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Gunbot vs Pionex Best Crypto Exchange Bot

gunbot vs pionex

Gunbot vs Pionex Your Quest for a Deeper Understanding of Crypto Trading Bots

Crypto trading bots, getting the best tools to profit on the cryptocurrency space. Gunbot vs Pionex analysis.

Thanks to several technical analysis tools, you can profit while trading cryptocurrencies. Still, crypto trading can become very complicated when you don’t have in-depth knowledge of how it works and what tools you can use to maximize your gains.

However, considering the market is always open, it can be difficult for you to trade and make profits 24/7. The joy of selling and availing to automate your trading process is second to none.

Bot trading software eases the process of crypto trading by executing your entry and exit orders in the market and improving your chances of making tangible profits. There are hundreds of benefits attached to using automated software.

From the convenience experienced in using technical analysis determining price trends to making smart decisions while trading, it is worth it. Crypto bots help you minimize losses and maximize your winning performance in the market.

Since cryptocurrency trading is highly volatile, losing is inevitable. Most times, seasoned traders earning steady profits had suffered losses before they became successful in crypto, and usually, it helps you make an overall profit.

When you put your crypto trading into automation, you will be worry and stress-free since the bot will watch and closely monitor the price movements.

Emotions, such as fear and greed, are two prominent factors that jeopardize your thinking and can ruin your ability to win at trading effectively.

Automating your trade by letting a crypto bot take control of all the right strategies allows a winning system to work overtime. Automation cuts losses by eliminating fear, greed, and other emotions that ruin your trade.

Crypto trading automation makes a profit without being greedy, and it works mainly with a set of computer rules without emotional interference.

Choosing your crypto trading bot

When choosing your crypto bot, you must go for a trusted trading program. Some bots allow you to trade across multiple markets. By comparison, there are plenty of different crypto trading software options.

Based on portfolio analysis, real-time streaming pricing, trailing, paper trading, stop loss options, range orders, and the ability to backtest the software after subscribing — let’s analyze two eminent crypto bots in the crypto market — Gunbot and Pionex.

Gunbot vs Pionex – What is Pionex?

what is pionex

Pionex is a crypto trading platform embodying 16 crypto trading bots for free, such as grid bots, DCA bots, and many more. Users can automatically trade seamlessly 24/7 without frequently monitoring the markets. It is estimated that about 100 000 traders are using Pionex.

Pionex is among the first crypto exchanges to have built-in trading bots. It currently has over $1billion 24h trading volume, aggregating its liquidity from Binance and Huobi Global. This gives users a smooth and better trading experience with solid liquidity.

Pionex was founded in 2019 in Singapore, and it aims to solve the issues users experience while configuring crypto bots and adding them to their trading strategy. Its users can build or customize predetermined automated systems with their free bots.

The web-based platform is available on mobile app supported by Google, Android, and iOS. Pionex utilizes the mobile-first rule — new updates appear first on the mobile app.

The platform only charges a flat 0.05% fee on buy and sell orders. Let’s take a look at other features of Pionex.

Features of Pionex

pionex exchange bot

Pionex combines exchange and trading bots into delivering exclusive services to its users. There are many crypto bots with each feature on Pionex; let’s take a deep dive into each of them.

Grid Trading Bot: The GRID Bot is the primary bot of Pionex. It executes basic orders such as buying low and selling high at a specific price range the user sets. It works on average market volatility.

Spot Futures Arbitrage Bot: Futures market in the crypto market sometimes seems impossible to profit from. This bot offers the chance to earn from arbitrage trades that differentiate future market prices from spot market prices in the crypto market.

This bot typically targets 15–50% profit, a low-risk strategy.

Infinity Grids Bot: This is quite similar to the regular Grid bots, only that it maximizes the profits missed while trading sideways markets with Grid bots by eliminating the upper range limit.

Leveraged Grid Bot: The bot offers up to 5x leverage, and it does this by integrating the GRID Bot with margin loans.

Margin Grid Bot: This enables users to make passive income by lending their BTC or USDT while also earning from the primary grid bot strategy.

Reverse Grid Bot: This helps maximize users’ profit by selling assets during a bullish market and averaging it back as the prices retrace.

Smart Trade Bot: This allows you to profit from market trends with calculated risks. It incorporates running trades with trailing stops to limit account exposure to risk.

Trailing bot: This bot works with both buy and sell orders. It follows the market and opens many positions buying market dips. It stops when the market starts retracing.

Same approach with sell orders. It minimizes potential loss during a sudden market reversal placing a trailing stop on all sell orders.

DCA Bot (Dollar-cost averaging): This feature allows you to place buy orders at specific intervals (10 minutes, 1 hour, one day, one week, and one month) over a specified period.

Instead of buying at a single coin price, This bot buys when prices are both high and low, thus averaging the prices.

TWAP Bot: TWAP Bot allows users to place “buy” and “sell” orders in large amounts without altering the market price.

Pionex Bots Supported Exchange

Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange on its own, and its bots are only supported on their platform. They offer about 125 crypto assets and many trading pairs.

Note: You can not deposit or withdraw fiat money on Pionex.

Pionex Support

Pionex has a telegram and email forum where users and traders can discuss issues regarding the bot. They also offer customer support via these channels.

In addition, Pionex has a FAQ section where common questions regarding the bots are answered.

Gunbot vs Pionex – What is Gunbot?

what is gunbot

Gunbot is a well-renowned cryptocurrency bot that allows you to execute complete automated trading from a viable option of predetermined strategies or build your trading strategies.

Gunbot is a locally hosted crypto bot supported on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. The platform has a limited number of licenses (4) available to users offering a lifetime payment for each subsequent update.

Founded in 2016, Gunbot is known for the wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges it supports, including Binance, Binance.US, Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex, CEX.io, GDAX, Kraken, and many more.

Gunbot supports unlimited trading pairs while creating a trading strategy across several exchanges.

With more than 7000 daily active users, this platform allows you to connect crypto assets for trades to your preferred crypto exchange via an API key. Also, it helps you to configure the bot in line with your taste.

Many trading strategies are available on this platform, ranging from Step Gain, EMACross, MACD, SpotGrid, Bollinger Bands, stepGrid, and lots more.

Features of Gunbot

Gunbot features and high customization options make it flexible for users to apply it to their trading strategy.

The platform provides several trading options using EMA, Candlesticks, and more, with many confirming indicators to refine your trading strategy.

Below are some distinct features of Gunbot

Backtesting: Gunbot allows you to test your customized trading settings to give you the freedom of seeing how it would perform before deploying it live.

TradingView addon: This allows the execution of “sell” and “buy” order alerts directly from TradingView.

Balance Options: This tool improves the user’s experience and sets pair limits for the base amount invested per trade. This option offers flexibility to traders by allowing them to set trading limits as an absolute amount to be invested. Likewise, You can configure this feature to neglect small holdings below the exchange minimum trade size.

Supplemental Trailing: For most strategies, features work more intricately than stop-loss features. Based on the prevailing market conditions, trailing shifts automatically presets made by the trader — paving the way for optimal entry or exit points.

The additional trailing order adjusts when profit is made as the market fluctuates, an effective tool.

Dollar-Cost Averaging: DCA is a feature that automatically averages down assets. Dollar-cost average allows you to buy more coins when the price is down and buy lesser assets when the price is high — enabling you to reach a lower average cost per unit when prices move down and a higher price unit when it’s up.

Reversal Trading: This feature allows users to automatically accumulate quote currency when prices dump without risking more than the earlier buy order. This feature helps eliminate the break-even point for your positions.

Support: Gunbot provides a plethora of tutorials and guides, and libraries of blogs to catch the necessary details about the platform.

Likewise, the platform offers free support to all Gunbot users that acquire their license thru a reseller offering the Gunbot School. The Gunbot support ranges from emails, live chat to telegram support channels.

gunbot trading chart

Gunbot vs Pionex

Let’s review these two well-known crypto bots — Gunbot vs Pionex — and compare them based on security, pricing, and other vital features.

Pionex Pricing

Most bots available on Pionex are free, and being a crypto exchange, they take transaction fees on buy and sell orders. There’s also a 10% charge fee on profits made and exchange fees.

Deposits are made in cryptocurrencies, and it supports over 45 crypto assets, including Bitcoin and Litecoin. The platform also supports Stablecoins.

Pionex doesn’t have a minimum deposit amount, and they don’t charge a funding fee, which means you can get started with them without needing any assets.

Pionex’s trading platform is simple, but it has all the features a beginner needs. Much insightful analytics and technical indicators, such as RSI and MACD.

Since all bots available on Pionex are free, they do not offer a demo account.

Gunbot Pricing

Gunbot offers four subscription plans. All packages include lifetime access with no recurring costs. Payments are made in Bitcoin with 300+ altcoins, stablecoins, and PayPal.

Gunbot ONE— $ 99

An excellent trading bot that allows you to effortlessly trade one spot market at once. Its features include Spot trading on one exchange, one trading pair, one automated strategy: stepGrid.

Telegram community, and it works on Windows, Mac & Linux. Ask Me Anything about Gunbot ONE

Gunbot Standard— Ƀ 0.0075

This package provides everything you need to get started. It offers Spot and Futures trading, supports one exchange, and unlimited trading pairs.

All strategies, you can swap crypto exchange at any time, AutoConfig, 500 Gunthy tokens, Telegram community, Gunbot School, Chat & email support, and it works well in Windows, Mac, Linux & Raspberry Pi.

Gunbot Pro— Ƀ 0.0105

This plan is basically for traders willing to trade on multiple exchanges. It includes everything entailed in the Standard package, including trading on three exchanges at once, a Backtesting addon, and 750 Gunthy tokens.

Gunbot Ultimate— Ƀ 0.0175

This package ensures that all your trading needs are met. It includes trading on five off exchanges at a time—unlimited access to the backtesting, and TradingView addons, Custom JS strategies, and 1250 Gunthy tokens.

Gunbot vs Pionex – Security

Pionex security

Pionex seems to have invested a massive amount into security. So far, there’s no record of a hacking attack or any data breaches.

The site is secured, and it counts on API keys to withdraw crypto assets and a 2FA (two-factor authentication) settings.

Gunbot security

It’s been over five years that Gunbot has been in existence. It has no record of a data breach or any security-related attacks. Being a locally hosted platform, it ensures 100% data security.

The downloadable crypto software further reduces the accessibility of any third party to Gunbot itself and raises the safety bar above security attacks.

Gunbot vs Pionex – Conclusion

Pionex app is undoubtedly an excellent platform to use. It is secured and mobile-friendly, offering superb features with effective bots.

Pionex is the leading cryptocurrency exchange for trading bots. They’ve built an ecosystem that is as beginner-friendly as possible. They’ve taken careful steps to explain each bot in detail to protect their customers, so you know what you’re doing precisely with automated trading.

However, Gunbot offers all the basic and advanced features to expect from a crypto trading bot. It gives you a top-notch user experience and a suite of tools needed to develop and execute automated trading strategies.

Gunbot provides you with automated trading strategies, and you have the option to optimize these trading strategies for maximum profitability.

The trading strategies in this crypto bot are designed to provide a high level of accuracy and can be used in a range of many different markets.

The product is one of the oldest on the market, and it has been through several years of testing and development. It holds a strong position in its market segment, and it is maintained by a team of active developers and experts.

I hope you Enjoyed this Gunbot vs Pionex article, and you can use it when choosing your preferred bot. My personal decision is obvious: Gunbot is what I recommend you get now.

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Cryptocurrency Fundamental Analysis Crypto 101

cryptocurrency fundamental analysis

Discover How Cryptocurrency Fundamental Analysis Can Help You Make Better Trading Choices

Learn the basics of cryptocurrency fundamental analysis so you can choose winning altcoins while automating your trades.

What is the best cryptocurrency to buy for investment? You can try for months or even years to find the answer to this question without success. How do you decide which cryptocurrency to invest in?

I get asked all the time what cryptocurrency projects I think will do well in the long run, and there’s certainly no shortage of opinions out there.

That said, I’m often quite surprised by how few people understand the fundamental reasons why some projects will succeed while others fail.

Talking about fundamentals isn’t to say that technical analysis is not essential. Still, I think it’s vitally important to understand the fundamentals behind why a specific project is worth your investment.

When we hear the words fundamental analysis in contemporary business, we think of news, political events, and other economic factors attached to a particular market.

However, it’s a whole different thing regarding crypto trading.

As much as these events sometimes affect the crypto market, they are not the essential metrics to look out for when analyzing crypto fundamentally.

Cryptocurrency fundamental analysis is the root of value investing, and it is hard to see how you can succeed unless you are gambling.

However, the concepts are pretty straightforward, basically examining the crypto asset’s yardsticks— use cases, roadmap, network, and other root features of the investment involved.

Introduction to Cryptocurrency Fundamental Analysis

You don’t have to be a professional cryptocurrency analyst, but a clear understanding of fundamental analysis is critical for a successful crypto trader.

If you want to bring a professional approach to investing and trading crypto assets, you can hardly succeed if you do it with a pin.

There are hundreds of articles and resources about technical analysis, where you can sharpen your skills, learn about more indicators and even automate your crypto trading strategies. Still, there is little or no emphasis on fundamental cryptoanalysis.

The technical analysis evaluates securities by analyzing the trajectories generated by market activity, such as past prices and volume.

Some technical analysts do not attempt to research an asset’s intrinsic value but instead use charts and other tools to identify patterns that suggest future price movement.

It is true; charts are the basis of trading. Charts show a clear view; of the market and valuable information into the future price action– By applying tested indicators, such as Bollinger bands, moving averages, and a lot more, you can limit the risk and make tangible profits — making technical analysis relevant in crypto trading too.

In fundamental crypto analysis, following the same path, we are concerned about the factors or variables that make up a particular asset.

These variables are regarded as benchmarks to scale your strategy. Examining these factors can limit the risk and invest at the most reasonable times avoiding market declines, corrections, and bear markets.

You can successfully trade crypto by using metric-tested indicators, readily available via official currency channels.

This article will fill you in on the benchmarks to examine while analyzing your preferred assets. I’ll share a few fundamental analysis theories to help you identify the suitable cryptocurrencies to invest in.

What is Cryptocurrency Fundamental Analysis?

what is crypto fundamental analysis

Cryptocurrency fundamental analysis judges a cryptocurrency based on the asset value instead of its market value.

Fundamental analysis is a business valuation process based on assessing company financial statements. It is widely used to identify value investment opportunities based on each company’s latest available financial results as well as historical performance.

Thanks to the easily accessible information (financial results) of businesses or assets online allow for a comparative assessment to be made between altcoins over a range of fundamental analysis criteria.

Performing fundamental analysis will enable you to statistically rank each crypto coin’s financial health to find assets in the most powerful financial positions through to the weakest.

The use of fundamental analysis is critical in determining which asset to invest in; it provides a platform where the company’s recent past performance and expectations are put under the microscope, thus not leaving anything to chance in terms of looking for information.

Indicators like interest rates, financial statements, and price per book ratios are commonly used with fundamental analysis.

So when you look at the fundamentals of any crypto, what are you looking for? Let’s look at metrics to fundamental access and analyze cryptocurrency.

Crypto fundamental analysis is based on three categories:

  1. Blockchain Metrics.
  2. Financial Metrics.
  3. Project metrics.

Cryptocurrency Fundamental Analysis – Blockchain Metrics

Blockchain metrics are linked sets of resources, procedures, and consensus of the blockchain. Usually, this begins with running nodes for that particular network, and then it extends to looking up data on the Internet.

Measuring the relevance of the on-chain units of any platform to profitability is ultimately the primary reason some APIs are provided to look up information. But there is more to comprehending how profitable the Blockchain activities are.

The most commonly used on-chain metrics are hash rates, transaction count, active addresses, transaction fees, transaction value, and more.

