Gunbot vs Coinrule Best Custom Automated Trades

gunbot vs coinrule comparison

Gunbot vs Coinrule Automate Your Crypto Trading with the Best Bot

Discover how you can customize your crypto trades so you can profit from cryptocurrencies on automatic. Check out Gunbot vs Coinrule compared.

Automating your cryptocurrency trading is becoming a must-have feature for many new crypto traders. Trading crypto is one of the most challenging tasks you can undertake.

There are many factors to consider, and the market changes so quickly that even the most seasoned traders can find themselves caught out.

You need to be able to stay safe, or you’ll get shot in the back as you ride away. You need tools and tricks that match a volatile market. That’s why the best cryptocurrency bots can change your fortunes and make your crypto trading more efficient.

The best way to weather these storms is to automate your trading with bot systems such as Gunbot or Coinrule. You can set these systems to automatically buy and sell cryptocurrencies at certain times, which means you don’t have to be glued to your screen all day.

As much as crypto trading requires technical knowledge to profit from it, most people often lack emotional control. You can master all aspects of technical analysis, understand the finer points of the market, and learn about trading tools, but all of this won’t help if you cannot balance your emotions.

Factors like fear and greed will get in the way of trading cryptocurrency. Desire can result in losses, fear can jeopardize your thinking, and emotions can ruin your ability to make profits effectively.

So how can you take out your emotions and trade without sweating over whether you should do this or shouldn’t do that?

Thanks to the invention of automated trading. The feeling of seeing your crypto bot make a daily profit is only second to getting into a freshly made bed.

Gunbot vs Coinrule — Trading Bots Explained

Cryptocurrency bots are already making their mark as the blockchain world evolves. Trading algorithms have overtaken human traders. These bots will take profits without the need to be greedy.

You can set an automated strategy to cut your losses without letting fear and doubt rule. You can compare it to a super-trader managing your account without emotional interference.

Automated trading means trading while you do other things. A fully automated bot will trade the crypto market for you 24/7, even while you’re working or sleeping; the robot will identify and execute trades for you.

Also, the software can follow more than one pair and execute trades in more than one account. Multiple pairs, multiple timeframes, and multiple accounts are typical features of a trading bot, which are almost impossible for a human being.

With a fully automated bot, you get to make more trades than you manually process the transactions. You need to try an auto-trading bot if you constantly get caught in your feelings.

Let us dig a little and weigh two crypto bots sending chills down the spine of crypto traders. And compare Coinrule to Gunbot or choose based on your needs.

In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the features and pricing of both bots, as well as how they differ.

Gunbot vs Coinrule — Overview

gunbot vs coinrule overview

Coinrule Features Review

Coinrule is a cloud-based crypto trading platform with pre-determined trading methods enabling its users to automate their transactions using these methods and other trading rules.

Coinrule is a powerful, intelligent assistant who controls your trades and helps you endure the demanding cryptocurrency trading world. Founded in spring 2018 by CEO Gabriel Musella and his team, Coinrule can be considered a solid automated trading solution.

This automated platform doesn’t require any form of coding; instead, you set custom automated trades and have your bot trade for you 24/7. These customizable rules entail several basic “if-else-then” rules that you can select to suit your taste.

Coinrule utilizes market indicators to enable smart allocation of funds while putting you in charge of your trading bot. The UK-based platform has an easy-to-use interface that’s beginner-friendly. It’s easy to navigate and safe to integrate automated trading rules to supported exchanges.

Coinrule offers an unlimited number of trading strategies, and with an active community, you get to learn new ideas via their reader-base section of the platform.

The platform has over 150 premade trading rules that ease the trading journey of beginners. Likewise, it allows various cryptocurrency trading strategies, including simple trade orders like stop loss, take profit.

rules example

Coinrule Supported Exchanges

The web-hosted platform supports more than 10 leading crypto exchanges API key connections. Supported exchanges include Binance, BitMEX, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, and Poloniex, and a few others.

Coinrule functions through API integrations with these supported exchanges. Its trade orders usually take around 500 Milliseconds to reach the market, and the platform uses data encryption to facilitate its service.

Coinrule Free Trial

Among several intriguing features of Coinrule is its free trial. Coinrule offers its users demo accounts, allowing them to test their trading systems in a no-risk environment with a virtual allocation of coins. The demo account supports prices that come directly from Binance.

Gunbot Features Review

Gunbot is a trading bot that prioritizes reducing the time traders spend behind their computers to make an adequate number of profits.

