Gunbot Review the True Value of a Crypto Trading Bot

cryptodroi gunbot review

Gunbot Review, Discover the Real Value of a Community Oriented Product.

Check Out why you can be sure you’ll get what you paid for when you buy Gunbot.

This will not be your typical product review with highlights on what the product actually does; I know by now you know all that already.

In this article, you will gain some insight into what you’re getting when you buy Gunbot, and no, it is not just the software.

It is a lifetime of commitment and dedication to you from the Gunbot Team.

But for you to get a better understanding, let me show you what the Gunbot Team has done so far in 2020, which will blow your mind, so keep reading…

Gunbot Review – The Team

First, I want you to meet some of the Gunbot Team Players if you haven’t done so already.

Gunthar De Niro, oh well, he doesn’t need presentation; he is the creator, the bot father, the mastermind behind this project 🙂

But needless to say, he can’t do everything by himself, so he assembled a team of Gunbot hardcore users and supporters to help him with the daily tasks, so here are some of them in no particular order:

Angie: Our Chief Operating Officer (COO), AKA Gunthar’s time-manager, basically does magic with Gunthar’s tight schedule and then some, so she also manages our Strategic Partnership with the exchanges.

Pim: Yet another mastermind, coder, the guy who writes the wiki, the Autoconfig creator, Gunbot GUI, I mean, this guy does everything, is unbelievable.

Exquitas and Nark: they are basically Gunthar’s hands; these guys support Gunbot since the very beginning.

Uri, Anon, Bestnaf: Wow, how much knowledge together, and a nice mix of tech, IT, networking, development, trading… really too much to put together.

Magc: Every time you see a nice image or video presentation on our articles or Social Media, it is this guy’s magic.

Mr. Papaya: He browses thru those telegram rooms helping anybody with his vast Gunbot knowledge.

Yooper and the Resellers Team: Amazing teammates there, you will be able to benefit from each of them, and hopefully, they will start strong in 2021.

I cant wait to see so much talent putting ideas and creating more value for you, from trading instructions to Gunbot podcasts…

I’m sure they’ll add more value to your experience no matter who you buy from…

And there are more, plus yours truly, but I won’t mention all of them or what they do all day cause one post won’t be enough.

Meet some members of the Gunbot Team!

gunbot team members telegram profiles

Gunbot Review – ViralTrading

Besides 3 major releases and hundreds of beta builds throughout the year, fixing, creating, and most importantly, adding requested new features.

The Gunbot team has been busy working to strengthen our community and business structure for you.

So what’s Gunbot been doing to add value to our community constantly?

In February 2020, we deployed a website to keep you informed of the latest developments and make announcements of all that’s been going on and invite you to take part in it by adding your comments or questions.

ViralTrading is the Official Gunbot Blog, where you can read or even subscribe and receive the articles mailed to you as they go live.

This site’s main objective is to give you official information and is intended to see it as the authorized entity that won’t lie to you.

And while there can be a typo or unformal written article, we strive to check everything before it is posted, and we invite you to please let us know if you see something wrong, and we will fix it right away.

Gunbot Review – Gunthy Marketplace

What about our Strategies Marketplace?

Check out Some of what you can get for Free as a Gunbot Owner!

gunthy marketplace gunbot strategies

While the idea was discussed earlier, we launched the Gunthy Marketplace Group in March 2020 and the Gunthy Marketplace Website.

This was created with the main purpose and with the idea of protecting you from buying unreliable Gunbot configurations or magic bs strategies.

Now you can rest assured that when you buy or download any strategy for free from the marketplace, it will work, and it won’t be advertised with false claims.

Those strategies are tested and analyzed by Gunthy staff before being uploaded on the marketplace.

Please understand, there are no size fits and no push button make money strategy out there.

If you still don’t believe me, think about it, is there a magic diet, a super-secret pill to lose weight? Can you see is the same in every niche?

But what I can tell you is consistency, preparation, understanding, work, and help you reach your goals, regardless of losing weight, becoming a successful trader, or being profitable with Gunbot.

Gunbot Review – Partner Exchanges

What about Gunbot Strategic Partnerships with Crypto Exchanges?

Oh Yeah, this year we had a blast!

It starts with Kraken Futures, followed by Okex, HitBTC, Kucoin, Binance, Bitget, and FTX, to name the ones with fine-tuned performance Gunbot and the ones giving us rebates.