Hash rate and stake rate

Every blockchain network has its protocol, often called a consensus algorithm. Consensus algorithms are designed so that all units of the blockchain network come to a standard agreement (consensus) on the current ledger state and run in a trustless and distributed algorithmic environment.

For a Proof of Work consensus model which Bitcoin runs on, hash rate measures the computational rate at which transactions are being processed and bitcoins are being mined. Each transaction in a cryptocurrency network is added to the blockchain.

Many crypto traders willing to invest in a particular coin see the hash rate as the determining factor of investment— as it is the center Proof of the asset.

The more the hash rate, the more miners are equipped to mine for-profits, and the safer the network is. Evaluating a specific hash rate can help determine the profit rate.

Another design model is Proof of stake— familiar with new large-cap alts like Ethereum 2.0, Solana, Cardano, and lots more. It works by staking coins, thereby creating personalized validator nodes.

Staking is simply pledging your coins to be used for validating transactions. Staking is considered the Proof of health of these platforms.

Calculating the amount staked and looking out for the staking performance of a particular asset can help measure investment interest.

Transaction count and active addresses

Implementing a few technical indicators like moving average, we can determine the number of daily verified transactions— highlighting the value of the crypto network to send funds without a breach safely.

You can use this to gauge investment interest and calculate the number of active addresses.

Active addresses are proven to gauge the number of active users on a blockchain since it is primarily less connected to stress tests (which often focus on transaction count).

However, active addresses inherit some natural features from the structure of the specific blockchain, and you must take care to grasp the differences in design model inactive address counts.

Since anyone can create an address and transact on a blockchain, active addresses can still be faked.

You can look out for unique addresses within specific periods and then compare the outcomes to measure interest in the asset.

Transaction value and fees

Assessing the estimated value of transactions in USD on the blockchain is also an essential part of the fundamental cryptoanalysis.

To better understand how this works, if there were a total of five Solana transactions comprising $40 each, all on the same day, the daily transaction value would be $200.

Transactions get into blocks, generally by offering higher fees than others. There is a market for transaction inclusion in Bitcoin; this is called a free market.

The Transactions represent demand, and block space represents supply.

Generally, fees go high when there are many competing transactions. Ethereum’s exuberant gas fees are a great example. Higher gas fees mean that the demand for transactions has increased, accounting for the increase in fees.

Each crypto has its transaction fee, and gauging this asset based on fees paid is a great analysis of interest.

Cryptocurrency Fundamental Analysis – Financial Metrics

invest wisely

Financial Metrics are used to profits and sometimes the losses of a crypto asset. It often includes a report of the company’s revenue and earnings. It also discusses different supply ratios and the analysis of its trading volume over a specific time.

Financial Metric is an essential fundamental analysis method. It offers investors an idea of the project’s yields and the degree of growth they have enjoyed over the years.

Let’s analyze each financial report based on market capitalization, trading volumes, liquidity, and the number of assets in circulation.

Market capitalization

A comprehensive report of the market cap over a certain period is crucial in the world of Financial Metrics.

Market cap is the total sum value of a crypto asset, and it is derived by multiplying the current price of the investment by the supply of coins in circulation.

Market cap size indicates the growth rate of an asset. Typically, the larger the market cap, the more stable and less growth potential a coin has.

However, this is not always the case. Dogecoin, for example, has increased over the past few months due to Elon Musk’s effect.

This rapid growth rate is not a 100% deciding factor in investing in the coin. It is essential to understand that other financial metrics like trading volume and circulating supply are imperative.

Trading volume

Trading volume is the heart of the markets; if not for trading volume, the market itself would cease to exist. What drives the trading volume, the possibility of profit.

Without the profit motive, we would have no reason to trade cryptos.

Trading volumes give us strong indications of the psychology affecting traders at a given time in the markets. It is a direct real-time market sentiment indicator.

A high trading volume is an indication that the current trend is likely to continue.

Liquidity is the measure of the buying capacity of a crypto asset. A liquid coin or buy will have many investors in an order book waiting to be filled. This, in turn, streamlines the bid-ask spread, which is an accurate gauge of liquidity.

Circulating supply

The circulating supply is the amount of cryptocurrency available to the public, which decreases and increases over a given time.

New coins can be created by mining and staking — depending on the design model of the blockchain.

In the same vein, users can reduce the supply by burning or sending coins to the wrong addresses or losing access to a wallet.

Cryptocurrency Fundamental Analysis – Project Metrics

project metrics

Project metrics is another tool that you can use to determine and measure the performance of particular crypto. It entails the path a specific project should take—roadmap, mission, vision, and background check on the network.

Background check

The background check involves the complete analysis of a particular cryptocurrency. This analysis may include deep research and gathering details such as roadmap track records, if any, and possible accomplishments.

In certain other cases, you can also extend these checks to partners or advisors to the project.

Competitor analysis

This kind of analysis offers both an attack and defense strategy in which it allows the identification of opportunities and threats in a particular asset.

With competitor comparison, this coalesces all the relevant sources for the analysis of various projects. You must understand the working principle of a possible project to invest in.

Crypto white paper

The white paper is a story that educates users and shows how a particular crypto asset can benefit them. It entails the aim and blockchain behind a specific project.

The influential crypto white paper provides statistics, charts, and diagrams explaining the project’s features and how investors should utilize them.

The most popular cryptocurrency whitepaper is Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer digital money network, released by Satoshi in 2008.

Tokenomics and ICOs

Token economies are simply the economics of supplying and distributing cryptos. The increase in demand is proportional to supply.

Blockchain networks enable these economies to function in a decentralized manner. Tokenomics facilitates the functionality of a particular network.

A token functioning effectively with many use cases will attract more users.ICOs are excellent tools for raising development funds to support new cryptocurrencies.

The tokens offered during an ICO can be sold and traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, assuming sufficient demand for them.

Other cryptocurrency fundamental analysis tools

Fundamental analysis, apart from being used to examine the viability of the markets, can be used to screen economies in the crypto market and the future or expected performance of the economy.

External factors that rarely affect crypto are political events, sudden hype (Elon musk’s tweet), and the global pandemic.

One notable event that affects cryptos is Covid-19. During the pandemic, a lot happened in the crypto space — paving the way for the emergence of many blockchain startups, thereby increasing the market capitalization of cryptocurrency in general.

Once you have found fundamentally strong projects, you can then look at the historical price trends for entry points into the market.

Learn more about cryptocurrencies and how to protect you from scams here.

Cryptocurrency Fundamental Analysis – Conclusion

When it comes to analyzing the viability of a blockchain project, fundamental analysis is your best friend. It provides you with the information you need for making intelligent investment decisions.

Crypto fundamental analysis is used to identify value investment opportunities based on each project’s latest available figures as well as historical performance. It is essential to evaluate each project listed on a reputable exchange and conduct proper fundamental analysis.

The biggest mistake you can make as a crypto trader is putting all your eggs in one basket. If you want long-term success, you will have to be well diversified in many different assets.

Cryptocurrencies are growing more mainstream. As more businesses, individuals, and institutional investors pour money into crypto, the value of these assets gets justified.

To understand crypto valuation, you have to look at it differently than traditional markets. Liquid exchange platforms, crypto trading bots, and active communities contribute to a growing ecosystem.

Look at any investment carefully. When investing in cryptocurrency, you need to be sure that you have done your homework. Investors who thoroughly research and perform cryptocurrency fundamental analysis can make a lot of money.

Investing in cryptocurrency is not a shot in the dark. It’s a calculated risk.

Fundamental and technical analysis are the two pillars of investing because both can provide valuable insight.

While many understandings can only be accessed via TA alone, combining TA with cryptocurrency fundamental analysis can help you create a more comprehensive market analysis.

Information and research will help you reduce investment risk. So do your due diligence. Diversify your portfolio and invest wisely.

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Gunbot vs Trality Tools to Boost Your Crypto Gains

gunbot vs trality

Gunbot vs Trality Get the Right Tools for Your Automated Crypto Trading

Automated crypto trading software means you can learn to trade professionally without years of manual analysis. Check out Gunbot vs Trality review.

Crypto trading bots are all the rage right now, and I’m not surprised. With thousands of people trading every day and new investors joining every second, many crypto traders struggle to find the time and energy to keep up with the markets.

Investing in a trading bot can be a great way to help you relax, focus on other projects, or provide some passive income, but which one should you go for?

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly one of the leading solutions in the fintech space. Its trading system is an investment vehicle that allows you to trade crypto assets and make money by taking advantage of the market’s price fluctuations.

The crypto market brought several solutions — crypto trading bots. The crypto market often requires that trades be conducted at odd hours, over long distances, and in large volumes.

A crypto trading bot comfortably solves issues like these to ensure traders are always on the profitable side.

Crypto Bots

crypto bots profitability

Crypto automated trading software— bots use algorithms to dictate the timing, pricing, and order types to be initiated automatically.

An automated crypto bot ensures that you do not miss out on profitable trades and that these trades are closed on profits.

In addition, working with a preferred custom strategy, crypto bots pro-actively seek out the best trades. These features remove much of the hassle that comes with manual trading.

These trading bots oppose the need for human traders to be actively sitting on their computers 24/7. Instead, using the right bot, you get to modify the technical parameters and adjust lot sizes, risk parameters, stop losses and take profits.

It also allows you to buy and sell across many markets and time frames. Entirely unaffected by psychological elements, these bots perform more trades per market than you would be capable of.

A crypto bot is the best way to make money in the market; you can earn daily trades with steady growth at minimal risk.

Now, with the mainstream adoption of these bots, how do you know which one to employ?

Factors such as automated stop-loss functions, backtests or historical data, flexibility to the existing exchange market, and optimized pre-made setting, so you don’t have to spend time customizing —should at least be present in your bots.

Trality and Gunbot are two popular bots with distinct features; they are both practical, safe, and make steady profits. This piece will fill you in on the characteristics of these popular bots and also state their differences.

This blog compares the features, benefits, and drawbacks of Gunbot vs Trality to give you a better idea of which bot is more suitable for your needs.

Are you confused about which automated trading software you should use to buy and sell cryptocurrencies?

Which one is the best for your particular needs? Each bot has its strengths, and I will help you decide which one may be best for you.

Gunbot vs Trality — Overview

gunbot vs trality overview


As stated on their official website, Trality is a platform basically for anyone who wants to profit from the detailed algorithmic trading having access to their community-driven ecosystem that promotes learning and development as a trader —without giving up their day job.

Founded in 2019 by Moritz Putzhammer and Christopher Helf in response to the fluctuating crypto market— the bot has become one of the best bots for bringing algorithmic trading to beginner and advanced crypto traders.

Trality is a cloud built crypto that allows bots to be created from scratch, backtested, and utilized in one interface. The platform doesn’t require any additional local installation.

You can comfortably set it to 24/7 mode without managing the server yourself, leaving no space missing trade.

The Vienna-based platform balances its features for both casual and advanced traders. In addition, it essentially makes the venue easily accessible to python gurus and other traders with coding experience.

Let’s look into its features.

Trality Features

Trality is the first cloud-based Python Bot Code Editor, which features a state-of-the-art Python API, a debugger, and end-to-end encryption.

Taking a broader look at its key features

Rule Builder

The rule builder was designed for those who don’t know how to code. This easy-to-use and straightforward user interface let you customize your trading strategies by dragging and dropping indicators and your system.

Here, you can tailor your trading ideas into profitable strategies and hone them to your taste.

Rule Builder helps create resilient bots and arrange them using boolean logic. Likewise, it allows you to build upon predetermined trading strategies and choose from over 100 technical indicators.

This section has creator tools and video tutorials on algorithmic trading to help you step up your rule-building game. Also, you can transform your rule-based bots into Python code automatically.

Code editor

Advanced traders with coding experience are provided with Trality Code Editor to bring their most advanced trading ideas to life using many tools and features like in-browser debugging and in-browser backtesting.

With this feature, you get to code your algorithmic trading strategies using Python, access financial data with available PI, and access a complete set of technical analysis indicators.

Backtesting and paper trading

The backtesting and paper trading features allow users to Backtest their strategy with historical data. Backtesting enables you to test your algorithms before using them in a live market.

Paper trading allows you to check how it performs without using real money.

This tool is quite flexible as it allows you to choose from many data and time frames to simulate against the algorithm.

Furthermore, the backtested strategy can also be recorded, allowing users to return to the most profitable settings.

Gunbot Overview and Features

gunbot features overview

GunBot is a popularly known cryptocurrency trading bot utilizing individual strategies that are wholly customizable to fit your trading style.

Gunbot is a locally hosted platform; you have to install the software on your computer. It supports macOS, Windows, Linux, and ARM if you want to use it in your Raspberry Pi.

Launched in late 2016 by Gunthy, Gunbot is one of the oldest and reliable crypto trading bots. Raking thousands daily active traders using the bot with increasing exponential growth.

Gunbot is often a highly flexible and efficient trading bot, offering good automated features worth the money. For example, it has no restriction on the number of coin pairs to be traded.

Also, it offers more than 15 pre-made strategies, including Bollinger Bands, TSSL, Gain, Stepgain, Ping Pong, Ichimoku, Emotionless, etc. These strategies can also be modified into the user’s trading preferences and create your system.

Gunbot Addons

Powerful Addons is another unique feature of Gunbot — TradingView Addon is a powerful Addon that steps up your algorithmic trading game.

With this powerful feature, you can set your bot to execute buy and sell orders from TradingView.com. You only need to select a tested script, and the bot will check for buy/sell signals in your email at 2secs intervals.

With this method, the trading signals will be executed 24/7 on autopilot at a much quicker rate than any human trader, regardless of whether you’re working, traveling, sleeping, or simply away from your computer.

Backtesting addon

The backtesting addon is another extra feature that embodies all the available options on Gunbot. It allows you to feel what live trading is without risking your real money. The backtesting tool can be installed from the trading view as a script.

Among several unique features of Gunbot is the Telegram bot offering comprehensive trading records made via Gunbot.

Rebalancing and Trailing

Gunbot can be customized to ignore small holdings below the required trade size. Its fund’s reserve features allow users traders to keep an exact amount of base coin reserved, which you can automatically withdraw profits.

Trailing prevents a too-soon buy/sell order by optimizing entry- or exit points. You can use the Gunbot trailing feature with several trading orders, and trading methods.

Gunbot vs Trality — Review

This review will give you broad strokes on several essential features to traders. These features include reputation—reliability, ease of use, pricing, and supported exchanges.

Crypto Bot Reputation

The reliability of a platform is usually the first thing traders ask before venturing into a crypto bot. “Do they have any reputation?” “Are they reliable?”

This feature is absolutely a critical aspect to consider and begin with when you’re looking out for a bot to use.

Trality security and reputation

Founded in 2018, Trality has not recorded any security breach, nor has users’ data been recorded lost.

Trality appears to have a reputation amid cryptocurrency traders from reviews littered online by its users. The reviews from users are all positive —as they often speak well of the platform.

This Austrian bot has proven trustworthy for managing crypto assets as seen online by its users. A lot of innovations like rebalancing seem to be coming soon.

Security-wise, Trality doesn’t seem to have access to user assets; only bots send trading signals to exchanges are permitted to.

Automatically, API critical connections won’t work if withdrawal rights are enabled. Trality also employs end-to-end encryption with user algorithms and strategies, so you can rest assured you’re safe.

Gunbot Security and Reputation

Gunbot was created in December 2016 by trader Gunthar De Niro to build an easy-to-use bot yet featuring advanced features in mind; Gunbot has attracted thousands of users.

Since the platform is locally hosted, it limits exposing users’ data. Also, it has a limited number of API permissions, preventing malicious withdrawals.

Gunbot has proven its reliability over the years. It has successfully retained its security, sustainability, and user in mind.