An emotionless crypto trading bot offers seamless automated access to trade crypto assets. The bot implements many trading strategies tailored to your trading plan and goal.

You can rely on premade trading methods or customize the bot to use several included confirming indicators for extra technical analysis precision.

The popular trading bot was launched in 2016 by senior developer Gunthar De Niro. Gunbot is a locally hosted platform that works on Mac, Linux, Windows, and ARM. It uses automated order execution based on your preferences to decide whether to sell or buy.

Gunbot has an edgy feature over most crypto bots in supported exchanges. Gunbot works well in virtually all the available popular crypto exchanges. Including Kraken, Bittrex, Binance, Coinbase Pro Binance, Bybit,, HitBTC, Huobi, Poloniex, and over 100 other exchanges.

Depending on your paid choice, Gunbot can work with more than one exchange at a time; this is, however, tied to your license type.

Visit CryptoDROI’s Gunbot store to learn more about every license.

Another hallmark of Gunbot lies in its user interface. The Gunbot GUI is designed for beginners to navigate and set up the details of their bot. Here, you will find several options like trading terminal, the PNL analysis tool, and many more.

gunbot gui charts

The software-hosted platform is also known for a few add-ons such as “backtesting” that can help you analyze your trading journey and modify the bot for even greater profit.

Currently, there are over 15k bot users, and there is a solid community where traders get to ask questions and discuss any issues about their trading bots.

Distinctively, Gunbot offers “lifetime access with a single, one-time payment.” This business model is different from the subscription-based design used by many other crypto bots.

Gunbot vs Coinrule — Pricing

These two bots have a lot of differences. Coinrule is web-hosted, while Gunbot is locally hosted.

This section shall examine the significant differences and fill you in on platform security, core features, platform reliability, pricing, and more.

The affordability of a platform in sync with the service it offers is crucial. You don’t want to pay for a crypto bot that won’t serve your trading goal. Let’s review the prices charged by these two platforms.

Coinrule Pricing

Coinrule offers four plans, including a free trial for some time. However, the demo account option is limited to only specific tools like 1 Connected Exchange, 2 Demo/Live Rules, and 7 Template Strategies. Below is detailed info about the four packages.

Starter (Free)

The starter is the most straightforward package of all their plans, and it is free. It offers:

  • 2 Live Rules, 2 Demo Rules
  • 7 Template Strategies
  • 1 Connected Exchange
  • Up to $5k Monthly Trade Volume

Hobbyist $29.99/month (Annual)

  • 7 Live Rules, 7 Demo Rules
  • 2 Connected Exchanges
  • Up to $50k Monthly Trade Volume
  • 30 Template Strategies
  • Telegram + Text Notifications
  • Free access to Trader Community
  • Advance technical indicators

Trader ($59.99/month)

A newly introduced pack offers several options at an affordable price. It includes:

  • 15 Live Rules, 15 Demo Rules
  • Unlimited Template Strategies
  • 3 Connected Exchanges
  • Up to $500k Monthly Trade Volume
  • Up to $50k Monthly Trade Volume
  • Telegram + Text Notifications
  • One-to-one Training Sessions
  • Advanced Indicators

Pro ($449.99/month)

The pro plan includes all the automated trading features available on Coinrule. It offers:

  • 50 Live Rules, 50 Demo Rules
  • Unlimited Template Strategies
  • Unlimited Exchanges
  • Up to $3m Monthly Trade Volume
  • Telegram + Text Notifications
  • One-to-one Training Sessions
  • Advanced Indicators
  • Dedicated Server
  • Ultra-Fast Execution

coinrule pricing table

The Trader plan is the most go-to package because it contains even more features. The Pro package offers Unlimited Connected Exchanges, 50 Demo/Live Rules, and Unlimited Template Strategies.

All paid plans include access to one-to-one training sessions and other unique benefits.

Crypto Payments Accepted, and you can also pay via Stripe, instructing you to enter your credit card details to make a one-off purchase for one year’s worth of service.

Gunbot Pricing

GunBot is made available to users via resellers. There are a handful of registered resellers that sell this bot. Each reseller charges the same official prices in crypto or Paypal.

Unlike many other crypto bots, Gunbot offers lifetime access for its purchased bot without any need for subscriptions. Gunbot offers four different plans, and it doesn’t allow a free trial or demo account.

Below are the features and prices in Bitcoin of each tier.

