Gunbot Resources Official Info and Useful Software Tools

Gunbot resources and useful software tools

Gunbot Resources Official Information and Helpful Tools

Gunbot Resources Page. Get All the Information You Need and the Links to Some Good Software Tools to Help You Run or Troubleshoot your bot Easy.

As the Gunthy Organization keeps growing, so are the vast resources to valuable information about our beloved bot, so much so that sometimes you may feel overwhelmed and kind of lost looking for the latest and the most accurate Gunbot Info.

For that reason, I’ve created this page and load it with Gunbot Resources and Official Info. Feel free to bookmark this page, so you have all the official links to our crypto trading bot.

Without further ado, allow me to give you:

The Official Gunbot Resources

What is the Gunbot Official Website?

Gunbot’s Official website is

Gunbot official website

Gunbot Official Website: This is the Main site of the Gunthy project, owned by GuntharDeNiro, and maintained by yours truly with the help of other members of the Gunthy Team. You can rest assured that everything you read there is official info.

Gunthy does not sell Gunbot licenses; it does so thru authorized resellers.

What is the Gunbot School?

The Gunbot School is where you will learn how to use Gunbot with interactive videos made by the Gunthy Team.

Gunbot School: If you’re a new Gunbot user and you’re not part of the Gunbot School, you’re missing out big time. This is your first stop to learn Gunbot from the beginning. You will get lifetime access to the interactive training classes.

In addition, it will give you entry to the Gunbot School Telegram Group, another exclusive one-on-one source of help available to you 24/7. Make sure your Reseller offers this benefit before you buy Gunbot.

Do I get Gunbot Customer Support?

If you’re a CryptoDROI customer, yes, you’re covered, and if your reseller offers the Gunbot school package, but if your reseller does not offer the program, you will have to deal directly with them.

Gunbot Customer Support: Here’s another perk of being a Gunbot School customer. You’ll get technical support, including Gunbot API key issues or any other specific troubleshooting you may need to do to your bot.

Your reseller might not have the time or the knowledge to help you, but the Gunthy Top team members will answer your questions and fix any problem in no time.

Where can I verify the Gunbot Official Resellers?

Make sure your reseller is on the list of authorized Gunbot distributors.

Gunbot official resellers list

Gunbot Official Resellers: Here, you can find the List of all resellers. This list is maintained and updated regularly by yours truly and is there, so you don’t get scammed if you ever get contacted by someone selling you a Gunbot copy; check if his name or website is on the list first.

Tip: Do you know as a Gunbot owner, you too can become a reseller? Contact @Yooper on telegram if you’re interested.

Where can I see a Gunbot Demo?

Check out How Gunbot works before you buy it. Then, click on the link below.

Gunbot Demo: Gunthar’s demo account, you can log in using the password “demo” and see Gunbot working in real-time. Please bear in mind that it takes some time to load, but once there, you can navigate the Gunbot GUI as you would when you become a Gunbotter.

What is the Gunthy Token Address?

Verify the Gunthy Token on the Etherium blockchain

Gunthy Token Address: Follow this Gunthy Token on the Etherscan link, where you can check the Gunthy contract address.

Is there a Gunthy Token White Paper?

Yes, there is. Check it out!

Gunthy Token White Paper: Read or Download our utility token white paper.

What is the Gunbot Official Blog?

Gunbot has officially two blogs where you can read the latest news and developments.

Gunthy Official Blogs: and Yes, we got 2 blogs. We use ViralTrading a bit more since we publish our Crypto Trading Tournaments and Exchange Partnership News there, but keep an eye on the Gunthy blog as we may start adding content there soon.

What is the Gunbot Wiki?

The Gunbot Wiki is the Official Gunbot settings information website.

Gunbot wiki official documentation website

Gunbot Wiki: This is the Gunbot configuration authority. The Wiki Is updated and maintained by Pim, one of our top developers; you can trust the accurate info and applicable to the latest Gunbot stable release.

Where can I download the latest Stable Gunbot Software?

You can download Gunbot’s latest version from Github.

Gunbot Downloads: Download Gunbot Stable releases directly from Gunthar’s Github repo.

Where can I find the Gunbot Telegram Groups?

Gunbot Telegram Groups are private and exclusive for Gunbot owners. You can learn more about the groups by reading this post: If you’re a Gunbot user and not in any of these groups, contact your reseller and ask him for an invite. If your reseller is not around anymore, please kindly contact: @NarKotix he will help you.

What is the Gunbot Permanent Tournament?

The Gunbot Permanent Tournament is our monthly trading competition, where the top traders battle for the top positions.

