Gunbot vs Pionex Best Crypto Exchange Bot

gunbot vs pionex

Gunbot vs Pionex Your Quest for a Deeper Understanding of Crypto Trading Bots

Crypto trading bots, getting the best tools to profit on the cryptocurrency space. Gunbot vs Pionex analysis.

Thanks to several technical analysis tools, you can profit while trading cryptocurrencies. Still, crypto trading can become very complicated when you don’t have in-depth knowledge of how it works and what tools you can use to maximize your gains.

However, considering the market is always open, it can be difficult for you to trade and make profits 24/7. The joy of selling and availing to automate your trading process is second to none.

Bot trading software eases the process of crypto trading by executing your entry and exit orders in the market and improving your chances of making tangible profits. There are hundreds of benefits attached to using automated software.

From the convenience experienced in using technical analysis determining price trends to making smart decisions while trading, it is worth it. Crypto bots help you minimize losses and maximize your winning performance in the market.

Since cryptocurrency trading is highly volatile, losing is inevitable. Most times, seasoned traders earning steady profits had suffered losses before they became successful in crypto, and usually, it helps you make an overall profit.

When you put your crypto trading into automation, you will be worry and stress-free since the bot will watch and closely monitor the price movements.

Emotions, such as fear and greed, are two prominent factors that jeopardize your thinking and can ruin your ability to win at trading effectively.

Automating your trade by letting a crypto bot take control of all the right strategies allows a winning system to work overtime. Automation cuts losses by eliminating fear, greed, and other emotions that ruin your trade.

Crypto trading automation makes a profit without being greedy, and it works mainly with a set of computer rules without emotional interference.

Choosing your crypto trading bot

When choosing your crypto bot, you must go for a trusted trading program. Some bots allow you to trade across multiple markets. By comparison, there are plenty of different crypto trading software options.

Based on portfolio analysis, real-time streaming pricing, trailing, paper trading, stop loss options, range orders, and the ability to backtest the software after subscribing — let’s analyze two eminent crypto bots in the crypto market — Gunbot and Pionex.

Gunbot vs Pionex – What is Pionex?

what is pionex

Pionex is a crypto trading platform embodying 16 crypto trading bots for free, such as grid bots, DCA bots, and many more. Users can automatically trade seamlessly 24/7 without frequently monitoring the markets. It is estimated that about 100 000 traders are using Pionex.

Pionex is among the first crypto exchanges to have built-in trading bots. It currently has over $1billion 24h trading volume, aggregating its liquidity from Binance and Huobi Global. This gives users a smooth and better trading experience with solid liquidity.

Pionex was founded in 2019 in Singapore, and it aims to solve the issues users experience while configuring crypto bots and adding them to their trading strategy. Its users can build or customize predetermined automated systems with their free bots.

The web-based platform is available on mobile app supported by Google, Android, and iOS. Pionex utilizes the mobile-first rule — new updates appear first on the mobile app.

The platform only charges a flat 0.05% fee on buy and sell orders. Let’s take a look at other features of Pionex.

Features of Pionex

pionex exchange bot

Pionex combines exchange and trading bots into delivering exclusive services to its users. There are many crypto bots with each feature on Pionex; let’s take a deep dive into each of them.

Grid Trading Bot: The GRID Bot is the primary bot of Pionex. It executes basic orders such as buying low and selling high at a specific price range the user sets. It works on average market volatility.

Spot Futures Arbitrage Bot: Futures market in the crypto market sometimes seems impossible to profit from. This bot offers the chance to earn from arbitrage trades that differentiate future market prices from spot market prices in the crypto market.

This bot typically targets 15–50% profit, a low-risk strategy.

Infinity Grids Bot: This is quite similar to the regular Grid bots, only that it maximizes the profits missed while trading sideways markets with Grid bots by eliminating the upper range limit.

Leveraged Grid Bot: The bot offers up to 5x leverage, and it does this by integrating the GRID Bot with margin loans.

