Gunbot vs Cryptohopper 2 Good Crypto Trading Bots

gunbot vs cryptohopper which on is the best crypto trading bot

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper Which One is the Best Auto Trading Bot?

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The cryptocurrency market is undoubtedly a goldmine for the majority. However, the market is volatile, and there’s a certain level of risk attached to it.

This volatility is the main reason why many traders are looking into crypto trading bots—software that automatically enters and stops trades for you in the market at a given time.

In the fast-paced, high-stakes world of crypto trading, precision and speed are crucial!

24/7 operations make cryptocurrency trading a challenge. It can be time-consuming and laborious for busy traders to keep up with the markets day and night.

That’s why cryptocurrency investors use bots to automate many of the routine trading processes so that you can focus on strategic planning for your crypto trading business.

A crypto trading bot works much like a full-service broker. It executes your market “buy and sell orders” and applies your customized strategy in approaching the market.

Among many features and benefits, crypto trading bots are stopping losses: they automatically stop unprofitable trade.

Most notably, many crypto bots have been prevalent over the past few years, and it isn’t easy to know the difference between their functions.

As a crypto trader looking to start using cryptocurrency trading bots, you don’t want to waste your time and money on a bot that doesn’t serve your basic needs.

There are specific characteristics you’re looking to see in a real bot. That’s why this article will analyze two different but unique and popular crypto bots to help you start your safe trading journey.

These two bots have grown in popularity quite quickly, putting novice traders on the same level as those who have done it for years.

Gunbot and Cryptohopper are two advanced automated crypto trading bots that operate at users’ commands even while sleeping, depending on the settings that you’ve set up.

As much as these bots are two reliable crypto bots, they have their distinctive features. Let’s compare these two automated trading solutions and explore their differences.

Gunbot Revealed

gunbot revealed, the ultimate crypto trading bot

Gunbot is a crypto trading bot made for executing an order to automatically buy or sell cryptocurrencies, with your laptop or computer monitoring the trade. With your computer system managing the transactions.

Gunbot—also regarded as Gunthy, has countless active traders, and it’s compatible with virtually all computer operating systems.

Gunbot primarily prioritizes its users as it isn’t a cloud service. With Gunbot, you install software that doesn’t record or monitor your data usage.

Gunbot possesses many features that make it stay on top of its game. Let’s take a look below.

The underlying goal of Gunbot is to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for you, putting into analysis all the market conditions. Gunbot allows you to trade BTC with unlimited pairs.

And the most exciting feature of Gunbot is its peculiar payment plan. Gunbot charges only a one-time payment for a lifetime license, plus subsequent updates and support included.

Gunbot Features

Just as with other automated trading software, you will need to program your bot trading actions to make it work for you.

Gunbot seamlessly works with a supported exchange by utilizing the platform’s API. The API is secure and provides an interactive trading experience for the bot.

Gunthy Tokens

Just as most crypto platforms have their innate currency, Gunthy tokens are the native currency for the Gunbot ecosystem.

You get Gunthy tokens included/required for your license after you register your bot. All you have to do is create your Gunthy wallet and then link your ERC-20 Ethereum wallet address and wait for payment confirmation.

You will receive a Gunthy airdrop at the provided address. Gunthy tokens are used for the permanent validation of license ownership on the blockchain network.

gunthy tokens

Gunbot Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The interface enables you to set up your strategy and provides you with buy and sell methods that you can use as they come or mix them to fine-tune your trading style. Here you can customize the parameters and set the trading strategies of your choice.

The interface also offers an easy way to edit the different parameters of your trading strategies. In this way, you can further your bot’s effectiveness by refining any advanced trading method.

Gunbot Addons


Backtesting is a standard tool among investors, traders, and analysts to see if a portfolio or investment would have worked in the past.

Backtesting is accomplished by analyzing historical data to test an idea or strategy. If backtesting works well, then analysts may have confidence in employing it in the future.

This Gunbot add-on allows you to test the earlier market history to see how it would have fared; this feature comes with the Pro and Ultimate package.

Tradingview Alerts

Gunbot offers its users lifetime access by a one-time payment. It also includes a TradingView add-on that provides users access to more strategies. These add-ons add to the effectiveness of your bot by allowing you to trade via email alerts.

You can set up these trading actions using your Tradingview methods directly or use the provided and ready-made pine-script strategies by Allanster.

The TradingView add-on allows you to copy setups from other experienced traders on Tradingview if you want and add those signals to your bot.

The Gunbot Tradingview Addon is included in the Gunbot Ultimate Pack.

Gunbot Custom Strategies

When it comes to trading, Gunbot gives you the tools to build your custom strategies. For spot and futures trading, you can use built-in methods to get started quickly. If you’re advanced, you can use your additional JavaScript modules.