Gunbot vs Trality — Pricing

Sometimes, the pricing of a platform determines whether or not traders will go for it. If the price doesn’t match the features it offers, many traders exit asap. Let’s examine the pricing model of these two platforms.

Trality Subscription Prices

trality prices

Trality has many pricing plans suitable for all levels of traders. They offer a free trial to test and check out the platform before going for a paid package.

Annual plans help you save 20%, and the subscriptions come in three tiers using Chess pieces as plan titles.

Pawn (Free)

  • The trading volume of €5,000
  • 60minutes —this is the lowest tick interval for this plan
  • One live bot and one virtual bot
  • Unlimited backtests
  • 1-week log retained

Knight (€9.99)

  • The trading volume of €25,000
  • 60minutes tick interval
  • Two live and two virtual bots
  • Unlimited backtests
  • One month of logs retained

Rook (€39.99)

  • The trading volume of €250,000
  • 5minutes tick interval
  • Five live and five virtual bots
  • Unlimited backtests
  • Six months of logs retained

Queen (€59.99)

  • Unlimited trading volume
  • 1minute tick interval
  • Ten live and ten virtual bots
  • Unlimited backtests
  • Unlimited logs retention

Gunbot One Time Prices

A unique thing about Gunbot licenses is that you only purchase them once — with subsequent free updates.

The plans vary in prices and features; the higher the price, the more access you’ll get to professional trading features.

You can make Gunbot’s payments in Bitcoin, PayPal, over 300 altcoins, and it has a few different plans ranging from $99 for Gunbot ONE to 0.0175BTC for the Ultimate package.

Other plans are the Standard plan which goes for 0.0075BTC, and the Pro plan for 0.01052BTC.

The Gunbot ONE standalone plan has valuable features for the price.

Included in the ONE Edition is a one-time payment, and you can trade on one exchange with one pair and includes one strategy ready for you to start buying and selling.

Suppose you choose one of the three other available plans. In that case, you will experience a fully-fledged bot with loads of functionality, including the Pro plan adding backtesting capabilities and the Ultimate with its Tradingview addon and your choice to create custom strategies.

Gunbot vs Trality — Ease of use

Trality Usability

The Trality bot is pretty simple to get by; all you need is to sign up on the site and verify your identity via their standard verification email.

The platform introduces new users to build custom bots with several video tutorials, with tools on the Code Editor and Rule Builder.

The settings menu allows users to connect exchange accounts with relevant API keys necessary for live trading.

Trading accounts, market conditions, and configuration determine a bot’s performance — meaning custom strategies are needed to be created with educated research.

Trality is designed to accommodate diverse traders, from those with coding experience in Python to casual traders who have limited knowledge of the working principles of a bot.

The Help pages and documentation are available for smooth guidance upon registration.

Gunbot Usability

Once you have selected your preferred plan and exchange, it is very straightforward.

Download the software, install and launch, input your login details and set up your API keys for the crypto exchanges you want GunBot to work on.

Create your trading strategy by either choosing a predetermined method or you can tweak the parameters to your taste and selecting your preferred trading pairs to trade.

Then GunBot starts trading based on your settings 24/7. GunBot has several soothing trading features to take advantage of.

Note: The Gunbot school will guide you on every step you need to take with your new bot (minus Gunbot ONE)

Gunbot vs Trality Supported exchanges

Trality Crypto Exchanges

After the Trality bot has been successfully tested and deployed for live trading, the bot is only compatible with four exchanges. Their trade-ability is limited compared to Gunbot.

Their major cryptocurrency exchanges are:

  1. Binance
  2. Bitpanda
  3. Coinbase Pro
  4. Kraken

Gunbot Supported Exchanges

Gunbot has the highest number of supported exchanges, with over 100 crypto exchanges for both spot and margin trading.

Some of the major exchanges supported by Gunbot are, Huobi, Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, Bitfinex, KuCoin, CEX.IO, Poloniex, Coinbase Pro, Bitmex, FTX, and many more.

There is an unlimited number of trading pairs you can use in Gunbot.

Gunbot vs Trality — Conclusion

With the invention of automated trading software, anyone can make money from the rise and fall of cryptocurrency prices without needing an expert.

Automating your trades can reduce the risk and stress involved in crypto trading.

While it is possible to conduct trades without automated crypto bots, essentially, all investors trading in the crypto market rely on some quality trading/analysis software.

Crypto bots open the doors to diverse traders and enable them to do profitable 24/7 trading.

Trality seems to be an excellent automated trading bot with affordable pricing, excellent customer support, and many upcoming features.

However, Gunbot has built its reputation over the years —a plethora of critical features at affordable prices— Gunbot seems to be the go-to platform.

When it comes to trading, the market is a cruel place and can quickly get the better of you. Having a tool that can make the process easy and hassle-free separates the pro traders from the rookies.

If you’re looking for the best trading tools, look no further. Get Gunbot ONE Right Now for just $99, so you can start profiting from the crypto market in automatic.

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Gunbot vs Quadency Best Crypto Automated Trading

gunbot vs quadency

Gunbot vs Quadency What Should You Be Looking For In Crypto Automated Software?

Why you should use automated crypto software when trading cryptocurrency. Gunbot vs Quadency, we show you how to pick the best crypto trading bot.

Making a steady profit in trading crypto is 5% dependent on having a sound system and 95% down to following simple rules. It sounds easy, but as humans, we find it naturally very difficult to follow and adhere to a manageable set of rules and a model that looks promising in the long run.

Bots have proven to be more efficient than humans while trading in so many ways. A reliable crypto trading bot is your best bet to ensure automated crypto trading success.

Crypto automated trading is one of the critical trends in cryptocurrency trading. It has grown amongst investors of all backgrounds and experience levels due to the ease and convenience it offers and, above all else, the reliability of winning rates and results it boasts.

Algo trading conveniently deletes fear, greed, and the fear of missing out from your trading. A crypto bot negates the need for emotions. It just buys/sells when certain conditions are met.

Crypto automated trading software ensures that every move you make results from statistically analyzed market behavior and nothing else. Taking the trading out of your hands in total becomes a reliable trading method available to investors.

These automated bots also seem more cost-effective than hiring a constant fee broker and commissions taken off your profits. Crypto bots only require subscription payment. And interestingly, some only offer one-time charges.

Crypto bots have proven to be more responsive than humans because a reliable bot is constantly synced into real-time crypto market behavior 24/7.

As a result, it’s always in a position to react to changes as quickly as they occur, whether it’s to get you in on the ground floor of a high probability trading opportunity. Or if it’s a defensive move to shield you from sustaining a loss from a trade that has turned out of your favor.

As much as crypto trading bots offer unlimited opportunities to earn constant profit from the market, the need to go for a trusted bot is crucial.

There’s nothing better than having a successful automated crypto trading bot for many crypto enthusiasts. Whether it’s for day trading or long-term investments, computerized bots are a reliable way to ensure you’re always in the loop and making money.

There are thousands of automated crypto software; but, what should you be looking for when picking one of these up? And how do you ensure you’re using it to its fullest potential?

This article will analyze two popular bots (Quadency and Gunbot) with several positive reviews online and score each on the essential features such as reliability, flexibility, security, and pricing.

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Gunbot vs Quadency — Overview

gunbot vs quadency overview

Quadency is a crypto trading bot featuring new and creative methods of automating crypto trades. It’s a web-hosted platform that allows users to create their preferred automated transactions.

Quadency is a crypto trading app that quickly connects tools like bot strategies and analytics. The platform seamlessly integrates with crypto exchanges, allowing users to trade on different markets and exchange platforms while giving them a glimpse of their overall portfolio performance.

The platform also offers access to more than 4000 trading pairs and enables users to use automated trading strategies providing seamless access to the crypto market 24/7.

Quadency offers more than 15 bots plus strategies, including Market Maker, Bollinger Bands, Grid bot, Accumulator Bot, and many more. Also, users can pick their desired bot, customize it to their taste and simulate it via its backtesting feature to see its performance for possible results.

The US-based platform is generally known to be easy to operate as it features helpful tools for all levels of traders. In addition, it supports known crypto exchanges, including Binance, Kucoin, OKEx, Kraken, and Liquid.

Quadency—birthed in New York in late 2018 and started operating in February 2019; aims to create a “Future of Finance” accessible to everyone — providing standard trading and investment options to the crypto market.

As stated on its platform, the cloud-bot has managed over $1billion, and it keeps growing. Over the space of two (2) years, Quadency has been delivering many on-demand features, including pre-set trading bots, backtesting, advanced charting, rebalancing, portfolio analytics, and a lot more.

Let’s look into the core features of the bots.

Quadency Features

Portfolio rebalancing

Just as the name implies, this bot helps users diversify their crypto assets and let them allocate them accordingly. Here you can sell several assets into a single investment.

With its detailed dashboard, users can track their portfolios and view their portfolio performance and allocation on all connected crypto exchanges. Also, this comprehensive dashboard offers users the opportunity to secure their offline wallets to keep track of their entire portfolio.

You can find more information like open orders, trade histories, transfers, and more in this section.


TradingView addon in conjunction with webhooks allows you to execute your custom strategy by defining alert signals.

Another addon is a smart bot — this feature helps you execute fundamental market orders and smart orders with stop-loss and profit. This snark bot trails your stop-loss position and stops automatically when the position is closed.

Accumulator: This is another bot feature that allows you to exploit an asset at a specific price
Mean Reversion: Unlike many crypto bots, Quandency offers a mean reversion feature that allows you to purchase an asset below the “oversold” RSI level and sells above the “overbought” level.

Other features like creating event-based or cancel-based algorithms for several trading strategies are also available. The platform is also suitable for seasoned traders as it allows them to develop their bot by coding in Python.

Gunbot Crypto Trading Features

gunbot features

Gunbot is a locally-hosted crypto trading bot that has customization as its trademark. Unlike other web-hosted platforms, Gunbot requires you to set up your bot on your computer to ensure 100% security and privacy.

The platform can fit Windows, MacOS, and Linux — suitable for all traders; it is effortless to set up this bot and install your program.

Gunbot is one of the oldest and most reputable crypto trading bots currently in the crypto space. Founded in 2016 by Gunthar, the platform has grown so large that it has attracted thousands of traders actively using the bot.

It has a strong community of seasoned traders and experts solving issues regarding bot performance. They fix bugs, build “pre-set” strategies, and much more.

This growth has led to the platform supporting more than 120 crypto exchanges, including the most popular ones like Binance, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, and more.

The premade trading strategies are best suited for beginners, while experienced traders can tailor their preferred approach using the advanced tools available on the platform.

Gunbot gives you all-time access to the crypto market; it works even while you’re busy with other things.

Integrating many technical analysis tools into its system, Gunbot provides many trading indicators like RSI, MACD, Ichimoku, Bollinger Bands— often used to forecast market price movements. Specifically, high and low levels are utilized by Gunbot to signal trades.

Offering unlimited access to trading pairs, the trading platform uses APIs to draw relevant info about your most preferred pair.

Gunbot offers numerous trading features ranging from special addons to backtesting to excellent trailing options. The crypto bot allows users to track their bot’s performance and others’, so you don’t feel lost or left out of the market.

It works perfectly well on futures, margin, and spot trading, depending on the type of license you are opting for.

Gunbot Key Features

Gunbot offers key features like:

  • Reverse trading: This tool helps you make a profit during bear markets without risking more than your initial buying price.
  • DCA: This feature offers you a way to average down your bought price by buying more quote coins when the price is lower.
  • Profit Trailing: This feature is used with basic and advanced order, enhancing fixed optimal entry/exit points. This prevents (buying a pair too soon or selling too early) minor errors associated with trade orders.
  • Backtesting: This feature allows users to simulate their trading strategy with historical records to see how it would perform in live trading.

Gunbot vs Quadency — Security and Pricing

There are certain trading qualities essential to traders/investors when choosing a crypto bot. Let’s review these two on security, pricing, and support.


One major factor you don’t want to compromise when choosing a reliable bot is security.

Quadency security

Quadency is quite keen on security as it offers two-factor authentication on all user accounts. Users’ credentials like using strong passwords are also compulsory for every user account.

As stated on its website, the platform uses end-to-end encryption on all online and offline accounts, using Bcrypt as per industry standards.

In terms of cloud service, Quadency uses AWS—commonly known for physical security and internal controls. The platform only decrypts when syncing account information or when an action is done against the account.

Quadency has not experienced any security problems since its inception in 2019. It has proven to be secured so far.

Gunbot security

Gunbot relies heavily on its reputation, putting so much into security. Since it’s locally hosted, the risk of data breach and getting your account hacked is shallow.

Gunbot vs Quadency Pricing

The pricing of any platform should match its features.

Gunbot pricing

Gunbot offers four different kinds of purchase plans and two addon packs. These plans appeal to other traders, from those with no experience to the experienced ones.

Gunbot packages include one-time payment and free software updates for each license purchased. This is what separates Gunbot from other crypto bots.

Gunbot ONE 0,002฿— This is the cheapest package available, and it allows you to trade on one exchange at once, with one strategy and one trading pair. You can start your trading journey with Gunbot ONE for only $99 bucks, and you can pay with Paypal.

Gunbot Standard 0,0075฿— Includes all the features of a fully-fledged bot that can trade on one exchange at a time; however, it doesn’t incorporate add-ons.

Gunbot Pro 0,0105฿— Consists of all features included in the standard package, plus adding more (3) crypto exchanges to trade simultaneously and consists of the backtesting addon.

Gunbot Ultimate 0,0175฿— Basically for experienced traders, it gives all the features available on Gunbot. You’re not limited to how far you can trade with this package. Plus tools in the Pro plan, including trading on five crypto exchanges and other Addons available only on Gunbot Ultimate edition.

Gunbot School and Support are included for the packages (minus Gunbot ONE), and Gunbot accepts payments in BTC, many altcoins, and it also accepts PayPal.

Quadency Pricing

quadency free bot

Visiting Quadency, you do not require any amount to get started. This means they offer a free trial for those willing to sign up and test how the bot will work out.

Sign in up, a lite account is assigned, and it’s only available for a limited time, and its features are minimal.

Pro plan, often called an advanced package, goes for $39 per month(if paid annually). It offers up to $100,000 in monthly trading size and allows users to use 10 of the bots available on Quadency at a time and 100 backtests in a day.

Unlimited plan $79 (annual, monthly payment): This is best suited for seasoned traders already conversant with the platform. It offers total capacity for monthly trading limits, daily backtests, and the number of bots running simultaneously.

Other packs like an institutional account provide tailored features for institutional traders. You can acquire more details from their support.

Quadency accepts payments via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, and other online payment methods.

Gunbot vs Quadency — Supported Exchanges


Quadency currently supports chart analysis with more than ten popular cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance Binance US, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, HitBTC, Kraken, Kucoin, Liquid, OKEx, Poloniex.

Full automation is only supported on five exchanges: Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin, Liquid, and OKEx, with subsequent additions of these exchanges in the future.


Gunbot is known for its wide range of compatibility with hundreds of crypto exchanges. It comfortably supports more than 120 exchanges, including the popular ones like supported exchanges: Binance Bitfinex, BitMEX, Bittrex, Bybit, CEX.io, CoinbasePro, HitBTC, Huobi, Kraken, KuCoin, OKEX, Poloniex.

Gunbot vs Quadency — Conclusion

The benefits of using crypto automated trading bots cannot be overemphasized. These bots make it the best-kept secret for realizing your financial independence through innovative and reliable trades in the highly unpredictable crypto market in your spare time without cutting into your primary schedule.

Both Quadency and Gunbot are popular bots making waves in the crypto trading space; however, while Quadency looks to be a good crypto bot considering the numbers it has been doing within the space of two years, Gunbot seems to be the choice for traders as it has a track record of price-matched features.

