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Get Gunbot Pro Best Crypto Trading Bot Price


Gunbot Pro Promo with Gunthy Official Discount Included at Checkout

Take Advantage of Gunbot Pro License

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Gunbot Pro Promo License Features:

  1. One-Time Payment, Lifetime License, and FREE Updates. Plus! CryptoDROI Unconditional Gunbot Customer Assistance
  2. Designed to Trade on 3 Exchanges at a Time, you can choose ANY of the supported Crypto Exchanges. Using the “API Swap System,” you can switch your API and Trade on a Different Exchange every day if you want!
  3. Gunthy Exchange Added as an Extra Bonus, and you can Trade at “GUNTHY EXCHANGE” Now in addition to the 3 Exchanges available for this license type.
  4. Plus! Beaxy and Txbit Partner Crypto Exchanges Now added Extra to Gunbot Core and will NOT count against your API Slot allowance. Those 2 Exchanges and Gunthy are Extra Bonus Trading Choices!
  5. Access to All Trading Strategies. You will be able to use and customize all the trading strategies included in Gunbot. You can also combine and use any of the included strategies to BUY and any strategy to SELL.
  6. Trade as many Pairs as listed on the Exchange. If the pair have a Market on the exchange, Gunbot Pro can Trade it!
  7. Telegram Bot Integration. You can use this feature and set your bot to send notifications of your trades to Telegram.
  8. 750 Gunthy Tokens are Included and Required to run your Gunbot Pro version. Gunthy is an ERC-20 Utility Token that actually adds value to your license.
  9. Add More Confirming Indicators to Your Strategy. In addition to the indicators included with a specific strategy like ADX, Bolinger Bands, MACD, and so on, you can add other confirming indicators like RSI, Stochastic, MFI, and many more!
  10. Extra Trailing Feature. In addition to the regular Trailing Stop, Stop Loss strategy to increase your chances of a better Entry or Exit price, you can also apply the “Trail Me” option to any other strategy and Trail your way to crypto trading success. 🙂
  11. Margin Trading Ability. You can use Gunbot Pro for Margin Trading on any Supported exchanges like BitMEX, Kucoin Futures, Kraken Futures, Binance Futures…
  12. Dollar-Cost Average or DCA. With this feature, you have the opportunity to Average Down the bough price of thus reducing the price per unit and giving you a chance to exit sooner at a profit. You can also Trail your DCA.
  13. Reversal Trading or RT. This unique Gunbot method accumulates quote coins on a bear market when prices keep lower than the initial purchased price. RT mode will keep accumulating until prices move high enough to sell the accumulated amount for an overall profit.
  14. Autoconfig. Automated changes applied to your Gunbot configuration. From adding performing pairs to adjusting your trading strategy based on predefined conditions, Autoconfig can automatically scan the exchanges to meet your set parameters.
  15. Backtesting Add-on. This feature gives you the ability to study your strategy performance on Tradingview. This is a very nice tool but keep in mind that past performance will not guarantee a profit in the future.
  16. Gunbot School. A brand New onboarding interactive training program that will teach you how to configure, set up, and Run Gunbot Step by Step so you can Profit Fast!
  17. Dedicated Ticket System Platform. Another new addition to the Gunthy LTD arsenal to help you need more specific support or run into a not-known issue.
  18. Access to a Special Gunbot School Customers Only Telegram Support Group

Last but not least, you will benefit from my Unconditional Support. I’m almost 24/7 on Telegram 🙂 so Feel Free to contact me at any time with Pre or Post Sales Questions. Just Click Here: @CryptoDROI

Enjoy Your Gunbot Pro Promotion!

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Gunbot Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, and Arm, You can run it from your computer or on a server.

Recommended System Requirements

  • A 64-bit CPU
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 10GB of Free Disk Space in your SSD or HDD
  • Reliable Broadband Internet Connection

Notes: CryptoDROI is a Gunbot Authorized Reseller of Gunthy LTD, the company behind Gunbot Products. Once you click on the “Buy Gunbot Now” link, you will be redirected to my gunthy.org OTC URL. That’s OK and the way Gunbot is Sold.

The actual price for the Standard Promo License is set on Bitcoin discounted at ₿0.075, but you can Buy with Paypal, and the system will calculate an approximate amount in USD depending on the BTC price at the time you make the purchase.

Gunbot Pro UPGRADE Option

If you’re a Gunbot Pro user, you got the choice to upgrade to Ultimate by Holding 2500 Gunthy Tokens in your registered wallet or purchasing this Upgrade Pack.


