell a specific amount of coins at a precise price level over a particular time.

There are also bot templates already made available by the platform if you cannot build your strategy. The Real-time tracking feature helps you track your trading record from anywhere on the supported platforms.

Trading with Gunbot

Gunbot is more like an adventure for traders. Trading with Gunbot entails several features and customizable options for traders. With the configuration settings, you can customize your trading strategy to your taste and choose your favorite currency pairs you want the bot to trade on.

Gunbot makes several predetermined strategies (Gunbot Native Strategies) available for those who do not want to build a custom strategy from scratch.

Gunbot supports more than 100 crypto trading exchanges, such as Binance, Binance Futures, Bybit, Bitmex, Coinbase Pro, FTX, and so on.

Some crypto exchanges like Gunthy, Beaxy, and Txbit don’t cost you an API key slot so that you can trade on any of them regardless of your license type.

So, for example, when you buy a Gunbot Standard license, you can use one API slot at a time, but if you want to take advantage of these Free exchanges, you can add their API keys to Gunbot and trade on these three exchanges also simultaneously.

Gunbot vs TradeSanta – Conclusion

Crypto trading is an exciting new world for many people. The idea of being able to make money off of blockchain technology excites a lot of people, but the truth is that not everyone is well equipped to trade cryptocurrency.

No matter how expert your trading skills might be, the market fluctuations might be unpredictable and very risky to enter sometimes. The automated bot has, however, made things easier.

TradeSanta and Gunbot are two crypto bots with an excellent reputation because of their consistent reliability.

There’s no perfect bot. These two crypto platforms offer a vast number of features that make them unique. Each serving trader’s needs depend on what they want.

In the end, these handy tools offer a level of automation that can significantly boost your profits and help make the most of your time. They’re a great way to automate the otherwise tedious (and stressful) task of cryptocurrency trading.

So, to answer the question. Gunbot vs TradeSanta, which one is better for your crypto trading strategy? You need to ask. Do I want to play around, or do I want to make some severe crypto trading money?

TradeSanta is one of the top contenders on the market, is easy to use, and the presumed upfront low cost could make you decide to go for it. That is fine, and depending on your goals could be a good choice.

Still, if you want a fully-fledged crypto trading machine, that would cost you a little more now, but you will own it for your lifetime Gunbot is the way to go.

Gunbot will automatically buy and sell cryptocurrencies for you, acting on proven profitable strategies you defined ahead of time. Start your automated crypto trading with Gunbot today!