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bitRage Crypto Arbitrage Trading bot Released

The crypto arbitrage trading bot Telegram beta room was created on Thursday, March 28, 2019, with the name “Gunbot Special,” since the people on that channel are considered special for Gunthar, then we switched to Gunbot Special (PG)

Gunbot Special has been running since April 29, 2019,  and still running strong and testing new builds at a swift developing pace.

The Official Room is where every new member is welcomed and given the tools and necessary information and support to run a successful bot the fastest way possible.

On September 28, 2019, Gunthar released bitRage, the crypto arbitrage trading bot, code name Plaeidades, with this note in the changelog, “this is the first merge of our products that aim to build the perfect money machine, the first 2 sisters (Gunbot and bitRage) are here”.

It was the first beta version of bitRage/Gunbot merged in one product, and we’ve been using the two products as one since then.

bitRage, the Crypto Arbitrage Trading Bot, is perfectly programmed to profit from the volatile Bitcoin market and take advantage of Altcoins, BTC, and Stable’s price inconsistency coins.

After all, that’s what intra-exchange triangular arbitrage is, buying and selling a coin in different markets and capitalizing on the price deviations, for example, the bot will scan the exchange for BTC-XRP then USDT-XRP, and finally USDT-BTC if that triple combination ends up giving us more BTC, the bot will go for it.

It will fire the 3 operations calculating the final profit and including the fees we may incur in the 3 trades in a split second.

Ain’t that Awesome?

But that’s just 3 coins. Wait! bitRage, the crypto arbitrage trading bot, can do that with the whole exchange, just set the parameter, and you’ll be auto-selecting all pairs available at your chosen crypto exchange.

The bot won’t just check for XRP in BTC and USDT markets; it will also check for profitability in the USDC/TUSD/ETH/BNB/KCS/EUR…

Or any other Base Coin in the exchange and, of course, not just XRP as Quote in this case but all Quote coins available.

So far, this can be done in up to 136 cryptocurrency exchanges and up to 5 simultaneously, depending on your license.

bitRage is Not Sold separately from Gunbot, and access is Limited to upgrade Only

Get Your copy of Gunbot Now.

Manual crypto arbitrage is off the equation, Period! Even buying something cheap at a garage sale and then selling it on eBay for more is almost impossible these days, so our only hope is the bot’s ability to calculate and execute the operations at a fast speed.

How bitRage Crypto Arbitrage Trading bot operates?

As a starting point, you will need balance in your Main Base, the main base could be BTC/USDT or any other Base you want to use, but for this example, I will use BTC, so let’s say you have BTC in your balance, the bot will execute the first trade.

This example will buy XRP with BTC; now you got XRP, then the bot will sell XRP for USDT, and for the final stage, it will Buy BTC with USDT.

bitRage, the crypto arbitrage trading bot, can and will shuffle the triplets on anyway, even in reversal, meaning that it can even start with USDT or calculate final profit in USDT also.


Basically, every possible combination of 2 Base coins and one Quote coin, doing buy-sell-sell, buy-buy-sell, or any other mix, with the opportunity to choose the main base to accumulate.

Perfect execution in a perfect world would be: You hold the balance of BTC, the crypto arbitrage trading bot look for profitability on Market Ordes and send the first trade, execute then send second trade, execute and send final sell, some members like to call it bam, bam, bam, but…

We’re not in a perfect world; we can not rely solely on Market Orders.

Based on our choice, the bot could use a second mode where still will look for Market Orders and have the power to look and make Limit Orders and similarly to a Market Maker will try to Close the spread.

The opportunity that gives you more money than what you invested (included GAIN and TRADING FEES per 3 trades) will fire.


bitRage Crypto Arbitrage Trading bot and Gunbot Combined, Perfect Crypto Trading duo

Gunbot is an essential companion for bitRage, the crypto arbitrage bot. If any of the stages fail, meaning the arbitrage operation can not be completed, Gunbot gets notified immediately.

The corresponding pair will be automatically added to your config file, which should be set up already with your chosen strategy.

The bot is ready to handle that bag, calculate ABP, cancel orders, etc.

For this game plan, you will need 2 strategies 1 to use for arbitrage searching and firing opportunities and the other for Gunbot to help you deal with the bags. Since by now you’re an avid Gunbot user, you can be as creative as you want with your “bagstrat.”

You can be creative with your “bagstrat” and add trailing, RSI, or any other indicator of your choice or add a simple gain strat to sell at a set percentage above your bought price.