The ones that are fully integrated and you can use “For Free,” meaning they won’t cost you an API slot no matter what Gunbot license you use.

Beaxy, Txbit, and Gunthy Exchange, you can use those 4 exchanges simultaneously on top of what your license allows you to run.

Plus, you can buy Gunthy tokens on any of the 4 and participate in our permanent volume tournament, so you can even win prizes by just providing volume.

So, Gunthy Token Listing was a success too in 2020. Can we make it to Binance in 2021? Let’s see 🙂

Gunbot Review – Market Maker

Our Market maker bot also received plenty of love and dedicated strategies; since Gunbot is fully loaded already, this is more extra value.

We started with the “Grid-Bots,” which was a success in the Binance Futures competition.

Then, Support/Resistance, Fibbornaci Retracements, Motion of the Ocean, the Pullback strategy, 1Scalper, the Liquidity Strategy… wow, hopefully, I don’t forget any.

Read more About Market Maker Strategies to use with Gunbot.

Remember, you can use any of those built-in strategies to access the market maker add-on.

Check out the Performance on this Market Maker Strategy Screen-shot

gunbot market maker strategy

And you can also combine with Autoconfig, which, of course, you can use with regular Gunbot on spot markets too.

Gunbot Review – Resellers

  1. Are you already a successful Gunbot trader?
  2. Do you want to make extra money selling Gunbot licenses?
  3. Want to sell it to your loved ones or even create your own Gunbot Reseller site to sell it?

If you say yes to all of that, this is another Gunbot perk and added value since it can become another source of income for you.

You can do it! As of now, all you have to do is be a Gunbot owner and fill out the application form below.

Gunbot reseller program application form

But what if you don’t know to support your client after the sale?

Nothing to worry about, the Gunbot School got you covered!

All you have to do is sell the license, and your customer will be taken care of by the Gunthy Team comprised of veteran and experienced Gunbot users.

He or She will have access to the school material, the Zendesk ticket support system, and the special Gunbot School Telegram group.

Make Money Selling Gunbot

Can You See the Value of Gunbot?

Gunbot is not only the most badass crypto trading bot in the industry but also a top of the line community-oriented project where you are always put first.

And you get all of that and more for a Time Only Fee, No subscriptions or hidden fees.

Do you still believe Gunbot is expensive?

Really? Ok, compare our prices with an average of one year of usage of any other competitor bot package offering the recurring payments model…

Anyway, sorry, I just felt that was needed, but As I said, this is not your regular review or comparison with other crypto trading bots.

I just want to show you what you’ll get for your money.

To finish the year, we just rolled out the craziest longest sale you have probably ever seen. We started on 12/16, and it will end the Bitcoin drops again, but don’t get comfortable.

Get Gunbot Now before it’s too late!

last chance to buy gunbot now

Your Trading Success with Gunbot can be as easy as these 3 Steps.

  1. Define Your Trading Strategy and Choose your Pairs.
  2. Set-up Your Risk Management Rules and Stick to Your Plan.
  3. Relax, Keep Calm, and Gunbot.

Gunbot Review – What is Comming

Finally, what can you Expect from Gunbot in 2021?

I can tell you (no promises) to look for the bitRage stable release and Inter-Exchange arbitrage.

GUNBOT HFT, You probably heard about it already, but Websockets are coming to Gunbot. Are we close to High-Frequency Trading?

Get ready cause we ain’t slowing down.

Stay Tuned for Gunbot HFT and Gunbot Forex News, Soon!

Spoiler Alert!

What is Gunbot (HFT) High-Frequency Trading?

Gunbot HFT is Gunbot on steroids! 🙂

It will unleash the power of WebSockets, and the speed you will experience will be really close (if not the same) to institutional-grade trading software.

To put it in perspective, let’s say you are trading 10 pairs with Gunbot, and your exchange delay is set to 10; this means you will have to wait 100 seconds to cycle your first pair again.

With Gunbot HFT, you cycle the 10 pairs Instantly!

If some pairs did not receive the WebSockets updates (for example, because ask/bid didn’t change at all), they would not be cycled until the next update…

gunbot high frequency trading hft

Did that blow your mind?… Be ready because it is coming!

We resolve to keep working hard to bring even more value to you, so when you buy Gunbot, you’ll get what you paid for, and then some.

I hope this Gunbot Review showed you the actual benefits you get once you own Gunbot, and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

I wish you a prosperous New year 2021; we deserved it. May Gunbot be with You!