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Gunbot Futures Crypto Trading Guide Challenge

gunbot futures crypto trading tournament

Learn about Cryptocurrency Futures, Trade with Gunbot, and the “Grid bots” strategy so that you can win prizes at Gunbot Permanent Futures Tournament.

Gunbot Futures Ultimate Crypto Trading Guide

As you may already know, Bitcoin is well known for its volatile price movements, making it a risky investment for some, but simultaneously, a perfect opportunity for earnings to others, especially if you got the advantage of an automated crypto trading bot.

Market Maker is a Powerful Crypto Futures Trading bot.

Bitcoin futures trading is possible online through a cryptocurrency exchange and matching the buy and sell orders placed on the exchange structure.

Crypto Futures Trading’s fundamental benefit is that you can hedge current spot positions without additional crypto, letting you be quick and ready for any market environment.

Cryptocurrency futures allow you to make the most of your returns by taking advantage of the power of leverage to increase your profits and implement advanced trading strategies.

Trade with Their Money!

You can use cryptocurrency futures to speculate on the market’s direction and minimize your risk, all while holding less crypto than on a regular crypto spot exchange.

Gunbot Futures Crypto Trading Guide. What is crypto futures trading?

Cryptocurrency futures agree to buy or sell a coin at a later date for a determined price.

Crypto traders commonly use future contracts to hedge other investments or secure earnings when trading in the volatile crypto markets.

3 Benefits of using Gunbot for Crypto Trading Futures.

1-Hedging to minimize Price Risk.

Hedge your positions and improve your risk management, protect your crypto portfolio during the bear market.

As an investor, if you are holding cryptocurrencies, you can reduce the risk of a dropping price by parallel placing a short future position on the coin in question.

If the price drop, the short position will reduce losses by providing you additional profits.

2-Stabilize Price Fluctuations.

Speculation becomes stable as long-term views of the markets play a more relevant role.

3-Forecast the Market Trend.

Cryptocurrency futures trading brings the opportunity for actual speculation to take place. As a trader, you can make your opinions count in the market with futures positions.

For example, after reading the charts and following your trend indicators, you think Bitcoin is going to the moon?

Then go “Long” on futures and increase your returns; after that, you found out Ethereum is going to dip, do what you must, go “Short” on Ethereum Futures, and bank on it!

Take advantage of Leverage with crypto futures using Gunbot.

Crypto futures are exceptionally money efficient, in a sense that less money is needed to open positions than if you were trading on spot markets.

You can open a leveraged position without really owning the funds.

This means if you have 1 Bitcoin and you are afraid of a price drop, you have to trust 100% of your money on spot exchange to sell. Still, in a margin exchange, you can get away with just a percentage of your total capital.

Crypto futures allow you to take leveraging positions, giving you compliance to position yourself in the crypto market while maintaining low minimum risk.

This is especially good because you don’t need to keep a large amount of Bitcoin on the exchange.

Gunbot Futures Crypto Trading Guide, Understanding Short, and Long

Short: A short position is created when you sell, intending to buy later at a lower price so, you think, based on your analysis, that the price will go low soon.

Long: A long position is created when you buy, intending to sell later at a higher price so, you think, based on your analysis, that the price will go high soon.

Trade on Gunbot Futures Tournament and Win Prizes

OKEx Futures is one of the fastest-growing crypto-derivative exchange by trading volume and have one of the most stable and fastest matching engines in the industry.

This system is designed to prevent the common manipulation strategies circulating in the market.

OKEx Futures currently offers high leverage of margin very similar to all other major crypto exchanges, making it one of the most competitive products in the market, including a sophisticated risk engine, smart liquidation model, and insurance funds that provide traders with extra protection for highly leveraged trading.

Trade with Gunbot Futures at the Gunbot Permanent Tournament

Gunthar, the Gunbot Team Leader, implemented a Futures Trading strategy already tested at the Binance Futures Tournament and proved its efficiency by landing on the Top 10 on the Binance Futures Leaderboard since day one of the competition, just dropping from top10 on the last 2 days of the competition, a pretty impressive rank against more than 500 teams of competitors.