Now, the time has come to talk about “bags,” please understand we’re not talking about a failing coin you’re HODLing or mined a huge amount of it for months, and you’re expecting to Moon, bags in arbitrage can come only from one issue: failed trades.

And by failed trades, I mean you bought XRP with BTC on stage one, but then on stage 2, when you tried to sell XRP for USDT, the price went down.

In this example, now you hold a bag of XRP, and Gunbot will take care of it based on what you have chosen in your strategy.

Here you are facing a few choices now in regards to Handling a Bag; these are:

Wait it Out. To help you make a decision, ask yourself. How long am I willing to wait until this coin recovers and I can profit.

Stop Loss, STOP-LIMIT setting in Gunbot. How much the coin needs to drop before I cut my losses and move on to the next trade, 1%, 2%, 10%…?

Average Down or DCA, DOUBLE-UP setting in Gunbot. If the coin drops X percentage, I want to buy more with my Base coin, one or many times to decrease my average bought price and profit sooner after the recovery.

Reversal Trading (RT). This is a more complex process but similar to DCA because you will try to Average down; only in this case will you do it using Quote coins.

I strongly suggest you Read the Gunbot Wiki and understand what you’re doing before using any of those techniques, and check out this Gunbot Money Management Ultimate Guide

bitRage Crypto Arbitrage Trading bot, Hedging Strategy.

Hedging is all about risk management, and bitRage is the perfect tool to help you achieve it.

With the Hedging Strategy, you can trade USDT pairs vs. BTC pairs through bitRage but taking advantage when the bitcoin price goes up and accumulating when the bitcoin price goes down.

For this strategy, the bot will be scanning the exchange for arbitrage opportunities between BTC-XXX and USDT-XXX.

Still, by doing that, if the price of any of those coins drops and regardless of been trading at a profit, you could see your estimated total value losing against USDT.

On the other side, your estimated total portfolio will also show gains if the coin’s value goes up.

What can the Automated Arbitrage Trading bot do to tackle this issue?

Gunbot, the Crypto Arbitrage Trading Bot Reliable Companion, can take care of this situation with its embedded trading indicators and allow us to use the Parabolic SAR (PSAR) signal.

When BTC is going up, and the parabolic SAR is “Under,” the bot will look and fire opportunities with BTC as Main Base.

In this case, the triplet will look like this: BTC-XXX-USDT, but when the PSAR reversal takes place (the signal is “Over”), meaning BTC is going down, the bot will “PANIC-SELL” everything back to USDT and begin to accumulate Bitcoin.

In this case, the triplet will look like this: USDT-XXX-BTC; your Main course is USDT now, and the Main base is USDT.

WARNING: If you just started the bot and a dump, you may incur losses since the Panic Sell will be posted as Market Orders.


One question I keep been asked is. What’s the Ideal Capital Allocation for bitRage?

Of course, the answer is not an easy one, but I can give you 3 points for you to think about it.

  1. Take into consideration your total capital. How much money do you want to put in? My advice is to test with a small amount and add more to understand how the bot operates.
  2. Consider the pairs you want to trade with. Here the High-Risk High Return mantra applies. The more pairs you choose, the more opportunities you will see, but also, there’s a higher risk of choosing a coin in decline. My Advise, look for High Volume coins and monitor their performance in the exchange.
  3. Divide your total capital based on the number of coins you want to use. For example, if you got a total of $100 and your Trading amount per trade is $20, you can perform only 5 operations.

My advice is to look for an exchange with a low minimum amount to trade like Kucoin.

For example, you can set $1 per trade and get 100 opportunities. Then add more as you see fit.

Gunthar keeps adding more Features to Gunbot at a very Fast Pace; the bitrage Automated Crypto Arbitrage Trading bot is just one of them.

You can also Profit with Market Maker for Spot and Margin Exchanges, and soon You will be able to do Inter-Exchange Arbitrage, but you Need to Get Gunbot Now!

bitRage the Crypto Arbitrage Trading Bot Video Teaser

Now, to wrap things up, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite quotes from Zig Ziglar:

“You Don’t Have to be Great to Start, but You Have to Start to be Great.”

If this quote doesn’t motivate you, then nothing will. And that’s why I encourage you to take what you’ve learned in this article and use it so You can Profit.

You can Lean about How to Set-up bitRage Step by Step in this article bitRage Ultimate Guide Exposed; check it out!

Are you ready to Start Making Money with bitRage, the Crypto Arbitrage Trading bot?

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