As one of my customers says, “Gunbot is an excellent crypto trading system. It’s really simple to set up and get started. Beginners can use its default setup, but as you gain experience, you can fine-tune the option settings to better fit your strategy. I’ve used it on a few different exchanges, and the results are very promising.”

Gunbot’s defining feature is its versatility. Aimed at the noob or the expert digital asset trader, Gunbot is one of the most advanced trading bots in the market today.

As mentioned earlier, Gunbot is one of the most popular digital asset trading bots. So, when you get started, you’ll learn the ins and outs of trading with a bot.

If you’re looking for one of the best automated trading systems, then Gunbot is a dream come true. It’s time to take control of your crypto trading with Gunbot.​

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Crypto Grid Trading Automated Strategies 101

crypto grid trading

Automate Your Strategy and Take it to a Whole New Level with Crypto Grid Trading

If you are a trader, then you may have heard the term ‘Crypto Grid Trading,’ or you may be interested in the idea of a ‘grid trading strategy’ for crypto.

It’s safe to say crypto grid trading is one of the most popular trading strategies used in automated cryptocurrency trading — as it consistently provides an easy understanding of the technical core dealings of the crypto market.

The dealings range from buy/sell orders, implementing price actions and entry/exit points.

Crypto trading can seem like an impenetrable sphere full of jargon and complex maths. But the reality is that anyone can get started easily with an automated crypto trading bot.

When you’re just starting, it’s best to use a ready-made strategy, as they will have included a risk management method to help you maximize your profits.

Automated trading strategies can offer a simple, effective, and easy-to-use entry point into the world of crypto trading, allowing you to understand the process better and grow your knowledge of the market.

There are crypto trading bots everywhere, but let me ask you something: What is a crypto grid bot? Why is it useful? How do you make money with it?

Keep reading, and you’ll discover tips to earn crypto with grid trading and the best-automated strategy to profit (stepGrid) now available in the latest Gunbot ONE limited edition.

What is Crypto Grid Trading

Crypto grid trading is a trading strategy that takes advantage of the cryptocurrency price movement by placing strategic positions (above and below the current market price), thereby “locking” profits as the market fluctuates.

This strategy offers traders the confidence to make straightforward and specific trading decisions.

The crypto market is volatile and requires enough confidence to make effective decisions instantly. By waiting a little longer, it may cost you a great deal of profit.

Crypto grid trading prevents you from the pitfalls associated with making slow trade moves, and at the same time, will enhance your trading skills. Therefore, factors like speed and precision are what automated grid trading brings.

Most importantly, since crypto grid trading is automated, it removes FOMO, greed, and all forms of human emotions attached to manual trading.

However, as much as automated grid trading offers a lot of potential profits to investors if you don’t know how it works or some technical tips, it will leave you frustrated.

This piece will give you detailed tips on playing the cards in your favor to increase your odds of substantial profit with your crypto grid trading bot.

Go for a Reliable Crypto Trading Bot

reliable trading bot

It’s essential to know that using the grid bot strategy is entirely automated. Due to the meteoric rise and fall of market prices, it is impossible to execute this manually.

And since this process is automatic, you don’t require the technical knowledge to predict market patterns. What you need is a crypto grid trading bot.

There are hundreds of trading software to choose from out there. However, you need specific features in a bot to execute your grid trading system effectively. It is pretty hard to see which one is the best day trading software package without giving the bot a try.

While an automated bot’s reputation—the past performance of the robots over a reasonable time is a must, the option of modifying some features of the bot to suit your taste is preferred.

All bots are not built the same, and if you’re not going for a highly secure cloud trading bot, you do not want to get a platform that doesn’t function on all the operating systems.

Going for a platform that supports all major operating systems allows you to access your trades from Linux, Mac, or Windows, depending on the device you are using.

With your strategies and settings installed on your local machine, compatible with all systems — this will prove very flexible.

Your bot should be able to support numerous trading pairs, several crypto exchanges, and coins. Therefore, finding a crypto trader bot that can accommodate all the different coins offered by major crypto exchanges can be more helpful.

A full-stacked crypto bot will work great for a spontaneous kind of trader. Other vital features that could be helpful are advanced settings, price trailing, and real-time and historical backtesting.

Gunbot seamlessly embodies these features by trying out a few bots, making it the most suitable bot for crypto grid trading. Gunbot has a track record of being reliable as it is one of the leading crypto bots in the market today.

Gunbot is a high-tech algorithmic trading platform that includes a near-infinite number of unique trading styles. These styles are based on a constantly changing series of customizable parameters and settings.

Its diversity means that it can fit any trader, ranging from beginners to experts.

You can always earn significant profits with Gunbot. Just make sure you’ve mastered the basics and its advanced working principles. There are helpful learning resources in Gunbot School to guide you on learning the settings and tailor them to your taste.

Its pricing is affordable, and the software-based platform offers you a lifetime license with free subsequent updates.

Crypto Grid Trading on Ranging Sideways Market

The critical point for trading a sideways market is finding a crypto market trapped in a sideways trading range or an up-trending or down-trending channel on the chart.

When observing from the chart, you must distinguish some clear support and resistance levels that are boundaries of the up-trend or down-trend.

Knowing how to trade in sideways markets is an effective trade strategy to benefit from crypto grid trading because the markets don’t always trend in a given direction.

Among several ways to earn a constant profit, trading sideways gives you access to trade diversification—where using established grid trading strategies can help lower overall risk in trading the market.

Since the crypto market doesn’t move in a lucid trend— there is often an abundance of viable trade setups in the trading ranges that result in price swings between two identified price levels – support and resistance – to trade.

Usually, these two price levels are formed due to two substantial price levels. Establishing these positions sounds simple, but the crypto market comes with many surprises. The price might break out of the support or resistance boundary anytime.

Therefore, skills to respond quickly and set your bot correctly are always critical to earning from this strategy.

For example, say Binance coin (BNB) is trading between $562 and $568. Every time it hits $562, it goes up. Every time it hits $568, it goes down. It is trending sideways.

How do you take advantage of this? The bot starts by buying the $556 ask for $.5, and selling the $565 bid for $2. This gives us a $1.5 instant profit. Now the bot has the choice to sell BNB at $565 if it goes to $545 or lower. Because this crypto asset keeps bouncing off $562, the risk is shallow.

Sideways markets are always harder to trade than trending markets. Trying to hit every swing can be difficult. Instead of predicting the movements, you can make money in a sideways market.

Just look for a feasible sideway market that has all the soothing price levels — set up your bot and deploy your tailored strategy on it.

A grid bot helps you control your risk, earns you steady profits, and can stop you from experiencing severe account loss.

Larger Price Range

As much as a crypto grid trading bot is effective in trading sideways markets, setting up a wide price range for your bot is essential.

There are cases where the current prices you are reading go out of the price range unexpectedly; when this happens, the bot will stop trading, resulting in lost opportunities to make profits.

When setting up an extensive price range, you’re automatically extending the time of your bot to earn more profits — by limiting the likelihood of the prices leaving the field.

Gunbot allows you to modify price levels to a more extensive range before placing the grid order. For example, to maximize your profit, if the current ETH-USDT price is $4000, you can predict the price will decrease when it gets above $4500.

In this scenario, to keep your bot running for decent profits, you can set the price to $4500. Giving your bot significant price levels will earn you profit and make a perfect low-risk long-term strategy.

Crypto Grid Trading Diversification

crypto diversification

Diversification is the basic rule of trading crypto. You don’t want to invest your capital only on BTC or any crypto asset that directly follows its trend.

Diversification is a concept based on the tried-and-true method of using diversification of securities, or in this approach – automated grid trading, to reduce the chances of zero account.

Being too weighted in a given trading pair or investment approach can leave you vulnerable to extreme consequences of a reversal of profit if the market should turn against you.

Using diversification with your grid trading strategy can help you avoid a loss in one or more trading pairs while the rest of your open trades remain strong and bring a steady income.

Implementing diversification in your grid trading strategy, you can rest assured your transactions will perform differently according to the market’s dynamics at the time.

Gunbot supports almost unlimited trading exchanges, and you can trade more than one trading pair simultaneously. This feature allows you to diversify your portfolio and make steady money.

For example, by trading multiple crypto pairs simultaneously, you can increase your odds, as long as the pairs are significantly different. For instance, suppose that you use trade BNB-USDT in which the average monthly return is around 12%.

By trading other altcoins simultaneously, all of which have different price trajectories, you expect other returns on each of them.

Therefore, if you trade multiple crypto assets for a specific time, you can use Gunbot— Crypto Grid Trading strategy to reap some significant benefit from the volatility between them.

Plan Profit per Grid

The settings you employ for your crypto grid strategy typically determine how profitable it will turn out.

Planning your profit per grid makes you accountable and significantly influences the risk/reward level. Your bot divides your price range into a series of buy and sells grids.

The bot will execute trades as the crypto pair rises within your extended range. As long as the price levels stay between your settings, the bot continues to make you profits.

However, how do you know which of your bot is making enough profit for you? Now, which profit is good enough.

The idea of having a firmly held rule of making 2% can be deceptive. No one has control over the market, so the idea is faux.

However, for a successful grid bot, always aim for at least 0.3% profit per grid. Even if it takes a bit longer to get started, the bot will work and will earn you money as long as you are patient.

Also, you must understand profit per grid settings. A small grid price size recovers a little. You will make little profits while making a ton of trades — however, it might have stopped trading if it has fallen out of your grid’s price levels if you’re not making profits in a long time. That’s a major setback of a small price range grid.

Manage Your Risk

Since crypto grid bot trading is automated, the speed and frequency of the transaction mean that it can be straightforward to lose control of your trade. In place of this, you have to find some way to manage your risks to avoid losing too much money.

Without a risk management strategy, you are more likely to lose money.

Grid traders also have to choose a crypto exchange wisely to avoid paying large commissions for the hundreds of trades they make. Kucoin offers an ideal platform for grid trading, with low trading fees when you use their token to pay for the trading fees.

You must determine how much you want to risk per grid. You can allocate a certain percentage of your account size. Let’s say your trading capital is $5000, then the maximum loss you’ll tolerate on trade could be around $50.

To ensure that your losses do not exceed this level, you should set up your bot to a significant stop-loss order — which will automatically close your position when the price falls below the specified level.

If you’re using Gunbot, you can take advantage of the stepGrid strategy and use DCA (dollar-cost average) as a risk management strategy. Read more about it here.

gunbot stepGrid strategy


The most significant advantage of grid trading is that it requires insignificant forecasting of the market direction. You don’t have to spend time on technical analysis — it is easily automated.

Like most crypto trading strategies, grid bot trading needs to be traded in the appropriate market conditions. You can make steady profits by selling the correct currency pairs, applying well-planned grid sizes, and reasonable risk and money management.

The bot requires you to risk small amounts of your capital to generate a reasonable return. It is not suitable for impatient crypto traders.

With Gunbot’s advanced features like backtesting and trailing, you can be confident that you’re in safe hands.

Whether you’re interested in cryptocurrency trading or not, there’s no denying the benefits of having a bot at your disposal — and a lot of people are making serious money from it right now.

However, if you’re intimidated by the enormous technicalities of the subject, then fear not! Gunbot ONE comes with a top-notch trading strategy that can automatically extract profit from a crypto grid. Please give it a go and experience how to make your money work for you while you sleep.

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Gunbot vs Coinrule Best Custom Automated Trades

gunbot vs coinrule comparison

Gunbot vs Coinrule Automate Your Crypto Trading with the Best Bot

Discover how you can customize your crypto trades so you can profit from cryptocurrencies on automatic. Check out Gunbot vs Coinrule compared.

Automating your cryptocurrency trading is becoming a must-have feature for many new crypto traders. Trading crypto is one of the most challenging tasks you can undertake.

There are many factors to consider, and the market changes so quickly that even the most seasoned traders can find themselves caught out.

You need to be able to stay safe, or you’ll get shot in the back as you ride away. You need tools and tricks that match a volatile market. That’s why the best cryptocurrency bots can change your fortunes and make your crypto trading more efficient.

The best way to weather these storms is to automate your trading with bot systems such as Gunbot or Coinrule. You can set these systems to automatically buy and sell cryptocurrencies at certain times, which means you don’t have to be glued to your screen all day.

As much as crypto trading requires technical knowledge to profit from it, most people often lack emotional control. You can master all aspects of technical analysis, understand the finer points of the market, and learn about trading tools, but all of this won’t help if you cannot balance your emotions.

Factors like fear and greed will get in the way of trading cryptocurrency. Desire can result in losses, fear can jeopardize your thinking, and emotions can ruin your ability to make profits effectively.

So how can you take out your emotions and trade without sweating over whether you should do this or shouldn’t do that?

Thanks to the invention of automated trading. The feeling of seeing your crypto bot make a daily profit is only second to getting into a freshly made bed.

Gunbot vs Coinrule — Trading Bots Explained

Cryptocurrency bots are already making their mark as the blockchain world evolves. Trading algorithms have overtaken human traders. These bots will take profits without the need to be greedy.

You can set an automated strategy to cut your losses without letting fear and doubt rule. You can compare it to a super-trader managing your account without emotional interference.

Automated trading means trading while you do other things. A fully automated bot will trade the crypto market for you 24/7, even while you’re working or sleeping; the robot will identify and execute trades for you.

Also, the software can follow more than one pair and execute trades in more than one account. Multiple pairs, multiple timeframes, and multiple accounts are typical features of a trading bot, which are almost impossible for a human being.

With a fully automated bot, you get to make more trades than you manually process the transactions. You need to try an auto-trading bot if you constantly get caught in your feelings.

Let us dig a little and weigh two crypto bots sending chills down the spine of crypto traders. And compare Coinrule to Gunbot or choose based on your needs.

In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the features and pricing of both bots, as well as how they differ.

Gunbot vs Coinrule — Overview

gunbot vs coinrule overview

Coinrule Features Review

Coinrule is a cloud-based crypto trading platform with pre-determined trading methods enabling its users to automate their transactions using these methods and other trading rules.

Coinrule is a powerful, intelligent assistant who controls your trades and helps you endure the demanding cryptocurrency trading world. Founded in spring 2018 by CEO Gabriel Musella and his team, Coinrule can be considered a solid automated trading solution.

This automated platform doesn’t require any form of coding; instead, you set custom automated trades and have your bot trade for you 24/7. These customizable rules entail several basic “if-else-then” rules that you can select to suit your taste.

Coinrule utilizes market indicators to enable smart allocation of funds while putting you in charge of your trading bot. The UK-based platform has an easy-to-use interface that’s beginner-friendly. It’s easy to navigate and safe to integrate automated trading rules to supported exchanges.

Coinrule offers an unlimited number of trading strategies, and with an active community, you get to learn new ideas via their reader-base section of the platform.

The platform has over 150 premade trading rules that ease the trading journey of beginners. Likewise, it allows various cryptocurrency trading strategies, including simple trade orders like stop loss, take profit.

rules example

Coinrule Supported Exchanges

The web-hosted platform supports more than 10 leading crypto exchanges API key connections. Supported exchanges include Binance, BitMEX, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, and Poloniex, and a few others.

Coinrule functions through API integrations with these supported exchanges. Its trade orders usually take around 500 Milliseconds to reach the market, and the platform uses data encryption to facilitate its service.

Coinrule Free Trial

Among several intriguing features of Coinrule is its free trial. Coinrule offers its users demo accounts, allowing them to test their trading systems in a no-risk environment with a virtual allocation of coins. The demo account supports prices that come directly from Binance.

Gunbot Features Review

Gunbot is a trading bot that prioritizes reducing the time traders spend behind their computers to make an adequate number of profits.

An emotionless crypto trading bot offers seamless automated access to trade crypto assets. The bot implements many trading strategies tailored to your trading plan and goal.

