Gunbot License System Ultimate Guide

gunbot license system ultimate guide

Learn How the Gunbot License System works

With the New Official Gunbot Reseller opportunity and so many Gunbot Prices around, I’ve seen some confusion and questions about How the Gunbot License System works.

My intention with this article is to Explain the Gunbot Price Structure the best I can, so you can make an educated decision before you buy. Enjoy it!

Nevertheless, if this or any Gunbot Official Reseller website is Not showing the latest Prices…

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Gunbot License System Explained

Gunbot have 4 License Types Starter, Standard, Pro, and Ultimate; the regular prices are:

Gunbot Starter: ₿ 0.04

Gunbot Standard: ₿ 0.10

Gunbot Pro: ₿ 0.15

Gunbot Ultimate: ₿ 0.25

Each of these licenses comes with a Required Minimum Amount of “GUNTHY TOKEN” that serves as License Validator and is necessary to run the bot.

Starter: 400 Gunthies

Standard: 1000 Gunthies

Pro: 1500 Gunthies

Ultimate: 2500 Gunthies

Is Double the Price and Double the Gunthies airdropped, but there is one Bonus: You can AUTO UPGRADE your License by just adding more Gunthy Tokens to your wallet.

So, except for the “Starter” Edition, you can automatically upgrade from Standard to Pro and Pro to Ultimate, thanks to our utility token.

Example: If you have a Standard with 1000 Gunthies and add 500 more Gunthy Tokens now, you will have a Pro License, 1K more, and become a Gunbot Ultimate Owner.

Auto-upGRADE is Not possible with the “Gunbot Starter” Edition, you will have to upgrade via Upgrade Package

Note: Remember that Gunbot Prices are based on BTC; those “Original Gunbot Prices” were introduced when Bitcoin cost was around 6K or less.

Gunbot License System Backtesting and Tradingview Addons

The Backtesting and Tradingview add-ons are NOT included with auto upgrades.

  • You will Not Have Access to the Backtesting add-on when you Auto-Upgrade with Gunthy Tokens to the Gunbot Pro License.
  • You will Not Have Access to the Backtesting and Tradingview Add-ons when you Auto-Upgrade with Gunthy Tokens to the Gunbot Ultimate License.

These add-ons come with their respective License Rank ONLY when you buy the License Type from the beginning.

Otherwise, you can Buy the License Upgrade Package or the Stand Alone add-on itself.

Gunbot License System Promo Choices

The Promotion Prices you see offered by Authorized Gunbot Resellers come with a Huge Discount from Regular Prices.

Note: Promo Prices can change due to a significant spike in BTC price or a Gunthy LTD Sales event.

The Gunbot Official Reseller Promo Prices are as follow:

Gunbot Promo Starter: SALE ₿ 0.0055 (Replaced by Gunbot ONE)

Gunbot Promo Standard: SALE ₿ 0.01375

Gunbot Promo Pro: SALE ₿ 0.020625

Gunbot Promo Ultimate: SALE ₿ 0.034375

Gunbot License System Required Gunthy Ammount for Promo Licenses:

Promo Starter: 200 Gunthies

Promo Standard: 500 Gunthies

Promo Pro: 750 Gunthies

Promo Ultimate: 1250 Gunthies

Again, to Upgrade, you will need a Gunbot License Upgrade Pack or meet the required amount of Gunthy Tokens in your Registered Wallet (minus the Starter) for your desired license type.

But here is the Better News! Any Gunbot Owner can access bitRage, our Crypto Arbitrage Bot, Market Maker, Crypto Spot, Margin, and Futures Trading bot.

Gunbot License System bitRage and Market Maker

bitRage and Market Maker are Not For Sale directly thru Bitcoin or Paypal, as you can do with other add-ons or Gunbot.

bitRage and the Market Maker bot can only be obtained through automatic upgrades, by adding more Gunthy Tokens to your Wallet.

What Do You Need to Unlock bitRage on Gunbot?

All you need is to be on the Top 20 Rank or better, meaning Top20 qualifies you, but if you are Top11, you’re really close to unlocking the Market Maker.

What Do You Need to Unlock Market Maker on Gunbot?

All you need is to be on the Top 10 Rank or better, meaning Top10 qualifies you, but anything lower than 10, and you’re a step closer to any future add-on.

Spoiler alert: “GUNBOT FLASH” in on the making! Stay Tuned for details on how this new player will enter the Gunbot License system. For now, just a teaser…

Gunbot Flash is a Soon (TM) project, so please don’t hold me accountable for it 🙂

gunbot flash sneak preview

A Top Ten Gunbot Rank gives you access to bitRage and Market Maker.