Margin Grid Bot: This enables users to make passive income by lending their BTC or USDT while also earning from the primary grid bot strategy.

Reverse Grid Bot: This helps maximize users’ profit by selling assets during a bullish market and averaging it back as the prices retrace.

Smart Trade Bot: This allows you to profit from market trends with calculated risks. It incorporates running trades with trailing stops to limit account exposure to risk.

Trailing bot: This bot works with both buy and sell orders. It follows the market and opens many positions buying market dips. It stops when the market starts retracing.

Same approach with sell orders. It minimizes potential loss during a sudden market reversal placing a trailing stop on all sell orders.

DCA Bot (Dollar-cost averaging): This feature allows you to place buy orders at specific intervals (10 minutes, 1 hour, one day, one week, and one month) over a specified period.

Instead of buying at a single coin price, This bot buys when prices are both high and low, thus averaging the prices.

TWAP Bot: TWAP Bot allows users to place “buy” and “sell” orders in large amounts without altering the market price.

Pionex Bots Supported Exchange

Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange on its own, and its bots are only supported on their platform. They offer about 125 crypto assets and many trading pairs.

Note: You can not deposit or withdraw fiat money on Pionex.

Pionex Support

Pionex has a telegram and email forum where users and traders can discuss issues regarding the bot. They also offer customer support via these channels.

In addition, Pionex has a FAQ section where common questions regarding the bots are answered.

Gunbot vs Pionex – What is Gunbot?

what is gunbot

Gunbot is a well-renowned cryptocurrency bot that allows you to execute complete automated trading from a viable option of predetermined strategies or build your trading strategies.

Gunbot is a locally hosted crypto bot supported on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. The platform has a limited number of licenses (4) available to users offering a lifetime payment for each subsequent update.

Founded in 2016, Gunbot is known for the wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges it supports, including Binance, Binance.US, Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex,, GDAX, Kraken, and many more.

Gunbot supports unlimited trading pairs while creating a trading strategy across several exchanges.

With more than 7000 daily active users, this platform allows you to connect crypto assets for trades to your preferred crypto exchange via an API key. Also, it helps you to configure the bot in line with your taste.

Many trading strategies are available on this platform, ranging from Step Gain, EMACross, MACD, SpotGrid, Bollinger Bands, stepGrid, and lots more.

Features of Gunbot

Gunbot features and high customization options make it flexible for users to apply it to their trading strategy.

The platform provides several trading options using EMA, Candlesticks, and more, with many confirming indicators to refine your trading strategy.

Below are some distinct features of Gunbot

Backtesting: Gunbot allows you to test your customized trading settings to give you the freedom of seeing how it would perform before deploying it live.

TradingView addon: This allows the execution of “sell” and “buy” order alerts directly from TradingView.

Balance Options: This tool improves the user’s experience and sets pair limits for the base amount invested per trade. This option offers flexibility to traders by allowing them to set trading limits as an absolute amount to be invested. Likewise, You can configure this feature to neglect small holdings below the exchange minimum trade size.

Supplemental Trailing: For most strategies, features work more intricately than stop-loss features. Based on the prevailing market conditions, trailing shifts automatically presets made by the trader — paving the way for optimal entry or exit points.

The additional trailing order adjusts when profit is made as the market fluctuates, an effective tool.

Dollar-Cost Averaging: DCA is a feature that automatically averages down assets. Dollar-cost average allows you to buy more coins when the price is down and buy lesser assets when the price is high — enabling you to reach a lower average cost per unit when prices move down and a higher price unit when it’s up.

Reversal Trading: This feature allows users to automatically accumulate quote currency when prices dump without risking more than the earlier buy order. This feature helps eliminate the break-even point for your positions.

Support: Gunbot provides a plethora of tutorials and guides, and libraries of blogs to catch the necessary details about the platform.