You can rely on premade trading methods or customize the bot to use several included confirming indicators for extra technical analysis precision.

The popular trading bot was launched in 2016 by senior developer Gunthar De Niro. Gunbot is a locally hosted platform that works on Mac, Linux, Windows, and ARM. It uses automated order execution based on your preferences to decide whether to sell or buy.

Gunbot has an edgy feature over most crypto bots in supported exchanges. Gunbot works well in virtually all the available popular crypto exchanges. Including Kraken, Bittrex, Binance, Coinbase Pro Binance, Bybit, CEX.io, HitBTC, Huobi, Poloniex, and over 100 other exchanges.

Depending on your paid choice, Gunbot can work with more than one exchange at a time; this is, however, tied to your license type.

Visit CryptoDROI’s Gunbot store to learn more about every license.

Another hallmark of Gunbot lies in its user interface. The Gunbot GUI is designed for beginners to navigate and set up the details of their bot. Here, you will find several options like trading terminal, the PNL analysis tool, and many more.

gunbot gui charts

The software-hosted platform is also known for a few add-ons such as “backtesting” that can help you analyze your trading journey and modify the bot for even greater profit.

Currently, there are over 15k bot users, and there is a solid community where traders get to ask questions and discuss any issues about their trading bots.

Distinctively, Gunbot offers “lifetime access with a single, one-time payment.” This business model is different from the subscription-based design used by many other crypto bots.

Gunbot vs Coinrule — Pricing

These two bots have a lot of differences. Coinrule is web-hosted, while Gunbot is locally hosted.

This section shall examine the significant differences and fill you in on platform security, core features, platform reliability, pricing, and more.

The affordability of a platform in sync with the service it offers is crucial. You don’t want to pay for a crypto bot that won’t serve your trading goal. Let’s review the prices charged by these two platforms.

Coinrule Pricing

Coinrule offers four plans, including a free trial for some time. However, the demo account option is limited to only specific tools like 1 Connected Exchange, 2 Demo/Live Rules, and 7 Template Strategies. Below is detailed info about the four packages.

Starter (Free)

The starter is the most straightforward package of all their plans, and it is free. It offers:

  • 2 Live Rules, 2 Demo Rules
  • 7 Template Strategies
  • 1 Connected Exchange
  • Up to $5k Monthly Trade Volume

Hobbyist $29.99/month (Annual)

  • 7 Live Rules, 7 Demo Rules
  • 2 Connected Exchanges
  • Up to $50k Monthly Trade Volume
  • 30 Template Strategies
  • Telegram + Text Notifications
  • Free access to Trader Community
  • Advance technical indicators

Trader ($59.99/month)

A newly introduced pack offers several options at an affordable price. It includes:

  • 15 Live Rules, 15 Demo Rules
  • Unlimited Template Strategies
  • 3 Connected Exchanges
  • Up to $500k Monthly Trade Volume
  • Up to $50k Monthly Trade Volume
  • Telegram + Text Notifications
  • One-to-one Training Sessions
  • Advanced Indicators

Pro ($449.99/month)

The pro plan includes all the automated trading features available on Coinrule. It offers:

  • 50 Live Rules, 50 Demo Rules
  • Unlimited Template Strategies
  • Unlimited Exchanges
  • Up to $3m Monthly Trade Volume
  • Telegram + Text Notifications
  • One-to-one Training Sessions
  • Advanced Indicators
  • Dedicated Server
  • Ultra-Fast Execution

coinrule pricing table

The Trader plan is the most go-to package because it contains even more features. The Pro package offers Unlimited Connected Exchanges, 50 Demo/Live Rules, and Unlimited Template Strategies.

All paid plans include access to one-to-one training sessions and other unique benefits.

Crypto Payments Accepted, and you can also pay via Stripe, instructing you to enter your credit card details to make a one-off purchase for one year’s worth of service.

Gunbot Pricing

GunBot is made available to users via resellers. There are a handful of registered resellers that sell this bot. Each reseller charges the same official prices in crypto or Paypal.

Unlike many other crypto bots, Gunbot offers lifetime access for its purchased bot without any need for subscriptions. Gunbot offers four different plans, and it doesn’t allow a free trial or demo account.

Below are the features and prices in Bitcoin of each tier.

Starter 0.0055 BTC

The Gunbot Starter has minimal features with:

  • One-time payment
  • Lifetime license
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Trade on one exchange at once
  • Support via Telegram group and Zendesk (if your reseller offers the Gunbot School)
  • Emotionless, BBTA, SpotGrid, and Gain strategies are available

GunBot Standard 0.01375 BTC

More standard than the starter package with:

  • Lifetime license for GunBot
  • Lifetime updates for free
  • Trade on one exchange
  • All included strategies
  • Lifetime official support

GunBot Pro 0.020625 BTC

All the Gunbot Standard features plus:

  • Trade on three exchanges at once
  • Gunbot Backtesting add-on

GunBot Ultimate 0.034375 BTC

Provides unlimited access to all Gunbot’s tools, including :

  • Lifetime license
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Trade on five exchanges at the same time
  • Backtesting add-on
  • TradingView Add-on
  • Custom Strategies in Javascript

Gunbot vs Coinrule — Security

The safety of a platform has to be the most important thing to check out to avoid loss of funds. Your bot has access to your assets, so it is essential to go with a secure bot with a high reputation.

Coinrule Security

Coinrule utilizes a robust security system to protect users’ personal and trading credentials.

The trading platform has several ways to do this: through 2FA authentication procedures, and the other through security measures like preventing denial of service attacks, alerting users of account activity via email/SMS, and payment protection.

Coinrule doesn’t collect users’ information as they use military-grade encryption technology. The platform partners with Cloudflare to ensure sustainability in the network. Preventing attacks, Cloudflare monitors and stabilizes the platform.

With their transparent payment method using Stripe and other forms of crypto payments, Coinrule is a safe platform. The features above act as firewalls that prevent hackers from breaking into the venue.

Gunbot Security

Gunbot is a software-installed platform, thus reducing the risk of getting your personal trading information stolen on a cloud-based program.

Gunbot traders are safer and always in control of their security.

In addition, the automated software encourages you to set minimal API permissions, which ensures no fraudulent withdrawals can occur.

For any crypto trader, choosing a secure platform is a must. Keeping the platform security, platform age, and user base in mind, Gunbot has been hitting highs since 2016.

Gunbot vs Coinrule — Testing your bot.


Coinrule provides the opportunity for traders to test their bot. It schools traders on what they need to improve their trading strategies.

With their demo account, you start by practicing, backtesting different trading methods, and learning from your results.

This hallmark entails minimizing your risk and allows you to know what the platform is about—providing traders with a way to try out new profitable trading methods.

The skill you gain lets you set up new rules and use previous guidelines to gain an edge over others in the market.

Gunbot Demo

Unlike Coinrule, Gunbot doesn’t provide a free demo account or any way to try out the bot before purchasing. However, there’s an add-on you can buy that allows you to test your bot once you become a Gunbot customer.

The backtesting add-on—enables you to test your bot on earlier market conditions to see how it would have performed; this feature is included with the Gunbot Pro and Ultimate packages, or you can purchase it separately as an upgrade.

Alternatively, you can check out different demo bots from many resellers.

Gunbot vs Coinrule — Conclusion

If you’d like to make some money from cryptocurrencies, but don’t want the hassle of keeping a close eye on the market, then automating your trading strategies with a crypto bot might be for you.

While Coinrule stands out through its comprehensive educational tools that help traders improve their trading skills, Gunbot gives its best to outperform other casual bots intentionally.

Gunbot offers a wide range of features that’d match traders of any class’s needs with several add-ons and professional crypto trading tools.

Though Coinrule is easy to use, it still has room for improvement. Advanced users may be interested in deploying strategies based on more indicators and reliable technical analysis tools.

However, Coinrule is a practical option for anyone looking to jumpstart their journey in the world of automated crypto trading.

So, which bot should you use? The answer is that it depends on your goals and how much time you want to spend trading crypto.

These tools have a pretty simple interface with an entire library of settings that you can use to automate your crypto trading strategies.

For instance, if you want to make the most money with the least amount of effort, you will want to use a trading bot that can be set up to trade hands-free and is safe enough to run virtually unattended.

The top choice for this would be a trading bot like Gunbot, which lets you choose between several pre-programmed trade options and proven to be profitable.

One thing is sure, with the right trading bot adjusted to your specific needs, you can make money while you sleep.

If you are a committed crypto trader and want to make consistent profits, you may want to try out Gunbot now because it is one of the best crypto trading bots available in the market today!

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Gunbot vs HaasOnline Automated Crypto Trade Bots

gunbot vs haasonline

Gunbot vs HaasOnline 2 of the most advanced automated trading bots

Take advantage of crypto trading bots and automate your strategies—Gunbot vs HaasOnline, which one is your best opportunity for profit and maximum returns.

The new cryptocurrency market is exciting, but it has its frustrations. Smart traders build their trading bots to minimize downtime, which leads to more significant opportunities to increase your profits and reduce distractions.

In recent years, one of the booming topics constantly discussed in the crypto space is the crypto bot. Many different opinions have sparked up about them—as many think they are a waste of time and money.

In contrast, others believe they are an absolute necessity for their success in the crypto market.

Many traders depend on crypto portfolio managers to run their trading accounts, this sometimes turns out to be good, but most times, the profit-sharing is unfair.

Crypto has bridged the gap between this with automated trading solutions, which are more effective and can be obtained at a much affordable cost.

Due to the market’s high volatility, there are possibilities that you’re already trading against bots, whether you realize it or not.

By choosing an automated software to trade for you, you are not only able to execute the main trading orders, but the crypto bots offer features that can help you build and refine your trading strategies.

The algorithms used by crypto bots are tested for months and sometimes years to make sure they are as accurate as possible.

They are undoubtedly the best option if you want to have the best profit for your trading— in place of this, these automated trading solutions have caught the attention of many, increasing the number of crypto bots in the crypto market.

The issue now lies in selecting the right one that will best fit into your trading plan. Every trader has a profit and loss goal. And there are hundreds of crypto bots with different features.

It is essential for you as a trader to know what you are looking for before going for any not. Among several elements to consider are a free trial, social trading, backtesting, indices, trading communities, cloud-based vs. Server-based, etc.

This Gunbot vs HaasOnline article will analyze two prominent bots in the crypto market (HaasOnline and Gunbot) in line with these features.

Gunbot vs HaasOnline — Overview

gunbot vs haasonline overview

HaasOnline bot Overview

HaasOnline is among the oldest and most common automated software in the crypto space. Its rare reliability comes from the Haasbot that has proven sustainability for over 7years now.

Taking a quick look at its background, HaasOnline was launched in 2014 by Stephan de Haas. Together with his team, they developed an automated software providing advanced trading solutions to its users.

HaasOnline offers configurable trading bots, pre-built trading bots, and a variety of technical indicators across several crypto exchanges that can allow thousands of active trades to trade successfully.

The locally-hosted crypto bot platform is built to operate on Windows, also compatible with Mac and Linux.

The bot platform requires you to have a 32 or 64-bit Quad-core CPU from Intel or AMD (2GHz or better in your system to function). 8GB of RAM or better, a reliable internet connection, and at least 1GB SSD storage are necessary as minimum system requirements for the software to run without difficulty.

The Netherland-based platform has a vital backtesting feature that draws from about 55weeks of historical data. It has other distinct features like the flash crash bot, which allows you to perform a spread order on the market you choose.

Currently, the bots support about 22 exchanges with the availability of margin trades and a variety of futures trading platforms available. HaasOnline is most suitable for advanced traders, and it enables its users to develop their trading strategies without coding.

HaasOnline Features

haasonline features

HaasOnline has around 15 custom bots to choose from and build a customized trading strategy of your own, edit basic settings, adjust basic settings, and deploy on an integrated exchange.

The old platform has a wide range of exchanges up to 24, including Bitpanda Pro, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Cex.io, Coinbase Pro, Deribit, Gemini, Huobi Global, Ionomy, Kraken, Binance, Balance Futures, Binance.us, Bitfinex, BitMEX, HitBTC, Kraken Futures, KuCoin, OkCoin, OKEx, OKEx Futures, Poloniex.


A significant hallmark of any trading platform is the ability to assess the viability of a trading strategy by checking out how it would play out using historical data. Haasonline’s backtesting feature allows you to choose from closing or order book prices when testing strategies with more than a year of historical market data.

Paper Trading

Another feature that puts Haasonline in the face of everyone is paper trading, which allows you to watch how your bot reacts to live markets and helps you straighten the curly flaws or see missed opportunities that could result in profit.

Paper trading is an essential tool because you’re not risking your real trading money during your testing phase. You can take profit and stop-loss while using paper trading with your testing wallet account.

Factors like exchange outages and other live trading conditions associated with the market’s volatility make backtesting and paper trading features essential in a crypto bot.

These two tools undoubtedly help newbies take critical steps to risk their real money, from applying advanced tools like take profit, stop loss, and market entry to final market exit. These tools play a leading role in index correlation.

Gunbot Overview

GunBot is an automated cryptocurrency trading software locally hosted via a computer system or a virtual private server for maximum functionality.

Founded by Gunthar De Niro in 2016, the Italian-made platform has proven to be one of the most advanced Crypto Trading Bots on the market—leveraging on every crypto market opportunity – 24/7.

Gunbot automatically trades on the most known crypto exchanges around the world. It is the platform with the most supported crypto exchanges, supporting more than 120 exchanges, including Binance, Binance US, Bitmex, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, Kukoin, HitBTC, Poloniex, Kraken, Cex.io, Huobi, and many more.

It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and you can install it on a Raspberry Pi. Gunbot will execute your commands, catching every market opportunity. ‍

With over 20 integrated strategies like Ichimoku, ADX, StepGrid, and so on, you got plenty of crypto trading strategies to define your trading style.

These strategies consist of buy and sell methods, which determine when the bot can execute orders. You can assign each trading plan to one or more trading pairs.

Gunbot also comes with predetermined trading strategies ready to use after making slight modifications—like “gain” percentage amount. Likewise, you can design and backtest your custom strategy. And leave the rest to Gunbot.

Gunbot Features

gunbot features

Among several add-ons like backtesting and Tradingview alerts available with Gunbot, other captivating characteristics that put Gunbot on top of the game are stated below.

The main feature that sets Gunbot apart from hundreds of other bots is its payment method. Gunbot doesn’t require a monthly subscription.

Instead, it offers a single, one-off payment choice that gives you access to the bot, lifetime software updates, and support.

Gunbot has made a list of authorized Gunbot resellers, and they have experienced software users who provide support to clients new to the system.

Backtesting & Simulation

With the backtesting add-on, you can backtest and simulate tested trading performance.

This tool works on Tradingview, and as long as Tradingview supports the exchange you can be connected with, historical data is available for almost every available coin pair at the crypto trading exchange.

Customizable Strategies

Gunbot allows you to access its built-in trading strategies and lets you design yours if you’re not satisfied with them.

Realize your trading strategy ideas with Gunbot.

Gunbot allows you to create an unlimited number of custom strategies and even use them without limits on execution times or the number of trading pairs a single trading system can work with.

Gunbot vs HaasOnline

HaasOnline and Gunbot have a lot in common—as they are both locally hosted. They are customizable bots that allow their users to configure either a simple or a highly advanced trading strategy according to their taste.

They both have very similar system requirements with only a few differences, and their flexibility and modification features put them in front of other crypto bots.

These two automated trading software platforms offer several indicators, including Bollinger Bands, Candlestick Patterns, Commodity Channel Index, Dynamic Buy/Sell Indicators, Elliot Waves, Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Swing, Simple Moving Average (SMA), Fibonacci, Fast/Slow RSI, Fractals, Ichimoku Clouds, MACD, Stochastic Oscillator, and others for their users.

