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Autoconfig Gunbot Top Level Automation

Reap the Benefits of Gunbot Automated Crypto Trading with Autoconfig

AutoConfig is a variety of powerful tools for Gunbot that will Help You Take your Crypto Trading Automation to a Whole Different Level.

Harness the power of advanced autoconfig setups and automatic pair selection in Gunbot.

This module can automate a great deal of user works in Gunbot bitRage and Market Maker, thus solving selecting specific cryptocurrency pairs to trade.

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Autoconfig can follow all pairs on the exchange and monitor all internal Gunbot data, and you can use it to make automatic config changes in your bot.

Including simple and more advanced setups to help you fine-tune almost every setting in Gunbot bitRage or Market Maker, your setups interact with each other through defined variables.

It is well known that the wrong selection of trading coins can result in heavy bag holding or worse, but Autoconfig solves this problem by selecting trading pairs that match your strategy.

For example, it can add the top ten coins by volume with a positive change in your selected exchange, and it can also remove those coins after you profited.

Just imagine what you can do with a strategy tuned for every market condition!

How Autoconfig Works

  1. There is a single config file for AutoConfig, which can contain one or many jobs. As soon as Gunbot restarts or the autoconfig file is changed, all jobs in the config are scheduled; any pre-existing scheduled job is removed in this process.
  2. When a job is processed, config changes are only made for pairs that have passed every filter.
  3. The autoconfig file can contain one or many jobs, each with its schedule.
  4. One job always applies to one exchange.
  5. One job can have one or many filters.
  6. Within a job, you can set filters for which pairs it applies.
  7. If a job completes, the changes are written to config, and Gunbot restarts using the new settings. If a job causes no changes, for example, because it tries to place already existing overrides, it won't cause a Gunbot restart.

Please Visit the Gunbot Wiki to Read more about How Autoconfig Works.

Why is pair selection so hard for crypto trading bots?

Because this is not an easy task, not easily accomplished by just collecting candlestick data, tickers must be used in this case.

Still, exchanges don't provide historical ticker data, so bots are left with just a 24hr change, 24hr volume, and current prices.

Therefore, other bots can not provide this information level for a more accurate approach, like check trading pairs with 100BTC daily volume.

Thanks to autoconfig, Gunbot can provide fine-tuned filters for your chosen pairs, allowing you to choose if the spread is low, the direction of the market, and the rising crypto volume coin, so on.

You can add all those filters and more to your pair selection, reap the benefits of an accurate pair selection and use it to add or remove pairs depending on your choice, based on the info Gunbot now holds.

Initial filter possibilities are: Exclude a particular quote or base coin, Exclude low-value pairs price range to exclude low satoshi valued coins, or you could also add the top 10 pairs by volume to give you some simple examples.

More sophisticated approaches are also possible, like monitoring the direction and movement of a pair, excluding slopes too steep.

And the standard deviation is very useful and an essential part of autoconfig automatic trading pair selection.

Time frames are advanced filter options for trading pair selection, and you can set up filtering that looks at the data of the last 12h, collected in 5-minute intervals.

And this is only the beginning...

AutoConfig is still fairly new and has just been integrated with the GUI.

The configuration can still be done through the JSON file, and you can find plenty of examples in the Gunbot Wiki.

As well as ready-made config setups in the Gunthy Marketplace, all the products listed on the marketplace, have been uploaded by verified community members.

My Advise to you is, read the Wiki for a more detailed description of autoconfig and what it does, go by the Gunthy Marketplace, and download your ready-made Free Gunbot strategy.

And if you do not own a Gunbot License yet, go and grab your copy now so you can seize this opportunity.

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