This add-on is for more advanced traders and programmers who want to use their programming skills and create unique trading methods.

With the Gunbot custom strategies add-on, you can build your custom trading bots quickly.

Use JavaScript and the Gunbot framework to execute advanced strategies seamlessly. Start by using the pre-written methods and indicator data included, or dive deeper into the code and build your own.

The Gunbot Custom Strategies Addon is included ONLY in the Gunbot Ultimate License. There’s no other way to purchase this add-on.

Gunbot Pricing

GUNBOT offers four plans. And all purchases include a lifetime license, video tutorials, and support from Gunbot School (when you buy from and most other Official Gunbot Resellers) to learn about the platform.

The Starter package costs 0.0055btc and has a limited number of trading strategies.

The standard package includes the basic things you need to get started. Asides from a lifetime license, you get access to all strategies, 24/7 chat and email support, and unlimited trading pairs. It cost 0.01375.

Then you have the Pro package, which costs 0.020625. This Pro pack includes everything the Standard package has, and it supports the Backtesting add-on.

Notably, the Ultimate package has no compromises. It offers a maximum number of API slots and access to all add-ons. The price of this option currently goes for 0.034375 BTC.

You can buy any Gunbot software license using PayPal and around 300 other altcoins.

Note: Even if the price changes due to a promotion (and I forget to update this post), the Gunthy Official prices will always be added automatically to my Gunthy OTC links, so you will see them as soon as you click the BUY NOW button.

What is Cryptohopper?

what is cryptohopper

Cryptohopper—founded in 2017 by two Dutch brothers (Ruud and Pim Feltkamp), is a cloud-based crypto trading bot that allows crypto traders to buy and sell unlimited crypto assets.

Cryptohopper comes very handy, as it is a cloud-based bot that you can access via any device with an internet connection. Just as other bots, it offers 24/7 trading functionality.

The platform focuses on both automated trading and portfolio management for over 120 crypto pairs. It offers daily trading, and many popular crypto exchanges support it.

The Amsterdam-based company has over 200,000 active users, and it has gained a lot over its fascinating features. Let’s have a look.

As I said in the Gunbot vs 3Commas article, I’m not affiliated with Cryptohopper in any way. The link will take you directly to their main site to read and make your own decisions.

Cryptohopper Features

Cryptohopper allows traders to apply their preferred trading methods and have a bot implement them.

The bot uses the applied settings to buy and sell orders. It removes all forms of emotions that may affect your trading for the worse.

You can check all Cryptohopper’s features here.

Cryptohopper Interface

The platform has a smooth UI (User Interface) to get started with, and it is easy to configure. Cryptohopper provides templates made of several exchanges that you can import alongside your strategies to ensure the effective work rate of the bot.

You are expected to input your API keys and enter the price you’re willing to risk per trade and how much of your base coin pair it should use for trading.

Cryptohopper is Customizable

If you’re looking to use your strategies, the platform offers a wide range of indicators that you can easily integrate into your hopper.

With its “keep signals for” tool, you can specifically take buy and sell orders to ensure your hopper is carefully set for market conditions.

Cryptohopper Plans and Pricing

cryptohopper monthly plans

Cryptohopper offers a free demo account, and you can create a free account via its Pioneer free package. It also includes a starter package tagged explorer on their website.

For free plans, Cryptohopper offers 20 positions, Portfolio management, and Manual trading.

For paid packages, there are three plans, and it’s straightforward to see what each of the plans has to offer. Primarily 80 positions, selected coins, triggers, TA with 10 min intervals, Simulated Trading Bot, and more.

Specifically, the Explorer Hopper starter plan costs $19 monthly or $16.58 (annual, monthly payment) with 7days free trial.

Adventure hopper medium plan costs $49 monthly or $41.58 (annual, monthly payment).

Hero hopper pro plan goes for $99.00 monthly or $83.25 (annual, monthly payment).

Cryptohopper Backtesting

Backtest your bot configurations and deployment configurations. Test your hypotheses and tweak your bots to win the future.

Backtesting allows you to test the effectiveness of your trading strategies in the past. With this tool, you can test how well your bot is expected to perform in real-time conditions.

With a backtesting add-on, you get to see how your trading strategy would have performed by watching exactly when your hopper would have executed the order and how much profit or loss you would have made.

Paper Trading

To try out crypto trading without committing real cryptocurrency, you have the option to paper trade. This feature is entirely free to use and allows you to test out your transactions using real-time exchange data.

Cryptohopper also offers free paper trading and lets you view how your hopper can perform in the present. You can test run this with any amount and develop a strategy to use with your real capital, with 0 risks.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper

It is fair to say these two bots are part of the top-leading crypto bots in the world—as they offer top-notch automation, and both bots support an extensive collection of crypto exchanges.

They both allow their users to diversify their trading strategies by adding automated algorithms—better control risks and make steady profits.

