Gunbot School 10 Things You Need to Know Now

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Gunbot is the Leader in Cryptocurrency Trading Automation, you know it, and you bought it.

But, what to do after the sale?

Gunbot School What to Expect After You Buy Gunbot. How to Get Started using Gunbot.

Introducing Gunbot School Ultimate Guide

Gunbot is an Automated Crypto Trading Downloadable Software that is sold only through an international group of Authorized Resellers, which is well versed in the bot’s functionality and understands how to use to profit from it.

BEWARE! Not All Resellers Offer this Program.

We also have old-school resellers with their own onboarding system setup and do not offer the Gunbot School, which is fine, but…

What if your reseller can’t take care of you for some unexpected reason?

Or even worst, what if Your Reseller Decided to Quit?

I’ve been with Gunbot since 2017, and I have seen several resellers come and go.

And I can tell You from my own personal experience since I was one of those “Left Behind” members because my reseller gave up.

It was no fun at all; I had to learn by reading on the forums and the old “TheBotFather Group”…

This is exactly why this program was created. Now you’re safe under Gunthy LTD’s wing even if I decided to quit!

Enter, “The Gunbot School,” the Support and On-Boarding System Guaranteed for all my clients by Gunthy LTD.

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What happens after you purchased Gunbot from CryptoDROI?

You will receive emails with your payment confirmation id, your support account information from Gunthy Zendesk, and your account at, where you will be taking the Gunbot School Onboarding Course.

Your Support Ticket System account and your Gunthy (Gunbot School) account will be created automatically; It is recommended that you change the auto-generated password later.

You just need to sign up with your ready-made account, do not create a new one.

Please Very Important: Keep those emails safe, and read them as they contain all the necessary information for you to get started.

In case you don’t see’em in your inbox, check your spam folder just in case, or you can contact me at any time directly on Telegram if you bought from me and have not received confirmation.

Example of the Email You Will Receive from Gunthy

gunbot school customer email

The Basic Course is Required but is designed to be quick and easy to understand with explainer “how-to” videos to guide you from the beginning.

Once you’re done, you will be ready to start trading with your chosen strategy and knowing how to navigate the program with ease.

If you run into a more specific or technical difficulty at any time, you can open a ticket through the support ticket system, and it will be taken care of by the support team.

Gunbot School Course Overview

You will be welcomed to the Gunbot Family, and the instructor will set the expectations of what you will be going thru in your learning journey.

You will learn how to use your crypto trading bot to automate your trading strategies in simple terms.

Understand, Edit, and Create your Own Trading Strategies based on your trading style and risk tolerance, basically how to communicate with the bot in terms of what command you want Gunbot to Execute for you when the conditions are present in the market.

The whole course is segmented into small topics to make it fast and easier to understand.

You will be learning by reading and watching video demonstrations showing you what you will see when you fire up your bot, so you can either watch the videos, read the explanation, or both.

Needless to say, none of those videos are trading advice, nor strategies, or pairs for you to choose from; everything is meant to be used as an example and as basic functionality information.

Do not perceive this course as a mountain to climb; while there is plenty of information for you to discover about Gunbot, the training is set-up only, and you could be done and ready to go in 30 minutes.

Of course, you won’t be an expert in half-hour, but you will be able to run your bot for the first time, and you can go back and revisit any topic any time you want.

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What Exactly is the Gunbot Basic Course About?

Gunbot School Basic Course Contents.

Here are the fundamental Topics you will be learning about.

  1. How to Create an Exchange API KEY to use with Gunbot
  2. How to create your Gunthy Wallet
  3. Where to Download and How to Install Gunbot
  4. How to Connect to an Exchange
  5. How to Add a Trading Pair in Gunbot
  6. Gunbot GUI Pages Overview
  7. Set Up Telegram Notifications
  8. How to Swap your Exchange API
  9. How to Notice General Errors
  10. Activate your Gunbot License from Gunbot School

Gunbot School How to Create an Exchange API

Here you will learn the basic steps to create an API key on a crypto exchange, and the explainer video will show you how to do this simple task.

After that, you can apply what you learned to any exchange since most of them use the same basic structure.

The main recommendation here is to save both your Key and your Secret Key. Keep it safe and handy because you will need them to enable the communication between Gunbot and the exchange.

Note: Keep in mind that some exchanges show you the secret API key once right after you create it.

Gunbot School How to create your Gunthy Wallet

As you may know, the Gunthy Token is our community utility token and your License validator.

In this class, you will learn How to Create your Gunthy Wallet and again keep the address safe and handy as you will need it to activate your bot.

Gunbot School Download and Run

In this lesson, you will be given the link to Gunthar’s GitHub repo, where you can download the latest Gunbot stable releases, it would be a good idea if you bookmark that page for future downloads, but you can always find the link in the Gunbot Wiki or revisit the lesson if you need it.

The Gunbot core software is an executable file that you can run from your personal computer or server.

Gunbot School Exchange Connection

You can run Gunbot on more than 100 crypto exchanges, including those on the CCXT pro library, and depending on your license type, you can run simultaneously on 1, 3, or 5 plus Gunthy Exchange, Txbit, and Beaxy… as of now.

So in this lecture, you will be shown how to connect an exchange to Gunbot; all you need is to learn how to add one, then rinse and repeat after that.