The most notable differences in these crypto bots are pricing, the subscription model, and some other critical features explained below.

Gunbot vs HaasOnline — Pricing

HaasOnline uses the recurring payment business model. (Good for them) 🙂

haasonline plans pricing table

HaasOnline provides three different plans. These go from “Beginner” to “Simple” to “Advanced.” Irrespective of the subscription package, users obtain access to chat and ticket support.

Also, there is no limit placed on trade volume and no fees on trade activity. The paid packages are listed below with what they offer.

Beginner ₿0.009 (when you choose annual billing)

This pack offers access to 11 Insurances, 10 Safeties, more than 20 Indicators, 10 Active Trading Bots, Unlimited Trades, and No Fees. Other core features include

  • 1 Backtesting & Paper Trading
  • 22 exchanges
  • Restricted Core Features, 2,
  • No Visual Editor for HaasScript
  • No Developer License
  • Chat & Ticket Support
  • $100 VPS Credit 3

Simple ₿0.016 (when you choose annual billing)

The simple plan is the most ideal for crypto enthusiasts. Its features include access to 20 Active Trading Bot, 1 Backtesting & Paper Trading, 13 Insurances, 20 Safeties, 40+ Indicators, 22 exchanges, etc. other core features include:

  • Restricted Core Features
  • Unlimited Trades & No Fees 2
  • Visual Editor w/ HaasScript
  • No Developer License
  • Chat & Ticket Support
  • $100 VPS Credit 3

Advanced ₿0.026 (when you choose annual billing)

The advanced plan is most suitable for expert traders. With this package, you have access to unlimited Trading Bots, 1 Backtesting & Paper Trading, unlimited Insurances, unlimited Safeties, unlimited Indicators, unlimited Core Features, unlimited Trades & No Fees 2, Visual Editor w/ HaasScript, All Exchanges, Free Developer License, Chat & Ticket Support and $100 VPS Credit 3

The platform does not offer a free trial; however, they offer a discount trial offer of their HaasOnline Trade Server (HTS), so you can give the Advanced plan a test spin for 14 days at the discounted price of ₿0.001

Soon you will be able to experience the power of HaasOnline’s flagship product without the technical complexity of managing your instance and enjoy the ease of cloud management.

Gunbot One Time Prices

The automated platform doesn’t work on a subscription plan; instead, it offers a single, one-time purchase.

  1. All-inclusive
  2. One-time payment
  3. Lifetime license of Gunbot
  4. Lifetime updates for free

There are four (4) types of Gunbot licenses:

Gunbot Promo Starter ₿0,0055

As the name implies, it’s most suitable for beginners. At a glance, its features include:

  • A lifetime access
  • One (1) trading exchange at a time (plus Txbit, Beaxy, and Gunthy exchange)
  • Limited amount of available trading strategies
  • Unlimited trading pairs
  • Lifetime Company support with Gunbot School

Gunbot Promo Standard ₿0,01375 at a glance includes:

  • One trading exchange at a time (plus Txbit, Beaxy, and Gunthy exchange)
  • All available trading strategies
  • Profit trailing capabilities on most strategies
  • Lifetime Company support with Gunbot School
  • Reversal trading

Gunbot Promo Pro ₿0,02062

This pro version contains virtually all the features an average crypto trader needs.

  • For three exchanges (plus Txbit, Beaxy, and Gunthy exchange)
  • All trading strategies
  • Lifetime Company support with Gunbot School
  • Reversal trading
  • Backtesting Addon
  • Profit trailing

Gunbot Promo Ultimate ₿0,03437

The ultimate license has all the available features of Gunbot.

  • All trading strategies
  • Trade on up to 8 crypto exchanges at a time (5 plus Txbit, Beaxy, and Gunthy exchange)
  • Lifetime company support with Gunbot School
  • TradingView Addon
  • Backtesting Addon
  • Custom Strategies JS

Check HERE for a more detailed table explaining all Gunbot features for each licensing package.

These packages (when you buy from CryptoDROI) also come with the Gunthy school Telegram support group, email ticket system, and my unconditional assistance.

Gunbot vs HaasOnline — Key Features

Two features separate HaasOnline from GunBot. These are Safeties and Insurances.

What is a HaasOnline Insurance?

This proprietary feature sets specific rules to minimize your losses and maximize profits on your crypto trades.

The insurance feature allows the bot to decide whether to trade a particular signal generated from other users. It determines if the configured strategy should be executed or not.

For example, let’s say that you’re trading USDT-BTC. If you want to prevent the bot from buying higher than the last price at which it sold, you can do that with the “Never Buy Higher” insurance.

These “insurances” follow trading indicators rules, and some other examples are:

  • Trade Only Trending
  • Never Sell Cheaper
  • Disable On Losses

You can use Safeties and Indicators to create complex strategies. Their selection of insurances is proprietary, specialized in creating trades only when specific conditions are met.

What are HaasOnline Safeties?

Safeties are another HaasOnline proprietary feature developed to make the bot “BUY” or “SELL” according to the market movements. For example, let’s assume you bought BTC and have stop-loss insurance that tells the bot to “SELL” if the price drops by 2%.

You can rest assured that the bot will execute your command as soon as the condition exists in the market.

The platform currently supports 22 safeties, and these are tools that protect traders’ accounts. They are built to automatically contain you from rapid market drops in situations where insurance may only prevent a buy order.

Here are some examples of Safeties:

  • Trailing Stop Loss
  • Take Profit (Fixed)
  • Disable After Buy

GunBot Key Features

Gunbot also has its distinct features way different from other trading bots. Some of them are:

Gunbot Reversal Trading (RT)

This tool helps you to accumulate during bear markets without risking more than the initial buy order. Gunbot RT is a unique feature that enables you to improve your results by using the existing currencies and accumulating more when prices move down.

Using this strategy, a trader can keep buying more of the quote currency after its price falls, accumulating to be sold when the prices rise again. This strategy can help you earn profits without investing new money as you wait for the direction of the price to change.

Gunbot Autoconfig (AC)

Autoconfig lets you manage your crypto trading bot’s config files. You can change multiple config parameters and create scheduled tasks, like scanning an exchange for potential high volume pairs and adding them to your strategy. At the same time, it can remove any low-performing altcoin pairs.

With the autoconfig module, you can build multiple trading configurations. Autoconfig allows you to create custom scenarios that you can adapt precisely to your trading style and risk preferences.

Gunbot vs Haasonline — Conclusion

Gunbot and HaasOnline are two of the most powerful driving forces behind automated cryptocurrency trading.

Creating products, technologies, and standards that are widely used throughout the cryptocurrency industry, these two companies have been instrumental in developing crypto trading algorithms in general.

GunBot and Haasonline automated trading increase the chance of them being favorable. These bots do the trading work and keep an eye on your account uninterrupted 24/7.

The bot eliminates the enthusiasm of a human trader and makes decisions based only on precise settings made. They naturally remove FOMO and other human interference from trading.

Having accessed Haasonline and Gunbot, these two bots are undoubtedly among the best crypto bots, but the prices and plans scare away some traders of the unique resources they offer. However, the two bots provide the most sought features in a crypto bot.

Automate your crypto trading by using authentic cryptocurrency trading bots. So you can avoid sleepless nights by using pre-built and profitable cryptocurrency trading strategies.

These intelligent machines use professional trading methods, making them perfect for those who don’t have time to devote to crypto trading. They can also be programmed in an advanced way without being an expert.

Crypto Trade Bots help you minimize strategy development times because these trading algorithms are ready-made with no programming needed!

So, the final decision about “Gunbot vs HaasOnline, which one is your best opportunity for profit and maximum returns” is yours.

These bots are two advanced cryptocurrency trading platforms that offer the best features to help you grow your crypto portfolio by automating your trades.

My recommendation for you is to start making automatic trading profits with Gunbot’s diverse set of trade algorithms today. But, you already knew that! 🙂 Click Here To Buy Gunbot Now.

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Gunbot vs TradeSanta Crypto Trading Bots Comparison

gunbot vs tradesanta comparison

Gunbot vs TradeSanta Compared Which Crypto Trading Bot is Right For You

Gunbot vs TradeSanta Review. Learn how the two crypto trading bot platforms compare and find out. Which is better for your crypto trading strategy? Which one should you invest in, and why?

Investors in the cryptocurrency market face many challenges. Some of them include slow reaction time to price changes and the inability to react fast enough to make the perfect trade.

Because cryptocurrency markets have become so intensely competitive, traders can’t devote as much time to trading as they would like. Even if you could, doing so would involve monitoring global cryptocurrency exchanges around the clock.

In this prevailing crypto time, you are almost numb from sitting at your computer for hours on end, only to find that your tedious crypto trading is in the red. There are great traders; however, no matter how smart or sophisticated they are, they are bound to make mistakes.

Whether you enter the wrong size on a trade or place a buy order where a sell order should have been, you can automatically assume that there will be errors when a human is tasked with executing a trading strategy.

This is a significant hindrance in making steady profits in the crypto markets.

Cryptocurrency trading is proven profitable and easy to use so that the average person can make a constant income. Opening your trading account, funding it, and completing your trades is considered easy by most. Crypto trading does not require a significant capital investment, so this is not a limiting factor.

The challenge arises when you start trading and expect to see unchanged profits. So, why is it getting precarious?

The answer lies in the limitations of manual trading. The limitations inherent in manual systems make the average enthusiastic trader frustrated with crypto trading – that is until they find bots.

When you talk about a human trader, you should automatically take human error into account. With the human feel, traders can walk “into the zone” and get a feel for the market. In these times, you can enter and exit the market with more inaccurate prices than a robot because you’re trading based on your emotions.

Emotions often set in while trading, and factors like Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), inaccurate stop loss, or take profit, add up to reducing your overall profits.

Crypto bots monitor the market 24/7 and perform automatic trades based on strategies and authenticated controls set by you, which means that crypto trading bots can help eliminate human emotions, at least to a certain degree.

Crypto trading bots are clear of human emotions, and they usually come in different types depending on the one you’re buying. There are many automated bots out there, and their features range from executing orders, social trading, copy trading, etc.

It’s essential to know the nooks and crannies of a bot before going for it. This article will explain the differences between two automated trading platforms (Gunbot and TradeSanta) to help you in the process of scouting for the best suited for your crypto needs.

In this Gunbot vs TradeSanta comparison, their features will be explicitly stated to help you choose the ideal platform for your trading plan, so you can save time from research and use it to refine your bot instead.

Gunbot vs TradeSanta – Overview

gunbot vs tradesanta overview


TradeSanta is a cloud-based crypto trading software that allows you to benefit from the crypto market’s price movements and take advantage of the cryptocurrency market fluctuations. Like other cryptos automated software, Tradesanta removes human emotions and the need to trade manually and automates them instead.

The British Virgin Islands-based company was launched in the last quarter of 2018 and has been reliable since then. The platform aims to make automated crypto trading accessible to everyone and provide the gateway for novice and experienced traders to make steady profits in the booming crypto market.

TradeSanta has introduced the concept of automated trading to thousands of digital currency owners.

TradeSanta offers many features, which are going to be discussed below. Aside from its 24/7 access to the crypto market, it provides trading varieties, such as executing basic order types and an automated bot that can implement more advanced strategies.

In addition, this platform allows its users to create as several distinct trading bots as they want to scale their trading.

The platform has a smooth user interface providing a dashboard with a balance chart that enables you to track your trading details, exchange rates, and other relevant information.

As stated on its website, TradeSanta currently has more than 124,000 active users, with around 26,700 active bot users.

The platform presently supports eight exchanges. TradeSanta supported exchanges are Binance, Binance.US, Binance Futures, Upbit, Huobi, OKEX, HitBTC, and Coinbase Pro.


Gunbot is a fully programmed day trading bot that gives you access to trade the crypto markets automatedly. With its extensive compatibility with several cryptocurrency exchanges, Gunbot is regarded as one of the best crypto trading bots in the industry. The platform was designed with the average trader in mind to benefit from using the software.

Distinctively, Gunbot is a software-based platform—you have to install and set up, rather than a cloud service that you can connect to through your browser, standard with other bots. Gunbot runs on your local computer or your server exceptionally well, and it is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and ARM.

Furthermore, Gunbot offers you premade strategies included with your lifetime trading software. There’s a vast community of traders that constantly give (wholehearted) tech support and crypto information.

From the Gunthy team, you’ll get daily updates, access to private chats, and you can benefit from direct contact with the creators of the bot, as well as sharing trading strategies and experiences with your fellow Gunbot users.

Gunbot comes very handily, and it is easy to use. The platform offers 24/7 trading time and enables you to trade unlimited currency pairs. With its customizable features, you get to select and edit your trading strategies with ease, then relax and enjoy your bot trades.

Gunbot vs TradeSanta – Features

gunbot vs tradesanta features

Both Gunbot and TradeSanta are cryptocurrency bots that are creating a buzz in the crypto trading space. Like most other crypto bots on the market, these software programs have distinct features along with plus and minus points.

It would be wise for you to know what you want in a bot and compare the various components of both products before deciding to make your purchase.

Security is a must! The first thing you want to look at for any crypto trader software is how safe a platform is. You don’t want to invest in a bot that collects your credentials and cannot keep them safe.

Let’s look at Gunbot vs TradeSanta in regards to security features.

TradeSanta Features

With over 12,000 active trading bots, TradeSanta provides Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) security and offers API support without any withdrawal permissions. TradeSanta has direct access and rights to users’ account credentials with crypto exchanges as a cloud-based bot.

However, connecting to APIs, the anonymous-root platform states that they do not access users’ funds. To keep your security up, you should not enable withdrawal through the API key.

Gunbot Features

With over 15,000 users doing well. The software-based platform is locally hosted on the users’ computer eliminating the risk of credentials theft. With this, you can be sure that your data is safe and secure.

In addition, Gunbot has reduced API permissions, which eliminates malicious theft and ensures the security of withdrawals.

Again, you should never withdraw funds thru any bot, and “whitelist” your IP on the exchange, so your bot is the only one allowed to access the exchange’s API.

Gunbot vs TradeSanta – Pricing

TradeSanta Subscripton Prices

tradesanta subscription prices

At this moment, Tradesanta offers three (3) subscription plans, including a Basic plan, Advanced plan, and Maximum plan—allowing all new users to enjoy a 3-day FREE trial of their Maximum trading package.

The subscription plans have a fixed annual or monthly payment price, and you can make payments in BTC, ETH (ERC20), USDT (OMNI), USDT20 (ERC20), USDT (TRC20), BUSD (ERC20), USDC (ERC20). Now we will be looking at each tier and what they offer.


The basic plan is the cheapest, and it is often purchased by beginners that want to give the platform a try. It costs $14 per month (when purchased annually), and it offers:

  • Up to 49 bots
  • Unlimited number of pairs
  • All the available strategies
  • Telegram-notifications


This plan costs $20/month (when purchased annually) and has everything the Basic plan has plus upgraded features like:

  • Up to 99 bots
  • Unlimited number of pairs
  • All strategies
  • Telegram-notifications
  • Trailing Take Profit feature
  • TradingView signals for Binance, Coinbase Pro, Huobi and HitBT


The Maximum plan is their supreme package, which costs $30 per month (when purchased annually), and it includes:

  • Unlimited number of bots
  • Unlimited number of pairs
  • All strategies
  • Telegram-notifications
  • Unlimited trading volume
  • Trailing Take Profit TradingView signals for Binance, Coinbase Pro, Huobi and HitBTC
  • Custom TradingView signals
  • Binance Futures

Gunbot Lifetime Prices

Unlike Tradesanta and other major crypto bots in the market, Gunbot’s packages only go for a one-off payment to access the platform and the tier’s features. The platform offers four (4) license versions: Starter, Standard, Pro, and Ultimate.