You can incorporate these strategies into technical indicators such as RSI, Stoch RSI, EMA, Bollinger Bands, MACD, etc.

Thanks to their user-friendly interfaces and transparent statistics, an average crypto user would enjoy these two automated bots and make steady profits without devoting 24/7 market watch to the system.

As much as these two bots offer complete automation to their users, they have their distinct differences.

Let’s compare Gunbot vs Crytpohopper and have a look at these differences.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper — Accessibility

Since Crytpohopper is a cloud-based automated platform, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime on any device.

Gunbot—locally hosted is a software bot that you can install on PC, compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, or ARM to be used. And it doesn’t collect data and information about trades from users.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper — Subscription

Cryptohopper offers a monthly/yearly payment fee while Gunbot doesn’t. With Gunbot, you only make a one-time payment and claim your ownership forever. Without extra charges for version updates.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper — Supported Exchanges

Cryptohopper currently supports about 13 crypto exchanges. These crypto exchanges can be integrated into the platform to automate trades, exchange strategies, and manage a diverse portfolio.

GunBot supports over 100 crypto exchanges, including the most popular exchanges, thanks to its integration with the library.

While Cryptohopper supports fewer exchanges than GunBot, the most frequently used crypto exchanges are still supported.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper — Pricing

Cryptohopper offers $19 per month as its minimum paid tier. With this package, you will access 80 positions, up to 15 assets in your portfolio, and one simulated trading bot.

This package and the free plan have significant restrictions on the effectiveness of the bot’s functionality, the ideal tier is the top package, and it costs $99 per month. This package deal is quite expensive for small traders with a minor source of income.

Gunbot does not offer a free trial, and its starter plan goes for 0.0055 BTC (one time), and this tier is somewhat restrictive. That means you won’t have access to most of the features that you would likely want.

However the Standard plan has more functionality, but it still does not support backtesting and access to other add-ons.

The Pro plan is the ideal tier for demanding traders on multiple exchanges. It provides access to all features an average trader would need, including backtesting. It costs 0.020625 BTC for lifetime access.

This pricing is quite expensive (depending on how you look), but it provides access to a wide range of trading features and lifetime ownership.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper — Copy and Social Trading

Cryptohopper has a broader range of marketplaces such as Templates, Strategies, and Signals. Each of these marketplaces is built for different trading strategies.

Templates offer traders the opportunity to exchange ideas for configuring a trading bot. These templates often serve as a learning source for beginners traders to understand how to set up a trading strategy.

Gunbot also has a trusted marketplace for its users, where experienced users share already made configuration samples.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper — Support

Cryptohopper has excellent customer support, and most support tickets are answered within two days. The platform has a very active user community, and you get access to all their support channels. Priority support for users with a Hero subscription.

GunBot users have access to free support. And this support includes personalized emails and live chat directly to the company’s Telegram support channel. The bot offers exclusive support with lots of tutorials, tips, and much more available via the Gunbot School program.

These two bots both have responsive customer support.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper — Conclusion

gunbot vs cryptohopper final verdict

Thanks to user-friendly interfaces like Gunbot and Cryptohopper, the average crypto user can enjoy the cryptocurrency trading life and complement its passive income using trading bots without spending full time researching and assessing the market.

In the new automated age, trading is shifting from human to robot. Speed-sensitive activity such as trading is going into a stable and lucrative future with no missed opportunities.

Robots are not prone to human mistakes, and they can quickly respond to changing trends in the market.

Smart traders should add automated algorithms to their investing strategies. Automation helps manage risks and increase profits. Automation also opens trading opportunities (such as crypto arbitrage and market-making).

The cryptocurrency space is already seeing the emergence of effective platforms that can automatically manage a collection of crypto assets.

So, it’s tough to come up with a Gunbot vs Cryptohopper clear winner. Therefore my recommendation is to choose whichever works for you and your trading style.

Cryptohopper and Gunbot are both top-tier trading bots being used in the cryptocurrency space over the years by successful crypto traders.

It is essential to be careful when choosing a platform from which to purchase crypto-related bot services. An increasing number of businesses are trying to sell bots related to cryptocurrency trading, but some of them may not be legitimate.

If you do your due diligence and choose a reputable service like Gunbot or Cryptohopper, your trade profits could increase by using an automated system.

My personal decision is “pay once and own the software,” which I can even sell later if I decide I won’t be trading anymore. Or I can even sell the Gunthy tokens in an emergency and keep my license “paused” for future use.

Gunbot is the perfect solution for cryptocurrency trading. The software enables you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies to make you money.

Unlike other trading bots that require a monthly payment to use their services, Gunbot only requires a one-time fee for a lifetime license.

Why don’t you grab yours now?

gunbot trading screenshot in laptop and mobile phone