Gunbot Crypto Trading Tournaments:, The board, is cleared every month. Winners get the spoils and get ready for the next one. There you can see proof of Gunbot’s profitability. Check out the volume and profit and loss values generated from our top traders.

Alternatively, read the interview with the winners series on ViralTrading.

Does Gunbot have a Forum?

Yes, we do have a community forum, and if you trust Bitcointalk as a crypto authority, check out our thread there.

Gunbot Forum: this is the place for you if you like to lurk around forums reading valuable information at your own pace. You can also read the Gunbot thread at the BitcoinTalk Forum if you want to dig out some gems and learn some of Gunbot’s history.

What is the Gunbot Marketplace?

The Gunthy Marketplace is your haven where you can download tested configuration files.

Gunbot marketplace official config store

Gunthy Marketplace: This site is exclusive for Gunbot owners. Here you can find approved add-ons and configs for the bot. You can trust the config files free or paid there are tested before been offered in the market. This config store exists, so you don’t get scammed with false claims or lured to pay for a config that does nothing extraordinary.

What is Gunthy Exchange?

Our very own exchange. How cool is that, eh?

Gunthy Exchange: This is our community full-fledged exchange powered by the Binance broker program. Our very own in-house playing ground featuring the Binance trading engine. Do I have to say more? 🙂

Thanks to this Gunbot partnership, we have Gunthy Mex Spot and Gunthy Mex Futures. We also have a regular exchange where we can trade GUNTHY-BTC.

Where can I get Gunthy Exchange Support?

Would you please visit the link below and fill in your details so the Gunthy team can take care of that?

Gunthy Exchange Support: This is the exchange customer service portal if you need to open a ticket regarding your trading account.

Is there a Gunthy App for iPhone and Android?

Yes, you can download and install your Gunthy exchange app. Use the appropriate link below based on your phone operating system.

Gunthy Exchange App for iPad and iPhone: Download the app from the Apple store.

Gunthy Exchange App for Android: Download the app from the Google Play store.

Gunbot Resources – Helpful Software Tools

Here’s a collection of Software programs that will Help You use Gunbot smoothly.

How to fix the Gunbot Time Sync problem?

NetTime: NetTime is an easy-to-use program that will keep your system time accurate. It can usually sync within 100 milliseconds of the correct time, and often even 10 milliseconds! NetTime is a Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) client for Windows.

Alternatively, you can change your time server from to the NIST Internet Time Service (ITS), or any other Public Time Server you may like by changing your Windows Date and Time settings.

Linux Network Time Servers (NTP): Visit this site if you need help Syncing Your Linux Server Time.

After that, if you want to make sure your time is accurate, visit Time. is. Here, you can see the exact atomic clock time for any time zone you are in.

How to set Ignore Trades Before in Gunbot?

Gunbot Ignore Trades Before (ITB)

This is a restriction to force your bot not to consider any trades before your set timetable. You need to add these values in milliseconds.

Here’s the tool to convert our regular time to milliseconds: Current Millis

And if you want to do the opposite, convert Milliseconds to regular Date, visit the Milliseconds to Date Converter website.

The Gunbot GUI is really amazing, and we (some of us) do not edit JSON files too often, but if you need it or maybe you want to edit your Autoconfig file, you can use Notepad++. This is a simple but reliable and Free source code editor.

How to fix the “syntax error” on Gunbot?

Gunbot SyntaxError Example screenshot:

Gunbot syntax config error

Obviously, if you’re like me, you’re going to make mistakes editing those JSON files and getting hit by the “syntax error” message. But, of course, how can I not forget a “comma,” right? Do you feel me?

No problem, Gunthar got us covered; here’s how to fix the syntax error: All you have to do is paste your code here: this is a pure JavaScript version of JSON Lint, so you don’t have to worry if you forgot to edit your sensitive information.

If you’re learning to use Autoconfig, you should know that the schedules are set “per job” in a format similar to how Cron jobs are set; check the Cron-style Scheduling to understand better how this works.

And if you’re not used to the format, visit the Crontab Generator website to help you generate it.

For Linux users, here’s another useful tool: PM2 Linux option for the background process. PM2 is a daemon process manager that will help you manage and keep your application online. Advanced process manager for production Node.js applications.

Load balancer, logs facility, startup script, microservice management, at a glance.

That’s all for now. I hope you got plenty of Gunbot Resources to get you started understanding the Gunthy organization, and also enjoy the links to other helpful resources related to your Gunbot user experience in general.

If you’re interested, bookmark this page and keep coming back for updated info!

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