Gunbot is made available to its users via resellers; there are many authorized resellers out there, including me 🙂 so, make sure you verify who you are buying from here and go for one that offers lifetime support through the Gunbot School –a Gunthy Official program.

Payments are majorly made by cryptocurrencies (BTC and over 300 altcoins), but you also have the choice to use PayPal.

  1. Gunbot Starter Edition (Ƀ 0.0055): This is a simpler version of Gunbot, with fewer configuration options due to a limited set of features. It includes four strategies: spot grid, emotionless, gain, and BBTA. You can use it on spot trading exchanges and includes free software updates plus lifetime support.
  2. Gunbot Standard Edition (Ƀ 0.01375): This is the usual go-to plan for a feature-complete bot. It has everything the starter package has. It differs with more available trading strategies, access to all spot and futures trading strategies that Gunbot has to offer, autoconfig—adjust settings on the fly. This license type sets Gunbot apart from other bots.
  3. Gunbot Pro Edition (Ƀ 0.020625): This is the most popular plan and has everything Gunbot Standard has. Plus, the backtesting strategies add-on for TradingView and the ability to run the bot on more than three exchanges simultaneously. You can change between supported trading exchanges at any time.
  4. Gunbot Ultimate Edition (Ƀ 0.034375): This is the highest level license, and it includes unlimited access to all Gunbot features and strategies. Here, you can trade on more than five exchanges at the same time. You can change between supported crypto exchanges anytime. Use TradingView alerts add-on and create custom strategies with Javascript.

Gunbot vs TradeSanta – Trading Experience

Trading at Tradesanta

TradeSanta offers seamless trading opportunities for its users as you can do almost anything with its indicators. Purchasing one of the paid subscription packages, you get to set and use two types of bots (Gird and DCA) and other technical indicators simultaneously.

These bots will offer you an exact market entry point, enter the market at a specific price, and buy coins for commission.

These bots are very easy to use as their working principles look similar. The grid bot places the first buy order and extra orders if the price moves in the opposite direction.

The only difference is that the take-profit order is placed for every buy order differently, unlike the Dollar-cost average. Take Profit order for all the executed buy orders.

One significant technical indicator standard with Tradesanta is the Bollinger Bands, which measures market volatility. The BB helps you open a trade based on the band shown by the indicator.

You can execute a trade order based on the band value established by the Bollinger Bands indicator.

TradeSanta’s bots include the most popular technical indicators used by crypto traders: The moving average convergence/divergence (MACD), relative strength index (RSI), and Bollinger bands (BB).

Traders can choose to set up a bot with no indicators, one of them or all three simultaneously.

Another cool feature of Tradesanta is “a smart order.” This feature helps you to sell a large number of crypto assets without any effect on the market. It is designed to sell a specific amount of coins at a precise price level over a particular time.

There are also bot templates already made available by the platform if you cannot build your strategy. The Real-time tracking feature helps you track your trading record from anywhere on the supported platforms.

Trading with Gunbot

Gunbot is more like an adventure for traders. Trading with Gunbot entails several features and customizable options for traders. With the configuration settings, you can customize your trading strategy to your taste and choose your favorite currency pairs you want the bot to trade on.

Gunbot makes several predetermined strategies (Gunbot Native Strategies) available for those who do not want to build a custom strategy from scratch.

Gunbot supports more than 100 crypto trading exchanges, such as Binance, Binance Futures, Bybit, Bitmex, Coinbase Pro, FTX, and so on.

Some crypto exchanges like Gunthy, Beaxy, and Txbit don’t cost you an API key slot so that you can trade on any of them regardless of your license type.

So, for example, when you buy a Gunbot Standard license, you can use one API slot at a time, but if you want to take advantage of these Free exchanges, you can add their API keys to Gunbot and trade on these three exchanges also simultaneously.

Gunbot vs TradeSanta – Conclusion

Crypto trading is an exciting new world for many people. The idea of being able to make money off of blockchain technology excites a lot of people, but the truth is that not everyone is well equipped to trade cryptocurrency.

No matter how expert your trading skills might be, the market fluctuations might be unpredictable and very risky to enter sometimes. The automated bot has, however, made things easier.

TradeSanta and Gunbot are two crypto bots with an excellent reputation because of their consistent reliability.

There’s no perfect bot. These two crypto platforms offer a vast number of features that make them unique. Each serving trader’s needs depend on what they want.

In the end, these handy tools offer a level of automation that can significantly boost your profits and help make the most of your time. They’re a great way to automate the otherwise tedious (and stressful) task of cryptocurrency trading.

So, to answer the question. Gunbot vs TradeSanta, which one is better for your crypto trading strategy? You need to ask. Do I want to play around, or do I want to make some severe crypto trading money?

TradeSanta is one of the top contenders on the market, is easy to use, and the presumed upfront low cost could make you decide to go for it. That is fine, and depending on your goals could be a good choice.

Still, if you want a fully-fledged crypto trading machine, that would cost you a little more now, but you will own it for your lifetime Gunbot is the way to go.

Gunbot will automatically buy and sell cryptocurrencies for you, acting on proven profitable strategies you defined ahead of time. Start your automated crypto trading with Gunbot today!

Gunbot vs Shrimpy Best Automated Crypto Trading

gunbot vs shrimpy which one is the best automated crypto trading tool

Gunbot vs Shrimpy Which One is the Best Automated Crypto Trading Tool

Gunbot vs Shrimpy, take your crypto trading automation to the next level. Learn how to use crypto trading bots to help you succeed in your daily trading activities.

Your goal as a crypto trader is to make a profit, period.

The crypto market has many income-generating opportunities, ranging from 24-hour trading, access to trading strategies across various exchanges, and the possibility of earning income in bullish or bearish markets.

In brief, investing in the crypto market is undoubtedly the way to go if you’re in it to make an incredible profit.

While the market offers all of these benefits, success in crypto trading is due to 5% having a sound system and 95% following simple rules.

It sounds easy, but as humans, we naturally find it very difficult to follow and stick to a simple set of rules and a system that will pay off in the long run.

If we could only trade as emotionless “bots,” we would be much more successful and have a much less stressful time watching our money go up and down on a chart.

Through a trustworthy bot, you can discover the secret to making profits from crypto, thus improving your chances of winning.

A crypto trading bot is an automated software that executes market orders. A crypto bot does all the trading for you 24/7. It maximizes every chance to make a profit from the market—depending on your settings.

The automated crypto bot is always there to implement your trading conditions when you can’t, like when you have an important meeting or date to attend.

Now, how do you know which one is the best bot for you?

This article seeks to save you time surfing the net so that it will break down the yins and yangs of two platforms from the best crypto bots in the crypto space.

In this Gunbot vs Shrimpy review, we will also dissect the features and benefits of each.

GunBot vs Shrimpy — Overview

gunbot vs shrimpy overview

Embodying all the essential features a cryptocurrency automated trading software should have, these bots serve the needs of crypto traders. They automate trading techniques without emotion— every trade is predetermined explicitly by the conditions you set.

While the concept seems simple, there are a large variety of services offered by these two bots. Overall, Shrimpy focuses on portfolio management techniques, whereas Gunbot emphasizes technical indicators, day trading strategies, backtesting, and more.


Shrimpy is a web-based platform that offers a clear portfolio management solution for crypto traders.

Shrimpy was founded by Michael McCarty and Matthew Wesly in 2018. The platform gained much popularity because of its simple automated trading strategies, which can help minimize trading risk and increase your profits.

Shrimpy aims at offering a wide range of services to traders who cannot afford expensive bots, so most of its services are based on a monthly or yearly subscription plan.

The San Francisco-based company offers satisfactory working conditions and always updates its users by posting statements on their social media accounts.

Sitting comfortably among the top-rated crypto bots, Shrimpy allows its users to create custom indexes across all connected crypto exchanges and implement a personalized automated trading strategy for each one.

Let’s scale its various features and compare it with the Gunbot.


After many years in the crypto market, GunBot remains a goto crypto bot for many traders. Why? Let’s take a look.

Gunbot is a software-based bot that you can install on Mac, Windows, Linux, or ARM. Gunbot allows a smooth acceleration of your crypto trading—offering 24/7 trading access.

The algo-trading program offers its users customizable trading strategies and allows many presets from more experienced traders. Unlike many other cloud-service bots, it doesn’t collect users’ data as it is a software-based app.

For easier accessibility, the Gunbot automated trading software does not require high computer specifications – you can run it on any modern computer system, a Virtual Private Server (VPS), or a Raspberry Pi.

Gunbot has a balanced set of features well suited for beginners and experienced traders, with top security.

Let’s analyze Gunbot’s business model and compare it with Shrimpy.

Gunbot vs Shrimpy — Pricing System

We’ll evaluate the pricing systems for these bots and assess the multiple features traders look for in a platform. We’ll examine how they work and how they can help you grow your crypto investor empire.

Shrimpy Pricing

shrimpy pricing

Shrimpy offers its users three subscription trading bot packages that give you access to all portfolio tracking features.

All the tiers offer—Portfolio tracking, fee optimization with maker rebalancing, advanced index builder, strategy backtesting, smart trading terminal, strategy automation, smart portfolio rebalancing, social trading, spread and slippage safeties, and IP address whitelisting.

The subscription packages vary from $15 a month for the annual pack to $299.

Starter: This is basically for users just getting started in trading. It costs $19 per month if you choose recurring monthly payments, or you can get a 20% discount if you pay annually. Its features include spot trading, 15min balance refresh, three portfolios per exchange account, and connecting five crypto exchange accounts.

Professional: This package includes a more detailed overview of the user’s portfolio. It costs $79 per month or $63 monthly if you pay for a yearly plan. Features include all the starter’s package, plus 5 min balance refresh, API Access, five portfolios per exchange account, and more exchange accounts than the starter tier.

Enterprise: This tier offers all the features of the Shrimpy bot. This subscription is best suited for business-level portfolio management. Added features include, supports all the exchanges Shrimpy has to offer, precedence support, and about ten portfolios per exchange account.

GunBot Pricing

Unlike other crypto bots, Gunbot offers a lifetime license for all its packages—including subsequent update features.

Gunbot provides an appealing purchase method because it is not sold directly via the company but is made available via authorized resellers. You can make payments in Bitcoin, stable coins, altcoins (LTC, ETH, or DASH, etc.), and PayPal.

The locally hosted automated trading platform offers four different tiers. These range from Starter (Ƀ 0.0055) Standard (Ƀ 0.01375), Pro (Ƀ 0.020625) and Ultimate (Ƀ 0.034375).

All Gunbot Plans are Lifetime: No Recurring Costs.

And all plans have multiple exchanges to choose from for spot or futures trading (minus the starter), an available number of trading pairs, many trading strategies, get to substitute any exchange at any time, autoConfig, Gunthy tokens, Gunbot school, chat & email support, and many more features depending on your chosen license type.

Check all the specifics for each Gunbot license here.

Gunbot vs Shrimpy — Portfolio Management and Distinct Features

shrimpy features

Shrimpy Features

Unlike GunBot, Shrimpy is not designed for automated trading indicators. The platform features simple mechanical portfolio management methods.

Shrimpy makes it easy for novice traders to copy, explain, and automate experienced traders’ strategies. Simple tools such as Rebalancing and DCA are two essential features in managing traders’ portfolios in Shrimpy.

Portfolio rebalancing is not a new thing. Many traders have used it over the years. In regards to crypto, this feature tells you exactly when to sell and buy, what to sell or buy, plus how much.

Instead of looking at the index wondering: Is it the right time to sell, how much do I have to buy?

Shrimpy’s rebalancing feature gives its users a way to allocate assets to minimize the risks taken while maintaining a certain percentage of assets in your portfolio.

The key to the concept of portfolio rebalancing is eliminating risk to strengthen a healthy portfolio that will continue generating profits over time.

Apart from maintaining your portfolio balance, the rebalancing feature has another excellent benefit to offer… it takes away emotions from your crypto investments.

Portfolio balance allows you to execute a sell order when the markets are bullish (which you might otherwise not do due to Greed) and buy when the crypto markets are down (which you might otherwise not do due to Fear)

Gunbot Features

Gunbot features a fully automated crypto trading platform that incorporates many risk management and professional tools like stop limit, trailing, DCA, RT, and many more.

With Gunbot’s “Trading Limit” options, the top-notch bot allows you to set price limits for the amount of base currency you want to invest per trade to minimize your total balance risk.

Also, the trading limit can be set as a definite amount or as a percentage of your available base currency capital. While executing a sell order, Gunbot gives you the option of selling all your quote currency or keeping some quote coin units.

Furthermore, you can set the bot to ignore small holdings below the exchange minimum trade size. And the “Funds reserve” tool is available to keep a precise amount of base currency reserved at all times. Finally, if you wish, you can automatically withdraw your profits made in BTC.

One notable feature that Shrimpy doesn’t have is the addition of trailing.

What is the Gunbot Trailing Feature?

gunbot trailing feature

Gunbot trailing is a dynamic order to close or open trades at progressively better prices. This feature is used for many types of orders—allowing for optimum entry or exit points.

The primary purpose of “trailing” with Gunbot is to lock in the profits in the trend while at the same time limiting losses if the trend reverses itself.

Trailing can help your bot prevent buying an asset too soon or selling it too early—thereby minimizing your risks.

For example, set up a “sell method” that tells your bot to sell when the price reaches the higher Bollinger band. Your bot will place a sell order without additional trailing when the price hits the higher Bollinger band. With trailing, Gunbot systematically moves with the Bollinger band as the price favors the trade.

The critical thing to remember is that a trailing stop will only move when the price action moves in favor of the trade, but in case the price action starts to move against your transaction, the trailing stop will not move and lock in.

Trailing is a crucial component of a professional cryptocurrency trading strategy.

Types of orders that allow for additional trailing:

  • Regular buy orders
  • Regular sell orders
  • DCA buy orders
  • Reversal trading buy orders
  • Reversal trading sell orders
  • Futures trading close orders

You can also use this Gunbot feature to execute (trail) orders you made manually.

Gunbot vs Shrimpy — User Interface

Shrimpy UI

Shrimpy is relatively easy to get your hands on as it provides a user-friendly interface. This bot doesn’t have a mobile version.

Here are the Simple Steps to get started with Shrimpy.

  • Sign up for a Shrimpy account.
  • Activate your chosen paid package.
  • Link your preferred exchange with API keys.
  • Build your customized portfolio automation, or copy a social trader on the platform to invest with.
  • Input the amount you’re willing to start with, and you are good to go.

GunBot GUI

Gunbot provides an easy-to-configure platform, and it offers a gleaming UI with many features to help traders customize their automated strategies or go for a predetermined plan for ease of use.

Easy procedures to get started with Gunbot

  • Purchase your Gunbot lifetime license.
  • Wait for an email confirmation with instructions on how to log in to your auto-created Gunbot School account.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions of the Gunbot explainer videos. You will have all the info you need to activate your bot and pair it with your newly created Gunthy wallet at the end of the course.
  • Wait for your Gunthy tokens airdrop.
  • Choose your strategy, set the values based on your capital and trading style. (as you learned in the school)
  • Kickoff your bot, and you are good to go.

Gunbot vs Shrimpy — Supported Exchanges

Shrimpy included crypto trading exchanges.

Using Shrimpy allows you to connect to about 20 exchanges that the platform supports to manage your portfolio.

Currently, Shrimpy supports KuCoin, Binance, Binance.US, Bittrex, Bittrex Global, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Poloniex, BitMart, Bibox, Gemini, Bitstamp, Huobi Global, Bitfinex, HitBTC, Gate.io, CEX.io, FTX, FTX.US, and Okex.

Gunbot arsenal of crypto trading exchanges

GunBot is known to have wider compatibility with many exchanges. We have more compatibility with cryptocurrency exchanges than any trading bot, with a great list of 136+ supported crypto markets.