Likewise, the platform offers free support to all Gunbot users that acquire their license thru a reseller offering the Gunbot School. The Gunbot support ranges from emails, live chat to telegram support channels.

gunbot trading chart

Gunbot vs Pionex

Let’s review these two well-known crypto bots — Gunbot vs Pionex — and compare them based on security, pricing, and other vital features.

Pionex Pricing

Most bots available on Pionex are free, and being a crypto exchange, they take transaction fees on buy and sell orders. There’s also a 10% charge fee on profits made and exchange fees.

Deposits are made in cryptocurrencies, and it supports over 45 crypto assets, including Bitcoin and Litecoin. The platform also supports Stablecoins.

Pionex doesn’t have a minimum deposit amount, and they don’t charge a funding fee, which means you can get started with them without needing any assets.

Pionex’s trading platform is simple, but it has all the features a beginner needs. Much insightful analytics and technical indicators, such as RSI and MACD.

Since all bots available on Pionex are free, they do not offer a demo account.

Gunbot Pricing

Gunbot offers four subscription plans. All packages include lifetime access with no recurring costs. Payments are made in Bitcoin with 300+ altcoins, stablecoins, and PayPal.

Gunbot ONE— $ 99

An excellent trading bot that allows you to effortlessly trade one spot market at once. Its features include Spot trading on one exchange, one trading pair, one automated strategy: stepGrid.

Telegram community, and it works on Windows, Mac & Linux. Ask Me Anything about Gunbot ONE

Gunbot Standard— Ƀ 0.0075

This package provides everything you need to get started. It offers Spot and Futures trading, supports one exchange, and unlimited trading pairs.

All strategies, you can swap crypto exchange at any time, AutoConfig, 500 Gunthy tokens, Telegram community, Gunbot School, Chat & email support, and it works well in Windows, Mac, Linux & Raspberry Pi.

Gunbot Pro— Ƀ 0.0105

This plan is basically for traders willing to trade on multiple exchanges. It includes everything entailed in the Standard package, including trading on three exchanges at once, a Backtesting addon, and 750 Gunthy tokens.

Gunbot Ultimate— Ƀ 0.0175

This package ensures that all your trading needs are met. It includes trading on five off exchanges at a time—unlimited access to the backtesting, and TradingView addons, Custom JS strategies, and 1250 Gunthy tokens.

Gunbot vs Pionex – Security

Pionex security

Pionex seems to have invested a massive amount into security. So far, there’s no record of a hacking attack or any data breaches.

The site is secured, and it counts on API keys to withdraw crypto assets and a 2FA (two-factor authentication) settings.

Gunbot security

It’s been over five years that Gunbot has been in existence. It has no record of a data breach or any security-related attacks. Being a locally hosted platform, it ensures 100% data security.

The downloadable crypto software further reduces the accessibility of any third party to Gunbot itself and raises the safety bar above security attacks.

Gunbot vs Pionex – Conclusion

Pionex app is undoubtedly an excellent platform to use. It is secured and mobile-friendly, offering superb features with effective bots.

Pionex is the leading cryptocurrency exchange for trading bots. They’ve built an ecosystem that is as beginner-friendly as possible. They’ve taken careful steps to explain each bot in detail to protect their customers, so you know what you’re doing precisely with automated trading.

However, Gunbot offers all the basic and advanced features to expect from a crypto trading bot. It gives you a top-notch user experience and a suite of tools needed to develop and execute automated trading strategies.

Gunbot provides you with automated trading strategies, and you have the option to optimize these trading strategies for maximum profitability.

The trading strategies in this crypto bot are designed to provide a high level of accuracy and can be used in a range of many different markets.

The product is one of the oldest on the market, and it has been through several years of testing and development. It holds a strong position in its market segment, and it is maintained by a team of active developers and experts.

I hope you Enjoyed this Gunbot vs Pionex article, and you can use it when choosing your preferred bot. My personal decision is obvious: Gunbot is what I recommend you get now.

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