Gunbot School Adding the Trading Pairs

Like the Exchange selection, you will only need to learn how to add 1 trading pair and repeat the process.

The key points I would like to highlight here are:

  • Make sure you understand which coin is Base and which one is Quote in your selected exchange, then use the format Base Coin First, Quote Coin Second, like this, for example, USDT-BTC BTC-USDT, BTC is almost always Quote coin vs. USDT in most exchanges.
  • If you’re using a fiat pair like USDT, for example, set the Trading Limit amount as a whole number like 10, notice that Gunbot is set to BTC by default so, 0.001 will give you an error, and won’t be able to trade USDT pairs.
  • Set the Minimum Volume to Buy and Minimum Volume to Sell parameters according to your chosen exchange Minimum Trading Rules.

Gunbot School GUI Overview

The Graphical User Interface of Gunbot is where you can visualize all the cool features of our trading bot.

In the video, the instructor will show you how to move around and find practical information inside the GUI and how to modify and customize your trading chart according to your preferences.

You will also learn where to find and analyze your Profits and Losses information from the exchange right on your bot GUI.

Gunbot School Telegram bot

Please note that this information is not relevant for your bot’s functionality; it is just an extra feature you can use to receive notifications of your trades sent to a telegram bot.

Gunbot School How to Swap Exchange

You have probably seen that you can run 1,3 or 5 exchanges “at a time” or “simultaneously,” what we mean by that is that you can actually trade on any Gunbot Supported Exchange, but…

Depending on your License Type, this can be done in 1, 3, or 5 at any given time.

Let’s use the Gunbot Standard Version for this example that allows you to run 1 exchange simultaneously, ok, now let’s say that you want to trade on Binance in the morning and on Coinbase Pro in the afternoon or next week.

You can do that; what you cannot do is trade on both at the same time because your license type won’t allow it (still using the Standard example)

This is exactly what you will learn to do in this lesson.

Gunbot School Troubleshooting

This lecture’s purpose is to gain a basic understanding and know where to look if you see a common error.

These errors have been known to happen to some users throughout the years and are mostly caused by us making a mistake.

Hence, the best way to solve this is to read an answer from the knowledge base without asking your Gunbot reseller or in our Telegram rooms.

The schoolteacher will tell you exactly where to look in this lesson.

Gunbot School Activate Your License

At this point, you’re ready to start trading with Gunbot, so make use of the Gunbot School License Activation System.

You will receive the Gunthy Tokens needed to run the bot via airdrop not too long after this step.

Do not freak out if you see the following error after you fire the bot for the first time:

Error: Failure to meet minimum Gunthy token balance requirement to operate the bot. Please purchase more tokens to run the bot…

It just means that your tokens haven’t arrived yet, but it shouldn’t take more than 12hours.

Just keep an eye on the next step.

Gunbot School Graduated

Do not overlook your “Graduation” Certificate because it contains the links to our main Community Groups.

The Gunthy Elite Room and Our Gunthy Announcement Channel on Telegram.

The Gunthy Elite Room is where most of our Gunbot Community gather together to talk about our trading bot; our community is very active and eager to help.

Just bear in mind this room is not intended to use as support.

Make sure to use the search function as many of the questions have already been answered, and you can always PM me with any question.

WARNING: I will Never PM you First or ask you for money, so beware of Scammers and impersonators

The Gunty Announcement Channel, you need it to read and stay informed of the latest Gunthy developments.

Here you will see our developers in action, releasing beta builds and adding new features almost daily.

I can’t wait to see you at the Elite soon!

Gunbot School Feedback

Finally, you will be allowed to grade our service.

You will see 3 big buttons with the links to our Telegram Groups and your Gunbot School Support Group on this page.

gunbot telegram groups buttons

Please take your time and leave your rating and personal experience with the program; our school instructors will really appreciate this.

Your suggestions will be looked upon and used to make the program even better.

The Gunbot Support Ticket System

Yes, There is More!…

You don’t need to rely on your reseller availability anymore, and your license includes a professional Zendesk-based ticket system.

Remember I told you to save those emails?

That’s because you can reply to the welcome email, and it will automatically create a support ticket.

The old “Contact Your Reseller” motto is replaced by the new and reliable “Open a Support Ticket” structure.

You won’t be left behind, and when you buy from CryptoDROI, you got my Unconditional Support on top of all that!

Gunbot School Conclusion

To wrap it up, I would like to highlight the main 5 benefits you will be enjoying when you join.

  1. When you Buy from CryptoDROI, you will be Automatically Enrolled in the Support Ticket System and the Gunbot School (Guaranteed)
  2. Please Read your enrollment email and save it for future reference as it contains important information.
  3. The Gunbot School Basic Course is Mandatory but Easy and Fast to Get you started in no time and ready to profit!
  4. You will be presented with essential topics with explainer videos and text, and you can come back at any time (more content will be added soon)
  5. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated and used to make the program better to fit your needs.

Last but not least I would like to inform you that, if you’re an old Gunbot Owner or your reseller is not around anymore, and you want to be part of this program, you can do it, by paying a small fee, you can contact me if you need more information about it.

I hope this information clears any doubts you may have about what to expect after you Buy Gunbot from CryptoDROI.

Don’t forget to comment below or ask me any specific questions about Gunbot.

If you don’t have any, I will be waiting for you in the Gunthy Official Telegram Rooms!