Gunbot supports all exchanges compatible with Shrimpy plus a massive number of other crypto trading exchanges.

Here are a few extra, Bybit, Beaxy, Binance Futures, CEX.io, Kraken Futures, Txbit, Bitmex, and many more.

Click here to learn more about crypto exchanges the are in partnership with Gunbot.

Gunbot vs Shrimpy — Conclusion

After a detailed analysis of Shrimpy and Gunbot, the fact, in the end, is that no trading bot is 100% perfect. It all depends on the kind of tools you’re looking for in an automated crypto platform.

Shrimpy has practical API sets and a working social trading platform, making it one of the leading crypto portfolio automation tools.

Nonetheless, over the years, Gunbot has built a reputation as a crypto trading platform due to its steadiness in trading—offering a vast majority of features that ease the work of traders.

Crypto trading can be hard work, and sitting in front of a PC reading charts is exhausting. Still, by using automated trading software, you can develop the discipline and patience needed to succeed.

If you follow these rules and take advance of the best trading bots on the market, you can have a better chance of success in the competitive crypto trading industry.

Gunbot is one of the top crypto trading bots on the market today; because it takes most guesswork out of trading.

The starting process is straightforward, and your learning curve won’t be that steep, so you can start making winning trades and see your profits accumulate pretty quickly.

Have fun with this Gunbot vs Shrimpy review, and keep coming back for more.

Don’t overthink it; your Gunbot Lifetime license is just a click away. Grab your bot now and join us. You won’t regret it!

your gunbot license is just a click away

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper 2 Good Crypto Trading Bots

gunbot vs cryptohopper which on is the best crypto trading bot

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper Which One is the Best Auto Trading Bot?

Are you looking for a trading bot that can execute automatic trades on multiple exchanges? Look no further. Check out Gunbot vs Cryptohopper Now.

The cryptocurrency market is undoubtedly a goldmine for the majority. However, the market is volatile, and there’s a certain level of risk attached to it.

This volatility is the main reason why many traders are looking into crypto trading bots—software that automatically enters and stops trades for you in the market at a given time.

In the fast-paced, high-stakes world of crypto trading, precision and speed are crucial!

24/7 operations make cryptocurrency trading a challenge. It can be time-consuming and laborious for busy traders to keep up with the markets day and night.

That’s why cryptocurrency investors use bots to automate many of the routine trading processes so that you can focus on strategic planning for your crypto trading business.

A crypto trading bot works much like a full-service broker. It executes your market “buy and sell orders” and applies your customized strategy in approaching the market.

Among many features and benefits, crypto trading bots are stopping losses: they automatically stop unprofitable trade.

Most notably, many crypto bots have been prevalent over the past few years, and it isn’t easy to know the difference between their functions.

As a crypto trader looking to start using cryptocurrency trading bots, you don’t want to waste your time and money on a bot that doesn’t serve your basic needs.

There are specific characteristics you’re looking to see in a real bot. That’s why this article will analyze two different but unique and popular crypto bots to help you start your safe trading journey.

These two bots have grown in popularity quite quickly, putting novice traders on the same level as those who have done it for years.

Gunbot and Cryptohopper are two advanced automated crypto trading bots that operate at users’ commands even while sleeping, depending on the settings that you’ve set up.

As much as these bots are two reliable crypto bots, they have their distinctive features. Let’s compare these two automated trading solutions and explore their differences.

Gunbot Revealed

gunbot revealed, the ultimate crypto trading bot

Gunbot is a crypto trading bot made for executing an order to automatically buy or sell cryptocurrencies, with your laptop or computer monitoring the trade. With your computer system managing the transactions.

Gunbot—also regarded as Gunthy, has countless active traders, and it’s compatible with virtually all computer operating systems.

Gunbot primarily prioritizes its users as it isn’t a cloud service. With Gunbot, you install software that doesn’t record or monitor your data usage.

Gunbot possesses many features that make it stay on top of its game. Let’s take a look below.

The underlying goal of Gunbot is to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for you, putting into analysis all the market conditions. Gunbot allows you to trade BTC with unlimited pairs.

And the most exciting feature of Gunbot is its peculiar payment plan. Gunbot charges only a one-time payment for a lifetime license, plus subsequent updates and support included.

Gunbot Features

Just as with other automated trading software, you will need to program your bot trading actions to make it work for you.

Gunbot seamlessly works with a supported exchange by utilizing the platform’s API. The API is secure and provides an interactive trading experience for the bot.

Gunthy Tokens

Just as most crypto platforms have their innate currency, Gunthy tokens are the native currency for the Gunbot ecosystem.

You get Gunthy tokens included/required for your license after you register your bot. All you have to do is create your Gunthy wallet and then link your ERC-20 Ethereum wallet address and wait for payment confirmation.

You will receive a Gunthy airdrop at the provided address. Gunthy tokens are used for the permanent validation of license ownership on the blockchain network.

gunthy tokens

Gunbot Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The interface enables you to set up your strategy and provides you with buy and sell methods that you can use as they come or mix them to fine-tune your trading style. Here you can customize the parameters and set the trading strategies of your choice.

The interface also offers an easy way to edit the different parameters of your trading strategies. In this way, you can further your bot’s effectiveness by refining any advanced trading method.

Gunbot Addons


Backtesting is a standard tool among investors, traders, and analysts to see if a portfolio or investment would have worked in the past.

Backtesting is accomplished by analyzing historical data to test an idea or strategy. If backtesting works well, then analysts may have confidence in employing it in the future.

This Gunbot add-on allows you to test the earlier market history to see how it would have fared; this feature comes with the Pro and Ultimate package.

Tradingview Alerts

Gunbot offers its users lifetime access by a one-time payment. It also includes a TradingView add-on that provides users access to more strategies. These add-ons add to the effectiveness of your bot by allowing you to trade via email alerts.

You can set up these trading actions using your Tradingview methods directly or use the provided and ready-made pine-script strategies by Allanster.

The TradingView add-on allows you to copy setups from other experienced traders on Tradingview if you want and add those signals to your bot.

The Gunbot Tradingview Addon is included in the Gunbot Ultimate Pack.

Gunbot Custom Strategies

When it comes to trading, Gunbot gives you the tools to build your custom strategies. For spot and futures trading, you can use built-in methods to get started quickly. If you’re advanced, you can use your additional JavaScript modules.

This add-on is for more advanced traders and programmers who want to use their programming skills and create unique trading methods.

With the Gunbot custom strategies add-on, you can build your custom trading bots quickly.

Use JavaScript and the Gunbot framework to execute advanced strategies seamlessly. Start by using the pre-written methods and indicator data included, or dive deeper into the code and build your own.

The Gunbot Custom Strategies Addon is included ONLY in the Gunbot Ultimate License. There’s no other way to purchase this add-on.

Gunbot Pricing

GUNBOT offers four plans. And all purchases include a lifetime license, video tutorials, and support from Gunbot School (when you buy from CryptoDROI.com and most other Official Gunbot Resellers) to learn about the platform.

The Starter package costs 0.0055btc and has a limited number of trading strategies.

The standard package includes the basic things you need to get started. Asides from a lifetime license, you get access to all strategies, 24/7 chat and email support, and unlimited trading pairs. It cost 0.01375.

Then you have the Pro package, which costs 0.020625. This Pro pack includes everything the Standard package has, and it supports the Backtesting add-on.

Notably, the Ultimate package has no compromises. It offers a maximum number of API slots and access to all add-ons. The price of this option currently goes for 0.034375 BTC.

You can buy any Gunbot software license using PayPal and around 300 other altcoins.

Note: Even if the price changes due to a promotion (and I forget to update this post), the Gunthy Official prices will always be added automatically to my Gunthy OTC links, so you will see them as soon as you click the BUY NOW button.

What is Cryptohopper?

what is cryptohopper

Cryptohopper—founded in 2017 by two Dutch brothers (Ruud and Pim Feltkamp), is a cloud-based crypto trading bot that allows crypto traders to buy and sell unlimited crypto assets.

Cryptohopper comes very handy, as it is a cloud-based bot that you can access via any device with an internet connection. Just as other bots, it offers 24/7 trading functionality.

The platform focuses on both automated trading and portfolio management for over 120 crypto pairs. It offers daily trading, and many popular crypto exchanges support it.

The Amsterdam-based company has over 200,000 active users, and it has gained a lot over its fascinating features. Let’s have a look.

As I said in the Gunbot vs 3Commas article, I’m not affiliated with Cryptohopper in any way. The link will take you directly to their main site to read and make your own decisions.

Cryptohopper Features

Cryptohopper allows traders to apply their preferred trading methods and have a bot implement them.

The bot uses the applied settings to buy and sell orders. It removes all forms of emotions that may affect your trading for the worse.

You can check all Cryptohopper’s features here.

Cryptohopper Interface

The platform has a smooth UI (User Interface) to get started with, and it is easy to configure. Cryptohopper provides templates made of several exchanges that you can import alongside your strategies to ensure the effective work rate of the bot.

You are expected to input your API keys and enter the price you’re willing to risk per trade and how much of your base coin pair it should use for trading.

Cryptohopper is Customizable

If you’re looking to use your strategies, the platform offers a wide range of indicators that you can easily integrate into your hopper.

With its “keep signals for” tool, you can specifically take buy and sell orders to ensure your hopper is carefully set for market conditions.

Cryptohopper Plans and Pricing

cryptohopper monthly plans

Cryptohopper offers a free demo account, and you can create a free account via its Pioneer free package. It also includes a starter package tagged explorer on their website.

For free plans, Cryptohopper offers 20 positions, Portfolio management, and Manual trading.

For paid packages, there are three plans, and it’s straightforward to see what each of the plans has to offer. Primarily 80 positions, selected coins, triggers, TA with 10 min intervals, Simulated Trading Bot, and more.

Specifically, the Explorer Hopper starter plan costs $19 monthly or $16.58 (annual, monthly payment) with 7days free trial.

Adventure hopper medium plan costs $49 monthly or $41.58 (annual, monthly payment).

Hero hopper pro plan goes for $99.00 monthly or $83.25 (annual, monthly payment).

Cryptohopper Backtesting

Backtest your bot configurations and deployment configurations. Test your hypotheses and tweak your bots to win the future.

Backtesting allows you to test the effectiveness of your trading strategies in the past. With this tool, you can test how well your bot is expected to perform in real-time conditions.

With a backtesting add-on, you get to see how your trading strategy would have performed by watching exactly when your hopper would have executed the order and how much profit or loss you would have made.

Paper Trading

To try out crypto trading without committing real cryptocurrency, you have the option to paper trade. This feature is entirely free to use and allows you to test out your transactions using real-time exchange data.

Cryptohopper also offers free paper trading and lets you view how your hopper can perform in the present. You can test run this with any amount and develop a strategy to use with your real capital, with 0 risks.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper

It is fair to say these two bots are part of the top-leading crypto bots in the world—as they offer top-notch automation, and both bots support an extensive collection of crypto exchanges.

They both allow their users to diversify their trading strategies by adding automated algorithms—better control risks and make steady profits.

You can incorporate these strategies into technical indicators such as RSI, Stoch RSI, EMA, Bollinger Bands, MACD, etc.

Thanks to their user-friendly interfaces and transparent statistics, an average crypto user would enjoy these two automated bots and make steady profits without devoting 24/7 market watch to the system.

As much as these two bots offer complete automation to their users, they have their distinct differences.

Let’s compare Gunbot vs Crytpohopper and have a look at these differences.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper — Accessibility

Since Crytpohopper is a cloud-based automated platform, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime on any device.

Gunbot—locally hosted is a software bot that you can install on PC, compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, or ARM to be used. And it doesn’t collect data and information about trades from users.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper — Subscription

Cryptohopper offers a monthly/yearly payment fee while Gunbot doesn’t. With Gunbot, you only make a one-time payment and claim your ownership forever. Without extra charges for version updates.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper — Supported Exchanges

Cryptohopper currently supports about 13 crypto exchanges. These crypto exchanges can be integrated into the platform to automate trades, exchange strategies, and manage a diverse portfolio.

GunBot supports over 100 crypto exchanges, including the most popular exchanges, thanks to its integration with the CCXT.pro library.

While Cryptohopper supports fewer exchanges than GunBot, the most frequently used crypto exchanges are still supported.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper — Pricing

Cryptohopper offers $19 per month as its minimum paid tier. With this package, you will access 80 positions, up to 15 assets in your portfolio, and one simulated trading bot.

This package and the free plan have significant restrictions on the effectiveness of the bot’s functionality, the ideal tier is the top package, and it costs $99 per month. This package deal is quite expensive for small traders with a minor source of income.

Gunbot does not offer a free trial, and its starter plan goes for 0.0055 BTC (one time), and this tier is somewhat restrictive. That means you won’t have access to most of the features that you would likely want.

However the Standard plan has more functionality, but it still does not support backtesting and access to other add-ons.

The Pro plan is the ideal tier for demanding traders on multiple exchanges. It provides access to all features an average trader would need, including backtesting. It costs 0.020625 BTC for lifetime access.

This pricing is quite expensive (depending on how you look), but it provides access to a wide range of trading features and lifetime ownership.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper — Copy and Social Trading

Cryptohopper has a broader range of marketplaces such as Templates, Strategies, and Signals. Each of these marketplaces is built for different trading strategies.

Templates offer traders the opportunity to exchange ideas for configuring a trading bot. These templates often serve as a learning source for beginners traders to understand how to set up a trading strategy.

Gunbot also has a trusted marketplace for its users, where experienced users share already made configuration samples.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper — Support

Cryptohopper has excellent customer support, and most support tickets are answered within two days. The platform has a very active user community, and you get access to all their support channels. Priority support for users with a Hero subscription.

GunBot users have access to free support. And this support includes personalized emails and live chat directly to the company’s Telegram support channel. The bot offers exclusive support with lots of tutorials, tips, and much more available via the Gunbot School program.

These two bots both have responsive customer support.

Gunbot vs Cryptohopper — Conclusion

gunbot vs cryptohopper final verdict

Thanks to user-friendly interfaces like Gunbot and Cryptohopper, the average crypto user can enjoy the cryptocurrency trading life and complement its passive income using trading bots without spending full time researching and assessing the market.

In the new automated age, trading is shifting from human to robot. Speed-sensitive activity such as trading is going into a stable and lucrative future with no missed opportunities.

Robots are not prone to human mistakes, and they can quickly respond to changing trends in the market.

Smart traders should add automated algorithms to their investing strategies. Automation helps manage risks and increase profits. Automation also opens trading opportunities (such as crypto arbitrage and market-making).

The cryptocurrency space is already seeing the emergence of effective platforms that can automatically manage a collection of crypto assets.

So, it’s tough to come up with a Gunbot vs Cryptohopper clear winner. Therefore my recommendation is to choose whichever works for you and your trading style.

Cryptohopper and Gunbot are both top-tier trading bots being used in the cryptocurrency space over the years by successful crypto traders.

It is essential to be careful when choosing a platform from which to purchase crypto-related bot services. An increasing number of businesses are trying to sell bots related to cryptocurrency trading, but some of them may not be legitimate.

If you do your due diligence and choose a reputable service like Gunbot or Cryptohopper, your trade profits could increase by using an automated system.

My personal decision is “pay once and own the software,” which I can even sell later if I decide I won’t be trading anymore. Or I can even sell the Gunthy tokens in an emergency and keep my license “paused” for future use.

Gunbot is the perfect solution for cryptocurrency trading. The software enables you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies to make you money.

Unlike other trading bots that require a monthly payment to use their services, Gunbot only requires a one-time fee for a lifetime license.

Why don’t you grab yours now?

gunbot trading screenshot in laptop and mobile phone

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