For the Gunthy Users Rank System, only Gunthar knows the exact math he used for it, but it is a ratio between your license type and the amount of Gunthy you Hodl.

You need to know that the Gunthy users rank system is NOT a competition on Top10 or Top20.

Once you secure your position, the only way you can get kicked out is if you sell your tokens.

And even then, you can get back to your Rank once you restore the amount you sold. Ain’t that a Gunbot License System unique Feature?

Top Ten is NOT just ten members or Top Twenty just 20; it is a Rank you share with many other Gunbot owners.

What is the Exact Amount of Gunthies Needed to Unlock bitRage on Gunbot?

There is no exact amount, but if you check the Gunthy Ranks list, you can see the Top20 members hold around 12.5K Gunthy Tokens.

Note that some Licenses were “Grandfathered,” and they have granted access to bitRage

What is the Exact Amount of Gunthies Needed to Unlock the Market Maker on Gunbot?

Again, you can estimate around 24K Gunthy Tokens by checking the list.

Grandfathered licenses have not granted access to the Market Maker Bot, but Gunthar has granted bitRage access to early adopters who bought it with BTC and some Gunbot supporters.

The Gunthy Token Rank System list is usually updated monthly, and the link is shared in our Telegram groups if a member asks for it, but you can see your Rank clearly on your Gunbot console once you start the bot.

gunbot user rank console example

Please do not panic if you’re Top10 and you see, Market Maker Plugin Access: false; as you see in the screenshot above, your access is by Rank, not granted directly like in the case of some bitRage users as I explained before if that’s your case, you will see, Market Maker Plugin Access: true.

Both cases can use the Market Maker bot, load your MM config, and fire it up!

To gain access to any particular Telegram Groups dedicated to a specific add-on, don’t hesitate to contact your reseller and ask him to invite you to the Official Gunthy telegram Groups to discuss bitRage and MarketMaker.

These groups are private and for Gunbot Verified Members Only. To learn more about our telegram groups, read this article, Understanding Gunthy Telegram Groups.

And make sure you also protect yourself against scammers.

I wrote an article about How can you protect yourself and how scammers operate; make sure you give it a good read:

How to Get Gunbot Help and Stay Away From Scammers

Gunbot License System Serverless

The main Gunthy Token use case and our most significant project are to move the “Old” Gunbot Server System of verification to the “New” Gunbot Serverless License Verification System.

Having our License Registered Fully in the blockchain will run our bot even if the license server goes down.

This process has already started, and soon the entire community will enjoy the benefits.

When we migrate entirely, the bad news is that old members who still don’t have a Gunthy Wallet tied up to their License won’t get Free Tokens Airdropped to their wallet for the amount necessary to run their specific license type.

In that case, the only way to get the Gunthy Tokens will be buying on the exchanges where Gunthy Token is listed (Gunthy Exchange, Txbit, and Beaxy, for now…)

The other choice will be to use any old version of Gunbot up to V16.

I hope if there is any old Gunbot user out there reading this, and you haven’t got your Gunthy Tokens yet, please do it now! Contact Gunbot Support

Gunbot License System Recap

  1. Four main Gunbot License Types can be purchased at a Discount Off the Regular price for a limited time through a Gunbot Official Reseller.
  2. Any Gunbot License can be upgraded later, via upgrade package or by adding Gunthy Tokens to your registered wallet, minus the Gunbot Starter (this one will have to be purchased via upgrade pack).
  3. Backtesting and Tradingview add-ons can be purchased separately and are not included with an auto-upgrade.
  4. You can Unlock bitRage and the Market Maker bot by adding more Gunthy Tokens to your Gunbot registered wallet.
  5. The New Gunbot Serverless License Verification System has already started.

As a final note, I would like to add that if you decide that automated trading is not for you in case of a personal emergency, you still have two choices to recuperate some of your investment.

How Can I Sell My Gunbot License?

1. You can sell your Gunthy Tokens on any of the listed exchanges, Gunthy Exchange, Beaxy, Txbit…

In this case, you keep your License, but it will be inactive until you add the required Gunthies to run it.

2. You can sell it as “USED” in our second-hand market; you can ask about it in our groups or directly to your reseller.

There you have it; I truly hope you use this Gunbot License System Article as your Ultimate Guide, come back any time, and do not hesitate to ask me any questions if you need more help.

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