  • choose your upgrade

  • Lifetime SupportFree Updates and Tech Support IncludedLifetime Support
  • GUNBOT SchoolCryptoDROI's customers will get enrolled Automatically.GUNBOT School
  • No. of ExchangesNo. of Exchanges
  • Plus Gunthy Exchange IncludedExtra Free Exchange, it won't count towards your Max API allowancePlus Gunthy Exchange Included
  • Plus Beaxy Exchange IncludedExtra Free Exchange, it won't count towards your Max API allowancePlus Beaxy Exchange Included
  • Plus Txbit Exchange IncludedExtra Free Exchange, it won't count towards your Max API allowancePlus Txbit Exchange Included
  • Unlimited Pairs SelectionYou can trade all pairs on the exchange if you want toUnlimited Pairs Selection
  • Telegram Bot IntegrationReceive buy and sell alerts directly on your Telegram botTelegram Bot Integration
  • Gunthy Tokens IncludedYou will receive the needed amount of Gunthy Tokens airdropped to your walletGunthy Tokens Included
  • No. of StrategiesNo. of Strategies
  • Futures Trading OptionFutures Trading Option
  • Margin Trading OptionMargin Trading Option
  • Dollar-Cost Average (DCA)Dollar-Cost Average (DCA)
  • Reversal Trading (RT)Reversal Trading (RT)
  • AutoConfig (AC) FeatureMake Gunbot Trade DynamicallyAutoConfig (AC) Feature
  • Backtesting Addon IncludedFine tuned TradingView Scripts you can test before you tryBacktesting Addon Included
  • TradingView Addon IncludedExecute your TradingView Alerts with GunbotTradingView Addon Included
  • Custom Strategies JavaScriptCreate your own custom strategy from scratch on JavaScript and use it to trade with GunbotCustom Strategies JavaScript
  • Pay with PayPal OptionNo BTC, No Problem, You can Buy Gunbot with PayPalPay with PayPal Option
  • Pro to Ultimate

  • 0.007

    One Payment

  • Lifetime Support
  • GUNBOT School
  • No. of Exchanges5
  • Plus Gunthy Exchange Included
  • Plus Beaxy Exchange Included
  • Plus Txbit Exchange Included
  • Unlimited Pairs Selection
  • Telegram Bot Integration
  • Gunthy Tokens Included500 Gunthy Tokens
  • No. of StrategiesUnlimited
  • Futures Trading Option
  • Margin Trading Option
  • Dollar-Cost Average (DCA)
  • Reversal Trading (RT)
  • AutoConfig (AC) Feature
  • Backtesting Addon Included
  • TradingView Addon Included
  • Custom Strategies JavaScript
  • Pay with PayPal OptionPayPal Accepted


Please Note: Once you upgrade, your license will inherit the Exchanges allowed by the License type. Once you upgrade to Gunbot Promo Ultimate, you will be able to Trade in 5 different exchanges at a time.

Since you’re a Gunbot Pro user, you already have the Backtesting add-on, but Your License will not include the Tradingview add-on in your upgrade. To Buy the Tradingview add-on, click on the link in the price table below.

Tradingview Add-on Upgrade


  • choose your upgrade

  • Lifetime SupportFree Updates and Tech Support IncludedLifetime Support
  • Manage Your Strategies from TradingViewManage Your Strategies from TradingView
  • Apply Your Backtesting SettingsApply Your Backtesting Settings
  • Execute TradingView SignalsExecute TradingView Signals
  • Spot Margin and Futures TradingSpot Margin and Futures Trading
  • Pay with PayPalPay with PayPal
  • TradingView Add-on

  • 0.003

    One Payment

  • Lifetime Support
  • Manage Your Strategies from TradingView
  • Apply Your Backtesting Settings
  • Execute TradingView Signals
  • Spot Margin and Futures Trading
  • Pay with PayPalPayPal Accepted


Do not hesitate to Contact Me with any questions. Thank You for Your Business!

Gunbot Pro ScreenShots

Gunbot Pro GUI Trading Terminal

gunbot gui showing the trading terminal

Gunbot Pro GUI Recent Profits

gunbot gui showing recent profits

Gunbot Pro GUI Trading Pair Selection

gunbot gui trading pair selection

Gunbot Pro GUI Dashboard

gunbot dashboard usdt eth pair example

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