The Binance’s competition results, members’ enthusiasm for sharing their fine-tuned strategies with the community gave birth to the “Gunbot Permanent Tournament,” a new incentive program by Gunthy LTD.

In Binance, OKEx, Kraken Futures, and Kucoin trading, GUNTHY LTD accumulated over 10k USD in rebates because we generated volume using Gunbot.

Gunthar promised to give back that money to the community since then.

He started looking to redistribute those bonuses, but giving it to each member would be like adding a drop of water to the sea, so Gunbot Permanent Tournament was born.

You can take advantage of one strategy already tested and configured by visiting the Gunthy Marketplace sign-in and Download the Gunbot Grid Bots Strategy.

Then you can join our private telegram group and fine-tune your strategy by taking advantage of other members sharing their success.

The GRID BOTS strategy is designed to continuously trade following the price lines during their waves and post multiple buys and sells at different levels, perfect for Gunbot futures trading!

The difference between the buy and the sell position price determines your profit.

Read more about other  Market Maker Strategies Available in Gunbot.

Gunbot Futures Permanent Tournament

Enter the Gunbot Permanent Tournament, our Automated Crypto Trading Competition

Automated Gunbot Crypto Trading Competition Guidelines

Just a few rules you must follow to become a qualified competitor.

  • This opportunity is only available to Gunbot Owners. That’s the easiest one! Just Get Your Gunbot License Now 🙂
  • It would be best if you had a Binance Futures and/or a Gunthy Exchange Account. No biggie. Signup for Your Gunthy Exchange Account
  • Set these 2 parameters in the GUI or edit your config file.

Gunbot Futures Tournament GUI Setup

This is basically your opt-in form agreement.

You should know that the data is collected anonymously for your peace of mind. Gunbot doesn’t receive any other data than your nickname and the sum of the trading volume you performed during the trading competition.

These values are computed locally in your Gunbot distro, and only the total volume is sent to the competition board.

Gunthy doesn’t receive API keys, wallet addresses, or any other sensitive data that might allow us to identify a nickname.

Your trades must be executed using Gunbot to qualify for the Automated Crypto Trading Competition.

Any manual trade you execute using the exchange web interface will not count as valid for the Competition.

Notice: If you want to post manual trades, make sure you use the Gunbot GUI, which is added as a valid trade.

You can check the live results on the tournament board, where the rank is based on your ROI percentage.

Your ROI% is the ratio between your Invested Capital divided by the total amount of generated profit.

To qualify for Binance Futures Automated Crypto Trading Competition, you need to generate at least 50K Volume in USD, but don’t get discouraged by this amount.

It is easily achievable even with a low Trading Limit, remember. In Binance Futures, you can use leverage up to x125 of your capital.

The rules for the Spot Trading competition, when added, obviously will be lower. You can check on the Official Gunbot Permanent Tournament page for more details.

Please Note: You must comply with any KYC or AML rules dictated by the specific exchange of your choice.

Gunbot Futures Permanent Tournament How can You Benefit

Definitely, the prize shared is the top motivator… I hope 🙂

The Top 10 with the highest ROI will share 50% of the unlocked price, from 11th to 50th place will be 30% shared unlocked price, and from the 51st to the 100th will share 20%. Can you believe it? Even the 100th place will take a piece of the pie!

But that’s not all.

What if you’re not a “good trader” or do not have the experience required for this kind of competition?

Do Not be afraid! The Gunthy community will take care of you.

You will learn from our top traders talk in our Gunthy Elite Room in Telegram, where they will be discussing, testing, and explaining their strategies.

Some of them even upload fine-tuned configurations to the Gunthy Marketplace, either FREE or for a Fee.

Joining Gunbot Automated Crypto Trading Competition is the greatest opportunity to share profitable strategies with our community’s biggest traders.

Regardless of the place and shared prize, the Gunbot Automated Crypto Trading Competition will be a great experience for any trader, provided you keep a tight money management strategy and protect from any potential losses.

Always keep in mind that trading is a risky business, and anything can happen.

If you want to be on the winning Team, Now is the Time for You to Get Your Copy of Gunbot and Take Advantage of Custom Market Maker Strategies!

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