Starter 0.0055 BTC

The Gunbot Starter has minimal features with:

  • One-time payment
  • Lifetime license
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Trade on one exchange at once
  • Support via Telegram group and Zendesk (if your reseller offers the Gunbot School)
  • Emotionless, BBTA, SpotGrid, and Gain strategies are available

GunBot Standard 0.01375 BTC

More standard than the starter package with:

  • Lifetime license for GunBot
  • Lifetime updates for free
  • Trade on one exchange
  • All included strategies
  • Lifetime official support

GunBot Pro 0.020625 BTC

All the Gunbot Standard features plus:

  • Trade on three exchanges at once
  • Gunbot Backtesting add-on

GunBot Ultimate 0.034375 BTC

Provides unlimited access to all Gunbot’s tools, including :

  • Lifetime license
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Trade on five exchanges at the same time
  • Backtesting add-on
  • TradingView Add-on
  • Custom Strategies in Javascript

Gunbot vs Coinrule — Security

The safety of a platform has to be the most important thing to check out to avoid loss of funds. Your bot has access to your assets, so it is essential to go with a secure bot with a high reputation.

Coinrule Security

Coinrule utilizes a robust security system to protect users’ personal and trading credentials.

The trading platform has several ways to do this: through 2FA authentication procedures, and the other through security measures like preventing denial of service attacks, alerting users of account activity via email/SMS, and payment protection.

Coinrule doesn’t collect users’ information as they use military-grade encryption technology. The platform partners with Cloudflare to ensure sustainability in the network. Preventing attacks, Cloudflare monitors and stabilizes the platform.

With their transparent payment method using Stripe and other forms of crypto payments, Coinrule is a safe platform. The features above act as firewalls that prevent hackers from breaking into the venue.

Gunbot Security

Gunbot is a software-installed platform, thus reducing the risk of getting your personal trading information stolen on a cloud-based program.

Gunbot traders are safer and always in control of their security.

In addition, the automated software encourages you to set minimal API permissions, which ensures no fraudulent withdrawals can occur.

For any crypto trader, choosing a secure platform is a must. Keeping the platform security, platform age, and user base in mind, Gunbot has been hitting highs since 2016.

Gunbot vs Coinrule — Testing your bot.


Coinrule provides the opportunity for traders to test their bot. It schools traders on what they need to improve their trading strategies.

With their demo account, you start by practicing, backtesting different trading methods, and learning from your results.

This hallmark entails minimizing your risk and allows you to know what the platform is about—providing traders with a way to try out new profitable trading methods.

The skill you gain lets you set up new rules and use previous guidelines to gain an edge over others in the market.

Gunbot Demo

Unlike Coinrule, Gunbot doesn’t provide a free demo account or any way to try out the bot before purchasing. However, there’s an add-on you can buy that allows you to test your bot once you become a Gunbot customer.

The backtesting add-on—enables you to test your bot on earlier market conditions to see how it would have performed; this feature is included with the Gunbot Pro and Ultimate packages, or you can purchase it separately as an upgrade.

Alternatively, you can check out different demo bots from many resellers.

Gunbot vs Coinrule — Conclusion

If you’d like to make some money from cryptocurrencies, but don’t want the hassle of keeping a close eye on the market, then automating your trading strategies with a crypto bot might be for you.

While Coinrule stands out through its comprehensive educational tools that help traders improve their trading skills, Gunbot gives its best to outperform other casual bots intentionally.

Gunbot offers a wide range of features that’d match traders of any class’s needs with several add-ons and professional crypto trading tools.

Though Coinrule is easy to use, it still has room for improvement. Advanced users may be interested in deploying strategies based on more indicators and reliable technical analysis tools.

However, Coinrule is a practical option for anyone looking to jumpstart their journey in the world of automated crypto trading.

So, which bot should you use? The answer is that it depends on your goals and how much time you want to spend trading crypto.

These tools have a pretty simple interface with an entire library of settings that you can use to automate your crypto trading strategies.

For instance, if you want to make the most money with the least amount of effort, you will want to use a trading bot that can be set up to trade hands-free and is safe enough to run virtually unattended.

The top choice for this would be a trading bot like Gunbot, which lets you choose between several pre-programmed trade options and proven to be profitable.

One thing is sure, with the right trading bot adjusted to your specific needs, you can make money while you sleep.

If you are a committed crypto trader and want to make consistent profits, you may want to try out Gunbot now because it is one of the best crypto trading bots available in the market today!

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